Star Odyssey Chapter 2340


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Lu Yin looked at the Mountain Master in surprise, “Invincible defense?”.

Shan Master said, “It’s not so exaggerated, it’s just more resistant to hitting”.

Lu Yin looked at the Mountain Master, and it didn’t look like it, but it’s a good thing that there is another Half-Ancestor here.

Through this Mountain Master, he could see the terrible Lu Family at the beginning. An almost defensive Half-Ancestor is his Dao Protector. How could this kind of person be willing to become Dao Protector?

It’s better to call Dao Protector. If it’s not good, it’s a bodyguard.

“Lao Shan, you don’t need to protect this kid here. Anyone who comes to this starry sky to trouble him will not end well. Xia Shenji has been beaten by him,” Kui Luo said.

Master Shan has a solemn face, “just recently that is Bai Wangyuan, and the other is Xia Shenji, Young Lord, what agreement have you reached with them?”.

Lu Yin asked Kui Luo to tell him, and he himself found the Monster Emperor and asked the Monster Emperor to go to the back of the battlefield as the coach.

Monster Emperor was surprised, “Me?”.

Lu Yin nods, “No problem, right”.

Of course there is a problem. It’s the back battlefield. I think so, but Monster Emperor dare not say that Lu Yin played Ancestral Realm powerhouse during this period, and it was still Nine Mountains Eight Seas, too terrifying, he simply No right to object, “I see.”

Lu Yin is satisfied. Let the Monster Emperor be the coach. Naturally, he wants the Giant Beast army to become the main force of the base formation. Of course, it is not only the Giant Beast army.

A base formation apart from the coach must have a formation eye. Lu Yin immediately thought of the candidate for the formation eye, Hen Xin, he is him. Of course, this guy might have different intentions, but it doesn’t matter. It is the fifth Continent. Sent over.

Apart from Monster Emperor and Hen Xin, Lu Yin intends to send two more Half-Ancestors. The Fifth Continent Half-Ancestor is too many, and four without pressure. He wants to show the Fifth to Starry Sky Tree Continent’s strength and the foundation.

The third candidate is naturally Jiu Yao. The sixth Continent is so convinced that he hasn’t the fifth Continent.

The Sixth Continent, Giant Beast Star Domain, Heavenly Sect era all have Half-Ancestor, and the fourth candidate is naturally the Fifth Continent Half-Ancestor.

Who is Lu Yin looking for, Elder Gong? Too lazy, Archsaint Heavenly Master? Chief Elder Sister can take him apart, Jiu Chi? Almost half waste, is it Xia Ji? No, Xia Ji is still locked in Heavenly Prison and cannot be released, nor is Qing Ping brother. Jue Yi is already abolished. Waiting to be called by him, who else is there?

“It’s time to take a walk on the battlefield”, Old Chen’s voice came.

Lu Yin looked, “Senior is going to the battlefield?”.

Old Chen said, “I wanted to accompany you to the Starry Sky Tree last time, but I didn’t make it. This time, let me go to the back battlefield. Forget everything to become an ancestor. I set foot on the road to cultivate from the battlefield. , Is valued by Lu Tianyi Senior, and must become an ancestor on the battlefield.”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “It’s okay, trouble Senior”.

The battlefield on the back looks like a place of war. In fact, the probability of Half-Ancestor’s death is not high, especially he sent four Half-Ancestors at once, sufficient to deter other base formations and deter Starry Sky Tree.

These four Half-Ancestors are not simple characters.

Hen Xin Needless to say, Old Chen mastered Three Suns Ancestor’s aura, sufficient to rival Hen Xin’s Twelve Heavenly Gates Gate Lord, Jiu Yao was the strongest Half-Ancestor of the Sixth Continent, and the Monster Emperor was Heavenly Demon lineage, sufficient and Kui Luo is shoulder to shoulder.

I’m not polite to say that any of these four can crush Xia Ziheng to the degree, sufficient to rival Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons.

