Star Odyssey Chapter 2336


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“Bai Zu, if you don’t stop, it will be too late”, Bai Xian’er is weak.

Bai Wangyuan suddenly looked towards Ancestor Wu and Mu Xie, “My Four Way Balance no longer takes action on Lu Xiaoxuan, let Lu Xiaoxuan stop, and stop immediately.”

The faces of Wang Fan and Dragon Ancestor are somber. They have all heard the dialogue between Bai Wangyuan and Bai Xian’er. For Bai Family, the loss of Bai Xian’er is not acceptable, but for Wang Family and White Dragon Sect, It doesn’t matter.

They looked at each other and wanted to stop.

Ancestor Wu first said, “Bai Wangyuan, are you sure to stop?”.

“OK”, Bai Wangyuan’s tone is low.

Ancestor Wu looked towards Wang Fan and the two, “What about you?”.

Wang Fan frowned. Whether Bai Xian’er is dead or alive has nothing to do with their Wang Family. “Lu Xiaoxuan uses the Star Envoy cultivation base to repel Xia Shenji. This threat is too great for us,” Bai Wangyuan interrupted, “If Wang Family and White Dragon Sect don’t want to stop, my Bai Family will stop it.”

Wang Fan was furious, “Bai Wangyuan, what did you say?”.

Bai Wangyuan eye light is awe-inspiring, “You know the importance of Xian’er to my Bai Family”.

Wang Fan and Dragon Ancestor stare Bai Wangyuan, the atmosphere is dull.

Mu Xie said, “With Bai Family, we have a chance of winning.”

Ancestor Wu nods, “Bai Wangyuan, I, plus Mu Xie to Wang Fan, Xia Shenji and Long Er, of course, they also have Ancestral Realm, we also have it here, Lu Xiaoxuan the kid himself It can be regarded as two Ancestral Realms, well, there is a chance of winning.”

Bai Wangyuan’s complexion is even more ugly, and he wants to help Lu Family with the remnants, which is hateful.

Wang Fan stare Bai Wangyuan, “Lu Xiaoxuan will not let go of his hatred of Four Way Balance, let him go now, it will be dangerous in the future, you know very well”.

Bai Wangyuan frowned and stopped talking to them, but contacted Bai Sheng, “Go tell Lu Xiaoxuan, my Bai Family will give up chasing him and let him stop immediately, no matter what he is doing, stop immediately. I’m talking about immediately”.

Wang Fan’s heart sank. Bai Xian’er is too important to Cold Immortal Sect. It is obviously unrealistic to let Bai Xian’er and Lu Xiaoxuan perish together.

Dragon Ancestor is puzzled, “Why does Lu Xiaoxuan have heavy wounds Bai Xian’er? Bai Wangyuan, even if Lu Xiaoxuan is spared this time, Lu Xiaoxuan will threaten you with Cold Immortal Sect in the future, and you have to let him Threat?”.

Bai Wangyuan’s face is as sinking as water. Of course he knows it. If he doesn’t find out the reason, he can’t sleep well.

Ancestor Wu has figured out something, thinking of the Star Seeking Tower of Starry Sky War College, thinking of the book of Destiny, is it like this?

I knew that, so I did it directly, and it didn’t happen before, which is a pity.

Lu Yin also felt a pity. Bai Sheng strode across the starry sky and came down to the prison flood to find him.

“Bai Wangyuan gave up chasing and killing me?” Lu Yin asked unexpectedly and not.

Bai Sheng looked at Lu Yin and exclaimed, “What the hell did you do? I am curious to let Bai Zu be so impatient to give up chasing you.”

Lu Yin underestimated the status of Bai Xian’er in Bai Wangyuan’s heart. He knew it so long ago. He should have done it a long time ago. Bai Wangyuan didn’t even discuss any conditions, so he just gave up on the hunt. It seems that this move is quite effective it is good.

“Let Bai Wangyuan talk to me in person,” Lu Yin said.

Bai Sheng hugged his arms, “What did you do? How about satisfying my curiosity”.

Lu Yin said, “Senior Victory, ask you a question.”


“If Bai Xian’er dies, what consequences will have?”.

Bai Sheng complexion changed, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin raised his head, “I said, if Bai Xian’er dies, what will be the consequences?”

Bai Sheng narrowed his eyes, “so that’s how it is, do you have a way to make Xian’er die? I’m really curious, how to do it?”.

Lu Yin said, “Seniors only need to answer my questions.”

Bai Sheng said directly, “Blood wash the stars.”

Lu Yin raises his eyebrows.

Bai Sheng looked at Lu Yin and said, “I advise you not to try. Bai Xian’er is Cold Immortal Sect, no, it is the most arrogant Bai Family since ancient times. The history of Bai Family includes Old Ancestor, No one can compare with her. To be honest, I don’t understand why there is such a person as will have, but now there is more of you. Perhaps this is also a kind of fate.”

“For Bai Family, Bai Xian’er is absolutely incapable of losing. Do you know why Bai Family agreed to exile Lu Family?”.

Lu Yin frowned, “Because Bai Xian’er?”.

Bai Sheng said, “It can be said that because Bai Family sees the hope of replacing Lu Family, it is Bai Xian’er. She is qualified to replace Lu Family and take the helm of Fifth Continent.”

“So when Lu Family was still there, she was hiding?” Lu Yin asked back.

Bai Sheng laughed and shook his head, “haven’t hide, but you can’t see it”.

Lu Yin understands, this is why Cold Immortal Sect is willing to exile Lu Family.

Four Way Balance exile Lu Family, the reason has nothing common with each other.

