Star Odyssey Chapter 2412


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Under the Eternal Kingdom, Yi Ren looked at the prisoner in the distance, expressing cautiously, and the power of Ancestral Realm slowly spread to the entire Star Sea Fall.

He knows Lu Yin, a junior who fought with his discipline, and now rides on the head of that huge Ancestral Realm creature, how did he do it?

A Four Times Origin Tribulation cultivator can ride Ancestral Realm creatures. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who will not believe it.

But now the facts happen that Lu Yin is indeed riding on top of the prisoner to provoke him.

Yi Ren was shocked by the power of the Ancestral Realm of the prison jail, and he only felt the power of such a majestic Ancestral Realm in Seven Heavenly Gods, and some did not dare to go out.

The first time Xia Shang smashed the ancestral world disc, and the second time he was about to rush into the Fifth Continent, he was shattered half of his body by that person, giving him psychological trauma.

He took out the scarlet eyes to contact Seven Heavenly Gods, but he couldn’t get in touch. What’s the matter, what is Seven Heavenly Gods doing?

“Yi Ren, betray the human beings, get out of me”, Lu Yin once again screams, the jail bird approaches, the shadow covers the Eternal Kingdom, which is the former Sea King’s Heaven, and it is overwhelming.

Ancestral Realm, the limit of human cultivate, countless people want to reach Ancestral Realm but cannot get, countless people dare not even dream of realm, at this moment, Lu Yin blocked the house and cursed, watching Yang Yi and the others dull .

“Yi Ren, if you don’t get out again, you will lose the face of Ancestral Realm”, Lu Yin yells, the body surface, the War Spirit spreads in the palm of the hand, the side of the body floats on the Will Ignition Platform, what do you think not to be trifled with.

Bu Kong opens his mouth, is the gap so big? At first, he had obviously fought together, but now he dare to point his nose and curse his own Master?

Underground, Yi Ren is still contacting Seven Heavenly Gods. Of course, he is not afraid of Lu Yin, but he is afraid of the prison flood, Xia Shang hidden in Fifth Continent, and that person.

A junior stood at the door and cursed. The more he scolded, the more he panicked. There must be a problem.

Lu Yin stare Eternal Kingdom underground, this Secret Ancestor is too embarrassing, I dare not come out by being so scolded by myself? He is Ancestral Realm.

Secret Ancestor doesn’t appear, and he doesn’t want to go deep, just because there is something wrong, the scene is temporarily deadlocked.

Far away, at the entrance of Star Sea Fall, Hai Feng and Hai Daishao continue to fight with Corpse King. Behind them is Elder He. They want to rush to Sea King’s Heaven and get back their place.

Several decades, finally see hope.

“Little Feng, young and old, don’t worry, you can always recapture Sea King’s Heaven, don’t stay away from the old man”, Elder He anxiously said, seeing Hai Feng and Hai Daishao are gone, he also wants to rush to Sea King’s Heaven However, he is now a stake, with lenses in the corners of his eyes, connected to the cultivator of the million li range, and cannot walk.

Hai Daishao followed the arrow in the lens back and forth, in place, broken layer by layer. These attacks came from farther away, not attacking him, but just the aftermath. If the haven’t battlefield navigation system analyzes, he will endure these attacks. .

On the battlefield, enemies are attacking everywhere. Many people don’t know how to die, and they don’t know who killed themselves.

Now that the battlefield navigation system can provide early warning, many people can breathe a sigh of relief, just like watching the entire battle from a high position, and can analyze it instantly.

This system is shocked even by Star Envoy and even Half-Ancestor, although it is useless to them.

The battle between Star Envoy and Half-Ancestor is different from the ordinary cultivator. The system needs to be developed once again before it can be applied to them.

But already is pretty good. On the battlefield, both the spaceship and the cultivator have very low casualties.