The candidate for Half-Ancestor is determined. Lu Yin ordered Lu’s Mysterious Army, Heaven’s Sin Army, Little Giant Legion and Giant Beast to be sent to the fourth base formation. He wants the fourth base formation to become Eternal Clan and dare not touch Forbidden area.

The cultivator preparing to go to the Starry Sky Tree simultaneously gathered to the Science and Technology Star Domain Xinkong Corridor. Lu Yin contacted the Cold Gate people through Tong Yu, and the Qing Chen Supervisory Lord through the Cold Gate people.

Just after the Xinkong corridor was connected, Lu Yin discovered one thing, Wireless Gu can contact Tong Yu.

Wireless Gu is considered to ignore distance and ignoring the connection of space, but Lu Yin just can’t contact Fifth Continent in Starry Sky Tree, which makes him dissatisfied with wireless Gu.

However, Wireless Gu can contact ordinary stars from the Star Origin universe, why can’t it contact Starry Sky Tree and Fifth Continent?

Until the Xinkong Corridor is connected, the wireless Gu can not be contacted.

Starry Sky Tree, Qing Chen and Tong Yu found a place to meet and looked at the wireless Gu, he was a little at a loss.

He only contacted Lu Yin after Tong Yu taught him the instructions.

“Qing Chen Supervisory Lord, long time no see”, Lu Yin contacted.

Qing Chen took a deep breath, “Lu Xiaoxuan, you are making a lot of trouble in the top world”.

Lu Yin laughed, “Don’t worry, it won’t happen for the time being, I have reached an agreement with Four Way Balance, and I will not How is it going until I become Half-Ancestor”.

Qing Chen was surprised, “Four Way Balance reached an agreement with you?”.

This kind of agreement is equivalent to slap Four Way Balance in the face, so Starry Sky Tree apart from a limited number of people, the rest of them don’t know.

But with Fifth Continent taking over the fourth base formation, this matter will soon spread throughout the Starry Sky Tree.

“I am looking for the Supervisory Lord this time to ask you for a favor. I want to contact Mu Xie Governor Lord.” Lu Yin sent a message.

Qing Chen glanced at Tong Yu, “Do you still want to apprentice the Governor Lord?”.

Lu Yin laughed, “Mu Xie Governor Lord, it’s my brother.”

If you don’t find Qing Chen, he can at best find a way to pass the news to Mu Xie, but he can’t contact him directly.

If you want to get in touch, you can only find Half-Ancestor in Cold Gate, which is Qing Chen Supervisory Lord.

Soon after, through Qing Chen’s Cloud Communicating Stone, Mu Xie saw Wireless Gu and contacted Lu Yin via Wireless Gu.

Not long after, Lu Yin put down the wireless Gu and breathed a sigh of relief.

He asked Senior Brother Mu Xie to take precautions against Four Way Balance. Although he had already reached an agreement with Four Way Balance, if they let Half-Ancestor take action with the ancestors, they would have rushed to Starry Sky Tree. Danger.

Sacrificing a Half-Ancestor can kill oneself, so why not do it? He is also impossible to carry Will Ignition Platform at all times, and he may not always have a prisoner by his side. This kind of thing is better to guard against.

Through Mu Xie, he knew that Ancestor Wu was already out of trouble, which made Lu Yin more at ease.

Ancestor Wu will not help him deal with Four Way Balance, but he may not die.

Starry Sky Tree, he himself must go.

If the Fifth Continent cultivator goes, but he doesn’t dare to go, how to support them and show his prestige? And there are many things waiting for him to do.

All the cultivators of Fifth Continent who were finally recruited were disbanded after the agreement was reached.

It’s a relief for most people, they thought there was really going to be a big battle.

Although they fought haven’t, the battle between Lu Yin and Ancestral Realm’s powerful enemy made them feel deeply. Deep in one’s heart’s belief in Lu Yin is deeply ingrained. Even if an Ancestral Realm might appear in the future, they will not be so. It is easy to disintegrate the imposing manner.

Lu Yin gradually became a kind of faith in their hearts.

