Star Odyssey Chapter 2421


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Lu Yin represents the Fifth Continent, and the ancestor of Four Way Balance represents the Starry Sky Tree, which means that in this brief moment, no matter whether it was once hostile or not, what its position is, facing the threat of Eternal Clan, mankind is completely united for the first time in the same place.

Lu Family used to be in charge of Fifth Continent, and faced the New World with Seven Heavenly Gods. They are both in Peak and it is difficult to distinguish between each other. Now, it seems that human beings are at a disadvantage, but Lu Yin has emerged and led the human Embarked on a counterattack against Eternal Clan.

Bai Wangyuan now regrets that haven’t killed immediately, and history is left behind. The two words Lu Yin will always be shining brightly.

Lu Yin now doesn’t want to leave a name in history. He doesn’t want to die. He just wants to find the huge scarlet vertical eye, which is broken.

The huge scarlet vertical eyes are in the deepest part of New World. New World is the land on the back of Mother Tree. Outside of New World is the starry sky, a starry sky that is completely unfamiliar to Lu Yin.

The huge vertical eye of the starry sky is at the intersection of the starry sky and New World, and at the speed of the prisoner, it can reach it very quickly.

There is only one Yi Ren left in the entire New World. Now Lu Yin cooperates with the Four Way Balance ancestor to kill simultaneously. As long as Yi Ren is not stupid, he will be impossible to stop him.

Lu Yin guess is good, right at the intersection of New World and the starry sky, in front of the huge scarlet eyes, Yi Ren is looking north, he can’t stop him, Seven Heavenly Gods clearly said that people in this starry sky are impossible to hit New World, they not only The battle came, and it was all dispatched. This kind of formation would be useless even if two Seven Heavenly Gods arrived, not to mention he was the only one now.

He saw the huge body of the prisoner approaching quickly, and knew it was Lu Yin.

“The more dazzling you are, the worse you will die in the end, Lu Yin, I am waiting for you to die.” Yi Ren said unwillingly, and turned and fell into the huge scarlet vertical eyes.

Before him, Twelve Seasons has already entered. The existence of Twelve Seasons is not comparable to ordinary Corpse Kings. They have their own ideas and are not completely afraid of death.

Lu Yin already saw it. He saw the huge scarlet vertical eyes and the dark starry sky farther away. Although the starry sky of Fifth Continent is less bright than the starry sky of Fifth Continent, it is the starry sky, a completely strange starry sky. .

Behind him, several people from Bai Wangyuan approached quickly. They knew what Lu Yin was going to do. They wanted to destroy the huge scarlet vertical eyes in front of Lu Yin. The glory of completely driving away Eternal Clan should not belong to the Lu Family. .

The prisoner is getting closer and Lu Yin has seen it.

Suddenly, the prisoner stopped, and it remembered that it was because of attacking this thing that attracted the monster before, and it was scared.

Because the jail fire stopped, Lu Yin almost threw away. He was extremely angry, “Stupid thing, go ahead.”

The prisoner was scared and looked all around for fear that Corpse God would appear.

Lu Yin looked towards the rear, he knew that Bai Wangyuan and the others were getting closer, anxious, took out the slippers, “flush me”.

At this time, the wireless Gu vibrated, and Lu Yin didn’t care. He lifted his slippers to draw the prison bird. He would definitely be surpassed by Bai Wangyuan at his speed. Only the prison bird could reach the huge scarlet vertical eye before them He had a chance to smash.

Wireless Gu kept vibrating, and Cloud Communicating Stone also vibrated. The prisoner was pumped a few times by Lu Yin, and the dill-dallying continued to move towards the huge scarlet vertical eyes.

Ahead, a silhouette appeared, an old man with a kind face, a Double Pupil scarlet, with a tea cup in his hand, looking towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin frowned, “Twelve Seasons?”.

One of the old man precisely Twelve Seasons. He has returned here since the end of the previous war. There was a chance to leave through the huge scarlet vertical eyes, but he hadn’t leave, “old man Western Mountain tea king, Lu Family son , The old man chased you down.

Lu Yin frowned. I don’t remember this person. After chasing him, he meant to be with Lu Xiaoxuan’s self, “courting death”. Said let the prisoner take action. He didn’t have time to delay with this old bastard, Bai Wangyuan and the others are about to chase, he must be the first to smash the huge scarlet vertical eyes.

“The turbid strategy”, the Western Mountain Tea King said three words.

Lu Yin’s actions stopped abruptly, and the stare old man died, “What did you say?”.

Western Mountain Tea King looked at Lu Yin, “The turbid plan is already launched, Fifth Continent is at stake, Lu Family’s son, now someone should contact you”.

Lu Yin took out the wireless gu. Since just recently, the wireless gu has been vibrating and has not stopped. He hurriedly connected.

“There was a major event. All Star Energy and Star Origin reversed, and all cultivators were seriously injured.” Lu Buzheng sent a message.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, his face changed drastically, and he looked up towards the Western Mountain Tea King.

At this time, within the body Star Origin Cyclone suddenly reversed, and the four Star Origin Cyclone all began to reverse their flow, and he hurriedly pressed down with Aura of Death.

He can be suppressed with Aura of Death, but what about the others?

A bright light flashed in Lu Yin’s mind, looked towards the Western Mountain Tea King, and made a deep voice, “It’s that drop of liquid.”

Western Mountain Tea King Road, “I don’t know, the mission of the old man is just to make a deal with you. I, Eternal Clan, stop the turbulent plan and let the Fifth Continent return to normal. Accordingly, you must not take action on Star Sect.”

“That huge scarlet vertical eye is Star Sect?” Lu Yin wondered.

