Star Odyssey Chapter 2330


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Completing the high-five agreement, a cloud appeared behind Bai Wangyuan, and then, one after another silhouette appeared. Precisely he promised to release the survivors of the Lu Family. Among them, Lu Yin saw the Fengzi in the Safflower Garden.

At this moment, those people are not crazy, their eye light is clear, and their sanity is obviously restored.

Lu Yin suppressed his excitement, took out Supreme Mountain, and let Long Xi and the others all appear.

Looking at the cultivators coming out of Supreme Mountain, Bai Wangyuan frowned. He thought that there were only people from the expeditionary army. He didn’t expect even Yun Tingting and those people, who disappeared decades ago. Coupled with Bai Teng, Xia Yuan, Wang Zheng and others, Lu Yin really released all Starry Sky Tree people this time.

Because of the agreement with Bai Wangyuan, Long Xi and Liu Hao, who were previously free, were also brought by Lu Yin. They can choose to go back to Starry Sky Tree or stay.

Long Xi walked out of the starry sky, saw Bai Wangyuan at a glance, and quickly saluted.

One by one Starry Sky Tree cultivator meets Bai Wangyuan.

Bai Wangyuan let them enter the clouds.

Long Xi doesn’t want to leave, but it has been so many years, and they have all appeared, it is impossible not to go back.

Lu Yin Wei cannot check her nods.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, you scumbag knows to let me go, you wait, my Xia Family won’t let you go”, Xia Taili shouted and threatened, and it was just a kick to Lu Yin, but the words just said After that, she felt wrong, what did she see, “This, this, prison fire?”.

Xia Taili exclaimed, Wang Su, Wang Yi and the others all stared at the jailfish, feeling that the three views were subverted, including Xia De, Old Monster Bai, Ni Huang and the Half-Ancestor, All cannot be trusted.

Only then did they react, Lu Yin expression calmly, facing Bai Zu without fear, what’s going on? Facing Pai Zu, shouldn’t he be caught immediately? Why do you still like this?

Lu Yin curled his mouth and glanced at everyone, “Congratulations to everyone for being free, thank you Baizu, we have already reached an agreement, Four Way Balance will not take action on me again, so I let you go “.

Ni Huang and the others looked towards Bai Wangyuan, impossible, with their knowledge of Ancestral Realm powerhouse, how could it be that they gave up hunting down such an innate talent genius.

Old Monster Bai anxious, “Bai Zu, please punish Lu Xiaoxuan, this child is extremely genius, with strength of oneself to kill Wang Si, suppress the same generation Heaven’s Chosen, this child undying, my Four Way Balance is uneasy” .

Xia De also respectfully said, “Respectfully please Bai Zu take action.”

The others saluted one by one, “Respectfully please Bai Zu take action”.

“Respectfully invite Bai Zu to take action.”

Bai Wangyuan’s face is ugly, his eye light is always fixed in the corner, where is the avatar of Xia Shenji, the dignified Ancestral Realm avatar was also caught, and it looks quite miserable.

When you appear at this moment, you won’t be swaggering, you will directly enter the clouds.

Kui Luo suddenly shouted, “Isn’t that the Old Ancestor of Xia Shenji? Why are you locked up? Are you okay?”.

Xia Shenji moved for a while, his face was extremely ugly, and he stared at Kui Luo angrily.

Lu Yin also said, “Old Ancestor farewell, Junior did not give you time to talk to the younger generation, so I must make up for it next time.”

The rest of the expeditionary army turned their heads and looked towards Xia Shenji one by one, and then they were dull.

Xia De looked at Xia Shenji like a ghost, “God, Old Ancestor?”.

Xia Taili is stupid.

All the Xia Family cultivators are stupid.

Including the pseudonym Xia Luo in Luo, I’m also confused at the moment, is this okay?

Bai Wangyuan’s eye light flashed and waved his hand to collect Xia Shenji into the cloud.

Lu Yin looked towards Bai Wangyuan, eye light deep.

Actually, Bai Wangyuan can take him away at the moment Xia Shenji appears, but he hasn’t, and if Xia Shenji is discovered, Xia Family will eventually become a laughingstock.

Looking at the sluggish cultivator, Lu Yin laughed, “Your Bai Wangyuan Old Ancestor will not take action. I will let you go this time, and it won’t be that easy to get out of me next time. , Get out of here”.

Old Monster Bai reacted from the shock of Xia Shenji’s capture. He heard the three words Bai Wangyuan and the same screams after being trampled on the tail, “Bold, Lu Xiaoxuan, how dare you call the name of the ancestor Bai directly? “.

“Enough”, Bai Wangyuan shouted, the power of Ancestral Realm crushed the crowd out of breath.

He glanced at everyone, “Follow me back”, and after finishing speaking, he waved his hand, and each cultivator obediently entered the cloud, not daring to say more.

Of course, not everyone is willing to leave with Bai Wangyuan, Gui Qian Crown Prince will not leave, Ghost Deep Pool does not deal with Four Way Balance, this is fine in Lu Yin, most trapped, and Lu Yin is still Aura of Death cultivator is Death God descendant. It’s all in one family, but it’s not necessarily the case when it comes to Bai Wangyuan. He feels that his life is a haven’t early days.

Bai Wangyuan looked towards Gui Qian Crown Prince.

Gui Qian Crown Prince hurriedly pleaded with Lu Yin, “I will not go, I will not go to Four Way Balance, you are Death God descendant, my Young Lord, I must follow you”.

Lu Yin points nods and points to Supreme Mountain, “Go in by yourself”.

