Star Odyssey Chapter 2410


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“Stop talking nonsense, when did you know these things? How much do you know about the Eternal Clan parallel space battlefield?”, Ancestor Wu was grumpy.

Wang Fan said, “We just know, but it is impossible to interfere, because we also haven’t the ability to go back and forth in parallel space, Xi Wei, you, as the Nine Mountains Eight Seas, should be aware of its impossible difficulty. It doesn’t matter, even if the Three Realms and Six Paths in the Heavenly Sect era are equally impossible, maybe First Ancestor can.

Xia Shenji said, “In our space, from ancient times to the present, few people have known about this matter, and those who are truly capable of traveling parallel to Eternal Clan same, perhaps only First Ancestor, we can’t influence others. The war in parallel space, tell you these without meaning.”

Lu Yin said, “How can there be a haven’t meaning. Although we don’t know the war situation in other parallel spaces, we don’t hinder the speculation through Eternal Clan’s reaction. For example, now, Seven Heavenly Gods came to four So, in other parallel space battlefields, their power is gone. After so long, they are eager to leave to deal with other battlefields. What is the difference between this situation and my opening the entrance of Star Sea Fall to share the pressure on the Starry Sky Tree battlefield? “.

“You are too timid, I said, when you play in New World, they have no time to avatar in other parallel space battlefields. This is the only chance we it’s possible to completely drive away Eternal Clan in this space. Wait to miss this opportunity , It will be difficult in the future, who can guarantee that you will have Seven Heavenly Gods alone in the future?”.

Xia Shenji screams, “Lu Xiaoxuan, can you bear the consequences? If this is Eternal Clan’s plan, lead us out. Without Infinite Power, one or two deaths of us will threaten the defense of this space.” .

“So you want to be coward forever? Keep this piece of land?” Lu Yin asked back.

Bai Wangyuan sighed, “Starry Sky Tree, billion absolutely creatures, who will bear it for them?”.

“Having this realization will not be enough to deal with Lu Family”, Mu Xie interrupted.

As soon as these words came out, Bai Wangyuan was speechless, and their selfishness was like this. They succeeded, but they were also defeated.

Lu Family disappeared, and the sky above them was gone, but they never thought that if they lost the sky, who would cover the starry sky for them, the starry sky was very dark.

Lu Yin looked up towards Domination Boundary, “It seems that you are impossible to kill to the New World, in that case”, he controlled the prisoner moved towards the back of the battlefield, “I will take the fourth base formation and kill out “.

This kind of thing hasn’t absolutely right and who is wrong. If Bai Wangyuan and Lu Yin same confirm this starry sky, Eternal Clan will only leave one Yi Ren, they must dare to kill out, it should be said they will kill out impatient , To achieve the achievement beyond Lu Family, but they are not sure, and even more impossible to believe in Lu Yin, because deep in their hearts, Lu Yin and Eternal Clan are both enemies.

Not sure about Eternal Clan’s dynamics. It is normal to adopt a conservative strategy. Lu Yin dares to kill because he is sure of Eternal Clan’s dynamics. Otherwise, rushing into the New World with him alone is tantamount to courting death.

“It seems that Lu Xiaoxuan really wants to kill New World”, Wang Fan said, “Is he so sure that Eternal Clan can’t take care of this side?”.

“Let him go as soon as he goes. He wants to prove Lu Family’s prestige by hitting New World, and he won’t go too far,” said Dragon Ancestor.

Xia Shenji’s eyes narrowed, “I hope he goes deep into New World.”

Several people are silent. In their perception, the power of Eternal Clan cannot be measured. Lu Yin will inevitably encounter powerhouse when he goes deep into New World, such as Ancestral Realm Corpse King, such as Seven Heavenly Gods, if Lu Yin dies in New World , The result could not be better for them.

They are impossible to prevent Lu Yin from killing New World.

At the moment when Lu Yin reached the fourth base formation on the back of the battlefield, Mu Xie’s voice came, “No matter what the result of your killing to New World, if the Fifth Continent cannot hold onto the fourth base formation, the previous agreement will be invalidated, and It is you unilaterally tearing up the agreement, Four Way Balance will not accommodate you for any reason, can you figure it out clearly?”.

Lu Yin’s face is solemn, “I know, Senior Brother, Lu Fengzi, I will invite Ancestor Wu stare over there. Now is not the time to turn his face, otherwise he may not be able to deal with New World. If you really encounter a strong enemy, you will have to trouble Senior Brother meets me”.

“Haven’t you sure?” Mu Xie asked rhetorically.

Lu Yin raised his head, “This is war”.

Although Seven Heavenly Gods leave this starry sky, it doesn’t mean they can’t come back, it’s just a matter of time.

As Lu Yin told Bai Wangyuan and the others, Seven Heavenly Gods were so anxious to leave, then their battle in the parallel space should be unfavorable. If they want to recover, it will not take too short a time, so it is speculated that even if they come, At least a month or more, but some things cannot be absolute.

Killing to New World is an adventure, an adventure that will not take risks under 90% of the guesswork, but this is war. Haven’t is absolutely safe.

Four Way Balance exile Lu Family, already deeply entrenched in Starry Sky Tree. If you want to move, you must take some risks, and some things must be done.

