Star Odyssey Chapter 2417


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Lu Yin grabbed the hook and squeezed it hard. The material was quite tenacious. It almost froze him when he started it. He could feel the biting chill. I don’t know what material it was made of, but it’s a pity.

Continue to walk inside. Not long afterwards, he saw a long knife again. The corner of his eye was twitched. From a distance, it was a long knife, but when it came closer, it was also a long knife, but the blade and the back of the knife were intertwined. , There does not exist which side is the blade, which side is the back of the blade, and both sides are both the blade and the back of the blade. What’s more disgusting is that there is a barb at the hilt. I don’t know if this thing can hurt the enemy Lu Yin, but it definitely hurts himself. Guaizu, Guaizu, Guaizu indeed.

Lu Yin shook his head and continued walking.

He walked for nearly half of the entire metal box space. Through the Domain, haven’t a weapon can escape. The most weird weapon he has ever seen is a tail. No matter how you throw it, the tip of the tail will pierce the user. Go, the sharpest weapon I’ve ever seen is an arrow with twists and turns and hollows. Shooting with an arrow will never hit the target. Even if it is used as a melee weapon, it is useless. The arrow is extremely sharp and on the wrong side. The arrow is blunt, and it is sharp at the point where the arrow connects to the arrow body. Lu Yin thinks Ban Tian doesn’t know how to use it.

There are dozens of weapons floating behind him, large and small, and each weapon is made of very good materials. It is the material that even he cares about, but the strange ancestor made these shattered things.

Lu Yin believes that these materials are precious no matter what era. He is convinced that many materials are already extinct in this era, but they are so wasted by the ancestors. He feels distressed.

Fortunately, he has dice, which can be decomposed, and these materials will be perfectly reproduced.

Already came to the middle area, where the temperature was the highest. After a long time, he saw the huge sword hilt standing at the bottom of the mountain range. Looking at the hilt, it was similar in style to the Sword Sect saber, no difference, just It’s too big. Normal people can’t use it. Only the giant can use it. It’s bigger and bigger than Xia Chan’s residual knife in Divine Martial Heaven.

I don’t know why, Lu Yin is relieved. If the giant can use this sword, it’s not a waste. Although no giant can use a sword, they are all good at using their fists.

A stepped out, Lu Yin appeared on the hilt of the sword, looking down, he wanted to see how long this sword is.

At first glance, dumbfounded, is this okay?

The length of this sword hilt makes Lu Yin feel that only the giant can use it, but the sword body is short and hardly visible. He jumped down and appeared beside the sword body, staring blankly at the hilt Long and wide, but the blade is short terrifying, only one meter long, but almost as wide as the hilt. This style not only consumes materials, but also perfectly avoids the conditions that everyone can use.

Yes, no one can use it. The giant can afford the hilt, but not the body of the sword. Normal people can’t even hold the hilt.

And even if someone can pick up the hilt, the sword can laugh at the enemy as soon as it comes out.

Lu Yin’s eyelids jumped. He really wanted to know the strange ancestors, who and the others actually made this kind of disgusting weapon, but they used the most expensive and rarest materials.

No wonder even Taoist Origin Sect talked to him and asked him to melt these weapons. Lu Yin asked if he was himself, it would be disgusting to slap him to death.

Huh? There are words on the back of the sword.

Lu Yin saw that it was the characters from the Taoist Origin Sect era. He didn’t know him. He contacted Gui Hou via wireless gu and asked Gui Hou to take out the Cloud Communicating Stone and look at these characters face to face.

“I blame the ancestor, brother, no, not necessarily, sister, it’s possible, no matter who it is, is it angry to see these weapons left by Old Brother? Very angry? Don’t worry, listen to Old Brother Say something”.

“Old Brother can’t help it, it’s all forced. Who are you asking? Eternal Clan, don’t get me wrong, Old Brother didn’t betray humans, it’s not Red Back, but sometimes Destiny is so wonderful, Old Brother was rescued by Red Back. When he was a child, when he was very young, that Red Back frantically instilled the idea that Old Brother wanted to betray mankind. At that time, Old Brother was still young. Of course listen to him. Why do you think he values ​​Old Brother me so much? It’s Old Brother. I’m brimming over with talent, but look is the best man in the world. By the way, that Red Back is a female.”

“It’s hard to break the concept that was instilled since childhood, but who is Old Brother? He is a person who can definitely become an ancestor. How can he use common sense to guess that Old Brother has rebelled, not against humans, but against the woman, the Red Back, but it’s not that easy to betray. That woman has evidence that Old Brother has done something. As for what, you know.”

“No way. In the end, Old Brother reached a condition with her with a handsome appearance and excellent eloquence. The Old Brother should do something harmful to mankind throughout her life to repay her life-saving grace and keep it secret. The condition of the evidence, and she, let her fend for herself, don’t blame Old Brother for not exposing her, you can understand the feeling at that time by being on the spot, don’t stand and talk without backache, of course, Old Brother has always stare She didn’t let her do anything, hahahaha, in a word, to make these weapons that no one can use and waste human material resources is what Old Brother did for her to harm humanity, apart from this, Old Brother did not Have done anything to harm humanity”.

