Star Odyssey Chapter 2719

“Woodcally not yet, his strength must not be under you.” Shaoyin Shenzhi.

Single: “Woodcut Senior has cards when you are young, and if you want CultiVate, I will ask Great Elder.”

Shaoyin God Haven’t talk, Eye Light moves from the woodcut to the very close Lu Yin, Brows FROWNED, THIS Child disguise the appearance and CultiVation Base?

His Stare Lu Yin, this child is Xuan Qi. He looks like an image, but no one says that this child disguise appearance.

Thinking here, he Indifferently Said: “Five-taste, you this quasi-dísciple, CultiVation Base is not weak!”

The virtual five flavor looks: “OK, say it again, he is not my dísciple.”

Shaoyin Shen no longer says, he can see the camouflage, the virtual five flavossible can’t see, since it is also this child, and teach the Taiyi field, this child’s camouflage Haven’t problem.

This starry sky has Too Many people to disguise. When he is young, he often disguised, with Xiaobo, a few points of heart, how to take the three sides.

this child can arrest spy, inevitably though.

Central floating island, lu yin looked far away, this person did not look at him from his head, but let Lu Yin difficult to strategic.

Is him? Is it him? He is also using a knife, very it’s possible, but why?

He should see his camouflage, but did not say anything, but also a 81 knife, and finally leave the knife to himself, why on Earth?

This person is kind to himself, is it bad?

With the disappearance of wood, Lu Yin no longer thinks, no matter how, that person is not showing, you can’t find anyone, can only look at one step.

His Looted Towards floating island, I don’t know how to see yourself if there is a Haven’t lost family, if there is a comparable virtual five Senior, Perhaps will see their own disguise.

He didn’t know that the little gine gods Already said his camouflage, but because of the attitude of the virtual five flavors, it was more coincidental, and the LU Yin has not seen Lu Yin, otherwise it will definitely recognize.

can only said that although Lu Yin itself has a sin six-party meeting, it is not directly opposed to the Little Yin God.

I can recognize that Lu Yin can’t see his camouflage, seeing that the camouflage may not recognize.

but as he gets more, it will come late and later.

Lu Yin is ready to start, he wants to try to attract the card, come here, this has this purpose.

does not expect to attract it to the Taikoo card, at least to attract an ancient card.

is first, strength.

His advantage is a lot, and the power is particularly prominent.

Dating, the dinner of the distant, now in the power, eat Strikes void, show the power, and no one dare to get close, and force to form a snoring.

Lu Yin clears the double boxing, fiercely hard, does not strikes, but the surrounding Void is shocking, turning into a spread.

Soon, he is loosened, it is useless, is it not good? Then Domain, Spirit, etc.

Unfortunately Lu Yin thinks more, the card is not Mr. MU, will not be attracted by his INNATE TALENT power.

Some people can attract cards with bright muscles, and some people sing hard to listen, and they can attract cards, cards, and pay more attention to me.

Try a few hours, Lu Yin has never been able to attract cards.

At the same time, someone attracted the card.

that is a child, it seems to be seven or eight years old, pure big eyes look at Void’s card, some Not knowing what to do.

Lu Yin has been taken before, most of the cards are adults, have their own ideas, small Child is not common.

He doesn’t know how this child is changed to the card, it looks like it is, nothing?

floating island, single laughing, really, put the little liu put it in use, this child is his later generation, there is a unique innate talent, in his opinion, it’s possible is this child’s Innate Talent Attract, it is right.

It is followed by someone to the card, but the person will see the card, a face despair.

Call the card, does not mean stronger, and it’s possible weaken, because no one said that the card that has been changed is strong than his original card.

Of course, you can choose nothing.

This person immediately gave up the exchange card, but it also lost the eligibility of the continued exchange.

The opportunity to change the card is only once.

On the third day, Ban Tian is the process of the lost family, and the Ban Tian is the time for the card.

In fact, how long is Already, no longer.

Lu Yin has been used, but it is useless. Some means he doesn’t dare to show. Polar Powerhouse Follow.

Although the lost family is exclusive, it is one of the six-party conference.

looks at the sky, calculates, strength, does not show, wen sansi, Luo Zang and the Others are talking, then, I also talk about it! Where is it?

Lu Yin sits down, looks up, silent, open, the sound is only controlled around the 10 meters, he only said that the ten meters of the ten meters, can the card hear, will it be attracted? , Take out the seven-star Tibetan card: “I lu Yin, the fifth continent lu family young Lord, the framed, lost memory CultiVation Base, became the Ordinary People, starting from scratch, self-embarking on the road of CultiVate, War, Decondition, war Ten Decisions, from Outer Universe, Charming Giant Beast Star Domain, against the Sixth Continent, FOUR WA WA WAY Balance, Heavenly SECT PATH LORD, oath for human benger. “

“Starry Sky Palm, with the power of an inactivated Ancestor Chen, the foot Treading the stars, Death God change, Self Heavenly SECT Age Three Realms and Six Paths, human death god force …”

Lu Yin continues to SAID, then annihilated in ten meters round, but the Haven’t respond.

He said his record has been said, but it is useless.

and far apart, Luo Zang has a card, he is big, can attract cards to him. It is not important to him. He cares that it is concerned that the overall situation is concerned.

he hopes to contact the lost family with this.

However, when he saw the card, he is not good.

One Star era card, the worst of the lost family, without is the worst.

His speechless looks at this card, it seems that it is very exciting to come to his hand, he has helped the impulse of the broken card and walked out floating island.

On the other side, some people are ecstatic, and they have been satisfied with satisfactory cards, and this scene will be recorded by the lost family.

In the past, Lu Yin continued SAID, but the WITHOUT reaction, and the Haven’t card was attracted by him.

he helpless: “Because I don’t understand it? That is to understand you understand.” Next, Lu Yin forcibly said he knows about Ancestor Chen, Death God and the Others said. Once, this is one HOUR in the past, still without.

“Haha Haha, I changed to the card, my ideal is right, my ideal is successful.” Yuan, someone else shouted.

lu yin looks, ideal? Is it ideal for life? This is also?

“It seems that you like to listen to people’s ideals, then talk about ideals.”

lu yin thinks: “My ideal is to lead Heavenly Sect standing on the starry sky, no one dares to commit”

“My ideal is to lead the human beings to defeat the Eternal Clan, never threaten”

“My ideal is to save Ming Yan, happy life.”

“My ideal is to help Lu Family to revenge, slaughter Xiaoyin Shenzun.”

This sentence is out, inexplicable, Lu Yin sees the spatial line distortion, a card is abrupt, and the moment is fleeting.