Chu Yuan, Heluo Mebius, Tiankong Jialan and the others are shocked, mankind has been progressing, although the Heavenly Sect era is the real Peak of mankind, and all races have come, but also based on that era, and era does not mean that it is affirmed. It is worse than the Heavenly Sect era. Ancestor Chen, Ancestor Ku, and Ancestor Fu have also appeared here. Those shocking and stunning people have also invented the Abstruse Formation weapon and the battlefield navigation system. This is humanity, and progress is the eternal theme.

This kind of research and development will be shocking even in the age of Heavenly Sect.

Outside Star Sea Fall, inside Fifth Continent, Zi Jing stood on the spaceship and watched the war in Star Sea Fall. At this moment, humans’ response to Eternal Clan’s war has changed, becoming agile and alive. This is what The height that humans should reach.

“I gave you something, I hope you can really keep me, I hope I am right,” Zi Jing muttered to herself, although looking towards the direction of Star Sea Fall, in his eyes, it was haven’t this battlefield.

Outside Eternal Kingdom, Lu Yin was still cursing, and Blood Ancestor caught up. Hearing Lu Yin cursing Yi Ren, the expression was full, “Dao child, let me try.”

Lu Yin asked the Blood Ancestor to come to the back of the prison fire. “As Ancestral Realm, I am blocked at the door and dare not scold me, Senior, what is the virtue of Yi Ren?”.

The third ancestor of the Sixth Continent, the first to deal with was Martial Ancestor Jiu Xiang. Once the Sixth Continent invaded, Jiu Xiang directly took action, and finally was beaten back by Ancestor Fu’s power.

The second one is Blood Ancestor. During the Star Envoy Origin Tribulation, Blood Ancestor came and had a conversation with him.

As for Secret Ancestor Yi Ren, I haven’t had much contact from beginning to end. The reason is that Yi Ren betrayed human beings and haven’t had the opportunity to contact. This time is the closest between Lu Yin and Yi Ren, but He has no idea about Yi Ren.

Blood Ancestor stood on top of the prisoner’s head, looking towards Eternal Kingdom, “Yi Ren, I am here”.

Under the Eternal Kingdom, Yi Ren looked at the Blood Ancestor standing on the side of the body of Lu Yin with a low expression.

“Yi, is the common surname. I was once the master of the Sanskrit Territory. My Sixth Continent and Fifth Continent were in a decisive battle. The alien family was destroyed by Xia Shang. The huge family scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, Yi Ren, do you remember? “, Blood Ancestor said.

Yi Ren has an ugly face and a gloomy eye light.

“Although the alien family died, but haven’t been forgotten by my Sixth Continent. You ate Wanjiafan and cultivated Wanjiadao. That’s why I created all kinds of Secret Techniques, but I still remember you Where did the Jiejing that broke the three levels come from? But remember who gave you the Object of Origin.”

“Remember what you said? You are going to take the other family back to the Sanskrit Territory. You must repay the Sixth Continent, and you must repay those who helped you. Have you forgotten these ?”, Blood Ancestor screams.

Yi Ren looked up, “Xue Manzi, needless to say, the old man who should be repaying has already repaid”.

“Whose child is Bu Kong?”, Blood Ancestor screams.

Yi Ren is stuck.

In Eternal Kingdom, Bu Kong is also startled. Whose child? He is obviously an orphan.

“He is a member of the Heng family. The Heng family sent you Jiejing, but was extinguished sect when you retreated and broke the ancestor. The first thing you do after you break the ancestor is to help the Heng family take revenge and destroy the other party’s whole family. And you took Bu Kong as a discipline. In order to erase Bu Kong’s hatred, you even frozen him. You didn’t unblock him until decades ago and let him cultivate. For him, you worked hard, but you took him to betray mankind. , And Yang Yi, your Head Disciple, Object of Origin is from the Yang Family ancestor, Yang Family ancestor died in the hands of Xia Shang, but left the Object of Origin to you, you also betrayed with Yang Yi Humanity”.