Xia Family is because Lu Family helped Xia Shang, Wang Family is because of Wang Si or other reasons. White Dragon Sect should be seduced by the status of Four Way Balance. At first, they couldn’t compare Liu Family and Nong Family. , And Cold Immortal Sect is the most ambitious, they want to rely on Bai Xian’er to replace Lu Family.

That’s why Bai Wangyuan’s reaction is so big.

“Telling you this is not for you to threaten my Cold Immortal Sect, but for you to understand the seriousness of the matter, once Bai Xian’er will have something unexpected”, Bai Sheng looked at all around, “What you see Everything you care about, your friends, relatives, and everything you care about is gone. This is not a threat, but a kind warning,” Bai Shengdao.

Be cautious about hostages. The threat of catching a person who is important to the enemy can achieve certain effects, but if this person is too important, the effect may be counterproductive.

For example, Bai Xian’er at this moment, no matter how much Lu Yin wants to kill her, as long as he is not forced to a desperate situation, he will not do that. Not only himself, Bai Wangyuan and the others also know that he will not do that. , The consequences, he cannot afford.

Then taking Bai Xian’er as a hostage to negotiate terms must be carefully considered, accidentally either the fish dies or the net splits.

Once perish together, Four Way Balance loses only one Bai Xian’er, which has a great impact on Cold Immortal Sect, but has no impact on the other three. However, the fifth Continent will be in trouble. He believes that Bai Wangyuan will definitely slaughter wildly. Fifth Continent, vent that anger.

This is not something that Lu Yin can bear.

What he wants is to rescue Lu Family, to avenge Four Way Balance, not perish together.

Bai Sheng’s remarks seemed to expose Cold Immortal Sect’s cards, but they actually set the tone for the next negotiation. He, impossible, is too much. Of course, Bai Wangyuan will try his best to agree to his terms, saying It is a negotiation, but it is actually a mutual concession.

Looking at Bai Sheng in front of him, in fact, the negotiation started, “Senior Shengzu, Lu Family, I am the only one left.”

Bai Sheng looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin continued, “If I can’t live, Lu Family will disappear completely in the long river of history. I am the sinner of Lu Family, so no matter what method I use, I will live. If I can’t live, Bai Xian’ er will definitely not survive, this is my bottom line.”

Bai Sheng touched his hair quite distressed, “It’s boring to threaten each other, you should talk to Bai Zu, in fact, I belong to the outside world, if it is not surnamed Bai, this trip will not come.”

Lu Yin was curious, “Outside the world?”.

Bai Sheng said, “I said last time that you will understand later, but didn’t expect that you are Lu Xiaoxuan. The outside world has nothing to do with you.” When he said this, the corner of his mouth suddenly curled up, “Let’s make a deal How? It’s you and me, not Bai Family, not Four Way Balance.”

“What deal?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Sheng said, “There is still one person alive in your Lu Family.”

His words changed Lu Yin eye light, “Who?”.

Bai Sheng said, “Let me tell you, you told me how to take action on Bai Xian’er, how about this transaction?”.

Lu Yin directly refused, “not very good”.

“There are still people in your Lu Family, and they are direct descendants,” Bai Shengdao. He thought Lu Yin would be anxious to know who it was.

However, Lu Yin immediately guessed that the person called Lu Fengzi, the Lu Family person who owns the Will Ignition Platform and met Ancient God, and the person who made Old Chen jealous of the Lu Family, he still received the favor of Lu Family People who doubt Lu Family, apart from him, who else.

Lu Yin wanted to know where he was and wanted to get rid of him, but not now.

Leave the Fifth Continent, how does he get rid of a powerhouse of Lu Family? Even if that person is Half-Ancestor, and that person it’s possible is Ancestral Realm.

Lu Family is different from Four Way Balance. Since embarking on the road to cultivate, Lu Yin has encountered various enemies, and even encountered Dao children in the Heavenly Sect era, such as Tiankong Jialan, a superb genius, but he has not followed Lu Family. The direct line has fought, and he doesn’t want to fight.

How difficult it is to be oneself, how difficult it is for any direct line of Lu Family who awakens Will Ignition Platform.

Now that it is meaningless to know the whereabouts of Lu Fengzi, it will be worth knowing when he becomes Half-Ancestor.

Seeing Lu Yin remain unmoved, Bai Sheng was helpless, “It seems that you really don’t want to know, forget it, I don’t want to get involved with you, the next thing I will talk to you is Bai Zu.” He looked at Lu Yin deeply, eye light and admired, “From ancient times to the present, the Star Envoy who can force Jiushan Baihai helplessly, you are the first one. You don’t rely on your background but your own strength, Lu Xiaoxuan, throw it away. Stand, I’ll win, I admire you”, after finishing speaking, the body disappeared, leaving Fifth Continent.

After he left, Lu Yin’s clenched fist was released.

Admire it? It is indeed worth showing off to make an Ancestral Realm powerhouse admire, but how much have you experienced along the way?

Real death has gone through several times. It is real death. If it weren’t for Life and Death Mysterious Technique, one’s impossible to live until now, some results are already destined, then, there are haven’t people who can see this result?

Lu Yin thought of Bai Xian’er, the Book of Destiny, and even Destiny.

Destiny, have you seen through time? Seeing one’s own future, if one’s own future is known by others, is what you are doing now is also expected by others?

If someone can travel through time and space, can they change the past of this relative future?

Shaking his head, this is not the time to think about this. The next thing I face is Bai Wangyuan, a real Nine Mountains Eight Seas, who is the same name as Ancestor Chen and like this, he dare not care.

Find a suitable negotiation location.

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