Star Odyssey Chapter 2343


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Wang Shang introduced the equipment of Lu’s Mysterious Army, and also introduced the Abstruse Formation weapon researched by Aurora Spaceship Corporations in recent years.

Lu Yin suppressed Wang Si’s expeditionary army only after he returned. Before he returned, the expeditionary army was the closest to the Three Absolute Heavenly Gate. Wang Shang also knew better about Aurora Spaceship Corporations’ research.

Listening to Wang Shang’s account, Wang Zheng’s face became more and more serious.

He is not stupid. Wang Shang casually said something that made him see extraordinary things, especially Abstruse Formation Technology let him see another way, a possibility that not only rely on himself, but also rely on everything to fight against Eternal Clan.

“Yuan you said is the mother soil, right”, Wang Zhengdao.

Wang Shang nods, “Abandoned Land doesn’t know the name of mother soil, but we know it but haven’t said it, and keep it hidden.”

Wang Zheng points nods, Abstruse Formation Technology? Even the Heavenly Sect Twelve Heavenly Gates Gate Lord is concerned about it. Lu Xiaoxuan will not hesitate to conduct research with many Half-Ancestors. Once this technology is really used, perhaps it can change something.

In fact, they have been neglecting the development of technology.

Ordinary people have difficulty in cultivating, so they develop technology to change their living environment and fight against bad weather and creatures. The cultivator wants to become stronger. Their minds have long been stubborn, one mind to cultivate, one mind to become Star Envoy and Half-Ancestor Even as an ancestor, in their eyes, the power of technology is too weak.

Wang Family continent has a pond civilization, and technology is also developed in it. However, once this power emerges, it will be cut off by him. Nothing else, because the development of technology is better than Star Envoy powerhouse, let alone Half-Ancestor is now, and even those civilizations who develop science and technology try their best to break through the bondage of pond civilization, they are just ordinary people without value when they come to this starry sky.

In his eyes, the development of technology is a waste of time.

However, Wang Shang’s account opened up new ideas for him. Abstruse Formation Technology is also a technology, a technology that relies on the combination of Origin Treasure Formation and the mother soil plus Combat Technique, a technology that can change reality. .

With the emergence of this technology, isn’t the cultivator equivalent to ordinary people?

Ordinary people have technology developed by ordinary people, while cultivator has technology developed by cultivator.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and Wang Zheng immediately wrote down these thoughts and prepared to hand them to his ancestors.

At this time, the last Giant Beast army appeared.

Whether it is Heaven’s Sin Army or Lu’s Mysterious Army, it is impossible to shock the Wang Family so much, Giant Beast Army did it.

There are millions of Giant Beasts, with different shapes and shocking voids. On top of them are Exploration Realm to Hunting Realm Giant Beast 5000, Enlightenment Realm Giant Beast 300, and finally 20 Star Envoy level Giant Beasts.

Giant Beast army appearance completely compensates for the defects of Fifth Continent’s cultivator haven’t high-end combat power that supports fourth base formation.

When the Giant Beast Army appeared, Wang Zheng knew that the fourth base formation was stable. Compared with the defense of the fourth base formation today, this force was several times stronger, or even more. Their appearance was bound to make the fourth base formation. The base formation becomes the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces that Eternal Clan is difficult to climb.

Domination Boundary Those Ancestral Realm powerhouses are all surprised by the cultivator in the col.

Mu Xie smiled rarely, “Junior Brother you did good”.

Ancestor Wu praised, “Guarding the fourth base formation, these forces are enough, that kid is not lazy”.

Bai Wangyuan and Xia Shenji looked at each other. They saw the cultivator gathered at the Fifth Continent. Compared with that power, it appears too small now, but it is enough to guard the fourth base formation.

Half-Ancestor and the army both appeared, and Lu Yin naturally came last.