“How can you be worthy of the Heng family, how can you be worthy of the Yang Family ancestor? How do you compare to Xia Shang, you are just a traitor?”, Blood Ancestor cursed.

“Shut up,” Yi Ren shouted angrily.

Blood Ancestor scolded, “Yang Yi and Bu Kong are both in the Eternal Kingdom. You tell them that their ancestors helped you and help you become an ancestor, but you took them to betray humans and make them monsters. How do you Explain to them?”.

Eternal Kingdom suddenly cracked, Yi Ren rushed out, and the disc swept toward the Blood Ancestor, “I will let you silence”.

Lu Yin pushed the Blood Ancestor away, the prisoner raised his head, and the sharp claw slapped against the disc. With a pong, the power of the Ancestral Realm on the surface of the prisoner’s body was suddenly weakened, and even the body shrank a little, as if it had fallen from the Ancestral Realm cultivation base.

“Be careful, he became an ancestor with the Great Reincarnation Technique. This disc is his ancestor world, called the reincarnation domain, and has the power to beat him back to childhood”, Blood Ancestor reminded.

The prisoner looked at his paw blankly, bleeding.

The disc was cut once again, and the void was torn apart, so that the void was cut out of the deep darkness, as if without the color. Lu Yin immediately summoned and slashed towards the disc with a serrated blade in his hand, and there was another sound On the impact, the evil red was cut into two stages, which Bai Sheng had never done before, not only because of the disc’s incomparable sharpness, but also because of the Great Reincarnation Technique.

Some powers are quite tricky before haven’t found a way to crack, but once they find a way to crack it is easy.

It just so happened that Lu Yin not only played against Great Reincarnation Technique once, and the confidence that Bu Kong was beaten by him was gone.

If you want to crack the Great Reincarnation Technique, you must either avoid it before hitting yourself, or erase this power. Once Lu Yin could hardly erase the Great Reincarnation Technique with Amplifying Universe Sutra, can only avoid, or he will defeat Bu Kong with other methods. Now , His Rune Word Principle Number can also use Ancestral Realm.

Looking at the disc slashing from behind, the prisoner’s body recovered. Its Ancestral Realm’s power far exceeds Yi Ren’s. How long the Great Reincarnation Technique hasn’t been effective on it.

However, the prisoner is not stupid, he was calculated by the disc once, and when he was injured, he did not intend to head-on.

Lu Yin escaped from the jail bird and let the jail bird attack Yi Ren, and he used the Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number to surround the disc layer by layer, even if it could not be broken, he had to contain it.

The disc is the most important method of Yi Ren. It is his ancestor world. Once contained, it will be difficult for him to fight against the prison fire. Especially when he was twice heavy wounds before, it is much worse than Bai Sheng.

However, Ancestral Realm is Ancestral Realm after all. Even if the prisoner can’t resist, it is not difficult to avoid the prisoner.

“old man, see how many of you can withstand the killing”, Yi Ren eye light is fierce, regardless of the disc, and rushes directly to the entrance of Star Sea Fall.

Lu Yin expression has changed a lot. Yi Ren wants to slaughter the Fifth Continent cultivator and force him to leave Star Sea Fall.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin no longer hides, and his feet are treading the Stars Chen, Yi Ren watched the stars rise below, and then-burst.

With a bang, Yi Ren was retreated by the power of Star Explosion, and there was a crack in the disc. He looked towards Lu Yin in shock.

“I didn’t intend to use the power of Ancestor Chen, but since you want to slaughter the cultivator, let me use the power of Ancestor Chen to send you off”, said, the stars rose from Star Sea Fall.

Star Sea Fall also belongs to the Human Star Domain. Naturally, there are Ancestor Chen stars. These exploded stars are inhabited by Wu Sheng creatures. It should be said that almost all stars in Star Sea Fall are inhabited by haven’t creatures, and they are all inhabited by Eternal. Clan moved to Eternal Kingdom or Continent.

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