The five major base formations just recently experienced a deadly battle with Eternal Clan. Lu Yin came riding a jail bird. Behind him, the Will Ignition Platform has already been found by him, floating slowly, and the huge power shocked the back battlefield.

The five major base formations, everyone looked towards the prisoner, they can’t see Lu Yin, but they can see the huge body of the prisoner.

Lu Yin eye light swept across the fourth base formation, “Defense, because the enemy is strong and we are weak, offense is what I do best at Lu Yin. Just recently I experienced the war with Eternal Clan. I ask you, I’m afraid ?”.

The fourth base formation, Lu’s Mysterious Army, Heaven’s Sin Army, Giant Beast Army, a group of cultivators, and the starry Sky Giant Beast stared overhead.

“Not afraid,” someone shouted.

“Not afraid”.

“Not afraid”, more and more people yelled, more and more Giant Beast roar in the starry sky, they are afraid of the jail dragon, but now, the jail dragon is on their side, it is baring fangs and brandishing claws, it is tyrannical Incomparable, so what, will not take action on them.

Lu Yin eye light is cold, “You all came out of blood and fire. Whether we were enemies or friends, we now have common enemies, those monsters. I can tell you that they don’t belong to us. In the starry sky, they are Outsiders, they want to exterminate us, enslave us, until now, we are all weaker, but at this moment, they are defeated, they are beaten back by us, if you accompany me to play the base formation, kill to New World, you guys, are you afraid?”.

“Not afraid”, many cultivators without the slightest hesitation shouted.

Lu Yin stood on top of the prison flood’s head and pointed to the other four base formations, “They dare not, we dare, they say we are Abandoned Land, then let us Abandoned Land open the way for them, let them know what is Abandoned Land, we are the ancestral land.”




The other four base formations, countless cultivators turned green when they heard Lu Yin’s words, mad Yan roared, Xia Yan clenched his fists, Bai Chi eye light was gloomy, Wang Xun took a step forward and couldn’t help but want to curse. Sentence, they guarded the back battlefield for many years, when have they been afraid? Need someone to make a way for them? They all dream of entering the New World.

Old Chen smiled bitterly, Lu Yin said these words too to offend the person, but he didn’t care.

Lu Yin is not aimed at the four people who fought Eternal Clan to death on the base formation, but Four Way Balance. He is mocking Four Way Balance. If he takes this risk, he must gain less, no matter what Can’t solve Eternal Clan, at least in Starry Sky Tree, in Fifth Continent, his name Lu Yin must surpass everyone, become the beacon of the future of mankind, and become the rays of light that can counterattack Eternal Clan.

“Fifth Continent, kill”, Lu Yin roared, baring fangs and brandishing claws roar, rushed out of the fourth base formation, and slew towards New World.

Old Chen, Hen Xin, Jiu Yao, Monster Emperor simultaneously broke out, behind Lu’s Mysterious Army, Heaven’s Sin Army and Giant Beast army, a group of cultivator simultaneously broke out of the fourth base formation, in Half-Ancestor Inner World Going down to the New World, to the land where humans have not set foot in decades, sounded the clarion call to counterattack Eternal Clan.

This scene made the people of the other four base formations excited. They all dream of wanting to set foot on that piece of land. Once the Lu Family was still able to do it, as the Lu Family disappeared, they thought it would be impossible forever. They didn’t expect Lu Xiaoxuan appearance once again to ignite this road, they wanted to rush down, and wanted to fight in the New World and regain the land of mankind.

Xia Yan immediately asked Xia Shenji, Wang Xun, Bai Chi, and Kuang Yan, all were asking the ancestors to break out of the base formation.

Bai Wangyuan looked at this scene with a gloomy face. They underestimated the meaning of going to the New World. This is a new chapter, representing humanity’s possible counterattack. Whether Lu Xiaoxuan succeeds or is defeated, he wins In history, his name will shine.

Not only the back of the battlefield, the scene where Lu Yin led the fourth base formation to kill the New World also spread to the top of the Starry Sky Tree, Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary. This is the credit of Kui Luo. Lu Yin wants to be famous What I want is to make the surname Lu once again become a kind of faith.

Perhaps is useless in the short term. Even if it is famous, it is impossible to kill Four Way Balance, but it can pave the way for the future, just like the effect of the fifth tower on the fifth Continent.

Lu Yin can become a Dao child, and the fifth pagoda cannot. This is fame.

New World, there are cities and some people, but the same as Eternal Kingdom are being transformed.

The huge body of the prison firefly landed on New World, and Lu Yin was the first to see the boundless Corpse King, but Greed.

He frowned and watched the huge metal distortion beneath the base formation devour the Corpse King’s flesh and blood, causing the prisoner to grab it.

The greed of haven’t wisdom is only instinct. Even if you encounter the prisoner, you are not afraid. He wants to devour the prisoner’s flesh, but it is easily torn apart by the prisoner’s claws.

“Be careful, don’t mess around”, Lu Yin scolded.

The prison fire slammed into the city closest to the base formation, trampling many Corpse Kings to death in the city. The underground was lifted, and tens of thousands of people were being transformed, some of them seemed to have just arrived. Some people are already almost successfully transformed.

A Corpse King tore a void sneak attack Lu Yin, Lu Yin didn’t even look at it, he was smashed by the tail of the prison flood.

Corpse King has an advantage. It is not afraid of the breath of the prison scorpion. If it is a Giant Beast, it has long been creeping.