Star Odyssey Chapter 2342


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In today’s time and space, to say who can break Wenzu’s Origin Treasure Formation, apart from Ancestral Realm powerhouse is forcibly broken with strength, and only the Heavenly Master can be dispatched.

Since they wanted to destroy Evoking Virtuous College, they naturally thought of Wenzu’s Origin Treasure Formation and invited Mu Shang.

Mu Shang looked up at the Fire Phoenix, with brilliant lights and vibrant colors in his eyes, full of admiration, “Wen Zu is worthy of the Origin Formation Heavenly Master. This Origin Treasure Formation is really strange, very different from the ordinary Origin Treasure Formation. , I simulated the Fire Phoenix with Origin Treasure murderous intention. There are hidden murderous intentions inside. It is not easy to crack.”

Wu Yao asked, “Is there a way to crack it?”.

Mu Shang said with a smile, “Any Origin Treasure Formation needs to be maintained. If there is no Origin Formation Master to maintain, it is just a death formation, naturally there is a way.”

“Then please Mu Heavenly Master take action, many thanks,” Wu Yao said.

Mu Shang said with a smile, “It’s because I thank Seniors. It’s Junior’s honor to be able to play against Wenzu Senior.” After that, he approached the Origin Treasure Formation alone, and then entered directly, the weird Origin Treasure Formation hadn’t produced murderous intention on him, and the route he walked was quite strange, and he couldn’t understand it at all.

Wen Chairman’s face is ugly. This is Origin Formation Heavenly Master. In terms of the cultivation base, he and his ancestors both surpass Mu Shang, but with the Language of Interpretation, Mu Shang is the youngest Language Interpreter in history. He said that even Wenzu may not be comparable. You must know that Wenzu became Heavenly Master after he became an ancestor, and Mu Shang is now just Star Envoy.

Especially now that Mu Shang is breaking the formation, he bluntly said that this is a death formation. He is also a Boundary Origin Formation Master and can maintain Origin Treasure Formation, but Mu Shang is not in the eyes of Mu Shang.

In Mu Shang’s eyes, there is only Origin Formation Heavenly Master, only Wenzu, and haven’t come with other texts.

“In this case, let me learn about the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master’s abilities.” After finishing speaking, Chairman Wen also entered Origin Treasure Formation and took action to Mu Shang through the Fire Phoenix.

Mu Shang’s face is calm, smiling, “It’s an honor.”

In the academy, Mr. Tang, Mr. Zheng, Mr. Xiaowen, before to survive, Mr. You Huai all watched, as long as the Origin Treasure Formation can’t block the Four Way Balance, the academy is over.

The God of Cookery has no chance of breaking the ancestor, Four Way Balance knows, they know it.

In the depths of the academy, the God of Cookery opened his eyes and then closed his eyes to isolate all interference from the outside world. If he wants to break the ancestor, he must be quiet. Before the Origin Treasure Formation is broken, he must calm down before he can try to break the ancestor. .

Once Ancestral Realm Origin Tribulation arrives, no one can interfere, and it depends on whether he can succeed in the foundation for so many years.

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Ten days have passed and everyone is looking at the Fire Phoenix. At this moment, the Fire Phoenix is ​​dimmed a lot and becomes transparent.

The distance from Fire Phoenix to the Dark Phoenix is ​​only a thousand meters away, Mu Shang’s smile is even brighter. On the opposite side, Chairman complexion pale, he loses and he can’t maintain the Origin Treasure Formation at all. He is at the bottom of Mu Shang’s Language of Interpretation completely. was defeated, and his Half-Ancestor cultivation base was impossible to take action on Mu Shang in the Origin Treasure Formation. Soon, the Fire Phoenix disappeared. Then, the murderous intentions in the Formation were wiped out. At that time they had to face the five Half-Ancestors outside.

Wen Chairman looked at Mu Shang’s confident and arrogant smile, and wished to lift the Origin Treasure Formation and use the Half-Ancestor cultivation base to kill it. Unfortunately, it was too difficult, Mu Shang would not have hadn’t guarded.

