Star Odyssey Chapter 2335


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The gathering place of Outer Universe, Woman of Fate, Bu Tian or Star Seeking Girl all vomiting blood, looking at each other, in amazement, “Destiny is induced”.

And Starry Sky Tree, Bai Xian’er is sitting in the Safflower Garden, with red flowers flying around, splendid and beautiful, she slowly opened her eyes, “It’s time, is it over?”, thinking, just about to get up, Suddenly he vomited out a mouthful of blood, complexion pale, with fear in his eyes, “Destiny, be induced”.

Fifth Continent Starry Sky War College, Lu Yin stepped on the Star Seeking Tower, constantly looking at the silhouette of the time ahead, seeing scenes from the past, these scenes flashed too fast to be able to see clearly .

His eye light converged, one of stare’s pictures, the picture gradually became clear, he saw a cliff, black, endless, like a cliff in the abyss, and above the cliff, what is that? Lu Yin was about to see clearly, Mu Ran, the picture disappeared. His body was shaken back by the force of the description, and he retreated a dozen steps to stabilize. He kept reminiscing about the picture just recently seen in his mind, but at this moment, just recently The memory has disappeared.

What did he see? I can’t remember, there is only a blank in my mind.

No, this time it’s not the same as the previous few times. I won’t forget the pictures I saw the previous few times, but I forgot this time, what’s the matter?

Has anything changed?

Although he doesn’t remember the picture, his just recently emotions are still fresh in his memory, as if he saw something impossible to think.

However, for that scene, he totally remembers does not raise.

Look down, holding the Book of Destiny in his hand. Yes, it is the Book of Destiny that is different from before.

The book of Destiny belongs to Destiny, and perhaps it’s different if you take it to the Star Seeking Tower.

Lu Yin put the Book of Destiny on the ground, looked towards Star Seeking Tower, and walked step by step.

Star Seeking Teacher anxious, “Lu Yin, stop inciting Destiny, do you want to be the same as the Chairman?”.

Instructor Guan Yu, Sha Hai Teacher, Realm Instructor and Old Cai all came, trying to stop Lu Yin, but with their cultivation base, even Lu Yin’s body can’t be approached.

“Boy, do you want to be removed from the college?”.

“Lu Xiaozi, I said last time that you will not be a student of the Academy if you go up to the Star Seeking Tower.”

They were afraid that Lu Yin would be crazy with the Mad Chairman, and that would be troublesome. With Lu Yin’s power, once he went crazy, it would not be the tenth courtyard that would be destroyed, but the entire Fifth Continent.

Lu Yin looked back with a solemn expression, “If I don’t climb the Star Seeking Tower, I will have no chance to live again.”

As soon as this word came out, several mentors were silent.

“The former Ancestral Realm was a strong enemy?” asked the realm instructor.

Lu Yin nods, “Sorry, mentors, I have to climb the Star Seeking Tower and try to survive.”

After finishing talking, raise your foot and step on the Star Seeking Tower. This time, several instructors haven’t stopped, even the Star Seeking Teacher hasn’t, watching Lu Yin inspire Destiny.

In an instant, the same scene appeared once again. The difference is that this time Lu Yin saw a picture clearly. He saw a bearded happily holding a baby and laughing, laughing happily, behind him A gentle woman, there are only these three people on the screen.

Looking at this scene, Lu Yin’s eyes were red, and he lost his memory, but the moment he saw this picture, he knew that the big beard was his father, and the woman was his mother.

A family of three, a very ordinary and harmonious picture, which is normal in the impression of many ordinary people. However, it is an extravagant desire for Lu Yin. He does not want to be able to feel the warmth of home now, at least let him have a memory, but He hasn’t even this warm memory.

The second time I went to Star Seeking Tower, Xuan Jiu, Woman of Fate and Bai Xian’er also vomited blood once again.

Then, Lu Yin boarded the Star Seeking Tower for the third time, and they continued to vomit blood.

The fourth time, still vomiting blood.

Woman of Fate was the first one who couldn’t stand it, and hurriedly contacted Lu Yin, “Dao child, are you motivating Destiny?”.

