Star Odyssey Chapter 2407


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After hearing Lu Yin’s words, the two were surprised, “Is there any other back battlefield in Starry Sky Tree?”.

“It’s not the Starry Sky Tree, but the parallel space. Eternal Clan’s endless Corpse King comes from precisely parallel space. They have a way to locate the parallel space and then cultivate the Corpse King from the parallel space. Creatures and existence exist in those parallel spaces. People, impossible let them act wilfully, so there is war. In other words,” Lu Yin expression solemnly, “Our space is only one of the battlefields compared to other spaces. Perhaps it is big, but not the only one. “.

Kui Luo knows, “No wonder, so you are sure that Eternal Clan haven’t excess power should deal with the Star Sea Fall battlefield. Unless they give up Undying God and pull out their power, we will have an absolute advantage in the Star Sea Fall battlefield.”

“Corpse God, Ancient God and Seven Heavenly Gods are in Domination Boundary to save Undying God, but since they are all gone, why don’t Witch Spirit God and Without White God go instead, just for balance? Surely impossible And we have known from the beginning to the end that Seven Heavenly Gods has Half-Ancestor shells, distributed in the Fifth Continent, Starry Sky Tree and even the Sixth Continent, but their Half-Ancestor shells are limited to these few places?”, Lu Yin smiled, “Their Half-Ancestor bodies are too many, distributed in parallel space”.

“According to this guess, opening the Star Sea Fall gap is risky, but it may not be possible, but what if the guess is wrong? What if this is the weak spot deliberately exposed by Eternal Clan? To trick us into opening Star Sea Fall Gap, and then gather Seven Heavenly Gods to enter the Fifth Continent in one fell swoop, what should this do? Even if this guess is correct, they can temporarily abandon the war in other parallel spaces and solve this side first. What should they do?”, Chief Elder Sister questioned.

Lu Yin opened his hand and smiled, “Then it’s over together”.

Chief Elder Sister blinked.

“Isn’t it? If Eternal Clan can temporarily abandon the war in other parallel spaces and want to solve this side first, they have already done this”, Lu Yin said.

Chief Elder Sister thinks about it too.

“Undying God is very important to them, otherwise they won’t come to five Seven Heavenly Gods, even the only True God will take action. Even so, they haven’t all appeared because they can’t appear, and I guess Domination Boundary The war will not be delayed for too long,” Lu Yin barely said.

He was so sure not because of speculation, but because he had already confirmed that he knew exactly that time he was integrated into the blue waiter within the body.

As one of the Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons, Lan Hou has a way to travel through parallel spaces and blend into him within the body. Not only did he see the person wearing thunderbolt and heavy wounds, but he also saw some memories, those memories contained too Many battlefields, slaughter, slaughter and bloody, but the environment is very unfamiliar. At first, Lu Yin did not understand. Later, he specifically found Elder Sister Luocha and verified the guess with Elder Sister Luocha through mutual verification.

In Lanhou’s memory, there is a battlefield precisely where Elder Sister Luocha once was, and many Corpse Kings transformed by Eternal Clan in New World come from parallel space battlefields.

Because of this, Lu Yin barely Eternal Clan can no longer take action on the Fifth Continent. They opened up too many battlefields. The current situation is already the limit they can do. Otherwise, rely on the power of Eternal Clan. , Starry Sky Tree impossible can hold it.

In these circumstances, Bai Wangyuan and the others know very well that Lu Yin also knows where the confidence of their exile Lu Family comes from, precisely from those parallel spaces.

If everything is guessed correctly, Lu Yin’s complexion is gloomy. Someone in those parallel spaces must have given Four Way Balance a guarantee to ensure that even if Lu Family is exile, Eternal Clan will not be able to break into Starry Sky Tree, otherwise Lu Family will still be there. Time can block Eternal Clan, Lu Family is not there, why can Starry Sky Tree block?

This starry sky lacks the Lu Family, and also lacks the Eternal Clan power that is stalemate with Lu Family, which means that the Eternal Clan power that is stalemate with Lu Family is dragged over in a parallel space.

Lu Family being exile is not that simple.

Lu Yin clenched his fists, and there are still problems. It is by no means as simple as what Four Way Balance did. It is also strange until now. Lu Family has a god, Nine Mountains Eight Seas, there is not There is only an Ancestral Realm, and there is a legend. Even so, it is still exile. How about Four Way Balance and Ancestral Weed? Why? Ancestral Weed can’t even kill Undying God.

The more I think about it, the more barely Lu Yin guesses.

At this moment, the Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated and he connected.

“Do as you say, we will maintain a balance with Eternal Clan’s combat power. They will go one, and we will go one too. We will ensure that they will not be allowed to enter the Fifth Continent,” Bai Wangyuan said.

Lu Yin is in a heavy mood, guessing is guessing, even if it is confirmed, but at this moment, he will still take risks. He is taking the entire Fifth Continent adventure, including Starry Sky Tree. However, this is currently the only one that has become passive. Proactive approach.

Everything goes well, either kill Undying God or regain Star Sea Fall. If it doesn’t go well, the result will be unpredictable.

Lu Yin got up, opened his arms, and suddenly issued a long whistle, which frightened the jail scorpion and Kui Luo. “People live in this world. It’s a bit of a risk, a bit of a profit. I’m Lu Yin. I’ve been alive and dead several times, just look at this day, I won’t accept me.” After speaking, he let out a wild laugh, and rode into the mountain col, and returned to the Fifth Continent.

