Star Odyssey Chapter 2531


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“How about? Use the copybook as the color, I will fight with you”, Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao thought for a while. Normally, he was determined to win, but just recently he was mentally overshadowed by the loss of Kabi. He is not stupid. Lu Yin must have a problem with such a quick promise.

“That’s it, big brother Xiaodao, bring the copybook.” Xiaolian stretched out her tender palm and raised her eyebrows to look at Jiang Xiaodao.

Jiang Xiaodao wanted to cry without tears, “Xiaolian younger sister, how can you help him? You don’t like him anymore, right”

Xiaolian’s face flushed and was anxious, “You, you are talking nonsense, big brother Xiaodao, you can talk nonsense that I will ignore you”.

Jiang Xiaodao hurriedly apologized and took out the copybook to Xiaolian.

Xiao Lian smiled at Lu Yin, raised her fist, “Xuan Qi big brother, beat him”.

Lu Yin is laughing, this girl is really cute.

Jiang Xiaodao vented all his anger on Lu Yin, stare Lu Yin, “Come on, Xuan Qi, see how I beat you.”

“Wait”, Lu Yin shouted.

Jiang Xiaodao, who was about to take action, stopped abruptly and stared at him, “What tricks do you want to play?”

Lu Yin rubbed his head, “Let me think about how to deal with you”.

Jiang Xiaodao seemed to hear a joke, “What did you say?”.

Stop the howl, and those people in the distance are stunned, thinking about how to deal with it? Is there such a request?

Xiaolian shook her fist, “Xuanqi big brother, take your time to think, Xiaodao big brother, you are not allowed to move”.

Jiang Xiaodao felt more and more bitter, “Xiaolian younger sister, I, I am being plotted against.”

Xiaolian fiercely glared at him, “The gap is so big, what happened to the big brother Xuan Qi”.

Lu Yin feels this girl is too cute.

In fact, he was waiting for the virtual god to come.

I don’t want to expose my strength, but I can defeat Jiang Xiaodao. The only way is to draw the virtual gods. The virtual gods are all in the Dao Academy of the virtual gods. They are too far apart. It is actually difficult to lead them with the virtual God’s Force he holds, but who His control of the virtual God’s Force is extremely abnormal, because he cultivated the Amplifying Universe Sutra and transferred the ability to control the Rune Word Principle Number to the virtual God’s Force, which once again caused the tide of the virtual god.

This time it’s not the imaginary tide of cultivate, but the traction.

He straddled the two Dao Academy with a trace of imaginary God’s Force, and forcibly moved the village.

At this moment, the two Dao Academy bordered, Xu Xiangyin caught up with Zhibing, “old ghost, what are you thinking of?”.

Zhibing was strange, “What’s the idea? What are you talking about?”.

Xu Xiangyin stare stops soldiers, “You are thinking about Xuan Qi”.

Zhibing nods, “I really think about him. To tell the truth, the first time the Foreign Domain civilization cultivator can find the seven-star ancient card, it is quite rare. Even if we lose the clan, only a few people can Looking for the card to get the ancient seven-star card, Zhixiao is one of them, how amazing this innate talent is.”

“Then haven’t he exaggerated on the innate talent of my virtual divine symbol. Did you know that the first cultivation caused the virtual god tide, and the trifling can lead the village for more than two months, the first time Attempting to traction can lead to an imaginary god who is twenty times imaginary God’s Force. How exaggerated this achievement is. It is the innate talent sufficient to enter the eyes of the imaginary master”, Xu Xiangyin is excited.

Zhibing raised his hand, “I know what you mean, don’t worry, Xuan Qi’s innate talent with my lost clan is indeed enough, even amazing, but it won’t let me grab someone from you, he’s still you “Virtual divine symbol”.

Hearing that Zhibing said this, Xu Xiangyin was relieved, “I hope you keep your promise.”

Zhibing shook his head. He didn’t care about Xuanqi’s innate talent. No matter how high the innate talent is, can this child surpass the entire lost family? The lost family value cards more, and secondly, people.

