Star Odyssey Chapter 2622


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Lu Yin is weird, this is also the Life Source virtual god?

When the doll appeared, Old Dian changed his whole person, became gloomy and weird, and smiled unconsciously, looking extremely cruel.

“It’s you?” The cultivator in front of the Void Transformation Realm was surprised.

The cultivator behind the Void Transformation Realm made a low voice, “Can you come back?”.

The old man licked his lips, “On behalf of the House Lord, we’re in.” After saying that, Yi Ren even raised his head and smiled strangely at the starry sky. A ripple spread, and what followed was majestic The imaginary God’s Force, this imaginary God’s Force feminine and ghostly, makes people who touch it dizzy and nauseous, and see all kinds of weird pictures.

Lu Yin resisted the discomfort and looked towards the front.

They are getting closer and closer to the red field, and they are about to enter.

A lotus flower blooms, blocking the front, that is-Lianbao.

Yi Ren, the old sly, laughed louder and louder, and the ripples continued to erode the lotus.

However, the lotus bloomed once again, blooming four times in total.

As soon as Lu Yin’s heart sinks, the lotus blooms as a product. In the words of Lian Zun’s discipline, Lian Kai Grade 9 is the Zun, which refers to the Lotus Zun. Grade 1 power is different. At the beginning, Lianbao was given to Fifth Continent to test Grade 4. Grade 4 lotus can block Ancestral Realm’s blow. The lotus in front of them is also Grade 4, which is the fundamental breakthrough of the old cultivation base. No more.

The lotus flower appeared, and the virtual change in front of me was almost torn.

The old idols continue to erode the lotus, but the Ancestral Realm powerhouse is blocked by the lotus of Grade 4. With his current virtual God’s Force far from reaching the level of the virtual realm, that is not a gap that can be made up several times.

“Since it appears, your account, will have someone to calculate, now hand over the wind”, block the powerhouse road at the entrance of the red domain, and stare at Lu Yin.

Fear in the wind, even the lotus treasure is used, that person must be going to kill his mouth, he hurriedly looked towards Lu Yin, “I can’t go, take me to Tianjianfu, I will tell you when I enter Tianjianfu Who is the one who leaked the trace of the Great Stone Saint”.

“Say now,” Lu Yin said.

Chengfeng shook his head, he can’t say, now he’s said, he’s worthy of this person, this person is very it’s possible to throw him out to Lianzun’s discipline, don’t say, this person’s determination will He brought him into Tianjian Mansion, and when he entered Tianjian Mansion, he would not worry anymore. Unless Tianjian Mansion was shameless, he would not be allowed to be taken away by Lianzun’s discipline.

To be honest, he couldn’t figure out why this Xuan Qi was involved in this kind of thing. Lian Zun would definitely not let go of the person who leaked the trace of the Great Stone Sage. This matter can be solved perfectly, and this person is not involved, but This person is like a muscle same insisting to get in, but it is good for him.

Lu Yin looked towards Chengfeng, “Don’t tell me, I will throw you out, my patience is limited, and it seems that it is not bad to give you to Lianzun’s discipline”.

Old Dian rolls his eyes. It’s better to think so, “On behalf of the House Lord, then throw him out”, said, he will throw Chengfeng out. At this moment, Chengfeng looks pale as paper, old Dian secretly bad thought.

“Yaolan, it’s Yaolan”, the wind screamed, and the loud voice spread all over the place.

The old man opened his mouth, oh, this kid couldn’t help being so scared.

Lu Yin eye light suddenly opened, and finally said it.

The imaginary eye light in front of him is extremely cold, “nonsense”.

“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s Yaolan, it’s her, Xuan Qi, you take me into Tianjian Mansion, I have something to say, take me in”, struggling with the wind, stare Lu Yin, he can only bet I hope Lu Yin will not give up on him.

Lu Yin of course not abandon him, “Two, do you want to continue?”.

“Chengfeng is controlled by Chengkong, bewitching people’s hearts, biting wildly, Xuanqidai House Lord, you won’t believe it”, the Void Change Realm behind said, “Give the wind to us, someone will come down. , Someone will explain to you.”

“I won’t go, Xuan Qi, don’t give up on me”, Chengfeng shouted.

Lu Yin said, “Chengfeng is not talking nonsense, it has its own Tianjianfu screening, don’t bother to do it, please go back.”

“Bring the wind to us”, the two take action.

Lao Dian sighed. This is the end of the matter. Already can’t get away. He can only help Lu Yin to leave the wind, and the Tianjian Mansion will openly use the wind to bite and preserve the face of the Lian Zun discipline. end.

Otherwise, let Chengfeng be taken away now, Lian Zun’s discipline must hate them.

unconsciously, the majestic God’s Force in the distant breakthrough virtual realm dissipated.

At the entrance of the Red Zone, Yi Ren, the sly, even paired up with two virtual God’s Forces. The old man was doing his best this time. Not only did he have to deal with the two hidden identities, he also tried to get rid of Lianbao and enter the Red Zone.

They didn’t notice, but two silhouettes appeared, watching them curiously.

The first one he found was the old man. He turned abruptly and looked towards the distance, “Who?”.

Everyone else is watching.

“Brother, I haven’t seen you for a while, how did you join Tianjianfu?” A familiar voice came, making Lu Yin overjoyed, “Old Brother?”.

“And me”, Xu Ling walked out with a smile.

Lu Yin exulted, “Your retreat is over?”.

Xulling smiled.

Xuheng’s eye light scanned everyone, “Brother, it seems you are in trouble”.

