Star Odyssey Chapter 2716

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After a time, the little food is still eating.

Two hours, three times, then Ban Tian, ​​he is still eating.

The people within the original Restaurant did not go, they all looked at him, just like a monster.

The snacks are very fast, so fast is still eating for so long, everyone doesn’t know that he is a belly or congealing space Ring.

Restaurant Boss is crying, ingredients are gone, more afraid of snorkeling RENEGE ON A DEBT.

At this time, Restaurant has been a woman, and everyone Eye Light attracted the past.

This woman is like a fox, and his eyes are like Limpid Autumn Water, wearing Golden robe, noble sacred.

The sacred combination of foxes is on a person, letting this woman have an eye-catching focus.

lu yin is also attracted by this woman, this woman is a small gain of people, and the Golden robe and a small wind model Same.

Saint-eye: “How did Fox Mez come? Yeah.”

The woman looked up and saw the short food, Faintly Smiled: “Clever, Sheng Sheng.”

Dizza Saint Disdain: “Snap”

Lu Yin Speechless, he even the girl is embarrassed, wrong, he is 饕餮, is not human, regardless of men and women.

Women don’t mind, go up, Eye Light Looked Towards Lu Yin: “Lonely Lonely, you are Xuan Qi.”

Lu Yin Nods, Said Curiously: “Your name is very similar to the little breeze.”

“He is my junior brother.” Little ordered, very natural.

Saints Push food residue in front of her, it is obviously not to let her stay here.

Alone is used to Same, do not mind: “Dizza is not in the same table, I don’t know how to do it?”

lu yin mouth: “I don’t want it.”

Dedicated Saint-frowning, stare at the little lone: ​​”Since I know my habits, I still dare to sit, do you want to provoke Laozi?”

Lonely Said with a smile: “I have nothing to do with you, I want to see Xuanqi, now the six sessions will be red.”

Saint Coldly Snorted, continue to eat.

lu yin Looking at a little lonely, the woman he has ever seen is very charming, but it is far from attracting him, Nalan’s goblin is more charm than her.

Lonely Looked Towards Lu Yin, Eye Light Deep: “Xuan Qi, for overtime, you should know a lot.”

Lu Yin: “OK, no more.”

“I want to know about my Junior Brother, you have a haven’t network.” Less lonely.

Lu Yin shakes his head, with a helpless tone: “At that time, I was driven away by you family, not in time and space.”

“Who do you think is Take Action?” I asked at least.

lu yin thought: “In the past, you are also known as you family. The Surface You are working with Heroes, Apart from this, I can think of SPY. “

At the beginning, Lu Yin is to kill the book, so you family agrees with him Take Action, the root Didn’t Expect Lu Yin will kill less wind, otherwise it is really not necessary to agree to him, prevent accidents with less Yin Shenzun.

lu yin is you family that solves the fall after a small breeze, you family can’t stop.

Today you family and the Leung Respect in the exposure, in the overtime and space, you family, Will NOT to the little breeze Take Action, the only explanation is naturally SPY.

As for Lu Yin, not Will Have people guess to him, what do he kill less the wind? WITHOUT reasons unless he is the identity exposure of Lu Yin.

Said Solemnly: “I think so too, so I will come to Xuan seven you. You catch Spy Very Difficult to DEAL WITH, I hope to help us investigate this matter, Master will remember you.”

Saint Coldly Snorted, very disdainful.

lu yin nods: “Reassured, if you find it, you must tell you.”

Lonely Nods, get up, you have to leave, suddenly, she suddenly, Once Again turned to face Lu Yin: “For me Master, what do you think?”

Lu Yin is surprised: “” Shaoyin Shenzun? “

Lonely Eye Light flashes, turn it, it will be left, and lu yin answers.

Lu Yin is ugly, and it has been set.

Until Now, you have a Senior, while Just Recently Subconsciously bites the Shaoyin God, did not use the word two words, this sudden expression reaction has the attitude of ourselves to the Shaoyin Zun.

This is a destination that is less than you are, she wants to confirm that her attitude towards the little god is not rely on, but rely on subsconsciously.

For the Less Yin God, Lu Yin can’t kill, and naturally Impossible is respectful.

and today, this attitude is listening to it.

You can’t see Lu Yin’s hostility against the little gain, but it can see the no respect.

Lu Yin deep breathing tone: “This woman, true yin.”

The snorkeling of the snorkels: “You only know?”

“Do you know?” Lu Yin is curious.

Dinner: “Less Yin God Respect Lineage is insidious, but this woman is the most sinister, known as the most like less than Yin Zun, no one likes to deal with her, it is easy to be Plot Against.”

