Star Odyssey Chapter 2416


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Heaven and earth change color, Star Sea Fall vibrates, on the verge of collapse, endless thunderbolt is born from void, moved towards Corpse God strikes.

Thunderbolt’s rays of light illuminate the entire Star Sea Fall, illuminate the horizontal black hole, illuminate the Fifth Continent, and illuminate the face of Corpse God’s astonishment, “Leader?”, with a loud boom, huge The thunderbolt’s prestige acts as a reaction force and pushes the prisoner fiercely to the Fifth Continent.

Lu Buzheng subconsciously launched the Boundary Mountain Formation with Three Suns Ancestor’s aura, pushing Boundary Mountain to block the entrance of Star Sea Fall.

This process was not fast, but Corpse God failed to stop him. He was thunderbolt strikes. The shining rays of light pierced everyone’s eyes, making everyone unable to see the specific scene.

When Boundary Mountain completely blocked the entrance of Star Sea Fall, it blocked the rays of light of the thunderbolt. Everyone reacted and stared blankly at the prisoner. The prisoner was still rushing into the fifth Continent. It was really scared , Thunderbolt has roasted its ass. This Thunderbolt is so familiar and scary.

Lu Yin was lying on the back of the prison flood, panting heavily, his body was already paralyzed, unable to move even a little bit, the release of that thunderbolt made him suffer heavy wounds, he must heal his wounds, thinking about his body Gradually withered, let the prison scorpion take him everywhere in the Fifth Continent.

Domination Boundary, Forgotten Ruins God, Without Darkness God simultaneously looked towards New World direction, looked at each other, and sensed extraordinary power.

Ancient God is also aware of it.

Soon after, Corpse God returned, not only surprised the people of Ancient God, but also Bai Wangyuan.

After playing for so long, especially Corpse God not only wanted to destroy Infinite Power once. He was the one who entangled with them the most, but he never suffered any injuries. Now, there are several scars spreading across his body. Thunderbolt burned the same.

“What’s the matter?” Forgotten Ruins God was surprised.

Corpse God took out the huge scarlet vertical eye after himself. This scarlet vertical eye is about his height, but bigger than the Forgotten Ruins God, too many too many, but the appearance is already broken.

Ancient God frowned, “Does Lu Family?”.

Corpse God raised his eyes, “It’s broken, use everything.”

Without Darkness God helplessly, “This was our last step, but we didn’t expect it to be used by others. The location was still too close, so I was discovered. I have to keep it farther away. “.

“It doesn’t matter, there is one in this space, enough”, Ancient God said in a deep voice, “Use”.

Corpse God held the scarlet vertical eyes with both hands and raised them high.

Then, under the vigilant and puzzled eye light of Bai Wangyuan and the others, he threw it directly at the Starry Sky Tree.

Whether it is Bai Wangyuan or the ancestors of the outside world or Mu Xie, they have never seen such a thing. Seeing the huge scarlet eyes touch the tree world, they turn into red rays of light and melt. After the tree realm, a gap appeared in the tree realm.

“Not good”, Bai Wangyuan screams.

Ancient God, Forgotten Ruins God, Corpse God, Without Darkness God simultaneously take action, the dark red Divine Force follows the gaped tree boundary into the Starry Sky Tree, penetrates the top boundary, Central Level Boundary, and finally enters Lower Boundary, just hit Undying God.

Undying God’s broken body quickly connected. In front of him, Xia Ziheng’s Half-Ancestor was shocked and “run away”.

“The price paid is great.” Undying God raised his head, followed the crack between the top boundary and the Central Level Boundary, and saw the red glow melting the tree world, and the tree world was melted to a certain extent and began to repair itself Although red glow can melt some, it won’t last long.

Dragon Ancestor wanted to prevent Divine Force from coming, but Divine Force tore his arm apart.

Soon, Undying God recovered physically, Divine Force was full, and looked down towards Ancestral Weed, Ancestral Weed also looked up at him.

“Your master can’t come back. I will let you go this time. Before long, this space will be over.” Said, Undying God raised his hand and pushed away Ancestral Weed to wrap around his body, Ancestral Weed’s body The watch was continuously scorched and melted by the Divine Force, wailing, but was stunned that he didn’t want to shrink back. Above his head, the Divine Eagle came and grabbed the Undying God.

Undying God raised his eyes, “rolled”, said, his body disappeared, Divine Eagle’s paw fell through, Undying God appeared in the Central Level Boundary, suddenly looked towards one direction, things were there, suddenly, evil Relic came, surrounded by ancient characters Xie Relic turned and crashed into Undying God.

Mu Xie silhouette appeared, stepped on Xie Relic, and slapped Undying God with a palm, with silky gray between the palms, searching for the source of ancient times.

Undying God raised his eyebrows, “I want to deny that just recently happened, it turned out to be this Combat Technique, he still has the heart to accept disciples in this space”.

“Hurry up, there is no time to delay”, Ancient God’s voice came.

Undying God was unwilling to look towards the fallen Sword Monument in the distance, and his body disappeared.

Mu Xie didn’t hit him. Looking back, Undying God already crossed the tree world and reached the Domination Boundary. Once there, no one could stop him from leaving.

“I want to take away the Martial Tablet”, Undying God said helplessly after returning to Domination Boundary.

Forgotten Ruins God sneered, “sacrifice a God’s Eye for you, be content, think about how to explain to True God”.

“The time delay is too long, the parties are in a hurry, go”, Ancient God screams, the first to retreat.