“Wenlai, come back, there is no need to resist it, you can’t stop it,” Ce Donglai said.

Wen Chairman is helpless, leave Origin Treasure Formation, instead of fighting with Mu Shang Language of Interpretation, it is better to reserve the strength to deal with the five Half-Ancestors outside and buy more time for God of Cookery.

haven’t interfered with the text Chairman, Mushan Language of Interpretation is faster.

A lot of people from Starry Sky Tree have gathered eye light. Since the establishment of Evoking Virtuous College, it has been brilliant and prosperous. Even Lu Family has studied it. Four Way Balance, Nong Family, Liu Family, who hasn’t disciple enter However, looking at the stars, quite a number of elites graduated from Evoking Virtuous College.

They don’t want the college to be destroyed, but under the dominance of Four Way Balance, Evoking Virtuous College impossible can hold it.

Outside, Xia Ziheng is exhales. You won’t need to talk nonsense about these Old Guys anymore. He hopes that these Old Guys will resist, either kill them or throw them into the back battlefield, no, throw them to New World , Let them bloom the last firework for mankind.

Dingshangjie, Xia Taili, Wang Su and other returning expeditionary forces have also looked towards Evoking Virtuous College, each with a complicated eye light.

Liu Hao, Nong Sanniang and the others are even asking about the family, wanting to help Evoking Virtuous College, but at this moment, Evoking Virtuous College, no one can help. The ancestors of Liu Family know that Four Way Balance suffers from Abandoned Land, who is now Help Evoking Virtuous College, whoever will face the anger of Four Way Balance.

Not everyone has the ability to face Four Way Balance.

They can restrain each other, but there are some things they cannot interfere.

On this day, Evoking Virtuous College will be destroyed under the eye light of countless people. It should be a rare major event in Starry Sky Tree.

However, everyone didn’t expect. The real major event comes from the top realm, from the Wang Family.

Xia Shenji and the others haven’t paid attention to Evoking Virtuous College at all, but a col under the stare Wang Family continent. There is the entrance to the new empty corridor, which can connect Starry Sky Tree and Fifth Continent.

Now, ten days have come. Precisely Lu Yin fulfilled his promise and led the cultivator to take over the Fourth Continent base formation.

The entire Domination Boundary looked at the mountain col. They didn’t know when Lu Yin and other cultivators appeared.

But it must be today.

As I was thinking, a silhouette emerged from the Xinkong corridor and appeared in the col.

At this moment, the col has already been emptied. Haven’t any Starry Sky Tree cultivator exists, even if the Wang Family cultivator has returned to the land above.

When this silhouette appeared, it instantly attracted the attention of Domination Boundary and Wang Family continent, and countless eye lights gathered.

The person who appeared looked calm, looked up and saw Wang Family continent, dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes, then raised his hand, voided it, and spread directly to the entire col.

On the Wang Family continent, Wang Zheng is solemn, “Domain, Empty God Realm”.

Here is precisely Hen Xin, he is one of the four Half-Ancestors supporting the fourth base formation, and the first Half-Ancestor to come to Starry Sky Tree.

Xia Shenji’s eye light is cold, “Half-Ancestor is the first one to appear. I don’t know how many Half-Ancestors will appear in Fifth Continent.”

The voice fell, and the 2nd silhouette walked out. It was Jiu Yao, followed by Monster Emperor.

“Giant Beast in the starry sky?” Wang Fan was surprised.

Ancestor Wu was surprised, “It seems that Giant Beast Star Domain was conquered by this kid, which means that the entire Fifth Continent was conquered by him, amazing.”

Old Chen came out after the Monster Emperor.

Seeing Old Chen, Bai Wangyuan frowned. Why does this person always feel familiar? I seem to have seen the same, but I just want to do not raise.

“Four Half-Ancestors, Lu Xiaoxuan wants to compare other base formations,” Dragon Ancestor said.

