Star Odyssey Chapter 2411


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On the back of Boundary Mountain, in Star Sea Fall, countless scarlet vertical-eyed stare Fifth Continent, especially the nearest Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s shell, opened his eyes and stared at Lu Yin. I was lost, human, unexpected Opened Boundary Mountain?

Star Sea Fall is followed by a horizontal black hole, which traverses Star Sea Fall and extends to the sixth Continent. Precisely this horizontal black hole pushes the sixth Continent to the land of eternal damnation.

The horizontal black hole also has a gap to the Fifth Continent. If it is not the third ancestor of the Sixth Continent, the Fifth Continent will be over.

The original gap was very small. It took a long time for the sixth Continent cultivator to migrate to the fifth Continent through this gap, but now, the gap has expanded a lot. Sufficient to let the coalition out. If a period of time passes, this gap will definitely Bigger.

Just thought of this, the prisoner roar and sharp claw came out, passing through the gaps of the horizontal black hole to shred countless Corpse Kings, and Lu Yin, riding on the prisoner, immediately landed on the Star Sea Fall, stare Corpse God Half-Ancestor body Just a palm.

At the beginning, the Corpse God body was blocking the outside, and it almost grabbed him by reaching out a hand. Now the Corpse God body is in Domination Boundary, which is just a Half-Ancestor body.

With a bang, the Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s body backs up a few steps, lifts the head, and the ferocious eye light stares at Lu Yin, facing the prisoner without fear, and Lu Yin’s palm hasn’t done anything to him. effect.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. If it weren’t for the current situation, he would want to fight with this Half-Ancestor body to explore the bottom of Corpse God, but now the war is already starting, and all Fifth Continent cultivators are watching He, what he needs is crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, what he needs is-invincible self-confidence.

“Kill”, Lu Yin’s eye light opened sharply. Behind him, Will Ignition Platform Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number pressed against Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s body with the naked eye cannot method. Corpse God’s arms spread out as if to do What, but Lu Yin impossible gave him a chance, invincible self-confidence in this brief moment, Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number completely descended on Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s body, constantly wiping out his power, and the prisoner sharp claw landed , Directly tore the Corpse God Half-Ancestor body.

Obviously it was just a Half-Ancestor body, and the Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number could not be erased for a while, forced Lu Yin to let the prisoner take action, this is Corpse God.

Seven Heavenly Gods, none of them are difficult to deal with, and he is more determined to destroy Undying God.

Behind, the countless cultivators of Fifth Continent only saw the opening of Boundary Mountain, Lu Yin destroyed a Half-Ancestor Corpse King, and then watched the jail scorpion come out, void collapsed along the way, and countless scarlet eyes disappeared.

Lu Buzheng shouted, “Fifth Continent, kill, mankind must defeat Eternal Clan.”

“Victory Eternal Clan”, the Mountain Master roared.

One by one Half-Ancestor roared, and the cultivator’s blood surged, thinking of the scenes before, and gradually red eyes, rushing to the Star Sea Fall, the war spaceship formed a torrent of steel, countless beams of light shining, they To get back the territory that belongs to humans.

Chu Yuan is standing in the spaceship, with a lens at the corner of his eye as well. He is a stake, and he wants to connect with himself as the center, the million li battlefield.

Apart from him, there are still many people who are stubs, sufficient to connect to the territory of nearly 10,000,000 li, but compared to Universe Starry Sky, 10,000,000 li is only a very small range. This is already the limit that Zi Jing can do. She Just made these.

The entire Fifth Continent is now in operation, stepping up the production of weapons, materials, etc., and transportation of resources.

This is the Fifth Continent’s war, not Heavenly Sect, nor is it personal.

Lu Yin carries the will of the entire Fifth Continent.

And around Boundary Mountain, seven huge Origin Treasures rotate. The Fifth Continent cultivator must follow the instructions of Heavenly Master Gu Yan to get in and out. The Corpse King on the other side of Star Sea Fall wants to enter the Fifth Continent through the Origin Treasure Formation. Impossible, even Ancestral Realm Corpse King, Heavenly Master Gu Yan are sure to deal with it.

Luck Road Formation, equivalent to alternative, freely accessible Boundary Mountain.

Star Sea Fall, the site of the original Sea King’s Heaven, is already the Eternal Kingdom at this moment, and Lu Yin has also been here.

The Eternal Kingdom City Lord’s name is Yang Yi, a Secret Ancestor disciple. When Boundary Mountain was pushed away, Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s body was destroyed, he stood up and looked at the entrance of Star Sea Fall, “Not good, are you crazy?” “, he stepped out and went to the ground.

Eternal Kingdom is covered with transformed Corpse Kings underground.

Yang Yi knelt directly after reaching the ground, “Master, the Fifth Continent opened Star Sea Fall and initiated the war.”

A pair of eyes opened from the ground and walked out slowly. He was one of the three former ancestors of Sixth Continent, Secret Ancestor Yi Ren, “Humans opened the entrance of Star Sea Fall without authorization?”.

Yang Yi raised his head and his pupils shrank sharply. At this moment, Yi Ren changed. One pupil was scarlet as blood, the other was a normal human pupil, and his body exuded the corruption of Corpse King. The whole person seemed to have been corroded. Looks hideous like a ghost, “Yes, I also ask Master take action.”

Yi Ren looked in the direction of Star Sea Fall, “Could it be that Xia Shang came out? Otherwise, how dare humans take action?”.

“You lead everyone to resist, and I will take action,” Yi Ren said.

Yang Yi quickly responded, his scalp numb and leave the ground.

His refuge in Eternal Clan was entirely Yi Ren’s order. He was adopted by Yi Ren and enjoyed the respect of the Sixth Continent. He also had to accompany Yi Ren in Eternal Clan.