In the col, a crowd of cultivators stared blankly.

Shortly after, a voice was introduced into Lower Boundary, Central Level Boundary and Top Upper Realm, “From this moment on, all Exploration Realm cultivators are forced to be recruited to go to the back battlefield. If there are those who do not follow, they will be betrayed. From now on Beginning, no private fights, no revenge, no trading with Star Crystal Essence, all supplies are sold to the back of the battlefield at a nearby point, from this moment on, the starry sky-prepare for war”.

The entire Starry Sky Tree is silent. Everyone looks in the direction of Mother Tree. This forced conscription war has only appeared twice in the history of war. The reason for the first time is already unclear, and the second time is that Lu Family was exile , Four Way Balance replaced Lu Family to rebuild the upper realm and accept the entire back battlefield. At that time, everyone in Starry Sky Tree was asked to prepare for the battle, ready to rush into the back battlefield to die.

At that time, too many too many people really died. Eternal Clan wanted to take advantage of the disappearance of Lu Family to capture the Starry Sky Tree. However, Four Way Balance had been prepared for a long time and saved the five major base formations on the back of the battlefield forcibly. Maintained until now.

Now, has the forced conscription war begun again?

The Starry Sky Tree is too big, and the inheritance has never been cut off. Whether it is Lower Boundary, Central Level Boundary or the top boundary, there are more or less hidden experts. With the start of mandatory recruitment, these experts are retreats. To escape from the world, you must go to the back battlefield.

This moment is when Starry Sky Tree truly shows its strength.

At the same time, after Lu Yin returned to the Fifth Continent, he also issued a mandatory call for the entire Fifth Continent. However, compared to Starry Sky Tree, the Fifth Continent cultivator is already used to it. They have been forced to call for several decades. Many times, I was numb.

But this time only a few people know that it’s no longer the same, because the goal of this mandatory call-up is Star Sea Fall, which is to make the Fifth Continent a counterattack against Eternal Clan.

Lu Yin haven’t returned to Heavenly Sect. At this moment, Woman of Fate and Lu Buzheng are waiting. In addition to Heavenly Sect, there are Chu Yuan and the others. They just recently learned that Lu Yin decided to open the entrance of Star Sea Fall. They had a decisive battle with Eternal Clan. They didn’t understand this decision. They had just sealed the entrance of Star Sea Fall because they had worked so hard before. They hadn’t even had a decent Ancestral Realm. Why dare to open the entrance? Explanation.

But instead of waiting for Lu Yin, he waited for Kui Luo.

“old fogey is here to explain to you, first of all, I’m thirsty, find some water…” Kui Luo began to talk, and Lu Yin didn’t have the time to deal with them at the moment. He went to New Universe and found Xiu Ming Heavenly Master.

Even with those previous speculations, he is impossible to take a complete risk if he really wants to open the entrance of Star Sea Fall. Starry Sky Tree cannot be counted on, and the only thing that can give him hope now is Origin Treasure Formation.

Since Starry Sky Tree has Infinite Power Origin Treasure Formation, will Fifth Continent also have such an Origin Treasure Formation? It does not need to reach the Infinite Power level, but it can be close.

In the Language of Interpretation Great World, Xiu Ming looked at Lu Yin weirdly, “Close to Infinite Power’s Origin Treasure Formation? Are you kidding me? Don’t talk about me, even the Origin Formation Heavenly Master of Ancestral Realm cultivation base is difficult. Arranged, there is only one human being born like Ancestor Hui, don’t think too much.”

This Lu Yin of course knows, “Just haven’t the Origin Treasure Formation useful for Ancestral Realm?”.

Xiu Ming said, “Why don’t you ask Shangsheng? He is also Origin Formation Heavenly Master or Half-Ancestor.”

Lu Yin said, “Along with the Language of Interpretation, Junior believes that Senior may surpass Archsaint Heavenly Master.”

Xiu Ming laughed, “You are right, but unfortunately, I can’t do what you do.”

Lu Yin was disappointed.

Xiu Ming said, “Why are cultivators forced to be recruited? The war is about to start again?”.

Lu Yin has not announced the opening of the Star Sea Fall gap, so only those Half-Ancestors know it, with Xiu Ming’s qualifications, but he has been staying in the Language of Interpretation Great World and has never gone out, so he doesn’t To understanding.

Lu Yin talked about the matter and saw Xiu Ming’s almost dull face.

“You are so cruel,” Xiu Ming said in shock, “Do you know, if you take a wrong step, the entire Fifth Continent will be buried with you?”.

Lu Yin helplessly, “If you don’t do this, Eternal Clan can not only save Undying God, but may even break the defense of Starry Sky Tree. When the time comes, mankind is only our fifth Continent. How can we hope?”.

“Only you are qualified to gamble. It’s done. Regain Star Sea Fall or kill a Seven Heavenly Gods. The name stays in the history and you lose.” Xiu Ming looked at Lu Yin, “Everyone is buried.”

Lu Yin said, “Even if I am buried, I will die first.”

“But others don’t want to die.” Xiu Ming is a little helpless, but he can’t stop Lu Yin.

Faced with this young man, he found that his time was not enough.

How long has it been since this person came into his eyes for the first time, whether it is a friend or an enemy, even a Master, when you think of this person, this person is already completely out of your imagination.

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