Star Odyssey Chapter 2529


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The girl named Xiaolian raised her eyes to look at Lu Yin, showing a shy smile, then looked towards Jiang Xiaodao and glared at him, “People are not like bad guys, big brother Xiaodao, you are not allowed to bully people”.

Jiang Xiaodao hurriedly said, “His name is Xuan Qi, he is a fanatical, what innate talent is higher than everyone else, even if it is more than a little breeze, it is actually better than your little road. Big brother, look, little road big Brother, teach him,” said, turning his head and staring at Lu Yin, “Come on Xuan Qi, let’s decide the winner.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Is it time to start?”.

Jiang Xiaodao is strange, “You know the missing Dao Academy well?”.

“Why do you ask?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Jiang Xiaodao is strange, “Do you know how many cards can be found in the lost Dao Academy, how precious are these cards? How many ordinary ones? What stars do you know?”.

“Don’t know”, Lu Yin replied, he really doesn’t know.

“Since you don’t know and even the witness hasn’t come, you dare to start, even if you get a good card, can you recognize it?” Jiang Xiaodao mocked.

Lu Yin was silent. He didn’t even intend to recognize it. As long as Jiang Xiaodao didn’t get the cards, he would win, or he would simply grab Jiang Xiaodao cards without knowing them.

The only trouble is to expose a little bit of the cultivation base.

The combat power he confirmed in Super Time was 270,000, and Jiang Xiaodao had a Star Envoy-level combat power. If he wanted to deal with him, he had to expose something. He just recently wondered what should be exposed.

As for the just and honorable victory over Jiang Xiaodao by looking for cards, he never thought that Jiang Xiaodao had lost Dao Academy for so long. Which cards are precious and which ones to look for are clearer than anyone else. How does he fight?

“I have already found a witness and will not bully you. I want to just and honorable to win you, and then to win Shao Qingfeng”, Jiang Xiaodao said.

Someone muttered in the distance, “Does winning Xuan Qi have anything to do with winning Shao Qingfeng?”.

Jiang Xiaodao turned his head angrily, “Who? Who dares to question this Dao?”.

“Xiaodao big brother, please pipe down. It’s so noisy.” Xiaolian rolled her eyes and stared at Xiajiang Xiaodao. Jiang Xiaodao’s face suddenly changed and she smiled, “Xiaolian younger sister, don’t be angry, I will be quiet. ,be quiet”.

Lu Yin rubbed his head, shameful to compare with this guy.

Two hours have passed, Lu Yin frowned, “The witness you invited hasn’t come yet?”.

Jiang Xiaodao stared at him, “What’s the hurry? I haven’t seen anyone in a hurry to lose, wait, it’s coming soon”.

Lu Yin glanced around and saw Shi Wuzhang, he came too.

Shi Wuzhang is looking at Lu Yin, his eye light is strange, this person is familiar.

Lu Yin took back the eye light, and now he is not suitable to recognize Shi Wuzhang. He never intended to recognize Shi Wuzhang. After all, after so long, who knows whether he will betray himself, even though he may not be able to betray him at his level Betrayed.

Half an hour passed, the onlookers couldn’t wait. Finally, a man arrived. He was not tall and thin. He was a little listless, and his complexion was a little pale. He was hurt by the same, “Sorry, let Everyone has been waiting”.

“It is Zhi Xiao, didn’t expect Senior Brother Jiang to invite him.”

“Isn’t Zhi Xiao supposed to be in the Samsara Dao courtyard? Why did you come here?”.

“Some rules are not valid for them. He should have come across Cliff Town. No wonder he waited so long.”

Lu Yin looked at the incoming person and stopped howling? This name is very similar to Zhibing, it should be the missing clansman.

Jiang Xiaodao rolled his eyes, “Why so long?”.

Zhi Xiao was helpless, “Do you think it is easy to cross Dao Academy?”.

“Okay, since I’m here, I’ll introduce that guy, lest I bully his newcomer” Jiang Xiaodao waved his hand.

Zhi Xiao looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin also looked at him.

“You are Xuan Qi? Recently famous in the Liufang Taoist Temple,” Zhi Xiao said, showing a pale smile.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Are you missing clansman?”.

Zhi Xiao said, “Lost clan, Zhi Xiao, I saw him for the first time, but I have long admired the name.”

“Okay, nonsense that many, my younger sister is still waiting to teach him,” Jiang Xiaodao urged.

In the distance, Xiao Lian snorted, once again staring at Jiang Xiaodao.

Zhi Xiao shook his head and said to Lu Yin, “The cards of my lost family are seasonal, ancient, ancient, and primordial cards from low to high. You should know through jade stone, and every type of card They are all divided into seven stars. One Star is the lowest and the seven stars is the highest. It represents the quality of the card. The method of identifying the stars is very simple. You can see on the card. It was left when the card was made. I don’t need you to know this. It belongs to me. Family method”.

“What you need to know is that there are 135 cards in the lost Dao Academy. Among them, there are 120 seasonal cards and only 15 ancient cards, ranging from One Star to Seven Stars. Card, I will confirm which card is better, don’t worry, although I know Jiang Xiao Dao Idol, I will never favor him.”

Jiang Xiaodao was unhappy, “I Jiang Xiaodao need someone to favor? Win him and play the same.”

Zhi Xiao looked at Lu Yin, “Is there any questions?”

Lu Yin said, “No, many thanks.”

Stop howling nods and stepped away, “Two people, you can start.”

