Star Odyssey Chapter 2338


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After a moment of silence, Bai Wangyuan’s tone eased, “If you don’t tell me, I can ask Xian’er, this kind of thing cannot be hidden”.

“Follow you”, Lu Yin said.

Bai Wangyuan looked at Lu Yin, “You don’t hurt Xian’er. Before you reach Half-Ancestor, my Four Way Balance doesn’t take action against you. Can you agree to this condition?”.

Lu Yin is also impossible to fight Four Way Balance. The most important thing is that Eternal Clan is in stare. Everything they do Eternal Clan knows, such as the battle against Xia Shenji in Dingshang Realm, and Corpse God’s critical time The take action led away Xia Shenji, and that scene made Lu Yin’s fear of Eternal Clan deeper.

Eternal Clan has an unimaginable the foundation. After destroying four continents in a row, Lu Yin had to guard against it.

“Apart from this, release the survivors of the Lu Family, including those from Star Union and Safflower Garden. Correspondingly, I will release the Expeditionary Army and your Four Way Balance team,” Lu Yin said.

Just as Lu Yin was negotiating with Bai Wangyuan, Seven Heavenly Gods gathered outside Star Sea Fall.

“Witch Spirit God, your plan is defeated”, Without Darkness God’s indifferent voice came.

Forgotten Ruins God smiled, “It’s really interesting. I made such a huge plan. Not only did we come forward, but none of us can take action on that kid, just for your so-called conspiracy. In the end, not only haven’t let them Fight, and let that kid have the qualifications to negotiate with Bai Wangyuan and the others, Witch Spirit God, is this your goal? Hehe.”

Witch Spirit God made a hoarse voice, and the Witch Spirit doll floated, “I made a mistake, didn’t expect the kid to make progress so quickly, and let him have the power to face Ancestral Realm without paying attention.”

“Originally planned to take action during their civil war, but if it weren’t for the accidental appearance of Mu Xie and Xi Wei to keep the gap between Xia Shenji and Bai Sheng, my plan would be successful, at least it would tear up Infinite Power. The main reason for making Starry Sky Tree unstable is that Mu Xie and Xi Wei were miscalculated, but it doesn’t matter. Four Way Balance and Lu Xiaoxuan impossible reconciled. They will always have a battle. We can afford this battle.”

Without Darkness God said in a low tone, “Never mind Xi Wei, not good at fighting, mainly Mu Xie, who didn’t expect an ordinary-looking Ancestral Realm specifically to deal with Red Back, never with Domination Boundary The person we are facing has a comparable power of Xia Shenji, and this person has a problem.”

“And who are the Masters of Mu Xie and Lu Xiaoxuan? To be Mu Xie’s Master is definitely not a sudden emergence, it must be remembered in history”, Forgotten Ruins God said.

At this moment, void suddenly split, and endless darkness appeared. Seven Heavenly Gods looked at it simultaneously. In the endless darkness, a scarlet vertical eye appeared. The huge scarlet vertical eye seemed to be imprinted on the hanging coffin. Haven ‘t give out the slightest breath, but it makes Seven Heavenly Gods all discolored.

Even the drowsy Undying God and the numb Corpse God are awake, simultaneously saluting, “pays respects to True God”.

No one knows, just outside Star Sea Fall, Eternal Clan’s only True God appeared, without signs, and haven’t any movement.

Seven Heavenly Gods are also restraining aura, just like seven ordinary people.

“The turbid plan, start”, with five words, the scarlet vertical eyes suddenly disappeared, as if they had never appeared before.

Seven Heavenly Gods once again salute, and then looked towards Fifth Continent, “Finally started, ready to restart civilization”.

Fifth Continent, in Eternal Kingdom, Lu Yin and Bai Wangyuan reached a condition.

Lu Yin will never hurt Bai Xian’er. Similarly, before he reaches Half-Ancestor, Four Way Balance will not take action on him, but also release all Lu Family survivors, apart from those on the back of the battlefield, back There are people like Zhou Tang on the battlefield. Lu Yin wants to release Four Way Balance, but there are always people on the back battlefield. Bai Wangyuan’s bottom line is to release all Lu Family survivors except the back battlefield, including those in Safflower Garden.

And Lu Yin will release all the people from Starry Sky Tree who have been caught in recent years, including those Half-Ancestor.

This is what they have reached.

Although the conditions are fulfilled, it is not enough to talk about it.

Whether it is Lu Yin or Bai Wangyuan, there needs to be a testimony, which is to complete the triple high-five in the starry sky.

The agreement of three palms, the two witnesses to each other, just three days later.

Lu Yin stepped out of the Eternal Kingdom. This is the limit he can currently achieve, restricting each other, making concessions to each other, and fearing each other.

If he hadn’t just mastered the method of threatening Bai Xian’er, he would have threatened Four Way Balance at all, and could block the first wave of offensives and could not block the second wave. Four Way Balance would rather sacrifice the expeditionary force to kill him. he.

This is his value in Four Way Balance’s eyes.

However, this balance is only reserved for his breakthrough Half-Ancestor. Once it reaches Half-Ancestor, Four Way Balance will definitely take action without the slightest hesitation to him. At that time, he believed that Bai Xian’er already had destiny He was delaying time, Bai Wangyuan was also delaying time.

That was when he and Four Way Balance really struggled.

Then, he reached a temporary balance with Four Way Balance, what will Eternal Clan do, and how will he get back Lu Family?

Lu Yin looked up at the starry sky, where is Lu Family? Have haven’t been destroyed?

