Star Odyssey Chapter 2623


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void said very seriously, “Don’t worry, you have the ability to catch him, you don’t need to do the next thing, as long as you are in the red domain, no one can take it, unless you step on my body.”

The two of Xuheng looked better now.

Lu Yin understands the void pole. Some things are really difficult to deal with in a certain position. It stands to reason that he can let go, but he deliberately intensifies the contradiction because of his own plan. This is something that many people don’t understand, neither is the void pole. Understand it.

“House Lord, what about Chengfeng?” Lu Yin asked.

Void Jidao, “Interrogation, forcing him to confess other spy, and also harmful to the specific situation of the stone saint, especially involving Yaolan must ask clearly.”

Lu Yin nods, “What if Yaolan it’s possible is spy?”.

Xu Heng and Xu Ling look at each other, this problem is serious. Yaolan is not a spy. Fortunately, how to punish is a matter of reincarnation. If it’s spy, it involves Tianjianfu and the face of Lianzun.

A Jing Yun Family still hopes that Yun Wu’s spy will not be announced, not to mention Lian Zun.

Even if Lian Zun didn’t care, those Lian Zun disciplines would not agree, and Yao Lan’s own influence was large enough.

void’s face is extremely serious, “Anyone, if there is a spy, my Tianjianfu will investigate to the end.” He looked at Lu Yin, “Tianjianfu has the qualifications to interrogate non-participants and non-powerhouses at any time. If you learn from Chengfeng’s interrogation that Yaolan is very it’s possible to be spy, I give you the right to inform the Six-Party Association Tianjian Mansion to recruit Yaolan in the name of Tianjian Mansion-inquiries.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “In the name of the Six-Party Meeting Tianjian House?”.

void Jidao, “This inquiry is very formal. It is not an interrogation. It is only for people who are not sure whether they are spy, have a great influence or have made great contributions to mankind. It is open to the entire Six-Party Association. The Jianfu can know the answer it wants, and let the six parties witness that the person being questioned is suspected of having hadn’t spy. It is also a kind of kind treatment to the person being questioned.

Xulling’s eyes narrowed, “Senior Promise, do you want brother Xuan Qi to inquire about Yaolan?”.

Void shook his head, “Just tell him there is this way.”

“You are asking him to die”, coldly said.

Lu Yin puzzled, “How do you say?”.

Xu Heng took a deep look at the void pole and said to Lu Yin, “Public inquiries seem to protect the person being inquired, so that everyone can witness that the person’s spy is cleared, or it can be directly identified as spy. If it’s the latter, it’s all, if it’s the former,” he looked towards Lu Yin, “Since the already open inquiry, it means that Tianjianfu cannot find out the information that needs to be investigated, it means that the information is precisely this person’s privacy.”

“Public privacy in front of the entire six-party meeting. In the end, if this person is not a spy, do you think this person will let this matter go?”.

“Public inquiry is not respect for this person, but respect for the influence of this person, and this person must be disgusted or even disgusted with this public inquiry. Then, the person who publicly inquired this person in Tianjian Palace , You can imagine how it will end.”

Lu Yin understands. If he publicly inquires Yaolan, there must be something Tianjianfu can’t find out. Yaolan will not conceal it when inquiring publicly. It must involve privacy, and these privacy will be made public. How willing is Yaolan? If it is determined that Yaolan is not a spy, how will she retaliate against herself for making her publicly questioned?

Xu Ling said slowly, “As far as I know, there have been six public inquiries in the history of Tianjianfu. Haven’t proved spy once, and six times led to the people of Tianjianfu who were publicly interrogated.” Saying here, she looked towards void pole, “all dead”.

Void raised his eyes, “Their death was an accident.”

“Why?” How could Xu Ling believe it.

void said very seriously, “Since the establishment of my Tianjian Palace, there have been countless deaths, and the level of danger is comparable to the endless battlefield. Their deaths are indeed accidents. Six people are too small among the countless dead. They dare to publicly inquire those who have great influence, which means that they dare to be in the forefront. People who like this are easy to die.”

Xuheng said, “Who knows, brother, learn more about Tianjianfu.”

Lu Yin nods, “I got it.”

Xu Heng and Xu Ling are gone, they are going to prepare for a battle with Hugh, ten days later.

After the two leave, Void Ji Cai said, “Why must I catch the wind?”.

Lu Yin replied, “spy should go to Tianjianfu”.

void laughs terribly, “You don’t think about gains and losses?”.

“If you think too much about gains and losses in this business, you can’t do it anymore,” Lu Yin said.

Void pushed the sunglasses very much, “You are very suitable for public inquiries about this road, I haven’t lied to you, the deaths of the six people, no matter how to investigate them, are accidents, same as other people who died on the endless battlefield The people of my Tianjianfu will not die in vain. If someone is framed, the six House Lords will not be indifferent. How can I say that there are six powerhouses in Tianjianfu that straddles the six parties, even if the lotus is impossible to confront openly.”

“I know”, Lu Yin said, “haven’t think about it, and even if it’s not an accident, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to go all the way after I have already gone this way.”