Under the gaze of countless people, Lu Yin walked out of the Xinkong Corridor, raised his head, eye light across the Wang Family continent, looked towards Domination Boundary, with his hands on his back, with a faint smile, “I’m here”.

Domination Boundary, Xia Shenji subconsciously wants to take action.

Bai Wangyuan exhales, this kid, dare to come.

Ancestor Wu eye light lit up, “coming”.

Mu Xie scanned the surroundings. Now that the little Junior Brother is here, none of these people will leave Domination Boundary.

On the Wang Family continent, when I see Lu Yin, Wang Zheng’s eyes light up sharply, screams, “Lu Xiaoxuan, how dare you come to this starry sky?”.

Lu Yin looked towards Wang Family continent, “Wang Fan didn’t even speak, so what are you?”

Wang Zheng was furious and wanted to take action, but he knew that Lu Yin had reached an agreement with Four Way Balance. Before Half-Ancestor, Four Way Balance would never move him. This is also his confidence in coming here.

Nevertheless, he still didn’t expect Lu Yin to come. This is not a provocation, but a challenge. This child is challenging Four Way Balance.

“Strange, how come a Half-Ancestor is haven’t?” Jiu Yao asked, looking towards Wang Family continent.

Monster Emperor said, “The starry sky here is much worse than I thought.”

Hen Xin frowned, “This is the remote place from Fifth Continent?”.

Old Chen glanced at him, remote?

Lu Yin is funny, Starry Sky Tree can’t look down on Fifth Continent, saying that it’s Abandoned Land, but the Fifth Continent cultivator is here. In comparison, apart from Ancestral Realm, Starry Sky Tree under Ancestral Realm looks real Not much advantage over Fifth Continent.

Of course, it’s really better. Fifth Continent is definitely not as good as Starry Sky Tree. Who knows how many Half-Ancestors are hidden by Starry Sky Tree.

However, even if there is a lot of hiding, the remaining power will not be sufficient to pose a threat to the Fifth Continent under the premise that the battlefield on the back is dragged.

Lu Yin knows about Starry Sky Tree, but others don’t.

In their perception, the Fifth Continent army has arrived, and this starry sky should send an expert stare, but at this moment it is actually a haven’t expert.

Millions of Giant Beast Army plus Lu’s Mysterious Army and Heaven’s Sin Army became the first wave of Fifth Continent to guard the fourth base formation. After a while, he will let the little giant Legion replace Lu’s Mysterious Army, Then there is the Heavenly Army, the Giant Legion, the major coalition forces, etc. In Lu Yin’s eyes, the back battlefield is the place for training.

“Don’t underestimate this starry sky, you think that haven’t expert stare, look up at the continent”, Lu Yin said, he doesn’t want the fifth Continent to be arrogant and conceited, when the time comes know.

Monster Emperor, Jiu Yao and the others all raised their heads and couldn’t see much.

Lu Yin said, “There is a Mountain Sea directly above the continent.”

Hen Xin and the others’ faces changed.

“Yes, you know, the Mountain Sea in the Nine Mountains Eight Seas, if they want to disadvantage us, it is difficult to survive under the Mountain Sea”, Lu Yin said solemnly.

Old Chen eye light awe-inspiring, “That is the Wang Family continent?”.

Lu Yin nods, “Don’t underestimate this starry sky. They always call our Fifth Continent Abandoned Land. Today, I will show them how Abandoned Land maintains the fourth base formation. Let them see The so-called strength of Abandoned Land”.

After that, Lu Yin stepped out and walked out of the col. Then, all the fifth Continent cultivators walked out simultaneously, moved towards the back of the battlefield.

haven’t people restraining aura, Lu Yin is even more haven’t. Although he greeted Mu Xie Senior Brother, he also had to guard against Four Way Balance. Therefore, the prison scorpion also came and made his body smaller. Through the new empty corridor.

