Star Odyssey Chapter 240


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The Fifth Continent is fully assembled, and the assembled cultivator will be transported to the entrance of Star Sea Fall via Half-Ancestor Inner World. If not, it will take a long time for the assembled cultivator to gather from all directions.

Outer Universe, Wendi Yushan walked out of Zhenyu Star, next to Liu Xie Fei Hua, they often stay in Zhenyu Star now instead of Heavenly Sect.

“You don’t have to participate in the war”, Fei Hua big sister said to Wendy Yushan.

Wendy Yushan looked towards Star Sea Fall, “Everyone has their own responsibilities, and I also have people I want to protect”.

Several boundaries, Hai Daishao and Hai Feng had no choice but to stop, looking back, “Seven seven, come out”.

Nothing happened.

Hai Feng raised his hand and flicked it casually. A wave of ripples spread and pushed the void away. Hai Qiqi showed his figure, “Big brother, why do you use so hard to hurt me”.

Hai Feng is serious, “Fifth Continent assembly is not a trifle, go back.”

Hai Qiqi rolled his eyes, “Come on, last time Lu Yin also let the assembly, everything is haven’t, you guys who assembled in the past also saw the Ancestral Realm battle, this time I won’t be fooled by him, I also want Go and see”.

Hai Daishao screams, “Naughty, how can life and death battle be a joke”.

Hai Feng eye light is stern, “Father led Lu’s Mysterious Army to the battlefield on the back of Starry Sky Tree to experience life and death. Before leaving, he told us to take good care of you. You are not allowed to follow and go back.”

“I don’t. Lu Yin is just playing around. I won’t have a war this time. I know him. If I don’t believe me, I will contact him.” Said Hai Qiqi opened his personal terminal, but contacted Ban Tian but did not contact him. .

Hai Daishao grabbed her in one hand and walked back.

There are many people who have the same idea as Hai Qiqi. Now the Sixth Continent and Giant Beast Star Domain are all managed by Heavenly Sect. Starry Sky Tree has reached an agreement. The two sides can communicate with each other and will not have war. In many people’s eyes , This assembly is more like a military training.

“Wasting time, it would be great to have this time to cultivate for us, maybe I can wait for a Star Envoy.” Outside Heavenly Sect, cultivators come one by one, moved towards the assembly place, they will be there Enter Half-Ancestor Inner World there and be taken away.

“Yes, Lu Dao child has the right not to be afraid of invalidation, and toss us in two days.” Someone answered, his tone was very helpless, not to slander Lu Yin, they really think so, haven’t people willing The assembly was disturbed and cultivated in two days, everyone has their own plan.

“Shut up”, there was a screams. Everyone looked at and saw a flustered and exasperated old man. It was Elder Tan from Fire Territory, who competed with Ku Wei to shoot flattery. Dare to say bad things about Dao child, Dao child cares about humans. If it weren’t for Dao child, this starry sky would have been enslaved by Eternal Clan. If it weren’t for Dao child, you would have been taken away by Starry Sky Tree as cannon fodder. And the Heavenly Sect you see in front of you?”.

“You wolf-hearted beasts, how long have you forgotten Dao child’s great grace to you? Dao child is the sky, the ruler, and the Guardian God for this starry sky. When it comes to Dao child, you should be respectful and pious Attitude, look at you, see what you are doing, one by one, requite kindness with enmity…”.

Many people stared at Elder Tan blankly. He pointed at a group of people and forcibly scolded the little one hour. Without a word of repetition, he slapped flattery frantically, and everyone who watched was dumbfounded.

This scene caused a great shock to Gui Hou. It didn’t expect to see it for a while, and Elder Tan’s combat power in this area has increased that many. No, you can’t let this old bastard see Brother Seven, otherwise it will be troublesome. Now, Ku Wei’s henchman can’t be compared.

It looks like Elder Tan’s eye light has become a rival.

Earth, a man and a woman enjoy food in an elegant restaurant. Outside the restaurant is a huge statue, precisely Lu Yin.

The man wiped his mouth and looked towards the opposite side with a gentle eye light, “Dinah, this is the 23rd day we traveled in the Outer Universe”.

“Yes, Outer Universe has too many beautiful scenery, we have to continue to travel, right, Ian”, Dinah said with a smile, smiling very beautifully, the one who was wearing a low-cut and navel-baring outfit, tight-fitting Leather pants, the wild flowers with black boots, now she has become a dignified and beautiful lady, and she has become so gentle.

Ian’s eyes flashed apologetic, “I’m sorry, maybe, we should stop now.”

Dinah was not surprised, “Are you going back to the Third Alliance?”.

Ian said seriously, “My holiday can be postponed. Now Dao child is gathering Fifth Continent, there must be war happen, and the Third Allied Force needs me.”

Dinah laughed, stretched out his hand, and clasped Ian’s fingers, “Go ahead, I support you”.

Ian used nods. He is already the third coalition Corps Head, and is no longer an assistant to the first coalition Liuying Zishan. He has a high status in the Heavenly Sect today.

The higher the status, the more he is grateful to Lu Yin, the opponent the earth met for the first time, and the kindness of understanding behind him, this person made his life Heaven and Earth turning upside down, no matter what he is now. , Will not forget this kindness, Sword Edge refers to death as home.

A cultivator is assembled one by one, like Outer Universe, Inner Universe, Cosmos Sea, New Universe.

Two days later, the Mountain Master arrived at the entrance of Star Sea Fall, raised his hand, a luminous sphere gleamed, and then a spaceship appeared, and a person walked out.

