Star Odyssey Chapter 2334


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Xia Shenji told the matter in a low voice. This time, not only the power of Ancestor Chen Xia Shang, but also the power of Death God, I heard that Bai Wangyuan was silent. The more silent, it means murderous The greater the intention.

“I suspect that this is still not his bottom line.” Xia Shenji finally said, and the eye light swept towards Ancestor Wu, “Xi Wei, what exactly does Lu Xiaoxuan have?”.

Ancestor Wu pursed his mouth, his trump card? Isn’t the power of Xia Shang the final hole card? Where can there be such a strong amount of Divine Force? She knows the power of that kid to cultivate Death God, but even if Death God is strong, it is impossible to let Star Envoy heavy wounds Ancestral Realm, or Ancestral Realm at the Nine Mountains Eight Seas level. This is unreasonable. If Death God is so powerful, there is Eternal Clan. what’s up?

She always follows the people around Lu Yin don’t know where the Divine Force is so strong, but now Xia Shenji actually says that the kid has a hole card, she is lost, wait, the sword of First Ancestor .

Thinking of the sword of First Ancestor, Ancestor Wu eye light lit up. In front of her, Bai Wangyuan stare her, and she raised her eyebrows, “What are you doing? You won’t let me deal with that kid, right?”.

“What on earth does Lu Xiaoxuan have?” Xia Shenji gloomy face asked, he suffered a big loss.

Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan both felt that Ancestor Wu knew that her expression changes were too obvious just recently. Even Mu Xie confirmed that he was quite curious about himself as a Junior Brother, and even more shocked. Master is more and more familiar Accepted disciples, no, it’s not the master who secretly took action, right? It should be impossible. Master is very difficult to deal with, so he can’t see clearly, but it won’t make Xia Shenji unable to even see who is taking the action. The gap should not be that big.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes, “How do I know what hole cards he has, and ask him to go.”

“Xi Wei”, Bai Wangyuan shouted.

Ancestor Wu provoked, “Why, are you threatening me?”.

Wang Fan said with a sullen face, “Xi Wei, how are you willing to help us?”.

Ancestor Wu was funny and shook his head, “You met me the first day?”.

Several people are helpless, the more they understand Ancestor Wu, the more they know her character, it is impossible to betray Lu Yin.

Bai Wangyuan glanced at Mu Xie. They were impossible to take action. Bai Sheng couldn’t help Xia Shenji, and he only went to one person. The result may be similar to the two previous times of Xia Shenji, and he won’t have any progress. That being the case, “I will let Xian’er take action”.

Xia Shenji was surprised, “Bai Xian’er?”.

Mu Xie eye light look over.

Ancestor Wu also has a slight change in expression, Bai Xian’er, she is very impressed with this girl.

“Bai Xian’er breakthrough Ancestral Realm?” Wang Fan was surprised, but then said, “Impossible, with her innate talent aptitude, cross Ancestral Realm Origin Tribulation, how could we not know, even the ordinary cultivator We also know Ancestral Realm Origin Tribulation”.

Bai Wangyuan said solemnly, “Although Xian’er has not yet become an ancestor, she has powers that no one can predict, and she also understands the remnants of Lu Family, so she can’t take action.”

Xia Shenji is also very confident in Bai Xian’er, “Okay, try again. It is still up to me to take action to unite with Bai Sheng. The power of Xia Shang, I must personally end, I am waiting for her in Wang Family Let’s rest for a few days.” After speaking, the body disappeared.

Ancestor Wu is curious, “Bai Wangyuan, you have so much confidence in your younger generation, be careful not to be caught and become the wife of the village”.

Bai Wangyuan is confident, “Xian’er take action, will not be defeated”.

Ancestor Wu looked at him deeply, thinking of the scenes in Safflower Garden, and a lot of fear arose in his heart.

Lu Yin is someone he has met quite treacherous and cautious. Although haven’t Hui Wen is smart, he can play Four Way Balance around and has some abilities, but in the face of Bai Xian’er, she did not At the end, the kid was played twice in Safflower Garden and Divine Martial Heaven. She really has no confidence in Lu Yin.

Should help him, at least let him know who he is facing.

The Fifth Continent Outer Universe, where all cultivators gather, countless people are inspired by Lu Yin, which makes the entire Fifth Continent cultivator condense a trend. Under this trend, even the most common Scouting Realm cultivator dares Rush to Ancestral Realm.

But that’s just most of the cultivators, and there are still some cultivators that are very rational. Lu Yin is not so good at mobilizing morale. If the Ancestral Realm is too powerful, but just repelled by him, he can’t mobilize the entire first. Fifth Continent cultivator morale.

In this part of the cultivator, You Family is very rational. It seems that You Family is the same shouting as other cultivators. In fact, it looks like You Keyan, You Kexin, including You Ye’er. These people have clear eyes and are not emotionally mobilized. , But the record of Lu Yin is quite shocking.

They never thought that one day they would be an enemy of Ancestral Realm powerhouse, and Lu Yin actually defeated Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

Ancestral Realm powerhouse’s power of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth made them unimaginable, let alone how Lu Yin would fight back.

Not far from You Family is Ku Family. Patriarch Ku Pu looks towards You Family from time to time. Now You Family has changed. They actually start to cultivate the same fog power with Smoke Devouring Mountain pulse, which makes Ku Family I don’t understand, so in the past year, not only Ku Family, Seven Word Royal Court but other families as well as Starry Sky Sect, Land of the Gods, etc. have all stare You Family. I want to know why You Family has suddenly added a power.

