Star Odyssey Chapter 2341


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Lu Yin is puzzled. If Cold Immortal is normal, why does Cold Immortal Sect record it specially and stand side by side with Yellow Springs and White Dragon? There must be a problem.

“By the way, it was Bai Xian’er’s proposal for Food Paradise to move to Lu Tianjing, and I was also there at the time.” Master Shan said, suddenly thinking of something.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Bai Xian’er’s proposal?”.

Mountain Master nods, “It stands to reason that your wedding to Bai Xian’er must be in Lu Tian Jing, but Bai Xian’er does not know what he said to you. You are very happy to arrange for your peers Food Paradise and asked the family to move Food Paradise to Lu Tianjing, but this is just a trivial matter, I didn’t care much for the moment.”

Lu Yin meditated, did he move Food Paradise to Lu Tianjing to facilitate the take action?

At that time, I really listened to what Bai Xian’er said.

“Mountain Master, my Lu Family has haven’t a Fengzi?”, Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Mountain Master complexion greatly changed, “Young Lord, why would you ask this?”.

Lu Yin looked at him, “It seems you know, tell me about Fengzi.”

Mountain Master look pale, “There is indeed a Fengzi in the family who has been imprisoned all the time. We don’t know the specific reason. We only know that he is expressly prohibited by the ancestor of Tianyi. No one in the family is allowed to visit. Young Lord. , Don’t talk about him in the future.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “Tianyi ancestor is gone, what are you afraid of”.

Mountain Master startled, his complexion bleak.

“On the day of my wedding, that Fengzi had a haven’t show up?”.

“Of course haven’t, Tianyi ancestor impossible let him appear”.

In the next time, Lu Yin continued to talk with Shan Master, and soon he called a fat old woman and the others to see if they knew what happened that day.

Starry Sky Tree Domination Boundary, Bai Wangyuan already returned and released the expeditionary army, and Xia Shenji’s avatar also appeared. He was seriously injured, making Xia Shenji and the others very bad.

After Bai Wangyuan returned, Mu Xie was the first to speak, “Since there is an agreement, I should abide by it. Don’t let me know that any of you who doesn’t abide by the agreement will take action on my Junior Brother, otherwise, I will kill someone.”

Xia Shenji raised his eyes, “In a big tone, I really think you can deal with any of us? The more arrogant, the easier it is to die earlier.”

Mu Xie looked towards him, “It’s you who are arrogant, do you really think they don’t know you have Power of Time?”.

Xia Shenji complexion changed.

Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, and Dragon Ancestor expression were very calm, but Xia Shenji’s expression became even more gloomy.

“Strength of Time is vague, but it is not invincible. Any force can contain it. You are no exception. Xia Shenji, whether it is past or present, you are the most ignorant. Leave.

Xia Shenji was extremely angry, but couldn’t refute it.

Ancestor Wu shook her head, “Look, sufferer untold hardships want to compare with Xia Shang. Do you know how you exposed your Power of Time? Just because Xia Shang also has it, hehe.” After that, she also left.

Xia Shenji looked towards Wang Fan and they, “You already knew it?”.

“Just guessing” Wang Fan indifferently said.

Bai Wangyuan said, “Strength of Time rarely appears out of thin air, of course, not haven’t, so you have haven’t Power of Time is really just a guess, until just recently we were sure”.

Xia Shenji’s eyes narrowed, Mu Xie, his hatred for this person was second only to Xia Shang, this person not only prevented him from killing Lu Xiaoxuan, but also revealed his Power of Time, which is hateful.

Bai Wangyuan several people on the surface seemed calm, but their hearts were shocked.

Power of Time is not to say, it is really hard to break, they look at Xia Shenji’s eye light with vague fear.

Fortunately, Xia Shang robbed his Mountain Sea, otherwise it would be more difficult to deal with with the Mountain Sea Combat Technique.

At this time, Xia Ziheng contacted Xia Shenji about Evoking Virtuous College.

Xia Shenji is getting angry, coldly said, “Tomorrow, just tomorrow, otherwise, either the God of Cookery will break the ancestor, or you will get out of the way”, and ended the call.

Dragon Ancestor looked towards him, “As I said earlier, you have to do it directly, you must woo some students, waste time, and give Lu Xiaoxuan a chance.”

Wang Fan stared at Dragon Ancestor, “You should not hide from us about Yu Young Master’s presence in Dragon Mountain, otherwise you don’t have to be threatened by Divine Might. Once Yu Young Master comes out, even if he could break the ancestor, he will be defeated. , Yu Young Master sufficient disturbs his mood”.

Dragon Ancestor shook his head, “Isn’t it good to have one more Ancestral Realm? I’m sure the God of Cookery can’t break the ancestor, so I don’t want to waste time, but even if there is a 1/10000th possibility that the God of Cookery breaks the ancestor, it will benefit us Starry Sky Tree. Harm, one more Ancestral Realm will give mankind more protection, and even if the God of Cookery breaks the ancestor, it’s not a possibility to negotiate.”

“Speaking of which is even more curious why they hide the Mountain Sea and cannot get out. This is not the style of Evoking Virtuous College”.

Xia Shenji was impatient, “For whatever reason, Evoking Virtuous College will be dissolved tomorrow. It’s good for the God of Cookery to say that at worst he will save Evoking Virtuous College for his face, but Mountain Sea will still have to hand it over. If the God of Cookery can’t break Zu, those few will either leave me a little away or go to the back battlefield, haven’t the second way.”

They didn’t care too much about the Evoking Virtuous College. The God of Cookery saw Yu Young Master’s attitude so that they were sure that this person could not break the ancestor, and there is something to be afraid of for someone who is destined to be unable to break the ancestor.