Then, Forgotten Ruins God, Corpse God, Without Darkness God, Undying God simultaneously retreat, and then, the Corpse King on the back of the battlefield retreats, a war, coming and going fast.

Ancient God and the others retreat, Bai Wangyuan, they are impossible to stop, they can’t stop.

Mu Xie immediately contacted Lu Yin, he was worried that Lu Yin would go to Star Sea Fall again.

Lu Yin now wants to go but can’t go, the prisoner plunged into the Star River and almost choked him to death.

He doesn’t have the strength to teach with slippers now. Will Ignition Platform has been threw away. He can only let the jailer go crazy. This guy is not because of Corpse God, but because of the thunderbolt, its psychological shadow on thunderbolt. too big.

With a sound of pong, the prisoner didn’t know what he had hit, and his whole body was knocked over. Lu Yin was also thrown out and finally stopped.

He looked ahead. This was the bottom of the Star River. Due to the huge aura of the prison hawk, the surrounding creatures were scared away.

What is that? Lu Yin looked into the distance, a huge, metal box?

On the other side, the prisoner shook his head, got down and went to sleep.

Lu Yin walked over and looked at the huge box in front of him. He knocked on it. It was indeed a metal box. It was really big and big. No wonder even the jail worm would hit it, but it was too hard. Didn’t the prison jailbreak break? Hey, this is the sign of Guaizu.

Looking back, Lu Yin remembers Kui Luo saying that there was a strange ancestor in the Taoist Origin Sect era, who used rare materials to make all kinds of weapons that normal people can’t use. There is also a Tibetan Hyogo. This one.

Wireless Gu kept vibrating, he connected, it was Lu Buzheng.

“How is it going?” Lu Buzheng asked.

Lu Yin leaned against the metal box and replied, “How about Star Sea Fall?”.

“Boundary Mountain is already closed.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.” He recalled the previous scenes. He obviously only borrowed the talent of dice within five points. The power of thunderbolt is so big, it is a big exaggeration, and it beats the stupid jailer. Absolutely powerful terrifying.

Let Lu Buzheng arrange the next thing, while Lu Yin looked at the metal box. As for the Starry Sky Tree, he was unable to help. Corpse God came, and there was no Ancestral Realm in the Starry Sky Tree, not Four Way Balance. Abandoning the agreement, Mu Xie Senior Brother reminded himself that the few on behalf of Bai Wangyuan might even be impossible to remind him. If he went to Star Sea Fall rashly, he might not be so lucky, but the price paid by Eternal Clan would not be small.

He is already doing his best.

By the way, Lu Yin hurried over to check the scar on the prisoner’s head, and found that on the top of the prisoner’s head, the trace of thunderbolt burns already disappeared, and when he touched the already haven’t thunderbolt’s power, that power turned into a talent Borrowed by dice, will the prisoner recover?

Lu Yin looked at the jail flood, silently took out the slippers, and then punctured it with a needle.

The prisoner woke up, furious, baring fangs and brandishing claws. At a glance, he saw Lu Yin in front and the slippers in his hand. He blinked, his paws dropped and bent, indicating an acknowledge allegiance.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, this stupid thing hasn’t recovered yet, so good, if the prisoner recovers his wisdom, who can train it.

“Go on to sleep”, Lu Yin said casually. Because of his words, he felt a pain in his chest and vomited out a mouthful of blood. This was a serious injury given by Corpse God. Knowing that at that moment, even the War Spirit of the palm of his hand was broken.

Faced with the real take action of Seven Heavenly Gods, his methods were of little use.

Will Ignition Platform was also threw away, and I have to find it back. This is a trivial matter. It’s a pity that the corpse has scars, and in Starry Sky Tree, the only True God cracked the sword of First Ancestor. , I don’t know if it can be repaired.

The prisoner haven’t sleep, looking at Lu Yin curiously.

Lu Yin walked to the metal box and looked around, but couldn’t find the door.

looked towards the prison fire, pointed to the metal box and “turned over”.

The prisoner stretched out his paw and lifted it up, Lu Yin looked at it, there is a door, “just like this and turn it over”.

The prisoner used force and the metal box turned over.

This metal box was about the size of the head of a prison flood. When it was turned over, the Star River was overturned, and there was a shock. Those who collected the ore on the tidal flat were submerged, thinking that some powerful creature appeared.

Lu Yin pushed the door hard, but didn’t open it. Superimposed Strength, with a bang, the door was pushed open and walked in.

A metal box as big as a prisoner’s head can almost be regarded as a planet for Lu Yin, and it is only a relative prisoner’s.

Stepping into it, you see the mountain range spreading materialized high-temperature liquids. These high-temperature liquids already cannot be regarded as lava. Even if Lu Yin feels hot, as for the mountain range, it can withstand this high-temperature liquid naturally. Not an ordinary mountain range.

Because the metal box was overturned, the hot liquid inside was everywhere, even dripping from the top of my head.

Lu Yin walked inside, looking towards a direction, where a hook-like weapon, Chen Fu, floated in the hot liquid, and followed the beckoned and hooked weapon in front of him.

The hook feet are ten meters long, but the extension of the weapon is only the width of the palm. This is not suitable for human use at all, because the hook is too long, but it is not suitable for small giants, because the extension is too short, and the small giant grasps No help, there is a Weizu logo on it.

Lu Yin shook his head. It was indeed the style of the ancestor. This weapon is not suitable for anyone to use.