Star Odyssey Chapter 2410


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“Dao child thinks the Fifth Continent network connection can help the war?” Zi Jing asked.

Lu Yin nods, “Of course, the information is smooth, and the help to the war is inestimable.”

“What if this kind of network is applied to the battlefield?” Zi Jing said.

Lu Yin puzzled, “What do you mean?”.

“On the battlefield, the situation is unpredictable. No one knows where an attack will occur, and no one knows where the enemy is. It is difficult to immediately see through the enemy’s layout. If there is a network running through the entire battlefield, immediately analyze the enemy. The combat mode, location, layout, and resources have any impact on the war?” Zi Jing curled his mouth and said something that made Lu Yin thought impossible but heartwarming.

“What do you mean? Navigation on the battlefield?”, Lu Yin was a little unbelievable. Is there such a thing?

Zi Jing expression sighed, “I call it the war navigation system, but it’s useless. Dao child can have time to experiment and send two teams to fight within a certain range to see the usefulness of this war navigation system.”

Lu Yin looked deeply at Zi Jing, haven’t asked the principle, haven’t asked who invented it, he didn’t ask anything, let Second Night King find two hundred cultivators, the cultivation base is equivalent, 100 per team People play against each other and experiment in a spaceship. He depends on the actual use. If it is really useful, he will ask clearly, otherwise it will be a waste of time.

However, he knew that Dao Child Jing had come and said that he would provide assistance, so this system must be useful.

With anticipation, Lu Yin watched the battle between the two hundred cultivators ahead.

Fusit didn’t expect to respond to the call of Heavenly Sect and participate in the assembly. The First Stage battle that started was not the Eternal Clan monster that everyone was rumored to face, but comrades.

Looking at the hundreds of solemn comrades in front, are they really going to fight?

Unconsciously, he looked towards Lu Yin in the distance, showing respect. This person is the person he respects most. Although he doesn’t know this person, he has heard too many too many stories about him. I saw the glory of this person Supreme Competition. Strength of oneself suppressed his peers and invincible starry sky. From that moment on, he vowed that one day he would follow this person on the battlefield, even if this person never had an impression of him. Person has never looked at him, they are all comrades-in-arms, enough.

At this moment, the hundreds of cultivators on the opposite side suddenly become red, obviously red.

Fushi is shocked, what’s the matter? By the way, this is it.

At this moment, he wears a lens at the corner of his eye. It comes from the woman beside Lu Yin. She gave him and the others lenses. Just wear them.

In the lens, the hundred people on the opposite side have become red.

“Start”, with an order, the two teams rushed to each other and started the battle.

In everyone’s perception, the two teams should be evenly divided, because the strength of the two teams is similar, and there are too talented talents who will not be able to distinguish the winner or lose in a short time and consume each other.

But what happened after the war made everyone who saw it startled.

One pair is normal, rushing directly to the opposite team, but the other team is abnormal. Everyone seems to have foresight to avoid the opposite offensive. If you look closely, you will find that the first team attacked and hadn’t hit the first. In the second team who, on the contrary, the people of the second team avoided almost all the counterattacks after the offensive of the first team. In just an instant, the gap between the two sides widened, the first team was all injured, and the second team began to perform. Rehearse with both parties. Same.

Lu Yin is shocked. At this moment, he also wears a lens on his right eye. Hundreds of people in the first team are marked as red in the lens, while his teammates are blue. An arrow changes constantly according to the position of the first team. , Attack angle, action mode analyze for him, as long as you follow this arrow or launch an attack, you can not only avoid the enemy’s attack, but also counterattack.

At this moment, the deepest feeling is Fushi, of course, including those cultivators fighting with lenses.

They just follow the arrow marked by the same puppet, they can avoid even if they don’t take action, and they can come and go freely on the battlefield.

At the beginning, everyone joined forces, and the sufferer untold hardships blocked the entrance of Star Sea Fall by Boundary Mountain, and now it is about to open again.

Lu Yin is standing next to Boundary Mountain, everyone looked towards him. Even now, many people are unwilling to open Boundary Mountain. They would rather live a safe and worry-free life. People with short eye light even know that Starry Sky Tree faces Disaster, thinking about destroying the new empty corridor, Fifth Continent protects itself, rather than repulsing Eternal Clan.

As Lu Yin said to Bai Xian’er, what is the difference between Lu Family and them? Right here.

Lu Family will not struggle on whilst at death’s door, just to live longer. What Lu Family wants is to defeat Eternal Clan, and it wants human glory to continue.

Once Lu Family was there, he could enter New World and Eternal Clan, but now that Lu Family is absent, Lu Yin must also enter New World.

Eternal Clan is not invincible, otherwise how could they exist? They can exist, there is a way to defeat Eternal Clan.

Thinking about it, he looked towards Lu Buzheng.

The Origin Treasure Formation in Boundary Mountain has been activated, and the activated method is Three Suns Ancestor’s aura. Now, if you want to stop this Origin Treasure Formation, you also need to rely on Three Suns Ancestor’s aura.

Lu Buzheng looked solemn and pressed one hand on Boundary Mountain. The gears on the back of Boundary Mountain slowly stopped, and Boundary Mountain shook.

Lu Yin eye light opened sharply, “open”.

With a screams, Lu Buzheng pushes Boundary Mountain horizontally, and Half-Ancestor’s power reaches its limit.

With a bang, Fifth Continent exploded.

Everyone’s breathing stagnated and died stare Boundary Mountain. As Boundary Mountain was pushed away, they saw a pair of scarlet vertical eyes and felt the endless killing, war, coming.

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