Lu Xiaoxuan is still more threatening, so big that it makes them sleepless.

With the support of Xia Shenji, Xia Ziheng immediately brought the words to Evoking Virtuous College. Even the tone did not change. The angry chairman wanted to get him to fight.

“Impossible, Xia Ziheng actually threatened directly, saying let us get out. If it weren’t for Four Way Balance, he wouldn’t even want to leave the Yixian District”, Wen Chairman said angrily. He had never been so furious.

Firstly, the students were taken away by Four Way Balance. Secondly, because of the appearance of Yu Young Master, God of Cookery lost the qualification to threaten Four Way Balance with the broken ancestor, and because he helped Lu Yin once, resulting in Four Way Balance is almost torn apart, and Evoking Virtuous College is facing an unprecedented crisis.

“Tomorrow? Why is it so fast?” Ce Donglai was surprised.

Wen Chairman shook his head, “Xia Ziheng didn’t have the guts, only Xia Shenji. It seems that it was Lu Xiaoxuan that Xia Shenji was completely torn apart.”

Ce Donglai said, “Although Xia Ziheng is taking advantage of Xia Shenji’s power, he has already said what he has said and is absolutely difficult to change. After all, he is Half-Ancestor. Once tomorrow, if we don’t leave, perhaps Four Way Balance not only A Half-Ancestor appears to deal with us”.

Wen Chairman said, “Even a Lu Xiaoxuan can’t be beaten, they are half-Ancestor”.

Ce Donglai raised his eyebrows, “Don’t talk nonsense about this, Lu Xiaoxuan can single out four Half-Ancestors. His strength is definitely not comparable to Half-Ancestor, and he only has three Origin Tribulation.”

Wen Chairman only satirized Xia Ziheng by this, and haven’t looked down upon Lu Yin.

We singled out four Half-Ancestors with Origin Tribulation three times, and killed one. This record is regarded as since ancient times Number One Person. He also admires it, especially Lu Yin is also regarded as half an Evoking Virtuous College tutor. Chairman pleasing to the eye.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know how Abandoned Land How is it going”, the Chairman of the text muttered to himself, he suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, “Is Xia Shenji’s attitude related to Abandoned Land? Is he in Abandoned? Land lost?”.

Ce Donglai was at a loss. They could not obtain any information about Abandoned Land, only Domination Boundary knew.

Now every student at Evoking Virtuous College is haven’t. It is not unreasonable to say that it is abolished.

Wen Diyi was handed over to Bai Wangyuan by Lu Yin. However, all the students of Evoking Virtuous College were taken away by Four Way Balance. Wen Diyi was no exception. He did not want to join any Four Way Balance. The only result was detention. It’s better to stay at Supreme Mountain. Unfortunately, Wen Diyi doesn’t know about Evoking Virtuous College.

“The God of Cookery is already ready to break his ancestors. No matter what, he has to take a gamble. The secret of Mountain Sea cannot be revealed, but the time is too short to calm him down today,” Ce Donglai said.

The text of Chairman eye light sighed, “One day? ridiculous, with the ability to take action by Xia Shenji himself, otherwise he wants to rely on those Half-Ancestors to drive us away, delusional, Lu Xiaoxuan dare to break into Divine Martial Heaven alone to save people , Singled out the four Half-Ancestors, can we not even compare to Lu Xiaoxuan? It’s time for them to see the power of Wen Zu. Although Wen Zu is dead, his will is immortal.”

Ce Donglai straightened up, “Then put it together and see if Four Way Balance can one hand shrouding the heavens in this Starry Sky Tree.”

On the second day, Xia Ziheng came to Evoking Virtuous College as scheduled, along with Wu Yao, Yu Young Master and Ji Feng Half-Ancestor and Liu Hua Half-Ancestor who had been in New World.

A total of five Half-Ancestors descended to suppress Evoking Virtuous College.

Chairman They knew that Four Way Balance would take action on them, but they didn’t expect five Half-Ancestors when they appeared.

“Ji Feng? Liu Hua? You guys are here too”, Chairman surprised and angry.

Ji Feng Half-Ancestor apologized, “I’m sorry, Wenlai, we don’t want to be an enemy of the academy, but the world is Impermanence.”

Liu Hua Half-Ancestor sighed, “Four Way Balance you can give them what you want, now Starry Sky Tree, what can you insist on?”.

Ce Donglai said with emotion, “didn’t expect you elites who graduated from the academy will also attack the academy in turn.”

Xia Ziheng sternly said, “Assault? What do you mean? Do you still want to resist?”.

Wu Yao stepped forward, “Wen, Evoking Virtuous College does not want to be an enemy of Four Way Balance, right”.

Wen Lai raised his head and said, “I want to close my academy. If I have the ability, I will enter in.” After saying that, without talking nonsense, he started the academy’s battle.

I saw the Fire Phoenix simultaneously flying into the air, flying around the academy. It is clear that one represents the light and the other represents the darkness. The two will never meet, but after the Origin Treasure Formation is completely activated, the two intersect and form a sufficient order. The Origin Treasure murderous intention that many Half-Ancestors are afraid of.

Ji Feng and Liu Hua looked at each other, subconsciously stepped back, and they graduated from Evoking Virtuous College. They are very clear about the terrifying of Fire Phoenix. The Origin Treasure Formation is not only as simple as what you can see on the surface, but also inside. Murderous intention, layer upon layer, is the last guarding force that Wen Zu left Evoking Virtuous College.

Xia Ziheng frowned, “stubbornness”.

Wu Yao looked towards the rear, “You still have to take action. After all, it is the Origin Treasure Formation left by Wen Zu.”

In the academy, Wen Chairman and the others watched a silhouette coming out of void-Mu Shang, Mu Heavenly Master.

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