Star Odyssey Chapter 2620


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“House Lord, Chengfeng is spy already confirmed that this person is worthless. It is not worth offending Lianzun for him,” Lao Dian said in a low voice.

Gui Sanya said, “Yes, House Lord, this guy can’t live anyway.”

“Even if we take him away, and he insists that he is controlled by Chengkong, it will be difficult for us to decide,” Old Dian continued.

They gradually understand Lu Yin’s temper, can only persuade him like that.

Tianjianfu is a force that straddles the six parties. If you offend Lian Zun’s discipline, many things will be difficult to do.

Lu Yin calmly watched all around and said loudly, “Tianjianfu does not allow outsiders to intervene. This is the right granted by the six parties. If you want to grab someone, I have to suspect that you are complicit with Chengfeng.”

“Bold”, a Lianzun’s discipline scolded, “Even to slander Lianzun”.

Old epilepsy and the others have a numb scalp, didn’t expect Lu Yin to be so hard, directly facing the Lian Zun discipline.

Chengfeng didn’t expect, and looked at Lu Yin gloomily. This guy didn’t understand the terrifying of Lian Zun’s discipline. Of course he didn’t want to be taken away by Lian Zun’s discipline. Respect to the discipline, absolutely haven’t survived.

“Xuan Qi big brother”, Xiao Lian stepped forward to say something, but was stopped by Jiang Xiaodao, he looked towards Lu Yin and gave a thumbs up, “You are cruel, Dao Master admires”, said, and quickly pulled Xiao Lian Back.

Lingmu stepped forward, “Xuan Qi, give you another chance, give us Chengfeng, we promise to let him receive the punishment he deserves, why should you offend Lianzun for him”.

Lu Yin also stepped forward, “I said that the power of Tianjian House is granted by the six parties. Anyone who dares to intervene to grab someone will be regarded as one.” He paused and looked all around, “spy”.

Lingmu narrowed her eyes, “You really want to be an enemy of Lian Zun”.

“My Xuan Qi did not dare to be an enemy of Lian Zun, just grab a spy, no matter who, no matter what identity, dare to snatch someone, it is spy”, Lu Yin shouted, bone spurs appeared, suspended in mid-air, and God’s Force boiled. , Sweep all around.

Lingmu was surprised. Didn’t this son come out of the Liufang Dojo with Same Xiaolian? Why is God’s Force so scary? Already approaching the powerhouse of virtual change.

Jiang Xiaodao opened his mouth, when was this guy so powerful?

Xiaolian’s eye light is complicated. She has a good impression of Xuan Qi, although she has only met a few times, she doesn’t want to be an enemy in the future.

“Catch the wind, go, anyone dares to take action, it is spy, Tianjianfu can directly catch it”, Lu Yin was cold and walked out immediately.

Behind him, the old man and the others follow closely from behind, no matter what they think, they can’t go against Lu Yin’s will at this time, otherwise no matter if it is Tianjianfu or Lianzun’s discipline will not see a traitor.

Lingmu stare Lu Yin, this person really dares to offend Lian Zun’s discipline.

Looking at the six parties, no one knows what Lian Zun’s “disciple” represents. Although Lian Zun cannot be said to be the strongest among the three, but it has the most disciplines. There are many terrifying, forming a whole The hidden power of the Six-Party Conference, this power will only move, and it will shake the sky.

This is recognized by the entire Six-Party Association.

Even if the Void Lord will not clearly offend Lianzun, this person would dare to do so? Where is his confidence? Is void extremely good?

“Contact void seniors immediately,” Lingmu said, everyone with a loud voice heard.

Lu Yin didn’t care, the bone spurs ripped the lotus apart, and the five lotus masters’ disciplines were shaken open. They wanted to take action, but they still stopped.

Although Tianjianfu is despised, but in any case, the power of Tianjianfu comes from the six parties. Lianzun’s discipline openly confronts Tianjianfu, which is unreasonable in many people’s eyes, because the enemy of Tianjianfu There is only one, and that is Eternal Clan spy.

Lu Yin led the people of Tianjian Mansion through the Lian Zun discipline and left.

“Lingmu Senior Sister, just let them go?” someone said.

Ling Mu said, “I have my own measures.”

I can’t do it explicitly, but I can’t secretly.

This person dares to offend Lian Zun’s discipline, let him be an example. Lian Zun’s discipline hasn’t moved for a long time.

Xingkong, Lu Yin entire group moved towards Hongyu.

Xu Yue looked at Lu Yin’s back with brilliant eyes, and all the dissatisfaction with him in the past was disappeared, this person is so manly, “Hey, brother, you laughed”.

Xu Ji seldom laughs, but looking at Lu Yin’s back, he laughed. Perhaps joining Tianjian Mansion is a good choice.

The old man and the others are silent, didn’t expect really caught Chengfeng away, this time, the six parties have been fried.

They guess good. When the news that Chengfeng was taken away came out, it was the time and space of Void God, and then, the time and space of reincarnation, the time and space of wood, the time and space of three monarchs, etc. all boiled, and riding the wind is not enough, but Behind him is Lian Zun. Even if this person is a spy, he should be sent off by Lian Zun. Didn’t expect was taken away by Xuan Qi in front of Lian Zun’s discipline. He also threatened that whoever stopped it would be spy. Knowing not to give Lianzun face.

The name of Xuan Qi spread at an extremely fast speed, faster than he spread through the virtual barrier.

Along with the spread of this incident, Xuan Qi broke through the virtual barrier, captured Wendy Yushan, and all kinds of things in the Liufang Daochang were dug up. Only then did many people in the Liufang know this and the others.