Three days passed quickly. Three days were time for Bai Wangyuan to convince Wang Fan and Xia Shenji. After all, Lu Yin’s condition was not for Cold Immortal Sect, but for the entire Four Way Balance.

No matter what Bai Wangyuan says to convince the other three, it has nothing to do with Lu Yin, he just wants the result.

On this day, the prisoner swarmed over the starry sky, and Lu Yin stood on top of the prisoner’s head. Behind him, there were half-Ancestors, and then densely packed cultivator. Simultaneously looking into the distance, Bai Wangyuan walked out of the starry sky and brought Four Way Balance’s agreement, “From now on, Four Way Balance will no longer take action on Lu Yin. Correspondingly, Lu Yin cannot take action on Bai Xian’er. This agreement will be automatically abolished when Lu Yin reaches Half-Ancestor.”

A very simple sentence, but it represents the softness of Four Way Balance.

Anyone who knows about the Starry Sky Tree exile Lu Family incident can’t think that Four Way Balance exiles the Lu Family and becomes a mortal enemy to the Lu Family. It is impossible to leave any Lu Family people, including those close to the Lu Family. All within the scope of their eradication.

Adventure King is assigned to perform various mortal missions.

Wandao Family and Qiming Family are all destroyed.

Yu Family is even being demoted as a joke of Starry Sky Tree.

Some people in the Lu Family were locked up in Safflower Garden and became Fengzi.

Lu Yin went to Starry Sky Tree for the first time. After his identity was revealed, he was chased and killed. Go up to heaven or down to Hades. There is no way. Four Way Balance does everything to eliminate Lu Family people.

However, at this moment, they are subdued. It is not that they are willing to like this, but that they are forced to be helpless.

However, this helplessness is based on the premise of two unsuccessful killings.

In today’s era, who can be safe and sound under Four Way Balance twice in a row, not to mention Star Envoy, even Half-Ancestor, and even Ancestral Realm powerhouse are difficult to do.

Lu Yin did it and contained the third killing, and in turn threatened Cold Immortal Sect. Bai Wangyuan had to give up his killing and protect him instead. This is what Lu Yin used What has been cultivated the foundation for many years, this achievement is sufficient to shock anyone, including Ancestor Wu, the Nine Mountains Eight Seas.

As Dragon Ancestor said, even Ancestor Chen Xia Shang is impossible. He was alive under the auspices of Lu Family, and Lu Yin, with his foundation and ability, forcibly supported it twice. On the Starry Sky Tree, there are already three Ancestral Realm murderous intentions.

Not only did I admire myself, but also Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, Xia Shenji, an Ancestral Realm who would kill him.

Behind Lu Yin, Lu Buzheng, Woman of Fate and many other Half-Ancestors stared in shock, watching an Ancestral Realm compromise with Lu Yin, watching the Nine Mountains Eight Seas compromise that was once legendary, this scene, the first Fifth Continent will never forget, even if the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, even if the years go by, this scene will always remain in Fifth Continent.

“I, Lu Yin, agree to the agreement.” Lu Yin looked at Bai Wangyuan and replied. Then he raised his hand, Bai Wangyuan raised his hand at the same time, obviously far away, but a palm hit, bang, and the first palm was completed.

The first palm is completed and Bai Wangyuan’s heart sinks completely. Although he is sure, he is still unwilling to this step. However, it is already late. “From this moment on, release all Lu Family survivors except the back battlefield. , Including the people in Safflower Garden, and Lu Yin will release the owners of Starry Sky Tree. This agreement will take effect immediately.”

Lu Yin said, “I, Lu Yin, agree.” When the voice fell, he raised his palm and completed the 2nd Strike palm with Bai Wangyuan.

Next is the final high five.

“The Fifth Continent will go to the Starry Sky Tree ten days later and accept the fourth base formation defense. My Starry Sky Tree will release all the Lu Family survivors on the back of the battlefield and promise.” At this point, Bai Wangyuan deeply Looking at Lu Yin, “Starry Sky Tree and the Fifth Continent, the connection is not restricted, and each other can pass.”

This is an agreement reached between Lu Yin and Bai Wangyuan in the Eternal Kingdom. The Fifth Continent haven’t got Star Origin, and cultivate is restricted. Lu Yin is now in charge of Fifth Continent and must find a way.

The only way is to let the Fifth Continent cultivator enter the Starry Sky Tree cultivate.

However, for so many years, Starry Sky Tree has never accepted the Fifth Continent, not only because of the Eternal Clan threat, but also because, as time goes by, Starry Sky Tree looks down on the Fifth Continent and thinks it is Abandoned Land.

Now Bai Wangyuan and Xia Shenji have seen the power of the Fifth Continent cultivator. This is not Abandoned Land. There are no less than Half-Ancestors of Starry Sky Tree. There are countless cultivators here.

These cultivators are recognized by Bai Wangyuan, at least they can hold Infinite Power.

Taking over the defense of a base formation is Bai Wangyuan’s condition.

After so many years, the foundation of Four Way Balance has not only increased, but also weakened. There used to be Lu Family on the outside. They still don’t feel anything. With Lu Family being exile, Infinite Power is completely owned by Four Way At the top of Balance, they are under great pressure, and they can’t afford to lose a Half-Ancestor.

Fifth Continent can take over a base formation and let them breathe a sigh of relief.

bang, the third high five is completed.

Bai Wangyuan and Lu Yin star three high-five, opening the bridge between Starry Sky Tree and Fifth Continent.

Behind Lu Yin, countless cultivators are excited. They can go to Starry Sky Tree cultivator. They can finally make progress. Suddenly, countless people cheer.

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