When I came to this Eternal Clan, he was still a human, unchanged, and also enjoying a very high status. He was the Eternal Kingdom City Lord. He didn’t feel anything wrong.

However, just recently, when I saw Yi Ren’s appearance, he was scared. If I want to turn to Eternal Clan to become something inhuman and ghost, he would rather not rely on it, but now it’s too late to say anything.

Master said that he would always be a human being and would not become a monster. Why would he like this?

Under the ground, Yi Ren clenched his fists, and his eye light was ferocious. He saw the fear and fear in Yang Yi’s eyes, and knew what his discipline thought, but what could he do? If it hadn’t been for Xia Shang to smash his ancestor world with a single knife, if it wasn’t for his attack on Fifth Continent and then he was broken in half, he wouldn’t have become like this.

Want to restore the Ancestral Realm cultivation base, can only become this kind of monster, otherwise he is not as good as Xue Manzi, and hasn’t use value in Eternal Clan.

He wants to become the king of men and be reused by Eternal Clan, not a pawn.

“Xia Shang, Xia Shang”, Yi Ren muttered to himself, with monstrous murderous intention in his eyes.

Yang Yi began to mobilize the entire Eternal Kingdom. He mainly mobilized the East City. The West City was full of Corpse Kings, and he didn’t want to go.

“Yang City Lord, did the fifth Continent come in?” Fan Chen found Yang Yi and asked in a low voice, followed by Fanyu.

Fan Family betrayed mankind decades ago and took refuge in Eternal Clan, and even established the Eternal Kingdom in the chaotic country. Fan Chen served as the City Lord, but later Eternal Clan was beaten back and blocked in Boundary Mountain Besides, they also fled.

Bu Kong also came, and he also fled to Star Sea Fall.

In their perception, the Boundary Mountain of Star Sea Fall is impossible to open, unless Eternal Clan pushes it away, how can the Fifth Continent take the initiative to open it? Now he took the initiative to trigger a war.

Yang Yi’s face was solemn, “Yes, Fifth Continent took the initiative to open the Boundary Mountain, Corpse God Half-Ancestor’s body is already destroyed, everyone, the war is coming.”

Fan Chen panicked, “Fifth Continent dared to take the initiative to lead the battle, absolutely sure.” At this point, he looked towards Fanyu. Fanyu was more panicked than him. Their betrayal of mankind was not voluntary. Forced, to be precise, it was because of him that he had to betray mankind.

Fan Chen secretly imprisoned Jian Zhibei, the owner of Cloud Valley, in order for him to cultivate the sword technique. Later, he had to take action on the sword technique of Supreme Temple. I don’t know who exposed this matter and let Fan Family They have to betrayed as rats crossing the street.

If Eternal Clan wins, everything is easy to say. They are still aloof and remote, regardless of Cloud Valley, Supreme Temple, all suppression, but now Fifth Continent took the initiative to lead the battle, which makes them uneasy.

Bu Kong narrowed his eyes, looked towards the entrance of Star Sea Fall, “Where is the Master?”

Fan Chen and Fanyu’s eye light shook, yes, even though Star Sea Fall hasn’t been seated by Seven Heavenly Gods, isn’t there a Secret Ancestor?

Yang Yidao, “Master has his own plan, everyone is ready to meet the enemy.”

Dongcheng, Shuishen Taoist Temple, Si Xiao’er is sitting on the steps, with only a few people around.

Once, the Water God Dojo was very glorious in the East City, because Road Lord Si was Star Envoy, but as Road Lord Si died in Funeral Garden, the Water God Dojo dropped a thousand zhang in one fall, and even the Dojo shrank by more than half.

“Senior Sister, the City Lord is called, the war is coming, what shall we do?”.

“Yes, Senior Sister, Fifth Continent doesn’t think we really take refuge in Eternal Clan, we are also forced”.

“Senior Sister, think of a way.”

Si Xiao’er clenched the hilt of the sword and looked up, “We only need to know that we haven’t betrayed, sisters, live as much as possible.”

The boundless Corpse King in Star Sea Fall was torn apart and slaughtered by the jail flock. After the jail flock, there were countless war spaceships. The major coalition forces and the heavenly army were simultaneously dispatched to enter the Star Sea Fall.

The prisoner was extremely fast and disappeared in an instant. Lu Yin determined that there was a powerful enemy along the way and rushed to the depths of Star Sea Fall. He wanted to put pressure on Eternal Clan as much as possible.

Ahead is Sea King’s Heaven, a Star Envoy-level Corpse King rushed in, swept by the power of Ancestral Realm, crushed into pieces.

In the Eternal Kingdom, countless people feel the power of the prisoner, looking at the huge prisoner in the distance, Yang Yi’s hands and feet are cold, this Ancestral Realm power far exceeds the Master, how to resist, Eternal Clan? How about Seven Heavenly Gods?

Fan Chen, Fanyu, Bu Kong, Si Xiao’er, a person staring into the distance blankly, such a terrifying creature suddenly appeared, making them too late to react, impossible to move even a little bit, that’s Supreme’s Heavenly Might, many people are even paralyzed by fright.

Lu Yin stood on top of the prisoner’s head, looking in the direction of Sea King’s Heaven, the domain spread and enveloped the entire Eternal Kingdom, he noticed Bu Kong, Fan Chen and the others, these all are ants, what really made him care about was there, He felt the power of Ancestral Realm, “Yi Ren, get out”.

The huge sound swept the void, Star Sea Fall flooded the planet, Eternal Kingdom, countless people looked up, the expression dull.

Bu Kong eye light opened sharply, “Lu Yin, is Lu Yin”.

Si Xiao’er shocked, familiar voice.

Yang Yi eyes shrank, call Master directly, this person wants to trouble Master.

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