“Old Brother’s lifelong goal was to create strange soldiers and slaughter Eternal Clan. Until he died, he would blame the ancestor-Yun Yi and stay.”

There are a lot of characters left by the ancestors, and it took more than an hour for Gui Hou to slowly translate them.

Lu Yin is funny, didn’t expect like this, how to say it, just tell Guai Zu the same, no one can accuse him of anything, everyone wants to live, you can’t let others courting death, although he was a waste As an Ancestral Realm, not betraying human beings is the greatest contribution. By the way, looking at the Red Back is also equivalent to shoveling apart from a hazard. Now the ancestor and the woman are dead, everything goes with time Disappear, leaving only these weapons.

Anyone who has become an ancestor has a legendary experience from birth to death. Even the most low-key Ancestor Ku, people who know him will be deeply shocked. The strange ancestor is also the same. This person has no historical name. But what he did can also be called Legendary.

“Forget it, don’t blame you, don’t worry, I can disassemble these weapons. Not only did you not waste materials, but you saved them for me, Yun Yi? Thanks, Old Brother”, Lu Yin After saying that, Xin Xinran put away all the weapons, and then moved towards the distant place once again to look for it, and then sat down until all the weapons were collected. It was time to shake the dice, not only to heal the wounds, but also to disassemble these weapons.

Actually, the metal box and the mountain range inside are good things, but they may not be necessary to use them. Just leave a thought to prove that the ancestors have been in this world.

Everyone will leave traces in the world, but as time goes by, his traces will also disappear.

Lu Yin walked out of the metal box. He didn’t know how long his traces would remain in the long river of years. If humans were defeated in this starry sky, his existence would have disappeared!

With a melancholy mood, Lu Yin was about to shake dice, the wireless Gu vibrated, Mu Xie Senior Brother contacted him, and he hurriedly connected.

“The war is over”, Mu Xie Senior Brother sends a message.

Lu Yin silently waited for his next message.

“In the end, Undying God was not destroyed. He ran away…” Mu Xie told Lu Yin what happened, including the retreat of the Corpse King on the back battlefield.

Lu Yin replied, “The huge scarlet vertical eye that can melt the tree world is similar to the existence of the starry sky. Through it precisely, those Corpse Kings can come to this starry sky…”.

Mu Xie didn’t expect the final result is still related to Lu Yin, but even if haven’t Lu Yin cracked the scarlet vertical eye, Eternal Clan would do it when there was no way, they actually already gave up Star Sea Fall, let Lu Yin toss casually, but because Lu Yin attacked the huge scarlet vertical eye, Ancient God suppressed the Domination Boundary by strength of oneself and let Corpse God go down.

“No matter what, they won’t give up Undying God. Four Seven Heavenly Gods came, and the only True God took action, which caused the Mother Tree to crack and the price was too high”, Mu Xie replied.

The two ended contact, next moment, the wireless gu once again vibrated, this time it was Ancestor Wu.

“Are you sure you saw Lu Fengzi? Four Seven Heavenly Gods came. If Lu Fengzi really betrayed humans, it was Red Back, how could he not take action?” Ancestor Wu asked strangely.

From beginning to end, Lu Yin is not most concerned about Seven Heavenly Gods, but Lu Fengzi.

When he traveled through time and space, he saw Lu Fengzi and Ancient God meeting, and Lu Fengzi was involved in the exile Lu Family, and he had to suppress and kill him, as it should be by rights that Lu Fengzi was a Red Back.

On the premise of rescuing Undying God, Lu Fengzi will definitely take action, so Lu Yin greeted Ancestor Wu in advance, telling Ancestor Wu not to take action with all his strength, and try to stare Lu Fengzi.

This is also the reason why Ancestor Wu has no sense of existence from beginning to end. Otherwise, even if Ancestor Wu is such a Nine Mountains Eight Seas, even if he is not good at fighting, he shouldn’t even have a sense of existence and be dragged by an Ancestral Realm Corpse King , She should at least deal with one Seven Heavenly Gods.

Ancestor Wu was also very aggrieved, but Lu Yin was right. Once Lu Fengzi took action, the situation would completely change. She believed that she was the one with the most responsibility.

But now the Undying Gods have been rescued, and Seven Heavenly Gods played very hard during the period. Fengzi Lu has never been dispatched and cooperated with Infinite Power Formation to block Eternal Clan, which is strange.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I am sure that Lu Fengzi must be Red Back. He is connected with Ancient God. Perhaps it is a bigger plot. Senior, you can’t let your guard down,” Lu Yin reminded.

Ancestor Wu coldly snorted, “You won’t be nearly killed by Lu Fengzi sneak attack, so avenge your personal revenge.”

Lu Yin solemnly, “It is a matter of human safety. If Junior is false, he must not step into Ancestral Realm and die under Origin Tribulation”.

“It’s okay, I didn’t make you swear so hard, don’t worry, I will stare him”, finished the contact.

Lu Yin frowned. He would rather Lu Fengzi take action. With Ancestor Wu’s power, he should be sufficient to hold him. After all, it is the Nine Mountains Eight Seas, but Lu Fengzi did not take action, which made him uneasy.