Western Mountain Tea King Road, “Yes, this condition is beneficial to you, don’t forget, my Eternal Clan disappears, the most profitable is not you, but your mortal enemy, lost our restraint, plus the “cloudy” The tactics’ launch, how do you fight them?”.

In the rear, the oppression of Bai Wangyuan is already approaching.

Lu Yin’s heart sank, “Even if I promised, they won’t agree”.

“In short, Star Sect must not be destroyed. How to do it depends on you, Lu Family. You can reach an agreement with Four Way Balance once, and you can have a second time. This is a condition given to you by my Eternal Clan. Eternal Clan is very important to me, but in exchange for Star Sect is not destroyed, you should be fortunate, if it is not here, when the muddy plan is launched, the Fifth Continent will be completely destroyed, and the cultivated civilization of Fifth Continent will end. “, Western Mountain Tea King Road.

“Destroy Star Sect, we exit, you are over, people should be selfish”.

Lu Yin closed his eyes, he could feel the strength of Star Origin’s reversal within the body. This is the case for himself, and the rest will do so. Aura of Death has difficulty suppressing the reversal of Star Origin. Then, he looked towards Wireless Gu , Looked towards Cloud Communicating Stone, all shaking, and people kept contacting him.

No time to think about it, Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes, and the Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number enveloped the Western Mountain Tea King and weakened.

Western Mountain Tea King was shocked, “Lu Family, you.”

Lu Yin screams, “Chong”, the prison flock shoots out with a paw. The Western Mountain Tea King has the strong Half-Ancestor strength. If you try hard, perhaps you can match Qing Ping, that is, with the power of Half-Ancestor, Against the ordinary Ancestral Realm, Lu Yin may not be able to escape the attack of the jail scorpion under the premise of being in a hurry, but he didn’t expect Lu Yin to be so decisive and take action directly on him.

The Ancestral Realm Rune Word Principle Number is weakened, and the jail fire is attacked and killed. No Half-Ancestor can escape this set of attacks, even Qing Ping is no exception. After all, Half-Ancestor is Half-Ancestor.

The Western Mountain tea king was torn to pieces by the prison water sharp claw. Lu Yin didn’t have time to command his commander, nor did he want to command his commander. The prison water bird rushed towards the huge scarlet vertical eyes under the threat of Lu Yin. Lu Yin summon is evil, throw the slippers out, “shoot”.

In the distance, Bai Wangyuan, Xia Shenji, Wang Fan and Dragon Ancestor arrived together, watching Echi take the slippers off, and with a pong, his huge scarlet eyes cracked.

The crowd looked at the cracked scarlet vertical eyes, their expression shocked.

Yi Chi raised his slippers and took a photo of 2nd Strike, which completely smashed the huge scarlet vertical eyes into pieces.

The fragments fell slowly, reflecting the rays of light, with a dark red, making New World silent.

Countless Corpse Kings seemed to sense something and stopped moving.

“Eternal Clan, isn’t it invincible”, Lu Yin looked back at Bai Wangyuan and said a little, then connected to the Cloud Communicating Stone. On the other side of the Cloud Communicating Stone is Hen Xin, “Everyone within the body Both Star Energy and Star Origin are reversing, New World can’t stay anymore, there is a problem.”

Lu Yin answered silently, “Not New World, but Fifth Continent.”

Through the Cloud Communicating Stone, Lu Yin saw fifth Continent cultivator sit cross-legged ground, complexion pale, blood-colored dyed red, and obviously seriously injured. Even Hen Xin had blood in the corners of his mouth.

“Fifth Continent? What do you mean?” Hen Xin had a bad feeling.

Lu Yin turned off the Cloud Communicating Stone, and Eternal Clan’s turbid plan has been activated. Master, the turbid plan you are looking for has appeared. As you guessed it, it is Eternal Clan’s plan to deal with humans. Unfortunately, discipline It could not be stopped before it was launched, and it was impossible to notice it.

He will not agree to the Western Mountain Tea King to help Eternal Clan keep the huge scarlet vertical eyes, otherwise Four Way Balance will definitely turn his face.

This already is not just a problem of grievances, but a betrayal. Once betrayed, he is nailed to the Red Back label by Four Way Balance, and he is finished. When the time comes, even if Eternal Clan keeps his promise and gives up the dirty trick, Fifth Continent recovered, what would it be without his Fifth Continent?

This is not Lu Yin’s arrogance. Today, the Fifth Continent is the only one who can have a positive conversation with Four Way Balance. Once he has an accident, Starry Sky Tree’s attitude towards the Fifth Continent will definitely change. Big.

Because of the turbulent plan, he made himself sacrifice, Lu Yin asked himself impossible.

With Bai Wangyuan approaching infinitely, all he can do is destroy the huge scarlet vertical eyes. As for the turbidity, can only find a way.

If there is an accident in the Fifth Continent, any cultivator that has cultivated and absorbed power in the Fifth Continent will have an accident, including those in Starry Sky Tree who have entered the Fifth Continent.

The battle of New World, the Fifth Continent is over.

Lu Yin gave the Monster Emperor an order to return with the fourth base formation cultivator. If the turbidity is not solved, the Fifth Continent will be over.

Now, he looked down towards the ground and looked at the fragments of the ground. He remembered correctly, the huge scarlet vertical eyes of the precisely Star Sea Fall in the world of melting trees, so what’s the use of these fragments?

“What? How could you like this?” Wang Fan was shocked and looked towards Lu Yin.

Bai Wangyuan got the news one by one and looked at each other, all looked towards Lu Yin.

They already know about the Fifth Continent. They don’t understand what happened. Let the entire Fifth Continent cultivator, to be exact, the Fifth Continent cultivator, all Star Energy and Star Origin reversed. Never happened.