Gui Qian Crown Prince hurriedly jumped in.

Bai Wangyuan doesn’t care about a Ghost Deep Pool person. Although Gui Qian Crown Prince is a descendant of Ghost Deep Pool, he is only a junior that’s all and impossible.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, don’t forget the time, you must take over the fourth base formation within ten days, otherwise, the agreement will be invalidated”, Bai Wangyuan said coldly stare Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said, “Don’t worry, I will take over the fourth base formation, and my name is Lu Yin.”

Bai Wangyuan narrowed his eyes, “I hope your name is Lu Yin”, after speaking, he turned and left.

With the departure of Bai Wangyuan, the stars of Fifth Continent are clearer, and the jail scorpion lowers his claws. He just recently has been baring fangs and brandishing claws, hoping to intimidate Bai Wangyuan, it Always think this trick is effective.

At this moment, Lu Yin looked towards those Lu Family survivors, thousands of people, most of them from the Four Way Balance family, who have been imprisoned, such as the batch to be executed by Divine Martial Heaven, and Lu Yin most The focus is on those people in Safflower Garden.

He looked at those people.

Those people are also looking at him.

Looking at each other, “Young Lord?”, the thin man who was constantly looking for Young Lord in Safflower Garden looked at Lu Yin and hesitated.

Lu Yin looked towards him, “Sorry for making you suffer.”

The man was excited and stepped forward, stare Lu Yin, “You, are you really Young Lord?”.

At this time, the fat old woman pushed the man away, and moved towards Lu Yin excitedly and ran over, “I recognize, I recognize, Young Lord, you are Young Lord”.

Lu Yin gave the old woman a hand and looked at the old woman with excitement and trembling, and his eyes were red. He apologized, “I’m sorry, I have amnesia, I don’t remember you anymore.”

The fat old woman shook her head, tears streaming out, “It’s okay, Young Lord, it’s okay, it’s fine if you haven’t died. That day, the old slave really thought you were dead, Young Lord, are you hungry? The old slave will cook for you of?”.

“Young Lord, do you remember old fogey me? I am your enlightenment teacher, who taught you literacy”, the crazy old man at the bottom of the lake stepped forward with excitement.

Immediately afterwards, the little girl who seemed to be only ten years old came forward, “Young Lord? I am your younger sister, Young Lord, biological younger sister.”

Behind, the man who would bury himself in the ground pulled the girl away, “Don’t take advantage of Young Lord, Young Lord don’t believe her, she is an old woman who cultivates cultivation deviation, she has liked this for hundreds of years. At the beginning, you thought she was pitiful and brought back to Lu Family. This old woman takes advantage of you all the year round. It must be your younger sister.”

The girl scolded, “Lu San, you’re just a steward, don’t slander me, I am the younger sister of Young Lord, hello, Young Lord, when I was a child, I just buried my head in the ground to scare you once, and you thought Young Lord liked it It’s okay for someone who is so old to bury their heads in the ground and want to scare the Young Lord. Young Lord is to save you face without saying you.”

“Shut up, how can I be impudent in front of Young Lord”, the thin man turned his head to screams.

His words are still useful, and several people shut up quickly.

Lu Yin looked at them complicatedly and understood a little bit. The crazy old man at the bottom of the lake is a teacher. He is immersed in his own world when he is crazy and is still teaching. Perhaps, his object of teaching is him.

The fat old woman is a cook, so even if she is crazy she cooks, just to cook for herself.

The little girl is a cultivator he takes in, and she likes to play with herself.

And the man who likes to bury his head in the soil is steward, because he was playful when he was a child, and bury his head in the soil to scare him once, he will always remember this scene when he is crazy, repeat it, just to play with himself , Even if he is crazy, he has a lot of fun. In his world, he is also there.

There is also that weak, weak, but majestic, thin man who should be regarded as Guardian. He is Half-Ancestor.

These people are the closest people to them when they were young, so they are locked up in Safflower Garden, and there are many people who are the same as them.

Listening to those people shouting Young Lord, Lu Yin felt uncomfortable.

The thin man looked back, his face stern, “Young Lord is tired, don’t disturb Young Lord yet.”

The people calmed down immediately, just looking at Lu Yin hopefully.

Lu Yin asked them to settle down. The fat old women were naturally arranged in Heavenly Sect. Regardless of haven’t amnesia, they should be the closest people to them, some people who remember themselves even if they are crazy, They are the family.

Apart from them, there are also a group of Lu Family survivors on the back of the battlefield. Just like Tu Qiming and the others, those people will come back when he takes over the fourth base formation. This is an agreement with Bai Wangyuan.

The rest are gone, but the thin man stayed, “I am the Dao Protector of the Young Lord, and I will never leave the Young Lord. Even if I die, I will die in front of the Young Lord.”

“What nonsense, how could Young Lord die”.

At this time, Kui Luo came up and said, “Laoshan, long time no see, haha”.

The thin man looked at Kui Luo for a moment, then rubbed his eyes, “Kui Luo?”

Kui Luo laughed, “It’s me, Laoshan, didn’t expect a chance to see you again”.

The thin man laughed and looked at Kui Luo in amazement, “It’s didn’t expect, didn’t expect you can still live, you have been protecting the Young Lord?”.

Kui Luo said, “Of course, this kid died early without me.” When he said that, he looked towards Lu Yin, “This guy is your Dao Protector. You keep calling him Master of the mountain. Don’t look at him because he is weak, actually The best thing here is defense, quite stubborn defense. Wan Zhiyi who can defend is speechless.”

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