Star Odyssey Chapter 2530


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The onlookers are gradually becoming impatient. Whoever has time to spend here, many people are not sure to get started within a year. Time is very precious.

Someone has already left, and the result is destined, no matter how high the innate talent of Xuan Qi is, can he still find the six-star ancient card? It’s pretty good to be able to find ancient cards already.

“Waste of time”.

“No, it was a delay. This Xuan Qi was praised to heaven in Dao Academy, and was praised by Senior in the third grassland. I didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth for a long time. Knowing that he would lose, he just dragged it so that we couldn’t wait for him to go, so he could step down.”

“Yeah, how did I didn’t expect, this guy is so insidious. Stay, you must stay to see the end”.

“Yes, let him delay, see how long he can delay”.

“Brothers are consuming with you”.

Jiang Xiaodao heard the discussion around him, and he seemed to have figured out the same, and sneered, “Master Dao, I will not remind you. See how long you can delay, this kid definitely wants Master Dao to remind him, and finally blame Dao Master me Excuse him to find the card, let the test be invalidated, bah, insidious”.

Zhi Xiao is surprised, is it like this? Makes sense.

The people who left before are here again, and they all think that Lu Yin is deliberately delaying time, and they are still consuming it, depending on how long it can delay.

Farther away, Stopping said, “This match is a blow to him.”

Xu Xiangyin said, “Xiaoxiao’s blow is nothing but the Little Brat’s words are right. The old man praised him to the sky in Dao Academy, especially when he led the village down to create miracles, he was already blindly arrogant. This blow just made him sober.”

“Are you not afraid of his confidence being frustrated?”.

“hmph, how can you take on the heavy responsibility of human beings against Eternal Clan? How can you go on the battlefield? Innate talent is one aspect, and sometimes temperament is more important.”

Zhibing looked at, “I always think he doesn’t seem to be delaying time.”

Xu Xiangyin frowned, he felt the same way, “Xu God’s Force is released, this Little Brat wants to rely on God’s Force to find cards, apart from Xu Ji and Xuyue, he is the third to do this, it is a pity that Xu Jihe Xuyue and haven’t got any good cards”.

“A card is not good or bad, it is about people. I still make you bad luck, believing or not?” with the take action of the seasonal card, Zhibing is dissatisfied.

Xu Xiangyin rolled his eyes, “It’s alright, haven’t mean to insult the card”.


On the other side, Lu Yin suddenly took action, jumped up, drew a card from void, and landed slowly.

Jiang Xiaodao’s eyes widened, his very handsome posture is hateful. I had known that Lord Dao also used this posture to draw cards. This is so handsome. Thinking about it, he glanced at Xiaolian subconsciously, and Xiaolian looked at him with brilliant eyes. With Lu Yin, make him jealous.

“Stop howl, hurry up, look at what card the kid has taken, how handsome he is, and if he is used as a fart, men still have to look inside”, Jiang Xiaodao mocked.

Lu Yin surprised, handsome? Apart from disguised as Yuhao, he was praised this way for the first time, “thank you”.

Jiang Xiaodao gritted his teeth, “I didn’t praise you.”

Zhi Xiao looked at the card in Lu Yin’s hand, his eye light shone, and he hurriedly reached out to take it and watched it repeatedly.

Jiang Xiaodao was impatient, “Stop the whistle and announce the result quickly.”

The people around him breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it didn’t take too long. I thought this Xuan Qi would shamelessly delay for a few days.

Zhi Xiao looked up towards Lu Yin, his eye light was deep, and the pale face on his face became a little deeper, “How did you find it?”.

Lu Yin said casually, “Luck”.

Zhi Xiao frowned, “You are insulting my wisdom”.

“What’s the matter, stop howling, and announce the result soon.” Jiang Xiaodao was anxious. He found that Xiao Lian was seeing the kid’s eye light getting brighter and brighter. No, I must stare in the future.

Zhi Xiao looked towards Jiang Xiaodao, “You lost in this competition.”

Jiang Xiaodao was proud, “Look, I said he lost, arrogant and conceited, ignore, Xiaolian younger sister, look, Xiaodao big brother teaches the madman”, suddenly, he paused and looked back. towards Zhi Xiao, blinked, “What did you say? Who lost?”.

Zhi Xiao raised the card that Lu Yin found, “Tibetan Mountain”.

Jiang Xiaodao eyes shrank, “Tibetan Mountain?”.

Many people around were shocked, “Tibetan Mountain? A card with a name, that’s a seven-star card.”

“Impossible, how could the newcomer find the Seven-Star Card? The reason why Senior Brother Jiang stayed at the Lost Dao Academy was to find the Seven-Star Card. How long did that guy come and how could he find it?”.

“Absolutely not”.

Jiang Xiaodao rushed to Zhi Xiao, grabbed the card, looked at it carefully, looked up for a while, couldn’t believe stare Lu Yin, “How did you find it?”.

Lu Yin shrugged, “Say, luck.”

“Are you an idiot, can you find the Seven Star Card by luck?” Jiang Xiaodao shouted.

He could leave and lose Dao Academy long ago, but it was for this seven-star card to stay.

No matter the level of the lost family card, only the seven stars can be named. This ancient seven-star card is called Zangshan, which is his motivation to stay here.

He knows how rare the Seven-Star card is. Even the father asked him to find the Seven-Star card as much as possible. For this card, he survived the virtual season, the Heshu, and the Shao Qingfeng. Now it is by got this companion pitted.

“My father sent you to play tricks on me,” Jiang Xiaodao cried strangely.

