Star Odyssey Chapter 2532


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At this moment, the Tibetan Mountain card is another scene.

Unlike what Zhibing said, Jiang Xiaodao can win, and he doesn’t think he can win at this moment.

“Xuan Qi, you are despicable.” On top of his head, a big mountain pressed down, and he held it with his hands with difficulty, and then another big mountain pressed down, one after another, pressing him into the ground continuously.

Lu Yin looked surprised, this is the card Inner World? Same as Three Thousand Great World, but this card comes with its own function. With beckoned, a big mountain appeared inexplicably and pressed towards the river trail. This is the function of the card, no wonder it is called Tibetan Mountain.

He is more interested in the cards of the Lost Family. I don’t know what other cards do?

“Xuan Qi, there is ability just and honorable to fight a fight.” Jiang Xiaodao roared, watching Lu Yin eye light and then swallowing his same.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “sorry, we are too far apart, I am not an opponent in a fair matchup.”

Jiang Xiaodao vomits blood. He is following the same who came out of the trash now, especially with blood in the corners of his mouth. It looks embarrassing and embarrassing, “Don’t pretend, even if you use the Tibetan card, you can’t suppress me. Being like this, you are definitely not on the surface strength.”

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Thank you for the exaggeration.”

Jiang Xiaodao was anxious to attack his heart, once again vomiting blood, “Xuan Qi, you let me go”.

“Let go of you and I will lose,” Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao’s eyes are red, and he can’t breathe, “You are despicable, too despicable, I won’t let you go. When I become a holy throne, I will definitely seek revenge on you.”

Lu Yin shook his head, “Thinking is too far away, and waiting for you to achieve the holy position, I will not be bad in the time and space of the Void God.”

Jiang Xiaodao thinks of Lu Yin’s innate talent on the divine symbol. He is quite aggrieved. As long as this guy is undying, his future achievements should be no less than that of him. Asshole, Dao is so aggrieved and suppressed. Mu Da has never been so suffocated before, even less so when faced with Shao Qingfeng.

“Xuan Qi, what do you want?” Jiang Xiaodao shouted.

Lu Yin once again beckoned, another mountain pressed down, Jiang Xiaodao howled, once again coughed up blood.

“I know you don’t want to lose, it’s too shameful”.

Jiang Xiaodao gritted his teeth, “nonsense”.

Lu Yin helplessly, “but you have to give me a reason to lose, otherwise why let you win?”.

Jiang Xiaodao rolled his eyes, “Can you let me win?”.

“Reason”, Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao is short of breath. What he values ​​most is not victory, but face. As the son of Jiang Sheng, he must not be defeated by this companion pitted. After all, the gap is too big. Although there is a sneak attack element, but defeat is If you lose your face, don’t say it, you will lose the face of Jiang Sheng, “The copybook belongs to you.”

“Not enough, I have a copybook if I win,” Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao gritted his teeth, “I will give you resources again, huge resources.”

“Xu Shen Time and Space will give it to me,” Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao said a few more things, but they were all denied by Lu Yin, “Then what do you want?”

Lu Yin stepped to the front of Jiang Xiaodao, but the distance was only several meters. This distance was not considered a distance to Jiang Xiaodao. If it were not for the heavy mountain, he confidently passed this person with a sufficient second.

“I’m also very distressed, what should I want, why don’t you give me a suggestion?” Lu Yin asked.

Jiang Xiaodao opened his mouth to say something, but was suppressed by the mountain, coughing up blood once again, “I, how do I know what you want?”.

Lu Yin said, “Like this, anyway, I am going to the Daochang, I must learn the power of the four civilizations, take this opportunity to try in advance, you can help me cultivate the power of reincarnation time and space, so that I can be in the shortest time getting Started”.

Jiang Xiaodao was surprised, “Just like this?”.

“Otherwise?” Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Is it too simple?”.

Jiang Xiaodao hurriedly said, “No, I mean, just like this.”

Outside, everyone looked at the direction where the Zangshan Card disappeared, waiting for the result of the battle. Soon, the Zangshan Card appeared, two silhouettes emerged from void, one retreated in embarrassment, complexion pale, and the other was like a peerless expert Generally speaking, the imposing manner is extraordinary.

The person who retreated in a panic was Lu Yin, while Jiang Xiaodao stepped on the void and raised his head.

In this scene, everyone can see who wins and who loses.

Jiang Xiaodao forced the blood he was about to cough up, making his face redder and unnaturally red, “Xuan Qi, you are not bad, you can persist under my Heavenly River for so long, and you will achieve extraordinary achievements in the future.”

Lu Yin admired, “Worthy of being the son of Jiang Sheng, the future Jiang Sheng, Heavenly River Combat Technique mysterious and unfathomable, wide-ranging and profound, I surrendered.”

“hahahaha, don’t humble yourself, use your ability sufficient to beat Shaoqingfeng and his ilk. Although it is a bit worse than me, but work hard, you can’t limit yourself in the future.”

“Many thanks Brother Jiang praises, it is Brother Jiang who has a broad heart, as expected of Quasi-Saint”.

“You are welcome, hahahaha, you are innate talent genius.”

“Brother Jiang also needs to mention something”.

Listening to the two people praising each other, the people around are confused, what is going on? Obviously just recently beat life and death, is this so friendly?

“Xiaodao big brother, you guys?” Xiaolian was at a loss.

