Star Odyssey Chapter 2533


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Shi Wuzhang eye light lit up, “The goodness is like water, does anyone reach this realm?”.

“Have heard”.


“I can’t remember for a while.”

Shi Wuzhang saluted Lu Yin deeply, “If you remember, please tell me.”

Lu Yin clicked nods, “I will try my best. By the way, do you want to see my Tibetan card?”.


Lu Yin took Shi Wuzhang into the Zangshan card, and with a wave of his hand, the mountain appeared.

Shi Wuzhang was surprised, “The man who made this card is so skillful that he can drive the suppression of the mountain with a card, and Jiang Xiaodao lost under the suppression of the mountain.”

“How did you know he lost?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Shi Wuzhang calmly said, “With Jiang Xiaodao’s temperament, if you don’t lose, I will decide impossible to let you go.”

Lu Yin laughed haven’t explained.

It didn’t take long for him to leave. Impossible always follow Shi Wuzhang in the same place, and he will be noticed by someone who is interested. That Mu Xinxin is already watching him. Shi Wuzhang seems to be in a low position in Mu Shiwu, Mu Mu because he puts Crossing the river trail, Mu Xinxin stared here again, Lu Yin didn’t want to be too eye-catching.

More than ten days have passed. During this time, Xiaolian visited him and took a mouthful of his big brother, Lu Yin, who was both comfortable and embarrassed. He always felt that he was lying to Little Sister.

Not long after, Jiang Xiaodao found him, and seeing Lu Yin was a direct threat, “Don’t hit Xiaolian’s attention, or I won’t end with you.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “I’m not interested, I just treat her as a younger sister.”

“That won’t work either,” Jiang Xiaodao snarled in a low voice.

Lu Yin is weird, “You don’t seem to threaten me because you like her”.

Jiang Xiaodao’s eye light flickered, “I kindly remind you, don’t cause trouble, otherwise no one can keep you, even if you go to Void God Time and Space, it will be the same.”

“Xiaolian is who?” Lu Yin asked, Jiang Xiaodao said so obviously not simple.

Jiang Xiaodao took a deep breath, “For your willingness to admit defeat, I can tell you, lest you don’t know how to die in the future.” He paused and said solemnly, “Xiao Lian, it’s my reincarnation time and space Grade 9 Lian Zun’s smallest dísciple is also the most loved dísciple.”

Lu Yin expression has changed, “Grade 9 Lotus?”.

Jiang Xiaodao solemnly said, “Yes, Grade 9 Lotus, I have three nine sages in the time of reincarnation, Grade 9 Lotus is one of the three, ranked top four in the time of reincarnation, and the very best of the second only to Great Heavenly Venerate. Powerhouse, even if my father is afraid of her, I dare not offend her, and Grade 9 Lian Zun’s discipline is all over the six parties. If you provoke Xiao Lian, you provoke Lian Zun’s discipline. If you provoke Lian Zun’s discipline, you provoke a group. , He suddenly lowered his voice, “Fengzi who protects shortcomings.”

Lu Yin knows that there are three nine sages in the time of reincarnation, and he has also heard of the name of Grade 9 lotus, but he does not understand.

But there are some things that don’t need to be understood. The words “second only to Great Heavenly Venerate” are sufficient. Jiang Xiaodao’s dread from the heart also explains everything. He doesn’t even care about Void God Time and Space.

“I’m not interested in what you said. As for Xiaolian, just treat her as a younger sister,” Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao points to nods, “better like this”.

“Let’s start, teach me the power of reincarnation time and space”, Lu Yin said.

Jiang Xiaodao grinds his teeth and is quite unhappy to teach Lu Yin this, but he has to do it after he promised. He took out the same thing from Congealing Space Ring and threw it to Lu Yin, “absorbed”.

Lu Yin took it, looked at it, and was stunned. Is this a Star Energy crystal?

“This is?”, Lu Yin looked towards Jiang Xiaodao.

Jiang Xiaodao took out a piece of Star Energy crystal and weighed it, “Absorbing the power inside can begin to cultivate. I will teach you a Combat Technique later, and learning it is equivalent to getting started.”

Lu Yin once again looked towards Star Energy crystal, is it Star Energy crystal, but, how come? Isn’t that the power of Fifth Continent? Reincarnation Time and Space knows Shi Space, and naturally also understands Shi Space Power system, then how can their power system be the same as Shi Space? Since the same, why did Chu Yuan Sheng say that Fifth Continent is not suitable for him to take action?

Moreover, it seems to look down on the same power system of Fifth Continent.

Lu Yin grasped the Star Energy crystal and began to absorb the Star Energy inside. Anyway, after practicing, watch.

Soon, Star Energy entered the body, and the same feeling as the first cultivation is Star Energy.

Lu Yin suppressed the doubt and made Star Energy moved towards within the body. He thought that this trace of Star Energy would be absorbed by the Star Origin Cyclone, but an unexpected scene appeared and Star Origin Cyclone rejected this trace of Star Energy.

This surprised Lu Yin. The same Star Energy, why would he reject it within the body Star Origin Cyclone?

He once again tried to bring this trace of Star Energy closer to Star Origin Cyclone, but the result was still repulsive. This is strange. Is it possible that Star Energy in Reincarnation Time and Space and Fifth Continent Star Energy are mutually exclusive?

“How is it? Absorbed, right?” Jiang Xiaodao asked.

Lu Yin said, “Give me one more.”

Jiang Xiaodao disdain, “One? I want to get started if I give you another one. I really think I’m innate talent better than the venerable?” After finishing speaking, he gave Lu Yin a bunch of – Star Crystal Essence, Lu Yin once watched Stunned again, Star Crystal Essence also has it.