“Huh, Xushen Tide?” Xu Xiangyin looked at the Xushen Dao Academy in surprise, overjoyed, “Is there another genius that has caused the Xushen tide?”.

Zhibing envied, “Yes, your virtual divine symbols will only be numerous tomorrow, congratulations”.

Xu Xiangyin hurriedly moved towards Dao Academy, suddenly, he felt wrong, this was not the tide of the virtual god, but the free God’s Force in the virtual Dao Academy was pulled by some force, moved towards, Here comes?

Zhibing also found out, “What’s the matter?”.

Xu Xiangyin looked towards the top of the head, and a trace of virtual God’s Force crossed over, connecting the two Dao Academy. Because the virtual God’s Force was too meager, so I didn’t care about it. Now I discovered that the tide of the virtual god was caused by this trace. God’s Force pulls, and above the tide of the imaginary god, is the village.

Xu Xiangyin immediately thought of it and went straight back to the lost Dao Academy.

Zhibing expression is solemn, and also returns to the lost Dao Academy.

Soon, the two came to the place where Lu Yin and Jiang Xiaodao were going to compete, and at this moment, Jiang Xiaodao was still saying something with Xiaolian, his face was distressed, and Lu Yin was pretending to be meditating, in fact he was within the body God’s Force had already crossed the lost Dao Academy and brought the village over.

There was no one to cultivate the virtual God’s Force, so that no one noticed it.

Xu Xiangyin marveled, this child’s innate talent is really exaggerated. How long has it been cultivated to draw villages far away with such a meager Virtual God’s Force, and he has more control over the Virtual God’s Force.

Although they are amazed, they are not too exaggerated. After all, time and space are too small. Although the six Dao Academy are huge in scope, Enlightenment Realm can be completed very quickly if they hurry.

If Lu Yin spans the entire universe with a trace of virtual God’s Force, this will shock Xu Xiangyin, which can only be achieved at a level similar to Star Envoy.

Although Lu Yin cannot reach the level of Star Envoy in the cultivation of the virtual God’s Force, the virtual God’s Force reached by the village he is pulling is also the reason why Lu Yin’s pulling the village made Xu Xiangyin so shocking. Fifth Continent was equivalent to Enlightenment Realm and beat Star Envoy.

Zhibing looked at the sky, “That Little Brat is pulling the Void God?”, he already saw the village.

Xu Xiangyin nods, “Awesome, I only cultivated for less than three months.”

Zhibing nods, “genius”, after finishing speaking, looked towards Jiang Xiaodao, shook his head, “The idiot is still waiting, if the take action is over, now, he wants bad luck”.

Xu Xiangyin smiled strangely, “Actually, I saw that kid was not pleasing to my eyes, so I should teach you a lesson if you are picking things around.”

“Unfortunately, although the village is full of God’s Force, it is difficult to beat him with one blow. After all, he is Jiang Sheng’s son”, Zhibing said.

Xu Xiangyin haven’t denied that he is always ready to save people, ready to save Lu Yin. How could Jiang Sheng’s son be able to overcome a sneak attack, because they are at the same level as the God’s Force contained in the village.

Jiang Xiaodao finally coaxed Xiaolian with a big laugh, breathed a sigh of relief, and looked towards Lu Yin, “Boy, think about Haven’t? If you still fight or not, delaying time is useless”.

“Then, what is that?” someone exclaimed.

Everyone looked up, and a village approached in the distance.

Jiang Xiaodao, Zhixiao and the others all look at it, what is it?

Zhi Xiao’s eye light shone, “Xu Shen”, although he hasn’t learned the virtual divine symbol yet, he knows a lot, especially when people from Dao Academy have heard about the village.

Jiang Xiaodao remembered, opened his mouth, and slowly looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Many thanks, it’s time to delay, it’s useful”, after speaking, raise your hand and press down.