Wang Fan said, “I wish he would take over the entire back battlefield.”

“Then he must have this ability,” Dragon Ancestor said.

Ancestor Wu said, “It’s not haven’t.”

Dragon Ancestor was surprised, “Senior, what did you say?”.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes, “Don’t you Old Senior Senior, as if I’m a little older than you, speaking of which you are older than us”.

Dragon Ancestor is embarrassed.

Xia Shenji calmed his face, remembering that he had seen countless collections of cultivators in Fifth Continent. Half-Ancestor alone surpassed ten people. Among them, several Half-Ancestors gave him a very unusual feeling. The number of cultivators in Fifth Continent is not impossible to take over the back battlefield.

They have this ability.

Domination Boundary was surprised. On the Wang Family continent, Wang Zheng and other Wang Family cultivators were also surprised. Although through the expeditionary force, they probably understood the strength of the Fifth Continent, especially knowing that quite a few of them came from the Heavenly Sect era, but suddenly The appearance of four Half-Ancestors is still surprising.

Be aware that, excluding the back battlefield, it is impossible for any of Four Way Balance to come up with four Half-Ancestors.

According to this calculation, Lu Xiaoxuan’s power sufficient surpasses Four Way Balance, of course, excluding Ancestral Realm.

“Bring Wang Shang here”, Wang Zheng ordered.

Wang Shang was taken back to the Starry Sky Tree with the expeditionary army, and Bai Wangyuan returned to the Wang Family.

Originally, Wang Shang thought that suffering was coming. Since Wang Si was killed, he has been in fear. However, after returning to the family, he was waiting for interrogation. His identity as an Unbounded killer was exposed.

At first, Wang Shang still wanted to quibble, but Xia Family destroyed the headquarters of Unbounded on the surface. The evidence was solid and could not tolerate Wang Shang’s quibble. Wang Shang is now imprisoned, worse than in Fifth Continent.

Heaven’s Sin Army came out after Old Chen. This Legion is nothing. It is mainly composed of White Night Clan and Giant Wall Spirit Dragon Family. It is not in the eyes of Wang Family. However, Lu’s Mysterious Army came out after Heaven’s Sin Army. Just let Wang Family take a high look.

There are more than 10,000 people on the Exploration Realm, and nearly 10,000 of them are the people who transformed the Exploration Realm built by the Great Yu Empire.

Since Lu Yin formed Lu’s Mysterious Army, the reformers have been being manufactured. Although Lu Yin stopped for a period of time for various reasons, Lu Yin continued to manufacture after his return, and combined with the Science and Technology Star Domain method order The manufacturing speed of the reformer is increased.

Now Lu’s Mysterious Army already has tens of thousands of Exploration Realm reformers, this number is not low, even Wang Family is surprised.

Together with Cruise Realm, Hunting Realm and Enlightenment Realm cultivator, it can be regarded as a visible force, at least sufficient to guard the base formation.

“Hey, what are they wearing?”, a Wang Family elder asked.

Wang Shang was brought in, his face was haggard, and he was much older.

Wang Zheng pointed down, “Do you know any cultivators like Abandoned Land?”.

Wang Shang looked towards below, thought for a while, clicked nods, “This is Lu’s Mysterious Army, the army formed by Lu Xiaoxuan himself, when we arrived in Abandoned Land, we faced the threat of Eternal Clan. This army has gone to war. They are not too strong in their own right, but they are quite equipped. If it weren’t for Lu Buzheng’s half-Ancestors, this army would have been taken away by the Three Absolute Heavenly Gate.”

In the 20 years since Lu Yin disappeared, there were some things he didn’t know. For example, Hen Xin had fought against Lu’s Mysterious Army’s idea, to be precise, had fought against those equipment ideas, and also fought against the fifth tower. idea.

Many things disappeared automatically after Lu Yin returned, and the people below hadn’t reported them all, so Lu Yin didn’t know that his Lu’s Mysterious Army was almost gone.

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