Star Odyssey Chapter 2418


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In this case, Lu Fengzi didn’t take action, or he was really wrong. The person in contact with Ancient God was not Lu Fengzi. This Lu Fengzi just hated Lu Family and wanted to kill Lu Family’s people. Either Red Back, or the plot is bigger than the sky, so that Ancient God would rather give up Undying God than expose him.

The latter may make Lu Yin chill.

Thinking about Ban Tian, ​​Lu Yin decided to heal the injury first, and after he recovered, he found Four Way Balance and had a showdown with Lu Fengzi. He must pull out the nail.

The nail of Fifth Continent Without White God is already pulled out. Although I don’t know who the Without White God is, and the Eternal Life list is not found, the body of Without White God Half-Ancestor is gone, and she can’t make trouble. When the people around you will be able to find out after screening, the nail of Starry Sky Tree Lu Fengzi will also be pulled out.

a finger pointed, dice rotates slowly, six, Lu Yin is surprised, it is six.

His consciousness quickly appeared in that Dark Space, and there was a very bright light group around. The key was that this light group was extremely attractive to him, and he subconsciously knew that it had been in it before.

Such a bright light group should be of the Half-Ancestor level, the Half-Ancestor he has integrated into? Lan Hou, he has only blended into Half-Ancestor once, one of the precise Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons, Lan Hou, this time he actually met again.

Lu Yin rushed to the past, Lanhou’s value is too great, he not only needs to know what Eternal Clan’s plans are, but also through Lanhou’s memory, look at the parallel space.

The huge scarlet vertical eyes made Lu Yin very clear that Eternal Clan is not unique to this space, and their war is not only this space. Through the memory of Lanhou, he has seen other parallel space battlefields. Watch more.

With eyes opened, head down, densely packed scars on his body, from Kuang Yan, Lan Hou and Incomplete Heaven Season took action on the fifth base formation in the just recently war.

Kuang Yan is worthy of being a madman. He fights desperately, exchanges injuries with Lan Hou, and cooperates with Qiu Lao and Ru Ying, the two Half-Ancestors, making Lan Hou miserable, and Incomplete Heaven Season can’t get it Okay, of course, the three Half-Ancestors from Kuang Yan suffered more injuries.

And Lan Hou’s most serious injury was not from Kuang Yan, but from Hen Xin. Hen Xin’s War Spirit in the palm of his hand, combined with Empty God Realm Domain, not only suppressed the Twelve Seasons that attacked the fourth base formation, but also It is extremely difficult to deal with heavy wounds to him across a long distance.

Lu Yin saw the memory of Lan Hou and the take action of Hen Xin. Perhaps Hen Xin is not far from Pozu.

Lanhou’s memories kept pouring in, Lu Yin’s complexion changed, and Seven Heavenly Gods had all left. The moment they left the Domination Boundary, now, on the back of the battlefield, or in other words, this starry sky, Eternal Clan has only one left. Ancestral Realm is Yi Ren.

It can be said that since the appearance of Starry Sky Tree, Eternal Clan has not been so empty, there is only one Ancestral Realm left.

At that time, when Seven Heavenly Gods was walking, Lanhou was not far away. He saw it with his own eyes. He was walking in a hurry. When he saw it, it meant that Lu Yin saw it through his memory.

“Yi Ren, you stay”.

Yi Ren was shocked, “Ancient God, just leave me?”.

“Afraid?” Forgotten Ruins God said with disdain.

Without Darkness God indifferently said, “Don’t worry, since Lu Family disappeared, humans in this starry sky have never set foot on this land, let alone go deep, you just need to stay here to guard the Star Sect, there is no time to delay Now, go”.

“No one has the guts to fight, don’t take the initiative to court death, hehe”, Forgotten Ruins God sank into the huge scarlet vertical eyes.

Even those Ancestral Realm Corpse Kings have left.

Undying God said before leaving, “Lu Xiaoxuan has an ability to control others at close range. I heard that both of your disciplines are in his hands. Don’t be used.”

Yi Ren looked at the empty surroundings, apart from Twelve Seasons, an Ancestral Realm is haven’t.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Don’t worry, I will give you incense in the future.”

“Okay, Lu Xiaoxuan, what’s the matter? Eternal Clan’s wisdom is not under my human beings. It seems that the war is over, but it’s possible is their strategy. You can’t neglect”, Bai Wangyuan said.

Lu Yin’s face was full, and he passed the sound into the Domination Boundary instead of letting everyone hear it. Only a few Ancestral Realm could be heard, “I want to break into the New World.”

A few people from Bai Wangyuan startled, “What did you say?”.

“Enter the New World”, Lu Yin repeated.

Xia Shenji shook his head and sneered, “Lu Xiaoxuan, do you really think Eternal Clan has no brains? We all wonder if Eternal Clan will use the blank space of the war to make us negligent and fight back. You still want to walk right into a trap?”.

“Eternal Clan not only has our space, this battlefield, several people, if you don’t speak secretly, you must know”, Lu Yin said.

A few people from Bai Wangyuan haven’t interjected.

“If you don’t need to say anything, I’m sure Seven Heavenly Gods are not in this space. Now it’s a rare opportunity to not enter the New World to destroy the huge scarlet vertical eye, and wait for Eternal Clan to slow down on other battlefields. Good opportunity,” Lu Yin said.

“You underestimate them”.

“I haven’t underestimated it, it’s because you look at Eternal Clan too highly. Lu Family was still there. Eternal Clan had at least two Seven Heavenly Gods sitting in town, and they have been beaten into New World by Lu Family. If Eternal Clan really has It completely surpasses our Space Power, it can push Seven Heavenly Gods on it, no one is its opponent. These words were said when I decided to open the entrance of Star Sea Fall, Bai Wangyuan, you will not forget it.”

“Mother Tree cracks, there is a war, Infinite Power may go wrong”.

“So I want to solve Eternal Clan in this piece of Space Power once and for all.”

Wang Fan is strange, “Lu Xiaoxuan, you keep on saying this space, what do you know?”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “I know, no less than you”.

Bai Wangyuan looked at each other.

Ancestor Wu’s voice came, “You guys tell me what you know, ridiculous, even I don’t know what is going on?”, the voice changed, “and you, Lu Xiaozi, say, how do you respond? thing?”.

Lu Yin is strange, “Senior, why don’t you know about parallel space?”.

“Why do I must know?” Ancestor Wu asked back.

Lu Yin is puzzled. Ancestor Wu is Nine Mountains Eight Seas. How could he not know that Eternal Clan has battlefields in other parallel spaces? If she doesn’t know, does it mean that Nine Mountains Eight Seas didn’t even know? How did Bai Wangyuan know? Also, did those people in the Heavenly Sect era know?

Lu Yin was silent, waiting for Bai Wangyuan’s answer.

Bai Wangyuan’s voice came out, “There are countless parallel spaces in the universe, and someone can enter a certain parallel space by chance, even Hunting Realm, but if you want to come back, it’s impossible. Try one’s luck. The probability is one in a billion. It’s not there. Only Eternal Clan has the coordinates to locate all parallel spaces, and they conquer these parallel spaces. We are just one of them.”

“No matter how high the cultivation base is, if Haven’t has the ability to locate spatial coordinates, it will be impossible to travel between the same two spaces. Some parallel spaces live with the same people. This is something that no one can explain. Perhaps Only the creator of the universe can explain it.”