The village fell suddenly, and the virtual God’s Force landed first, almost sealing a void, making it difficult for Jiang Xiaodao to escape.

Jiang Xiaodao angrily scolded, “Despicable”. After speaking, he raised his arms, “Heavenly River -“, the voice fell, his palms kept hitting out, his arms were almost invisible, and the soft force turned into Heavenly River roar , Sweeping the village.

The village had a shocking collision with Heavenly River before everyone’s eyes.

void explodes, cracks continue to spread.

Everyone keeps backing away.

Zhi Xiao pulled Xiao Lian back.

In the distance, the scene is so dull, he has seen Shi Hong and their imaginary gods, and now they are compared with Xuan Qiyi, are they still imaginary gods? simply is a toy.

Mu Xinxin is shocked, this is the power of the virtual god?

Countless shocks resounded through the loss of Dao Academy, the air was shaking, and the soft power accompanied by the invisible God’s Force swept all around, which was unbearable for anyone.

Finally, with a loud noise, Jiang Xiaodao was pushed into the ground by the village.

“Xiaodao big brother”, Xiaolian exclaimed, look pale.

Zhixiao stare is underground, frowning, so big power, even Jiang Xiaodao is suppressed.

In the distance, people in small groups appeared and horrified looked at the earth.

Lu Yin stood by the crack in the ground, “Sorry, after all, the gap is too big, I can only use this trick to deal with you”.

Xiaolian looked towards Lu Yin, eye light with dissatisfaction, pursed her mouth, and looked towards the ground, “Xiaodao big brother, it is Xiaolian who is sorry for you, it is Xiaolian who told you not to take action”.

Lu Yin heard the voice and looked at it, “Don’t worry, Xiaolian, he’s all right”.

Xiaolian’s eye light lit up, “It’s okay?”

Lu Yin nods, said with a smile, “How could I let him have an accident? You are friends after all.”

At this moment, a silhouette rushed out from the ground, discevelled hair, no image, precisely along the river trail, he glared at Lu Yin, “you are courting death”, raised his hand, patted out with a palm, and the water in his palm turned into Heavenly River swept across and blasted towards Lu Yin. Lu Yin pointed to the back of the Zhijiang Trail, “be careful”.

Jiang Xiaodao felt chills all over, and when he turned his head, he saw that there was another card behind him at some point. Is that – Tibetan Mountain?

Next moment, the Tibetan Mountain Card dragged the Jiang Xiaodao in, Lu Yin also disappeared at the same time, Heavenly River blasted into the distance, and lost.

Everyone looked at the disappearing card, Jiang Xiaodao was plotted against.

Lu Yin used the smashing of the village as a guise, and arranged a Tibetan mountain card to drag Jiang Xiaodao in. This is the standard lost clan fighting method. The eye light of Zhibing shines, “Not only the innate talent is good, the fighting method is good. It also fits my lost clan very well. It’s a pity, if it’s not from Foreign Domain, I would like to accept him as a dísciple.”

Be wary of Xu Xiangyin, “old fellow, you promised me”.

Zhibing said, “Don’t worry, it’s a pity that my lost clan won’t rob you.”

Xu Xiangyin once again He breathed a sigh of relief. He discovered that since Xuan Qi entered the Lost Dao Academy, he continuously raised and lowered his heart, always worrying that the kid would be dug into the wall, so tired.

“How about that Tibetan mountain card? Is there any chance for Xuan Qi to win after entering there?” Xu Xiangyin asked.

Zhibing shook his head, “To be honest, the ancient cards were only available at the level of Jiang Xiaodao. This Xuanqi can find the Tibetan Mountain Card, which is already great. I didn’t expect him to use it. Can only said Same as his innate talent on the virtual divine symbol, on my lost civilization, he also has the innate talent blessed by heaven.”

“Of course, this kind of people who leapfrog uses cards are not haven’t. The power that can be exerted depends on the individual. Jiang Xiaodao’s strength will not be defeated by a person who leapfrogs cards for the first time. The result will come out soon. .