Jiang Xiaodao waved his hand, “My brother Xuan Qi and I out of blows friendship grows. The previous misunderstanding of Xiaoxiao didn’t mention it. By the way, I suddenly got inspiration, Brother Xuan Qi, I will find you later.

Lu Yin said, “I am waiting for you, Brother Jiang.”

Jiang Xiaodao turned around, his face flushed, and the blood in his throat could no longer be suppressed, so he hurried away.

After leaving on Jiang Xiaodao, Lu Yin admired, “Sure enough, after Saint, he has tolerance and admiration.” After finishing speaking, he looked towards Xiaolian and Zhixiao, showing a smile, “This test is a waste of time for everyone ,Sorry”.

Zhi Xiao is weird, he will give up so easily with his understanding of Dao? What exactly happened to Cary?

Xiaolian was surprised, “Xuanqi big brother, what did you happen to do in it? Xiaodao big brother is not that easy and friendly person”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “After all, after Saint, there is still tolerance.”

After a while, everyone dispersed.

Lu Yin looked towards Shi Wuzhang.

“This friend, can you talk?” Lu Yin said.

Shi Wuzhang turned around and looked towards Lu Yin, “We have seen it.”

Lu Yin nods, “In Yazhen”.

Shi Wuzhang shook his head, “No.”

Lu Yin said, “We met in Yazhen, and then we ran into Jiang Xiaodao.”

Shi Wuzhang looked at Lu Yin eye light, “Your eyes are very similar to my old friend”.

“Well, it means that we are destined”, Lu Yin said with a smile, he looked towards Shi Wuzhang’s raised withered left arm, with a strange expression, “What are you?”

Shi Wuzhang said, “It’s transformed by obsession, don’t care, you are looking for me because of this?”.

Lu Yin said, “Actually, I want to ask about the card strategy method. There are too few people who have lost the Dao Academy entry. Last time in Yazhen, you said that you have started. It is estimated that the time here is not short. consult”.

Shi Wuzhang always looks calm. He looks much bigger than others, like a half-hundred old man. The loss of Dao Academy here is very abrupt, and no one talks to him. Lu Yin finds him or lets him Quite unexpected.

He is not good at speech, can only tell Lu Yin what he knows as much as possible, haven’t hide it at all, and haven’t asked Lu Yin why he didn’t find someone else.

Humans are amazing creatures. Some people change their personalities because of obsessions or beliefs in their hearts. Shi Wuzhang is a typical example, but he has changed compared to when he was in Earth.

In Earth, he raised his left arm because of faith, but now, he says it is because of obsession, the difference is big.

The two found a place to talk, no one interrupted.

The sensation caused by Lu Yin dragging the village from Dao Academy to the loss of Dao Academy was also suppressed by Xu Xiangyin.

They didn’t appear, and they couldn’t praise Lu Yin every time they appeared. Xu Xiangyin felt wrong by himself.

Zhibing wanted to come out and boast, but was stopped by Xu Xiangyin. Not only was he worried that the exaggeration would make Lu Yin proud, but also that Zhibing could not help but grab someone.

For several days, Lu Yin stayed with Shi Wuzhang in the same place. Someone looked for him on the way but couldn’t find him.

“What is your card?” Lu Yin was curious.

Shi Wuzhang raised his hand, and the card appeared. It was a seasonal card. The Three Stars seasonal card was definitely not good, but not too bad. It would be nice to get started after losing Dao Academy.

“Have you arranged it?” Lu Yin asked.

Shi Wuzhang said, “You can go in and have a look.”

“many thanks”, unless you are against the enemy, most people will not invite others to visit the card. After all, it is about the layout of the card holder. Shi Wuzhang can let Lu Yin come in. The most important thing is his character, as long as he is not The enemy, who asked him to visit the card almost will not refuse.

Lu Yin was dragged in by the card, and he saw a lake, an endless lake, very calm, like stagnant water, and there were no creatures inside.

He thought that there would be some killing methods suitable for Shi Wuzhang himself, but after looking at it, everything was haven’t, only a lake.

With Shi Wuzhang’s impossible ability to hide from him, there is really only a lake here.

Shi Wuzhang came in, “The power of the lost civilization is very strange, but it is not suitable for me. The only purpose here is to give me a quiet place to think about life quietly.”

“Thinking about life?” Lu Yin was weird, saying very highly.

Shi Wuzhang eye light is calm, “A person’s life is wonderful, from birth to death, what has been experienced, what has been seen, and what has been received seems to be arranged the same. I want to see other people’s lives, I want to know everyone Life”.

“You will be crazy,” Lu Yin subconsciously said.

Shi Wuzhang puzzled, “Why?”.

Lu Yin thought of the Crazy Chairman, “Anyway, if you look too much, you will be crazy.”

Shi Wuzhang meditates, “Interesting speech”.

Lu Yin laughed, “Everyone is not the same, maybe you will not”.

Shi Wuzhang once again looked towards Lu Yin, “Crazy is also a kind of life”.

Lu Yin thought about the problem from haven’t, and this topic is a bit heavy.

“Have you seen a crazy person?” Shi Wuzhang said.

Lu Yin said, “Too many, you can find a lunatic asylum on any planet.”

“I mean, people who reach their realm after going crazy,” Shi Wuzhang said.

Lu Yin just about to speak, the corner of his eye, the lake reflects the rays of light, he blurted out, “The good is like water?”.