Void got the news very much. At that time, the sunglasses fell off. I drank a dry drink and put away the Cloud Communicating Stone. It has nothing to do with him. It has nothing to do with him. Don’t ask him for anything.

This Xuan Qi can really toss, forget Yun Wu, trivial matters, that Jun Yi is a bit troublesome, but since it is a spy, any trouble is not trouble, but this is the big trouble, this guy is Lian Zun’s person, Wouldn’t it be good to throw him at Lianzun? Non bring back.

void extremely sighed then said, he found himself back in a big trouble.

However, he puts on his sunglasses, this kid is very efficient.

Suddenly, he remembered something. When this kid was arresting someone, there was a haven’t wearing a Promise mirror?

Jing Yun clan, Yun Yun got the news and was stunned. Xuan Qi actually took away Chengfeng in front of Lian Zun’s disciple? Also scared Lian Zun’s discipline is spy? He’s crazy?

Many people from the Xuyang family and the Xuyin family are also sluggish.

The corners of the mouth are bent, domineering.

The more you understand Lian Zun’s discipline, the more you know how overbearing Lu Yin is. Many people are guessing that Lu Yin is not clear about the terrifying of Lian Zun’s discipline.

During this time, the Celestial Phenomenon of the Xuyang clan and the Xuyin clan have become more and more obvious, and the day of the battle with Hugh is very close.

Many people put their eye light on these two races, and the virtual yang and yin are combined, and there is a huge monster in the time and space of the virtual god.

Looking at the red starry sky ahead, Guisan and the others breathed a sigh of relief and came back.

Chengfeng also breathed a sigh of relief. He would rather be captured by Tianjian Palace than fall into Lianzun’s hands, otherwise he would end up miserably.

As long as he insisted that he was controlled by Chengkong, Tianjianfu could do nothing about him, but Lianzun didn’t care.

Suddenly, everyone stopped.

At the Red Field and Starry Sky Transformed World, a silhouette sits cross-legged, clearly far apart, but the eye light penetrates the void, stare Lu Yin.

Lu Yin frowned, Half-Ancestor powerhouse, Lian Zun discipline? The action is really fast, it should be the virtual change state of Void God Time and Space.

The visitor didn’t say a word, the virtual God’s Force hiding the sky and covering the earth of the virtual change realm level swept the starry sky and pressed it down.

“Dare to attack Tianjian Mansion”, Guan Boss, Yu Pi take action, Xu Ji, and Xu Yue simultaneously release Xu God’s Force, but they are swept by the coming man Xu God’s Force.

The gap between them and the Void Transformation Realm is difficult to make up. Even if the Void God is taken out and the Void God’s Force that pulls several times its own, it can’t make up the gap.

Chengfeng’s face turned pale, he was definitely Lianzun’s discipline, he couldn’t run away.

The people who were oppressed by God’s Force could not breathe. Seeing that the palms were raised, once again pressed, an oval-shaped virtual god appeared, and the virtual God’s Force became stronger and stronger, pushing everyone away.

Lu Yin haven’t move, let the opponent’s God’s Force press down, this person will not do anything to them, the purpose is just to steal the wind.

Lian Zun’s discipline uses the powerhouse of the Void Transformation Realm to take advantage of the wind. This is not to show the face of the Lian Zun’s discipline, but to save someone.

Chengfeng divulged the location of Dashi Sage’s request for help to Eternal Clan, causing Dashi Sage to die under Cheng Kong’s hand, and Dashi Sage’s position was absolutely impossible and directly leaked to Chengfeng. Someone must pass by, and that person was the one who caused the Clan. The wind can know the key points of Dashi Sage’s position. That person may be spy, maybe not, but whether it is or not, this person is also the murderer indirectly causing Dashi Sage’s death, and the punishment will not be light.

And that person must also be Lianzun’s discipline.

The take action in the virtual state of change right now, it’s possible to be entrusted by that person to take away the wind, or kill the mouth.

Lu Yin guess Yes, God’s Force did not treat them well, but in the sense of the wind, it was a crisis that made his scalp burst. Once the God’s Force descends, he will undoubtedly die, “Save me—”.

The voice fell, a virtual God’s Force that was not weaker than the incoming person suddenly broke out, and the virtual God’s Force was pushed out from the bottom up.

In the distance, the visitor is not unexpected, and the other palm is raised, and one oval virtual god appears one after another, making the virtual God’s Force continuously increase.

And just recently resisted the precise old man who came to God’s Force.

Boss Guan and the others looked surprised. They never knew that Old Dian had this power. Isn’t this the power of Fictitious Transformation?

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, it’s time for this old man to be exposed, he can’t always hide.

Old Dian sighed, “I just want to eat and wait my life, House Lord, you really hurt me.” After finishing speaking, he looked at the oval virtual gods in the distance, “He doesn’t want to reveal his identity, cultivation The base is the realm of virtual change, and in this virtual god time and space, it is also a celebrity, which is difficult to deal with.”

“Void God, Time, Void and Void Transformation will help Lianzun’s discipline not much”, Xu Ji said solemnly.

Old Dian shook his head, “You can’t look at it this way. It will help Lianzun’s discipline’s probability to be great. Any probability will attract a strong enemy. Maybe this person is in the virtual realm?”.

“Don’t be scary,” Lu Yin said.

On the other side, the eyes of the people who came here shone, and the oval virtual gods smashed over. They weren’t simply smashed out with the virtual God’s Force, but contained a unique technique. This kind of technique looks like an old eye light. Flash, but didn’t say anything, and also erupted into a virtual God’s Force, making the oval virtual gods abruptly stopped.

The visitor looked at the old man in surprise.

Old Dian also looked at him, “Don’t bother, let’s go, you can’t take Chengfeng with you”.