When Lu Yin walked out of the mountain col, the jail worm immediately recovered and issued a roar, shaking the top realm. Then, the huge roar sound spread to the Central Level Boundary and even to the Lower Boundary, and countless creatures were disturbed.

Hen Xin waited for Half-Ancestor to release breath simultaneously. Although the pressure of Half-Ancestor was as terrifying as Haven’t, the four Half-Ancestors and the simultaneous shouting of the cultivator at the back also produced another sufficient power. Seems to deter Starry Sky Tree.

Wang Zheng expressed dissatisfaction, and Lu Yin was demonstrating against Starry Sky Tree.

There is a considerable distance from the col directly below the Wang Family continent to the battlefield on the back. Lu Yin is not in a hurry for this distance. He said that he will take over the defense of the fourth base formation within ten days. Although it is the tenth day, it is still There are several hours, when the time comes, all the cultivators are on the back of the prison fire, and it will arrive in an instant.

Finally, there was an opportunity to demonstrate, he of course not let it go.

Not only is he going to the upper world, he will spread the news of his return to the entire Starry Sky Tree.

Just do what you want, the past few days he has been thinking about arrogant demonstrations at Fifth Continent. His return represents that Lu Family can walk safely in Starry Sky Tree. He wants to let those hidden Lu Family survivors Know that he Lu Xiaoxuan, is back.

Lu Yin patted the head of the prisoner, the prisoner’s eyes turned, as if a little confused.

Lu Yin took out the slippers, “Forgot what the past few days asked you to do?”.

The prisoner was scared when he saw the slippers. Fiercely blinked his eyes, and his eye light opened sharply. When I remembered, it baring fangs and brandishing claws, raised its head.

Domination Boundary, Wang Fan and the others frowned, what is this child going to do?

“Lu Xiaoxuan, the ten-day period is approaching. If you don’t take over the fourth base formation defense, what else do you want to do?” Bai Wangyuan’s voice came, with the oppression of Ancestral Realm.

Lu Yin sneered, “You will know later.”

Bai Wangyuan suddenly had a bad feeling.

next moment, the power of the prisoner Ancestral Realm suddenly broke out, distorting the void, causing layers of folds in the space, and the images they appeared were transmitted to the Central Level Boundary, Lower Boundary and Zhongpinghai through the folded void.

This scene is similar to the Long Qi disguised as Dragon Mountain celebrating Mu Xie’s acceptance of Lu Yin. At that moment, Dragon Mountain wanted the entire Starry Sky Tree to know that even Lu Yin and Heavenly Master Qiu Ling played against Stable Circumference Through the Starry Sky Tree, countless people saw the Origin Formation Master game for the first time.

Now, Lu Yin wants the entire Starry Sky Tree to know that he is back.

Bai Wangyuan’s expression changed, “Stop”. They wanted to take action to stop them, but they were blocked by Mu Xie, “Don’t forget the agreement.”

“Mu Xie, get out of the way, we just don’t let the prisoner do anything, and don’t plan to do anything to Lu Xiaoxuan”, Wang Fan screams.

Mu Xie’s delay, the distorted void image of the prison flock was instantly transmitted to the Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary.

Countless people looked up and saw Lu Yin standing on top of the jailfish, and saw a million cultivator behind him.

The original focus on Evoking Virtuous College has shifted directly.

Even Mu Shang who was breaking the Evoking Virtuous College Origin Treasure Formation was shocked. Is that, Lu Xiaoxuan?

Yu Hao’s identity was exposed, and he naturally knew that at that moment, he couldn’t believe it, didn’t expect that Yu Hao was Lu Xiaoxuan.

He and Lu Xiaoxuan are also old friends. Seeing again at this moment, it will turn out to be such a scene.

Lu Yin stands high in the nine heavens, stepping on the Ancestral Realm jail bird, waving an army of millions, and looking down at the entire Starry Sky Tree. This is what everyone sees.

To the entire Starry Sky Tree, Lu Yin said, “I am Lu Family, I am back.”

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