This sphere is Great World. Some Half-Ancestors use Inner World to bring people, and some Half-Ancestors can also choose to bring people to Great World, as long as they bring them.

Li Zimo stood in the starry sky, looked forward, and saw the entrance of Star Sea Fall. He was shocked. Is this the battlefield this time? That said, it’s time to go to war with Eternal Clan again, and it’s possible that humans take the initiative to initiate the war.

All the cultivators who arrived here thought about it, and their faces were gloomy and uncertain. Many people who originally thought this assembly and the last same were also panicked. Most of them participated in the war against Eternal Clan and knew the cruelty of war , Suddenly, the mentality changed one by one, and the news also passed to the Fifth Continent.

No one stopped them. It is better to know that the enemy is Eternal Clan. Although there will be many deserters, the mentality of those who come has adjusted, which is more beneficial to the war.

Not long after, Elder Gong arrived, and he also brought a large number of cultivators, densely packed, and more spaceships. Each spaceship has many cultivators.

The arrival of these cultivators will inevitably bring quarrels and disputes. The Mountain Master and Elder Gong looked at each other, don’t care about these, once the war started, they would have no time to argue.

“Li Zimo, you traitor”, a screams, from within the sword-shaped spaceship, this spaceship only belongs to Sword Sect, and a woman called Liu Ying who scolded Li Zimo is also Liu Shaoqiu’s cousin. , Her face flushed and she stared at Li Zimo angrily.

Under the starry sky, Li Zimo looked towards Sword Sect spaceship and stared at Liu Ying. Apologize flashed in his eyes, and he was silent and said nothing.

Liu Ying scolded angrily, “You are actually Lu”, and as soon as she said this, she was taken away by others.

Li Zimo’s identity has long been revealed. Lu Yin arranged for him to join Sword Sect. Li Zimo told Lu Yin many things about Sword Sect, and Lu Yin could predict the enemy’s first opportunity.

After the incident was exposed, Li Zimo’s life in Sword Sect was difficult. Although Lu Yin unify’s Fifth Continent, including Sword Sect, has acknowledged allegiance, so that Sword Sect dare not treat Li Zimo, but Li Zimo Can’t stay in Sword Sect, simply leave.

As for Liu Ying, everyone knows that she likes Li Zimo.

One by one Sword Sect disciple looked towards Li Zimo indifferently, they did not dare to curse this person clearly. After all, Lu Yin stood behind this person, but also would not accept him.

Li Zimo silently salutes the Sword Sect spaceship, not to Sword Sect, but to Elder Lian Xin, the entire Sword Sect, he owes Elder Lian Xin, his Master the most.

Suddenly heard a voice in my ear, “I haven’t blamed you. I had to kill the attack when facing Lu Yin. You saved me. Stay alive. This war is not simple.” This is Elder Lian Xin’s sound.

Li Zimo’s apology is deeper in his eyes, and once again salutes, without saying a word from beginning to end, turning and leaving.

Liu Qianjue looked at the back of his leave, and let this person leave Sword Sect. In fact, it was the loss of Sword Sect. This person’s understanding of sword dao is not under Shaoqiu, which is a pity.

One day later, the prisoner arrived and brought two incomparable gigantic Origin Treasures from the Language of Interpretation Great World. They were not removed from the Six Primordial Spirit Formation, but Xiu Ming Heavenly Master found Lu Yin. He heard that Lu Yin wanted to dismantle two Origin Treasures, so he almost did it in a hurry, and finally found two for Lu Yin.

The people who gathered here, including those Half-Ancestors, were shocked looking at it. Such a big Origin Treasure is quite rare.

Then another day passed, Five Fortune Stars arrived and was brought by Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

Seven incomparable gigantic Origin Treasures were handed over to Heavenly Master Gu Yan for arrangement. Lu Yin calculated the time, less than three days have passed since the leave Starry Sky Tree. Wait for two days at the latest will open the gap. Star Sea Fall take action, he doesn’t know how long Domination Boundary can last, maybe a few days, maybe a few years, no one is uncertain.

Heavenly Master Gu Yan arranges Origin Treasure Formation. Many of the Language Interpreters that come are stare, but how can it be understood if the Origin Formation Master does not reach the Origin Formation Master? Even the Origin Formation Master can only understand a little bit, this little bit of fur It doesn’t count.

Even if the Boundary Origin Formation Master can’t understand it, only by reaching the level of Origin Formation Heavenly Master can we understand something through the arrangement of Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

Xiu Ming Heavenly Master followed Lu Yin, stare Heavenly Master Gu Yan arranged, Archsaint Heavenly Master was also the same, and Lu Yin was the same.

“Dao child, someone asked to see and said that there was a very important report about this battle”, Second Night King arrived, respectfully.

Lu Yin stands in the starry sky with his hands behind his back, “Who?”.

“A Woman named Zi Jing”, Second Night King replied.

Lu Yin is surprised, Zi Jing? She is the founder of Stars Unite Network. She did the entire fifth Continent network connection. She was also the one who contacted Shui Chuanxiao. Shui Chuanxiao gave up half of the Endless Territory and forced humans to connect to the network. He had contact with this woman several times. , I have a good impression of her, and she has also helped herself. What can I do with myself now?

Related to this war?

“Let her come”, Lu Yin indifferently said.

Soon, Zi Jing arrived, Lu Yin turned around, “What’s the matter?”.

Zi Jing said with a smile, “Give Dao child some assistance.”

Lu Yin wondered, “What assistance?”.

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