Lu Yin curled up at the corner of his mouth, “Yes, there are two people in the way. Brother, I have a home and can’t go back.”

The virtual balance complexion turned cold, looked towards the two virtual powerhouses, inexplicably, the pressure fell, making them breathe hard, and the two were shocked, “Did you break through the virtual world?”.

“For the sake of old friends, I don’t make it difficult for you. Let me go by myself. If I trouble my brother again, this Void God Time and Space has no place for you to stand on”, coldly said.

Everyone looked shocked, and didn’t expect breakthrough. The virtual realm was actually unbalanced.

Xu Leng said, “It’s your business to rely on Lian Zun. If you dare to use my brother with the knife, no one can save you. This Void God Time and Space is not Lian Zun’s decision.” After that, the horrible imposing manner Swept over.

“Are you also breaking through the virtual world?”.

Lu Yin laughed. This is interesting. The two together broke through the virtual realm. No wonder the movement is so big. I should have thought of that direction. Isn’t that the direction of the Xuyang clan and the Xuyin clan?

The two virtual powerhouses looked at each other, reluctantly saluted the virtual balance and the virtual edge, and then retreated.

They all know that they used to be of equal status, but now there is a gap, even if they have one breakthrough in the virtual realm, what about the breakthrough of the virtual balance and the virtual edge, they are directly two virtual realms, not only that, these two People cultivate the same origin, once they join hands, the strength they can exert cannot be imagined.

A group of people from the Tianjian House looked in astonishment, and didn’t expect two virtual realms to support them.

Old Dian salutes Xuheng and Xulin, “pays respects to the two seniors.”

Boss Guan, Yu Pi and the others simultaneously salute, “pays respects to seniors.”

Xuheng un’ed, looked towards Lu Yin, said with a smile, “Brother, how did you join Tianjian Palace? Void?”.

Lu Yin shrugged, “It’s a long story, let’s go in and talk”.

“This is the red field, I haven’t been here for so many years, go”, Xu Leng was interested.

Under the lead of Lu Yin, a crowd of people entered the red domain.

Xuyue feels the same as dreaming, and the two powerhouses of the virtual realm call Xuanqi brother? This is so weird, will anyone dare to provoke this Xuan Qi in Xuan Shen Time and Space?

Behind him is not only these two people, void is one of them, and there is a predecessor with five flavors.

Thinking of this, Xuyue looks at Lu Yin eye light more and more differently, and always feels that the gap has suddenly become so big. When did it start?

Go back to Tianjian Mansion, take the wind to Ning Ran, and the others disperse. Only Lu Yin above the bell tower, the balance and the void.

“Congratulations to Old Brother big sister for breakthrough in the virtual realm, my little brother is polite”, Lu Yin smiled and saluted the two.

Xuling cast a blank look at Lu Yin, “My brother still wants to tease us, but you fiercely offended Lianzun’s discipline.”

Xuheng said, “Didn’t expect to see you being besieged by two virtual transformation realms as soon as you left the customs. We were so scared that we didn’t even return to the clan, so we came directly, what’s the matter?”.

Lu Yin slowly recounted what happened during this period, and the two of them were dumbfounded.

“Yun Wu, Yi Jun, and that Chengfeng are all spy?” Xuheng exclaimed.

Xu Leng said, “No wonder Lianzun’s discipline is taking away Chengfeng, brother, do you know that Yaolan is who?”.

Lu Yin’s face is solemn, “Lian Zun Head Disciple, Yao Lan, known as the half-step Saint, possesses the extraordinary genius of Immortal Realm against the cultivation base of the Nine Saints. It is recognized by the time and space of Samsara that he can inherit the position of Lian Zun. people”.

“The influence of Yaolan is extremely high. If it were not for the internal problems of the reincarnation time and space, she could have become one of the nine sages. Even if she is still the Immortal Realm, she also has the strength to rival the sages, and is the most powerful If you value the dísciple, you can order Lianzun’s discipline,” said emptily.

Xu Leng said, “Not only that, I have met her in the endless battlefield. Her influence is not only Yu Lianzun’s discipline. There are many people who have received her favor. The two who blocked you are not Lianzun’s discipline. They are all taking action for her face. If she is a spy, things will be big.”

Lu Yin said, “She may not be a spy, but the crime that indirectly killed the Dashi Sage can not escape, it depends on how Lian Zun punished.”

Pause for a moment, “I won’t talk about me, are you sure to fight Senior Hugh?” Lu Yin asked.

Xu Heng said, “Senior Hugh has stepped into the virtual realm for too long and too long, and created another way to become a Legendary. How can we be sure of it, but we are the two of us together, but it is possible to fight.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Two people join forces?”.

“Of course,” Xu Ling said naturally.

Lu Yin speechless, this is all stepping into the virtual realm, and the two of them need to join hands.

Xuheng laughed, “Brother, what is your look?”.

Xu Leng smiled without speaking.

Lu Yin said, “This, two people join forces, it’s not justified.”

“It can’t be beaten alone by yourself,” said Xuheng.

Lu Yin is right to think about it.

At this time, Void Ji came back, “It is an honor for the two just recently breakthrough that the virtual world came to Tianjian Mansion.”

Xu Heng and Xu Leng looked towards him, their tone was not very good, “Senior Promise Wuji came at a very coincidental time. My subordinates were besieged outside and did not appear. They came only after things passed.”

void smiled extremely bitterly, “No way, Tianjian Mansion involves all parties, Lianzun’s discipline is too influential, you will not understand my difficulties”, said, looked towards Lu Yin, “Where is Chengfeng?”

“In the Red Zone”, Lu Yin replied.