Star Odyssey Chapter 2717

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In the

Wood House, the older generation Cultivator is planned to visit friends. I will see the brand. I’m anger, see clearing is a small food, know, don’t want to provoke, turn around.

“species, the next one.” Dizziness disdain.

The old generation of Cultivator Extremely Angry, His CultiVation Base is not afraid than the snake, but this child is the son of the food, the identity is too high, winning, lost, now Being so embarrassed.

“standing.” The old generation of Cultivator angered.

Sacred Sacred: “Has a comment?”

“Originally, I don’t want to take care of you on the face of the food Senior. Since you have a mad, Old Man will teach you, and you will not humiliate the sacred lineage.” The old generation Cultivator Screams.

The distance, Lu Yin heard, surprised, this person is a sacred Lineage?

“St. Linerage? Ok, play.” Sinish San EXCITED.

Soon, the old generation of Cultivator arms broke, blood drops on the ground, shocking looked at the snorkeling.

He has long heard that he holy force is great, and the food is all like this. It is not in the meaning. After all, Realm exceeds this child, but the force of Didn’t Expect Without.

“species, the next one.” Saint-Food began to provoke, blocked Wood House, the brand was even longer, and the entire floating island can see, directly provocate the owner.

Lu Yin is a clean, but after several days, this floating island is quite lively, Jiang Xiao, Luo Zang, Mu Mu, the nice and the Others is Take Action, not for the small food, but for those old The generation of Cultivator is not just a wrist, everything is, Bow feathers are more controlled than arrow techniques, the fictyzy season is more controlled by the virtual god’s force.

He didn’t know how to turn this.

Nothing Cultivator NOT Simple, you can get a relationship with the lost family and get the card, you are not Ordinary People, now this Already is not a snorkeling problem, but evolved into two generations of Cultivator struggle.

lu yin is not doped, he remembers the VoID to explain, contact Clansman, seek a small armament.

Lost Clansman is a face, Xiaofang?

lu yin again said that Xiaofang is definitely a lost Senior Expert, but this lost Clansman thinks that Ban Tian doesn’t know, helpless CAN ONLY please train the soldier.

“Xiaofang? VoID makes you?” The soldier Eye Light is weird.

Lu Yin helpless, he also knows that the name of Xiaofang is not very right. VoID is estimated to have problems, but it has nothing to do with him: “Yes, House Lord let me bring things to Xiaoyang.”

“What?” I asked.

Lu Yin shrug: “House Lord said to be handed over to Xiaoyang.”

Take the soldiers and shake their heads: “Well, you want to see you to see it, but she is not called Xiaofang, the whole six-party will only call her Xiaoyang, she is called Fang Yan, which is my lost family. Elder. “

Soon, Lu Yin saw Xiao Fang in the VoID.

is a very young woman, but it is only a young appearance. After all, it is a person with the VoID.

Remind the soldiers, remind Lu Yin not to call the words of Xiaofang.

“junior Xuan Qi, see Fang Fang Senior.” Lu Yin respectful.

Unfang Un’ed, louder Lu Yin: “VoID is you coming?”

Lu Yin: “Yes.”

“said his original words, the word is not leaking, the word is not mistaken.” Fang Yi is cold.

Lu Yin blinks: “House Lord’s original words, bring this box to Fang Yi, you must hand it over to her, if you don’t see her, don’t see anyone, you are not allowed Look. “

Fang Yi, STATU YIN: “Do he say this?”

lu yin nods: “The word is not bad.”

Fang Yi faces have a good look: “The box gives me.”

lu yin is busy with the box to fang.

I took it, I’m going to: “Do you have Haven’t?”

“absolute haven’t.” Lu Yin guarantees.

奕 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼..

“Box Already brings, Junior first left.” Lu Yin is going, but Fang Yi let him wait, very casual open box in front of Lu Yin, look at it, the face suddenly changed, becomes quite Ugly.

lu yin can’t see it, VoID doesn’t know what to let, let this woman change.

Fang Yu Pisted, Face Convert, Anger, Ued, Flustered and Exasperated, Vividly and Thoroughly in the face.

lu yin is very wanting to go, but now I don’t dare to open.

After a while, Fang Yi is only slow, put away the box, deep breathing tones, LOOKED TOWARDS Lu Yin: “You wait, I also have something to give void, you can help me bring.” Turned away.

Lu Yin I really want to know what is in the box, let the EXPERT of the Half-Ancestor hierarchy don’t control emotions.

Football, Fang Yi, the same box is handed over to Lu Yin, Stare he: “Give void, don’t open, don’t give it to others, you must hand it over to the VoID.”

lu yin nods: “Junior knows, Senior assured.”

Fang Yi Once Again repeatedly: “You must hand it over to VoID, especially if others open, otherwise Take Responsibility for the Consequences.”

lu yin face and one pump: “Junior understands.”

Fang Xin u’ed, the face suddenly reveals the smile: “The box will leave the void, don’t suffer from innocent disasters, of course, this sentence is to tell you, don’t tell Void, let it go. “

This time, Lu Yin looks at the box when there is a hot hand, which is not a Will Have question.

is Just Recently Is it a illusion?

Lu Yin pupils flashes, forehead sweat drops, not an illusion, how can he also compete with the Ancestral Realm, how can it be unclear with the illusion and reality, but what is Just Recently?

He did suffer from 81 knives, who? It is definitely unimaginable Powerhouse, let him even feel Impossible, if the person really wants to kill himself, you really have been killed by thousands of knives.

lu yin is cold, like a dead.

At this time, Just Recently sat down, Void gathers, under his Eye Light, A Blade, large, small A Blade, suspended half of the sky.

Lu Yin looks at it, that is, this knife, he remembers, take him 81 knives, one Same.

His Once Again Looked Towards All Around, the gift: “Junior Xuan seven, if there is a disturb, please ask Senior to don’t weird.”

No one answer.

lu yin overce again shouted, then try to put Domain, shroud All Around, and then expanded until close to those people in the top three, he didn’t find why in all around, could not find him Knife.

is inevitable to be Ancestral Realm Powerhouse, and it is Powerhouse in Powerhouse.

Lu Yin deep breathing tones, slowly approaching the palm-size knife, the small knife did not respond.

lu yin reaches your hand and seizes the knife.

When he touched the knife, a blodline is connected to the feeling. Lu Yin shines on the scene of the 81 knife in the brain, and he shocks the knife in his hand. This is a knife, not The knife, this knife, contains him to be 81 knives, or he was smashed 81 knives formed this handle.