“haha, you are very suitable, but unfortunately you haven’t reached the virtual realm, otherwise it would be nice to leave the House Lord to you”, void extremely said with a smile.

“House Lord, imaginary Old Brother, they fought with senior Hutz, would you go to see it?”, Lu Yin suddenly asked.

void very nods, “of course”.

“Take me together”, Lu Yin said, “I want to cheer for Old Brother.”

Void raises eyebrows very much, “Don’t talk nonsense about this. Compared with your Old Brother, there will be more people who help Senior Xiu Ci. Senior Xiu Ci is a respectable elder. It is the entire Void God Time and Space to participate in the boundless battlefield. The most frequent predecessor”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is there such a thing?”.

void said solemnly, “The boundless battlefield, the place where the virtual realm is unwilling to go, death is tentatively not to mention, any virtual realm walks from the boundless battlefield to dance on a sharp knife, and they face all It’s the same realm powerhouse, and even Seven Heavenly Gods. Like me, if I encounter Seven Heavenly Gods alone, I’m sure to die. Senior Hugh has participated in the endless battlefield much more than me, and more than the virtual five flavors. His Legendary is not only It is to create a way of not using external virtual gods, and it is from the endless battlefield.

“You should be aware of Yaolan’s influence. Many of them were killed from the boundless battlefield, and the influence of Senior Hugh is far greater than that of Yaolan. The number of people who have been favored by him is countless. He has supported”.

Lu Yin points nods, it is really worthy of respect.

Although there are many spys and red backs in human history, which have witnessed the darkness of the human heart, there are also people such as Ancestor Chen and Ancestor Ku who illuminate the darkness, and there are many people in the beginning space like this, and the six parties will naturally have them. Regardless of how Lu Yin views the Six-Party Conference or the Great Heavenly Venerate of the exile Lu Family, one thing must be admitted, haven’t them, Eternal Clan has already wiped out mankind.

Where there is evil, there is good. This is what Mr. Mu wants him to keep. He needs to protect too many people. Those people respect him and want to protect him. This is his responsibility.

“House Lord, do you think Eternal Clan will save Chengfeng?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Void is extremely unable to answer, he has no idea how powerful Eternal Clan is in Void God Time and Space.

The underground of Tianjianfu is not as dim as Lu Yin imagined, but a place with beautiful scenery, prosperous trees, bright flowers and various cute animals, forming a rural garden suitable for human life.

When anyone sees this place at first sight, it is impossible to be linked to the interrogation, but this is indeed the interrogation room of Tianjianfu, which is in charge of Ning Ran.

Yi Jun is here, riding the wind, and also here. There is a mountain between the two. They can neither see nor hear each other, but they can all see the beautiful scenery.

Lu Yin is here.

Ning Ran hurriedly greeted her. She is now convinced by Lu Yin that this generation of House Lord does not rely on the strength to overwhelm everyone, but the true ability to catch spy.

She couldn’t think of it. Tian Jianfu, who has always been able to catch small fish and kittens, has caught great characters continuously during this period, especially Chengfeng, which has led to two virtual changes blocking the Red Domain Portal and robbing people. , Void House Lord hasn’t appeared, this kind of thing is too exciting.

“On behalf of the House Lord”, Ning Ran respectfully.

Lu Yin stepped forward, looking at the wind with his back to them, and watching the waterfall flowing in the wind, “How is he?”.

Ning Ran said, “same with Yijun, and I told you some lists, maybe there is spy, but if you want to screen it, you don’t say anything about the rest, only that it is controlled by Chengkong.”

Any spy caught by Tianjian Mansion will use this reason. This is also the most troublesome thing for Tianjian Mansion. It is difficult for them to tell whether Haven’t been controlled. They can’t always execute them all. Then the trouble will be big. stare Tianjian House.

Those who are qualified to become spy are not ordinary people.

Lu Yin quietly looked at the wind with his back to them.

In this beautiful place, everyone will be relaxed and joyful, but Chengfeng and Jun Yi have different spy feelings. They have a poisonous clam on their shoulders, which makes them suffer unimaginable pain all the time. The beautiful place is precisely the resort that Ning Ran likes.

Suffering severe pain in this beautiful place can easily break people’s will.

Lu Yin walked over step by step, bypassing Chengfeng, and came to him.

Chengfeng look pale, with bulging blue veins and severe pain, his eyes are bulging, the original Fengshen’s handsome face has become hideous, the fingers are too hard, the nails are pierced into the palm, and the blood flows along the clothes , Dripping on the bright red petals.

“My name is Xuan Qi. Since Jun Yi was arrested, you should have known me. I am not a member of Tianjian Palace. I have not been a member of Tianjian House for a long time. Do things according to the rules, in my opinion, you are not controlled by the sky. Of course, even if you control it, it doesn’t matter, just when you are controlled by the sky.” Lu Yin slowly spoke, looking at Chengfeng’s eyes.

Chengfeng stare, on his shoulder, a poisonous clam made a sound, and every sound of the sound made him more painful and wanted to die in pain.