Star Odyssey Chapter 2715

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The surrounding people can’t even see the scene inside through the dust.

The fictitious season and the others are shocking, the power of Xuan 7 is so big?

Jiang Xiaodao’s big mouth, dust is flying in the mouth, not not noticeable, this scene he has seen, the snack holy power Take Action will appear this scene, which is like dragon, Heaven and Earth color change, this is food Lineage is more powerful scene, someone can make them exhausted, how is this Xuan seven?

Wen Sansi Eye Light, a little unexpected, Lu Yin, his strength comes from a number, of which the strength is definitely unique, each enemy, from the very beginning of Empty Palm to the back EMPTY BRIGHT PALM, SUFFICIENT The same level of Expert is no temper.

Looking at the fifth continent, no one can comply with this guy, this snack pays for being evenly matched.

Yucheng is vibrating, and the earth is constantly spreading. All Around is rushing, and the city gate is shaking.

The dust is flying, and the dragon roll is reversed to the sky, and the ground is connected.

In Tornado, Lu Yin is a posture of Just Recently, looks at each other, Eye Light Excited.

“What is your name?” The third time in the small food is asking others, and this time, obviously the most Excited, the most unique.

lu yin is also laughing, this guy is really big, greatly exaggerated: “Xuan Qi”.

Lu Family This is a strong style, and it is not your own opponent. .

This is also a small food. “You can really strong Enough!”

Lu Yin Said with a smile: “That each other!”

“a few points?” Dedicated holy eyes.

Lu Yin Ebjun: “Are you not full?”

“Of course not, don’t let me down, a few points?” Dizziness is holy.

surrounding, Jiang Xiaogao and the others of the STARE, NAKED EYE visible for them can’t breathe, constantly oppress All Around, even the space is flat, these two MONSTERs.

Lu Yin headed: “Staples.”

Saint-Francisco: “The first time someone said that I repeated, Xuan Qi, come on” SAID, the muscles on his arm are constantly distorting, like living, the skin begins to change color, even Scales appear.

Lu Yin wrist instantly is bent, the proportion of this reminder makes him almost defeated, but Next Moment, his body table appears, and he illuminates him throughout.

Saint-Saint, this is the light of Physical Body to achieve the limit: “Well, amazing, Haha,” “

Lu Yin Eye Light, gradually playing Lu Family forces to EXTREME, forciting the wrist, returning to the beginning of the beginning, as if it cannot be depressed.

Jiang Xiao is shocked, and the eating goods are beginning to expose, and they have not kept this mystery. What is this guy?

Mu Mu, a nasty season, Luo Zang and the Others look dignified, see Lu Yin Eye Light full of Cannot thinking.

The wind is getting bigger and bigger, sweeping the quarter.

The scales are getting more and more snacks, and the entire arm has changed, which is not a human arm.

lu yin eyes narrow, this guy’s body is not human, it is so big.

Human among does not exist over the lu family.

Lu Yin Power Withnin The Body is still in emerging, the greater the pressure, and his strength rebound is also, this is the power of lu family bloodline.

Apart from just started to step down the Cultivate boundary, Lu Yin Already has not tried the feeling of full strength.

He has confidently pressed the small food, as long as the snacks show the whole force, it doesn’t matter, he still has the best, but Suffect is crushed everything, but Lu Yin looked at the snorkel: “I am ALREADY Full. “

The snacks are solemn, grin: “Laozi is also.”

“You can’t win me.” Lu Yin.

The snack holy mouth is bent: “You can’t win me.”

At this time, a Silhouette landed, it is an old man, waving, a card suspension: “Old Man Yucheng City Lord, if you continue to destroy the city, don’t blame Old Man to take you Take Action, expel it.”

lu yin and the snacks at the same time.

Sau Yin, Stare Lu Yin, is full of horror.

Lu Yin is rushing to the old man: “I am sorry, the loss of Senior, Yucheng, JUNIOR is willing to bear.”

The old unn’ed: “Forget it, I don’t know if I don’t want to blame.” After finishing, I greeted my eyes and went away.

“Xuan Qi, come back.” The snack holy is still unpredictable, and it is difficult to encounter a strength, and I want to continue.

Lu Yin: “This is Yucheng, destroys people who are Like this don’t blame us, not more.”

“Don’t, continue, we haven’t worked.” Dedicated to holy.

Jiang Xiaogao excited: “Xuan Qi, you actually flatten the goods, too embarrass! Eat goods, yet Dare to be arrogant?”

Dizza is disdain: “Sissy, goes.”

Lu Yin is also a ratio ratio, after all, That Many, no one can compete with him, but then regret it.

Since following the holy clading, this guy is wrapped in himself, no matter where you come.