In the distance, stop soldiers expression grave, stepped out, appeared beside Lu Yin and the others, snatched the card from Jiang Xiaodao, looked towards Lu Yin, looked at him, “you”, he also wanted to ask how Yes, but two people have already asked about it.

Xu Xiangyin also appeared, staring at Lu Yin in awe.

Lu Yin hurriedly saluted, “Junior pays respects to two seniors.”

What Zhibing wanted to say, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Patted Lu Yin’s shoulder, “innate talent genius”, after speaking, put the card in his hand and left.

Xu Xiangyin also wanted to say something, and suddenly thought of something, expression changed, and disappeared immediately, leaving no words.

People around me stared at this scene blankly, and the Seven-Star Card appeared. Today, the outcome has been divided.

“Xuan Qi, your innate talent is number one in the foreign civilization”, Shi Xiao exclaimed.

Xiaolian came, curiously looking at the card in Lu Yin’s hand, Jujudo, “Can I see it?”.

Lu Yin smiled and passed it over.

Xiao Lian took it and was surprised, “This is the Seven-Star Tibetan Mountain Card. I heard its legend on the first day after entering the Lost Dao Academy. It looks amazing. I heard that there is a method of Tibetan Mountain, isn’t it? Really?”.

Lu Yin is surprised, it comes inside?

Zhishou said, “Yes, the seven-star card has its own unique power. Once the enemy is brought in, this Tibetan mountain card can be suppressed by the law of the mountain. According to its own cultivation base, the law of the mountain can be strong or weak. , And this does not affect the arrangement of kills in the card.”

Everyone was amazed and watched enviously.

“I’m not convinced”, Jiang Xiaodao suddenly yelled, staring at Lu Yin, his eyes popping out, “How could you get the Tibetan mountain the first time you search for a card, impossible”.

Little Lian frowned, “Xiaodao big brother, if you lose, you lose. Give up.”

Jiang Xiaodao gritted his teeth, stare Lu Yin, “I want to compare with you again”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Better than looking for cards?”.

Screams screams, “Nothing, everyone in the lost race can only have one card in their life, unless that card is damaged, Jiang Xiaodao, you have found the Five Stars card, haven’t special reasons can not be replaced, no more , This is the rule”.

Jiang Xiaodao shouted, “Don’t find the card, I will fight you decisively”.

Everyone is surprised, a decisive battle?

Lu Yin was surprised, “Decisive battle?”.

Jiang Xiaodao makes a fist, “I’m impossible to lose to you, we will fight.”

“Like you and Mu Mu the same?” Lu Yin asked back.

Jiang Xiaodao raised his head, “Don’t dare?”.

Lu Yin is funny, “My cultivation base is not as high as yours. Isn’t it courting death with you?”.

Jiang Xiaodao mocked, “Are you afraid to die? Yes, as long as you say that Jiang Xiaodao is better than you, I won’t force you.”

“Big brother Xiaodao, you are despicable,” Xiaolian scolded angrily.

Jiang Xiaodao’s face collapsed, “Xiaolian younger sister, me, me”, he didn’t know how to explain, but fiercely glared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at him, “If you want to fight, you can do it.”

Everyone looked towards Lu Yin and wanted to fight Jiang Xiaodao? They feel that Lu Yin’s cultivation base is far away haven’t and Jiang Xiaodao is high.

On the Fifth Continent, an Enlightenment Realm and a Star Envoy, are they comparable? This is the sense of people around.

“You don’t have to fight, he won’t do anything to you,” Zhi Xiao said.

Lu Yin’s innate talent already gained his respect.

Xiaolian also said, “That’s right, this big brother, don’t care about the big brother, he is actually not bad, he just refuses to admit defeat, and he is the same with anyone.”

Jiang Xiaodao was coldly snorted, but haven’t refuted. He also regretted that he had made the competition. He lost and lost even more ashamed of losing. Now he just stepped down.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Thank you for reminding me, but since he proposed it, it should be an advice. I won’t be ashamed if I lose anyway.”

Jiang Xiaodao squinted at Lu Yin, “Do you really dare to come? Okay, I will teach you a lesson.”

Lu Yin said, “It’s okay to hit, but there must be a lot of money.”

Jiang Xiaodao sneered, “Do you really think you can beat me?”.

“You said the same before trying to find the card,” Lu Yin said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Xiaodao became angry again, “Okay, what do you want? If I win, you call my Dao brother and you will go with me later.”

Xiaolian is dissatisfied, “Xiaodao big brother, you should win, it’s not fair”.

Jiang Xiaodao bitterly said, “Xiaolian younger sister, how do you help outsiders? Xiaodao big brother grew up with your childhood sweethearts.”

Xiao Lian glared at him, “It’s not fair anyway. It’s too unfair to the Xuan Qi big brother. You are not allowed to win the prize.” After finishing speaking, she turned her head and looked towards Lu Yin and smiled, “Xuan Qi big Brother, what color do you want, Xiaolian will testify for you.”

Jiang Xiaodao opened his mouth wide, and felt that his cabbage was being swept away by others. Suddenly seeing Lu Yin eye light was even more uncomfortable.

Lu Yin laughed, “Thank you, Xiaolian younger sister”.

Xiao Lian smiled happily.

Jiang Xiaodao gritted his teeth, “Xuan Qi, you are not allowed to call that way”.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and said, “The color head is the copybook you bought on the secret shoot.” He talked about that many with Jiang Xiaodao. The copybook was also the reason. He wanted to get it. The price of trying to find the card before was not enough. This time it just happened. can.

Jiang Xiaodao was strange, “The copybook? What copybook?” Said, he remembered, “Yes, I also bought a copybook. No wonder the money is gone, Mu Mu, that stupid woman.”