“This is a good thing. You have to absorb the power in Immortal Realm to cultivate. These are enough for you to get started. I will teach you a Combat Technique. When you step into the replied courtyard, it is easy Get started with stone gate eight hands, by then, your genius’s name will be louder. “After speaking, his mouth bends, “I’m optimistic.”

Jiang Xiaodao raised his hand, flew his palm, and used a palm technique. At first glance, the power is quite large, and it is a palm technique. As he said, it is easy to get started with stone gate with eight hands.

But Lu Yin eye light is getting more and more weird. This guy is digging a hole for himself. He is clearly using the stone gate eight hands. Although Haven’t has seen it, Lu Yin has seen Mu Mu have used it. The stone gate has three hands, sufficient to deduct some of the moves of the next fourth hand, not to mention the same as the fourth hand, but it is not too many.

In other words, he can easily defeat Half-Ancestor, cultivate for many years, and be blessed by First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra.

Jiang Xiaodao taught him some of the fourth-hand moves. When he cultivated and successfully played against others, once he was recognized, he would be considered cheat by everyone. Then he was in Dao Academy and lost Dao. The Academy’s reputation will also suffer.

This guy is really overcast.

“How is it? Did you see clearly?” Jiang Xiaodao asked expectantly, looking at Lu Yin brightly with eye light.

Lu Yin shook his head, “didn’t see clearly”.

Jiang Xiaodao is dissatisfied, “So stupid, and the moves are not difficult. Didn’t it mean that you are from cultivate civilization? You should know Combat Technique cultivation techniques. I have practiced it and I will definitely help you. correct”.

“No, I want to cultivate the palm technique you just recently performed, very difficult to deal with”, Lu Yin be eager to have a try.

Jiang Xiaodao secretly laughed, nonsense, of course it’s amazing. This is the fourth hand of the authentic stone gate. If it weren’t for the old man’s face, he would not be able to learn it. Those guys in Mu Mu were all in the replied courtyard to chew the first three hands. Surpassing them, of course, is not proficient, but this guy in front of him is enough.

“Do you really want to cultivate this palm technique?”.


“Look carefully, then I will practice it again”.

“many thanks”.

Jiang Xiaodao was proud, and practiced again, “How about? Learned?”.

“Did not see clearly”, Lu Yin replied.

Jiang Xiaodao was furious, “I practiced twice, did you say you didn’t see clearly?”.

Lu Yin sincerely said, “The palm technique is too profound and hard to see clearly. Let’s do it again.”

Jiang Xiaodao snorted, do it again.

“How is it?”.

“Too esoteric.”

“You idiot, I have practiced it three times.”

“This explains the profound mystery of the palm technique”.

When Jiang Xiaodao finished the fourth rehearsal and Lu Yin hadn’t seen it clearly, he reacted, “Are you playing the Dao Master?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, a little distressed, “I want to learn, but I can’t remember the moves. It’s weird, is it my haven’t cultivate innate talent?”.

Jiang Xiaodao looked at Lu Yin and didn’t know what he said true or false, “You really didn’t remember?”.

Lu Yin sighed, “Perhaps I really haven’t cultivate innate talent, that’s all, I still cultivate my virtual God’s Force.”

Jiang Xiaodao quickly stopped, “Don’t, I’ll do it for you again.” He has paid that many. If Lu Yin can’t learn at all, how can he get revenge? Although I doubt that this guy will know his plan, think about it as impossible, unless he recognizes that this is the fourth hand of the stone gate, how can he know?

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaodao continued to practice.

After practicing ten times, Lu Yin said to remember the moves, and promised to practice harder and harder, and strive for everyone to startled when joining the replied house.

This sentence ignited Jiang Xiaodao’s passion, “Okay, Xuan Qi, although I think you are not pleasing to your eyes, but we are out of blows friendship grows, wait for the day when you replied in the courtyard to shine, must notify me in advance, I can cheer you up.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I definitely will.”

Jiang Xiaodao left full of confidence, Lu Yin shook his head, it was fun to have some fun without any problems.

The Domain spread out, no one stare him, and he started to absorb Star Energy in Star Crystal Essence.

With his strength, this Star Crystal Essence was quickly absorbed, and within the body, the Star Energy in the time of reincarnation grew stronger.

Lu Yin tried to approach those Star Energy within the body Star Origin Cyclone, but was still rejected.

He raised his hand, and Star Energy appeared in his palm. This is the Star Energy in the reincarnation time and space. Why was it rejected? Have to study it.

A few days later, a piece of news came out that Jiang Xiaodao went to Dao Academy of the Void God.

This news is not beyond everyone’s expectations. Lu Yin forcibly smashed Jiang Xiaodao in the lost Dao Academy tow the village. That scene not only shocked Jiang Xiaodao, but also shocked others.

The virtual divine symbol clearly has its characteristics. In the six parties, the space of the three monarchs is recognized as the bottom, and the time of reincarnation is recognized as the strongest. Apart from this, the four parties haven’t absolute strength and weakness, their power All have learning value.

And Lu Yin also obtained the Combat Technique of the Lost Clan in the Lost Dao Academy. This is only available after entering the Lost Clan civilization. The Combat Technique is called the third barrier.

Weird name, place name is more than Combat Technique name, Lu Yin asked Xiao Lian, Xiao Lian explained happily, “The third barrier is the general chapter of all the Combat Techniques of the Lost Clan, which contains countless Combat Technique methods. There are common ones and very difficult to deal with ones. What we can learn is common.”

“The lost clan is exclusive, but the lost clan battle method is not exclusive. In your own power layout card, that is the lost clan battle method”.