At the beginning, the fake season, it is also followed by Lu Yin.

but can not stand the soul of the soul, take a few steps to say a trick, take a few steps to say a wrist, hit the sick.

Jiang Xiao does not have to say, the first one ran.

Wen Sansi is the most popular, Mu Mu invites him to visit, Luo Zang also invited, he did not refuse, Wen Wenya.

“Xuan Qi, more than once, this time we have control points, don’t destroy things, then more than once, just once.” Sacred to lu Yin continued to be full, the next person, the eyes are angry, directly swear The family of the family, Lu Yin headache, the minds of visitors are gone.

He has also wanted to see what this is buryed with an ANCESTRAL REALM EXPERT.

“Why do you have to force?” Lu Yin helpless.

Dedicated to knock on the chest, issue Peng Peng: “I want to win the old, the old man said, more people are better, the strength is naturally rising, there will always be more than the old man, become the largest strength of the six part People, wrong, is 饕餮. “

Lu Yin, surprised: “饕餮?”

The snack holy hand, the arm is turned instantly into the paw: “Our food is awkward, you don’t know?”

Lu Yin really doesn’t know, for 饕餮, he has heard, from the Sixth Continent Nan Yanfei, the guy is because of absorbing the bloodlineline, it becomes a BLOOD Domain Son of the Territory, the characteristic is to eat More stronger: “Are you complete?”

Saint-Strange: “Is there an incomplete 饕餮?”

Lu Yin Remove Eye Light, this is baby, if it is known to Nan Yanfei, I have a complete 饕餮, crying, calling.

This guy occurs at the beginning of Sixth Continent, can be swallowed by life.

Saint Food Sheng continues to bother Lu Yin, it is better to force.

Lu Yin may promise, it is not over, he can’t win, winning this guy.

After Ban Tian, ​​Lu Yin encountered an acquaintance of acquaintances, Little lotus, Little Girl, followed by several people, should be Lianzun disciple.

Seeing Lu Yin, Xiaolian said hello, although because of the wind, Lu Yin was not happy by Lianzun, but Xiaolian didn’t matter, after all, the ride is indeed SPY.

Lu Yin just went to the past, Xiaolian saw the small food, turned and turned.

The few people who follow her also saw the small food, and they were disadvantaged.

“呸, a group of cowards.” Dizza is disdainful.

lu yin speechless, people are suspected of you.

There is a snack, Lu Yin is completely no way in Yucheng, he also wants to get rid of it, but the city is so big.

Time, he feels more tired than playing with others.

Finally, after several days, the soldiers appeared, with them to the next place, this time followed to Together’s retreat, more than 30 people, nearly 30 people, near the old generation Powerhouse, plus On the small food, the little lotus.

Everyone is far from the snacks. He is full of greatness. Look at the old generation Cultivator is straightforward, and some people are unhappy, and they are more than the wrist, then the arm is smashing, but fortunately Otherwise, the rest of the older generation Cultivator is not more than the test, and it will not go.

The next place is not a funerary land, it is a normal Planet.

It is not allowed to take the take action at any of the take action, otherwise Planet is easily damaged.

take a few days in this Planet, and take a group of people and continue to face the next place.

So, Half a month has passed, they went to several places to pick up, the number of people was too much, most of them were the older generation of Cultivator.

and the most hate is still a snack.

In the river of the river, this guy has a hatred.

During this time, the troops also let everyone see a lot of traps arranged in the starry sky, because he also eliminates the trap, and the trap can be lost. Clansman or foreign man.

“The last gathering place, after the point, will arrive in the family, here, you have to stay on the 5th, don’t pay attention to Take Action, you must not destroy, violators, from the top three.” The soldiers are strict.

The appearance in front of everyone is a river floating in the starry sky, which is self-contained, very beautiful.

There is a piece of land above the river, and there is a city on the land.

When the soldiers are left, everyone is dispersed.

Nobody is willing to follow Lu Yin in a piece, the snack holy urged everyone.

Lu Yin randomly landed, the buildings here are all dominated by wood RESTAURANT, and they are looking forward to it, although this is highly Without for their Cultivator.

“on the dishes, fast, food.” Sinai came to Restaurant, scared here, and dissatisfied with him.

“See what is seen, species, there is ability 掰 wrist.” Sacred, put his Deserves a beating brand, let everyone see, very clear.

The right thing is unhappy, it is more than.

The snacks are blowing, that person will be taken by Threw Away: “Ordinary people Even if it is far,”

The human Equivalent To Fusion Realm CultiVation Base is indeed ORDINARY PEOPLE for diet.

No one dares to provoke him, let him stand the brand there.

Lu Yin sits on the chair and looks at the far-colored river, listening to the ears of snorkeling Strong Wind Scattering the Last Clouds, it is serene.