Jiang Xiaodao looked towards Lu Yin with a triumphant smile, “Boy, remind you that the most important thing to find a card is to confirm the star mark. Of course, it’s not that simple to confirm. void It’s very difficult to confirm the star rating. Don’t think you can see it clearly. The entire six-party dojo can compare with me to find the card, only one or two, you? It’s over”, after speaking, the eye light opened sharply and looked up at void , The soft power spread, and Lu Yin felt the same power when he battled Mu Mu before.

He is looking for cards with his own power.

Everyone held their breath and watched this scene. The result of the test had already been determined. No matter how the extraordinary natural talent of Xuan Qi had won over Jiang Xiaodao, they mainly wanted to learn Jiang Xiaodao’s card-seeking method.

Everyone has a method of Exploration void. Although it’s possible to copy the whole school, it’s possible brings inspiration.

Lu Yin also started. He didn’t release Domain and Star Origin, but instead released the virtual God’s Force.

For him, both Star Origin and Virtual God’s Force are the same. The point is that his mastery of space is far from Jiang Xiaodao’s.

Ce Word Secret Technique .Chess Move Withdrawal allows him to continuously improve his understanding of space, and Backstep is in contact with time.

It’s hard to see the stars on the card? Lu Yin believes, it must be difficult, but it is for others.

He originally thought that looking for a card could not be better than Jiang Xiaodao, didn’t expect it was as simple as that, just count the stars, then, it really ended.

Soon, Jiang Xiaodao found a card and looked at it.

Zhi Xiao raised his eyebrows, “Yes, it’s an ancient card.”

Jiang Xiaodao threw it away and the card escaped into the void, “It’s just One Star, don’t”.

Zhi Xiao frowned, “Trouble you to respect the cards. If you learn from my lost clan civilization, you must respect my lost clan beliefs. These cards are my lost clan beliefs.”

Jiang Xiaodao curled his lips, “Okay, I’m sorry”, after saying that, he continued to search for cards.

And not long after, he found another one.

“Two-star ancient card”, stopped howling.

Jiang Xiaodao shook his head, still no, but haven’t threw it, but opened his hand, the card escaped into the void, and continued to search for the card.

Next, Jiang Xiaodao continued to find cards. There were ancient cards and sometimes cards, but they did not satisfy him. On the contrary, Lu Yin didn’t find a card, gradually, no one paid attention to him.

Mu Xinxin looked at Lu Yin, “This guy has a serious expression”.

“Pretend, it seems that you can see the same star on the card, even if you stop the whistle, you may not be able to see it, let alone him”, someone said next to him.

Mu Xinxin is right to think about it.

Soon after, Jiang Xiaodao cheered, “Ha, found it”, said, and drew the card from void.

Zhu Xiao looked at it, his eye light lit up, “Five Stars ancient card, pretty good”.

Everyone was in an uproar, “It is actually Five Stars ancient cards, fifteen ancient cards, three from One Star to Four Stars, and one from Five Stars to Seven Stars. The last time Senior Brother Jiang found Four Stars, didn’t expect to find the Five Stars ancient card directly this time.”

“Senior Brother Jiang was a blessing in disguise. His Four Stars card burned during the duel with Mu Mu. Didn’t expect to get the Five Stars card.”

Jiang Xiaodao proudly, the Five Stars ancient card, the entire lost Dao Academy has only one, and the only ones that can surpass him are the six-star ancient card and the seven-star ancient card, but those two ancient cards are more difficult to find. He almost blinded his eyes. Only after I found a Five Stars ancient card, already reached its limit, I couldn’t help looking towards Lu Yin, “Haven’t found the card yet?”.

Zhi Xiao came to Jiang Xiaodao’s side, looked at the card in his hand, and exclaimed, “It’s pretty good, better than your previous one, if this card is used for the match against Mu Mu”.

Jiang Xiaodao thought he would say he would not be burned.

“Can last longer”, Zhi Xiao said.

Jiang Xiaodao rolled his eyes, “Meaning that he will be burned again?”.

Zhishou said, “Of course, Mu Mu’s strength is not low, and he uses Golden Crow, which is cultivated by the innate talent of Mu Mu. He wants to use cards to support him. With your card layout ability at least seven stars, if you have You can use the ability of the ancient card, or close to this ability, the One Star ancient card is also sufficient to deal with Mu Mu”.

Jiang Xiaodao speechless, “With that kind of strength, still use a card? Just one finger pinched her to death.”

Zhuxiao said, “Yes, your strength is sufficient to use ancient cards, but you can’t use them. If you want to achieve the ability to use ancient cards, let’s cultivate for thousands of years.”

“Not necessarily, a white energy source is enough”, Jiang Xiaodao’s eye light is bright.

Stop howling nods, “This is also a way.”

while speaking, Lu Yin still didn’t find the card.

Jiang Xiaodao was dissatisfied, “Forgot to say, if this guy keeps looking for cards, is it possible that we keep waiting?”.

Zhi Xiao also said, “Who let you have no time limit”.

Jiang Xiaodao wanted to urge him, but he was stopped by Zhixiao, so he couldn’t disturb others looking for cards.

Before the test, Lu Yin planned to let Jiang Xiaodao not be able to get the card, but since he knew that he could identify the card by looking at the stars, he didn’t do that. He had to work hard to explain the problem of strength. Just and honourable can win.

However, these cards are missing Dao Academy and flying around. He stays in place. He doesn’t want to find the Seven-Star Card so quickly. He has to wait until the cards happen to fly over.