You Family knows that they have been targeted, but it doesn’t matter. At present, Heavenly Sect suppresses Fifth Continent, no one can impudent, let alone they cultivate the power of Ancestor Wu, even if they get Ancestor Ku inheritance, Ku Family can’t help it.

Smoke Devouring Mountain also pays attention to You Family. After all, the power of cultivate is the same. In Gu Xiaoer’s words, You Family recognizes the fact that fog is invincible and is ready to move closer to them. Was violently beaten by Gu Laogui.

In the distance, the prisoner stayed far away. Lu Yin left after boosting morale. He can’t stay here. Four Way Balance won’t give up, perhaps, will have the third time, perhaps, will have the third Ancestral Realm powerhouse appears.

He touched the Congealing Space Ring. If Bai Wangyuan or Wang Fan and Xia Shenji come together, it means that Eternal Clan has temporarily stopped and gave Four Way Balance a chance to take action.

Bai Wangyuan Will they leave Domination Boundary?

He sat alone on the desolate planet thinking.

At this time, the wireless Gu vibrated, “What’s the matter?”

“Dao child, You Family has a report”, the respectful voice of Second Night King came.

“Say”, Lu Yin is calm, You Family, he hasn’t looked for it yet, as long as the Four Way Balance crisis is resolved, he will find a way to find the location of Unbounded headquarters with Netherworld River.

“Dao child, I’m You Keyan, just recently, all of us cultivated micro-out-of-control, combined into three words-Bai Xian’er”, You Keyan reported.

Lu Yin was shocked and stood up suddenly, “What did you say? Bai Xian’er?”.

“Yes, all of our cultivated micros have been combined into the three words Bai Xian’er”, You Keyan cautiously said, and suddenly felt cool about the micros cultivated in his heart. No need to guess, this kind of change is naturally the result of Ancestor Wu For, Ancestor Wu can control all the micro in an instant, making You Family uneasy.

This means that no matter how much you cultivate, the power of cultivate will be under the control of Ancestor Wu.

Cultivator Who haven’t dreamed of becoming an ancestor? Ancestors are the end of all cultivators. Most cultivators don’t see the hope of becoming an ancestor, but You Family is different. They still think of themselves as descendants of Netherworld Ancestor and still think that they have the hope of becoming an ancestor in the future. Now Ancestor Wu’s hand makes them instantly The heart sinks, even if cultivate to Ancestral Realm, what about it, is it still under Ancestor Wu’s control? This is not acceptable to them.

What does You Family think about Lu Yin? Regardless, looking towards Science and Technology Star Domain, this is Ancestor Wu warning himself, does it mean that Bai Xian’er is coming?

Bai Xian’er is crushed down like a big mountain. Although she is far away from the horror of Xia Shenji, she has mastered the Book of Destiny. It is a complete plan. Lu Yin has no idea what her whereabouts and plans are. He couldn’t figure it out if it was exposed, the more he couldn’t figure it out, the more terrifying.

A strong Fengzi and a weak wise man, he would rather face a strong Fengzi.

Xia Shenji is the strong Fengzi, and Bai Xian’er is the weak wise man.

Bai Xian’er, Xia Shenji plus a white victory, Lu Yin has no hope of winning at all.

The sword of First Ancestor may be surprising, but it is aimed at Xia Shenji, Bai Wangyuan and his like, if Bai Xian’er appears, can you tell me if you are by surprise?

Lu Yin thought about Ban Tian, ​​and then Treading the Stars with his feet empty, boarded the top of the prisoner’s head, took the book of Destiny, and went to -Starry Sky’s Tenth Institute.

If Bai Xian’er wants to take action and no one can stop it, then the first is the best. The only way he can cause damage to Bai Xian’er is to climb the Star Seeking Tower and provoke Destiny.

Woman of Fate and Bu Tian have already confirmed that as long as he inspires Destiny, these people will vomit blood, will Bai Xian’er?

Regardless of whether she is or not, Lu Yin feels that he should try, otherwise once Bai Xian’er appears and cooperates with Xia Shenji and Bai Sheng, he will have no chance.

At the speed of the prisoner, he reached the Tenth Court very quickly.

The tenth courtyard swayed under the shadow of the huge prison flood. The tutors and students raised their heads and stared at the prison flood. The power of Ancestral Realm made it hard for them to breathe.

Lu Yin stepped into the tenth house, appeared directly under the Star Seeking Tower, said sorry to the Star Seeking Teacher, and then easily dragged the Star Seeking Teacher from the Star Seeking Tower and trapped him in the Star Seeking Teacher. With a confused face, he raised his foot and stepped onto the Star Seeking Tower.

Star Seeking Teacher was shocked, “Stop”.

Lu Yin’s feet stepped on the Star Seeking Tower. In an instant, Destiny Quicksand at the heart turned into stars and dots, as if creating a universe. At this moment, Lu Yin once again saw the silhouette of time.

At the same time, on an island in the Cosmos Sea, Xuan Jiu was lying on a bench eating fruit freely, “Calling? Calling a fart, it turned out to be the enemy of Ancestral Realm, the bastard is getting more and more distracted, facing Ancestral The enemy of Realm, no matter how many people use it as a fart, the nine grandfather will not go. The Fengzi of Woman of Fate is also looking for the nine grandfather. By the way, the word has been changed, and later it will be called the nine grandfather of Woman of Fate, hahahaha.”

He was very happy, but when Lu Yin stepped on the Star Seeking Tower, he vomited out blood, without the omen, face deathly pale, staring blankly in the direction of Starry Sky War College, opening his mouth, “I++, bastard Something, come again, nine grandfather offend you? Sick, right this time to provoke Destiny, I ++”.

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