“then she is very likely to be a little.” Lu Yin guess.

Sacred NODS, no longer more, eat it.

outside, less lonely step away, the attitude of Xuanqi is seen, do not respect Master, why? Because Master is cooperated with you, you family rushed him? And who is forced to fall into the Wo? Still other reason?

This should be investigated and clear, the more suspicious of the breeze, the more suspected people, this Xuan seven Same can’t escape.

has a few days in the past.

Saint Food is as always wrapped in Lu Yin, but Lu Yin did not take care of him.

Fast, just reach the legacy family, after the top three, he can get rid of the snorkeling.

However, this guy will not go to the virtual God!

Thinking of this, Lu Yin has a headache, if there is such a guy STARE, he can’t get it.

It has emerged, so that everyone gathers in the stars.

There are more than one group of people, and already is nearly two hundred.

Six-Party, sixty two parallel time and space, countless countless Cultivator, can participate in the estimated maximum of thousands of people in the last three sections, the proportion is too low.

This is the lost family, the row.

Like the three monarchs, the virtual gods have the people of Foreign Domain CultiVate, and the number of people exceeds this.

But with the establishment of the six-square road, the number will gradually expand.

They get cards from the six-way farm.

There is a man who makes Lu Yin care in this crowd. This person is very high, and it is better than the small food, and Jiang Xiao is talking to him.

apart from Xiaolian, Lu Yin has not seen anyone who speaks for Jiang Xiaoao so polite.

and Xiaolian also around the person.

“The guy is also coming.” The snorkel is surprised.

lu yin curiosity: “Cognition?”

Sacre: “Bow Feather, Bow Saint Dísciple is a man.”

Lu Yin is surprised, can be sanctified by the snack, this is also very good.

The fake season is not recognized by him, and this bow feathers can be called the man, and the strength is absolutely more than the virtual season.

Does the bow? One of the three nine saints.

The remaining state is not small, there is not only a lost race, but also other civilizations, such as Cultivate civilization, scientific civilization, etc.

Taking Lu Yin and the Others to see the lost races, but these Ming Capital is limited to Heaven and Earth, because the stars have been lost in many places, and it is easy to accident.

It is really a regional region, only the region known as a single Gobi, there is a place where the lost family is difficult to enter.

is far away, Single Gobi is not too strange, both haven’t rainbow walls are like, and Haven’t Heavenly Sect is magnificent, that is, a round moon is litting pounds, that piece Geography, the range is not under Heavenly Sect.

stopped with everyone to come to the Single Gobi, solemn to everyone: “The front is the monopoli of my deth, Apart from 3 sessions, usually outside the foreign domain can enter, and you have to go Local precisely held Floating Island, held in the three sections, where to go there, I hope everyone should not pay attention to Take Action, I miss the german singular domain, can’t stand Take Action, please remember, don’t pay attention to Take Action. “

After the finishing, the soldiers took the people into the Single Gobi.

Haven’t let people surprisingly defense, only one card is suspended outside the Mocho.

These cards are the biggest defense.

No one knows how these cards have a trap in these cards, why can you use Murderous INTENTION, and you can use it as a defense in a single Gobi.

“I heard that most of these cards are only ancient cards, but there is a daily card, and even the ancient cards are hidden. Channel.

, Bow Feifei: “The lost civilization is great civilization. Master has said that his strength is not in any civilization, and there are more existence of surpassing too ancient cards.”

Jiang Xiao shakes his head: “I don’t believe this.”

“I don’t believe it.”

There is also a thing of the remaining family, which also mentioned ancient cards, someone believes, someone does not believe that most people think that this legend is that the lost family is raising their own worth.

“P> soon, everyone was taken to floating island, and the place is the island that is haired in half.

Trunk introduction, the island The Front Ten IS has the same place in the three sections of the three sections, and the people can board them on the day, and everyone can attract cards.

After coming floating island, you will leave.

Everyone spreads, there are many Wood House here, they are prepared for those who have participated in the last three.

Foreign Domain is a Floating Island, as well as the ONLY ONES, and some people who participate in the top three are Too Many, distributed on the peripheral ploating island, did not talk to Lu Yin and the Others in the Same place.

But the soldiers do not ban everyone from going to other floating island.

Soon, an individual traveled to other floating island to visit.

These people can get a lost card, which is itself with the lost family.

The snorkeling is unexpected, still wraping Lu Yin, lu yin is really annoyed by him, giving him a promise, as long as he can win everyone on this island, you can try again.

This is too good for the snacks. He likes to be more than the wrist: “You said, don’t repent, haha.” Finished, the snack holy taking the brand, rushed to other people living, directly Blocking in an old one generation Cultivator door, provocation.