At this moment, Lu Yin and the Mountain Master are sitting on the back of the prison fire. He is curious what exactly happened the day Lu Family was exile.

Mountain Master bitterly said, “Young Lord, your memory is gone, and part of our memory has also been erased, which happens to be part of the day the family was exile”.

Lu Yin was disappointed, but not surprised.

His memory was erased. The people in Safflower Garden have been trapped. The erased memory is normal.

“Our memories have been erased from the exile part of the family, but there are still memories before that.” Master Shan looked at Lu Yin, “The one I remember most is Young Lord’s smile, that day, you Very happy”.

Lu Yin muttered to himself, “I am very happy?”.

Shan Master nods, recalled, “You are very happy, really happy. The family entertains guests, and you also entertain guests at Food Paradise. In order to facilitate your banquet at Food Paradise, Patriarch asked people to move Food Paradise to Next to Lu Tian Jing”.

“Which Lu Tianjing?” Lu Yin interrupted.

The Mountain Master was surprised, “You forgot even Lu Tianjing?”.

Lu Yin is confused, no one has ever told him, Kui Luo hasn’t.

Looking at Lu Yin’s eyes, Master Shan was extremely angry, and his hatred for Four Way Balance skyrocketed, “Lu Tianjing is the seat of the family, Starry Sky Tree has a top boundary, Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary, and the top Only the Lu Family and its vassal families can live in the world.”

“The land of the upper boundary, the land of the sky, is the land of the sky”.

“This is the honorary title given to Lu Family Inheritance Land by the entire Starry Sky Tree. Only the Lu Family can live. Young Lord, your home is the land of the land and the most noble place in the entire Starry Sky Tree. Those Old Ancestors in Bai Wangyuan who want to enter must submit their greetings in advance, which represents the Peak of the entire human race.”

“The family allowed Food Paradise to hold a banquet next to Lu Tianjing, which is the greatest affirmation of Young Lord.”

Lu Yin looked at the mountain master, “that day, what banquet?”.

Mountain Master said solemnly, “Your wedding with Bai Xian’er”.

Lu Yin ordered nods. Long Xi said that that day was the day when his dream came true, and the red flower rain fell on the Starry Sky Tree. Was that day also his happiest day? Unfortunately, it was the biggest disaster day for the Lu Family.

Eternal Clan broke the four continents of mankind. In the Taoist Origin Sect era, the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent went to war. No matter what happened, the Lu Family always existed and took the helm of the Fifth Continent. However, because of himself, Lu Family did not Up.

Lu Yin will not deceive himself into thinking that this matter has nothing to do with him, the big marriage, Bai Xian’er, Hong Huayu, all of these must be related.

“What do you remember?” Lu Yin asked.

Shan Master said, “In my memory, there is only the scene of you and Seven Heroes drinking freely, only the laughter of the Family Owner, only congratulations from the Yu Family, apart from this, everything is haven’t.”

Lu Yin looked at the Mountain Master, “Is there a White Dragon turning over in memory?”.

The Mountain Master shook his head in confusion.

“Yellow Springs?” Lu Yin asked again.

The Mountain Master still shook his head.

“Prison Lock?”.

“Isn’t that the logo of Divine Martial Heaven?”.

“Cold Immortal Fruit?”.

The mountain Master’s eye light lit up, “Cold Immortal fruit? Yes”.

Lu Yin stare He, “What’s the matter?”.

Master Shan recalled, “That day was your wedding with Bai Xian’er. It was a happy event for my Lu Family and Cold Immortal Sect. My Lu Family hosted a banquet, and Cold Immortal Sect was also hosting a banquet and sent someone to send it. Sent a batch of Cold Immortal fruits to Lu Tian Jing”.

“Cold Immortal hasn’t what’s the problem?” Lu Yin asked.

Mountain Master frowned, “It should be okay. Although the Cold Immortal fruit is precious, we Lu Family can eat it if we want, especially Young Lord. To get Cold Immortal Sect, you dare not say anything.

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