Lu Yin calmly said, “Not bad.”

“Why?”, Woman of Fate’s face was pale, it was vomiting blood, she vomited four mouthfuls of blood in a row, this is not ordinary vomiting blood, each vomiting blood is equivalent to a serious injury, a few mouthfuls of blood and vomiting. She couldn’t stand it.

Bu Tian and Star Seeking Girl are also the same.

Xuan Jiu’s legs are weak at the moment, and he can’t walk.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I have my reasons, and I must motivate Destiny.”

Woman of Fate said anxiously, “Every time Destiny is triggered, we will be seriously injured. Do you want to lead Destiny or use it to fight the enemy?” When it came to this, she reacted, “Starry Sky Tree has mastered the book of Destiny Enemy?”.

Before, Lu Yin was not sure whether Bai Xian’er had Haven’t to control the book of Destiny. He had heard about it and relied on guessing, but he was sure that he had just recently inspired Destiny for the third time.

When Destiny was mobilized for the third time, he saw the blood stains in Safflower Garden. Although haven’t saw people, it was definitely Safflower Garden. The blood stains mirrored the red flowers on the ground, very beautiful.

Bai Xian’er also vomited blood.

It is precisely because of this that Lu Yin mobilized Destiny for the fourth time, and at the same time, he will continue to mobilize Destiny.

Actually, this is perish together, but it is not myself and Bai Xian’er, but the people of Woman of Fate.

“Starry Sky Tree will have a big enemy, and this person, who controls the book of Destiny, I can’t resist”, Lu Yin replied, explain, give the Woman of Fate a minimum of respect.

Woman of Fate has an ugly face, “So you want to attract Destiny to her heavy wounds? What about us?”.

“You don’t want to die, she’s the same, so support it again, if you can’t support it, she won’t be able to support it”, Lu Yin said.

After hearing Lu Yin’s words, her face became more ugly. She wanted to say but could not say anything.

Lu Yin is willing, can explain to her, if not, don’t even need to explain.

This is the rule of the universe, this is cultivate, just like when she transferred the cause and effect to the innocent people same, the death of those people is unknown, and she will not ask the wishes of those people.

Lu Yin put down the wireless gu. He didn’t apologize for Woman of Fate. This woman killed too many people in order to shift the cause and effect of foresight calculation. As for Bu Tian, ​​if he didn’t control the absolute path, he didn’t know how to deal with it. The only apologetic people are Xuan Jiu and Star Seeking Girl.

Star Seeking Girl’s attitude is uncertain, he may not care, but Xuan Jiu.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin pulled out his personal terminal from Congealing Space Ring. Since returning to Fifth Continent, he has rarely used this, and he always uses wireless Gu, but Xuan Jiu haven’t wireless Gu, can only through personal Terminal contact.

The good news did not arrive, but Bai Xian’er told him to stop.

“What did you say?” Bai Wangyuan looked at the Cloud Communicating Stone, and he couldn’t think, especially the Bai Xian’er on the Cloud Communicating Stone was as white as paper, and he was seriously injured.

Bai Xian’er looked at Bai Wangyuan, “Stop, otherwise, I will die”.

Bai Wangyuan wondered, “Why like this? Who hurt you?”.

“Bai Zu, stop immediately to Lu Xiaoxuan, otherwise I am not sure if he will die, but I will definitely die”, Bai Xian’er said with difficulty, suddenly, another mouthful of blood came out, directly dyed red Cloud Communicating Stone.

Bai Wangyuan is shocked. Bai Xian’er is too important to Cold Immortal Sect. She is almost equal to Cold Immortal Sect’s future leadership of Fifth Continent’s banner. Her innate talent, wrist, cultivation base and mind are all the best of.

Lu Xiaoxuan showed an extremely enchanting innate talent cultivation base, and all this can be done for Bai Xian’er.

They couldn’t bear the threat brought by Lu Xiaoxuan, and Cold Immortal Sect couldn’t bear the loss of Bai Xian’er.

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