Star Odyssey Chapter 2774


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After hearing Gui Hou’s words, Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and became interested: “Secrets obtained through the memory of Supreme Ancestor?”

Gui Hou nods, grinning: “I was almost taken over by that old bastard, but also got a memory, a very important memory, which is related to Ancestor Hui, but I can only talk to Brother Seven.” [ 19459002]

Lu Yin eye light Ling.

Mountain Master is alert: “Young Lord.”

Lu Yin waved his hand: “I am not afraid even if Supreme Ancestor is here.”

Gui Hou bitterly: “Seven brother, why do you still doubt me?”

Lu Yin took Gui Hou away from the crowd, came to the mountainside, kicked away: “Let’s talk.”

Gui Hou swept all around, then approached Lu Yin, whispering: “In fact, Supreme Ancestor did not become an ancestor by himself, but Ancestor Hui helped it.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “What did you say? Ancestor Hui, help Supreme Ancestor become an ancestor?”

Gui Hou nods, seriously said: “Supreme Ancestor has the ability to become an ancestor, but there are not many creatures in the universe that have the ability to become an ancestor. How many can really become an ancestor? It is precisely because Ancestor Hui continues to drink Supreme Ancestor Wisdom Root tea, and help it to cultivate, Supreme Ancestor can become an ancestor, and this secret, apart from them, is now only known by the two of us.”

Lu Yin is strange: “Why does Ancestor Hui help Supreme Ancestor?”

Gui Hou looked solemnly: “This is the big secret, the top secret, Brother Seven, before you listen, you have to promise me one thing.”

“No one in Tianlu Ice Phoenix Family can grab you, I said.” Lu Yin said indifferently.

Gui Hou smiled: “Or Seventh Brother understands me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Yes, Brother Seven still remember the human form Origin Treasure? How did Bu Tian tell you?”

Lu Yin eye light flashed: “It is related to the humanoid Origin Treasure?”

When Lu Yin found the humanoid Origin Treasure hidden in Giant Beast Star Domain, Bu Tian told those humanoid Origin Treasures that they are all cultivators. They collected the humanoid Origin Treasure in order to use the inverse source array Language of Interpretation. People who are brought out by the Language of Interpretation will be controlled to increase the strength of the Giant Beast Star Domain.

at first Lu Yin didn’t believe it, then he approached Xiao Shi and investigated with the book of Destiny, only to confirm that the inverse source formation and the source stone work were true, and he no longer doubted anything.

Gui Hou seriously said: “The humanoid Origin Treasure involves the Fourth Continent Path Lord, Desolate God.”

“This is the biggest secret of Fourth Continent, and I don’t know how Ancestor Hui knew it. Desolate God is actually not dead, but he splits his body into countless pieces and gives it to the Starry Sky Giant Beast for safekeeping, and those starry Sky Giant Beasts are all melted In human form, when Fourth Continent was broken, he cultivated the Origin Treasure and transformed himself into a human form Origin Treasure. When the Language of Interpretation comes out one day in the future, he will reorganize Desolate God and bring Desolate God back to the universe.”

Lu Yin Thriller: “Can Desolate God Reproduce?”

Gui Hou nods.

Lu Yin pupils flicker, Desolate God, that is one of the Three Realms and Six Paths in the Heavenly Sect era, and the existence of the same name as the ancient Path Lord and Lu Family Old Ancestor. It is definitely a terrifying powerhouse, far from being comparable to the old monster. Once Desolate God appears, this initial space, including the pattern of the six parties, will change.

Great Heavenly Venerate is very powerful, but he also has opponents, to contain Eternal Clan’s only True God.

What if there is another Desolate God like this enemy here?

Lu Yin has no doubt that Desolate God will take action on humans. For the Star Giant Beast, there is no difference between Eternal Clan and humans.

In the era of Heavenly Sect, Fourth Continent was enslaved by humans, and their hatred of humans was engraved in the bones.

Lu Yin’s voice has changed: “I have checked the book of Destiny, and Bu Tian said everything is correct. Yuanshi Gong needs the Language of Interpretation against the source array, and those who are controlled by the Language of Interpretation will be controlled. Bu Tian collects the humanoid Origin Treasure for this purpose.”

Gui Hou said: “This is the brilliant aspect of Desolate God. He hasn’t actively created something, but instead injects the wild scriptures into the source stone art. The source stone art is true, and the inverse source array is also true. Being controlled is even more true. The only thing that comes out of Language of Interpretation is not people, but Giant Beast of the starry sky. Some of them have mastered the body of Desolate God. Once the Language of Interpretation succeeds and Desolate God comes out, it will be very troublesome. Now.”

“Ancestor Hui helped Supreme Ancestor become an ancestor, the purpose is to prevent Desolate God from appearing, he is impossible to destroy Giant Beast Star Domain, impossible to prevent Giant Beast Star Domain from collecting humanoid Origin Treasure, Supreme Ancestor can.”

“When Supreme Ancestor was alive, he tried his best to prevent the inverse source formation from starting, and left behind. Ancestor Hui also sealed many humanoid Origin Treasures, so until now, Giant Beast Star Domain cannot rely on the inverse source formation language. of Interpretation Humanoid Origin Treasure, the humanoid Origin Treasure they collected is not enough.”

This is the origin and purpose of Ancestor Hui’s seal. The seals are all humanoid Origin Treasures, just to prevent the return of Desolate God.

Lu Yin remembered that Bu Tian said that he had two chances to rely on the Language of Interpretation, but they were both delayed for other reasons.

Then, Bu Tian do they know about this?

Did they lie to themselves with the inverse Array, or were they also cheated?

Lu Yin’s expression is low, they should know that there is a Desolate God statue in the space where the humanoid Origin Treasure is collected. Bu Tian often visits worship and absolutely knows this secret.

I didn’t expect I was deceived after all. If it wasn’t for my own whim to bring out the body of Supreme Ancestor, it was not for Gui Hou who happened to learn about Supreme Ancestor’s memory, which day I couldn’t deal with Eternal Clan, and remembered the Language of Interpretation Humanoid Origin Treasure, That brings out not the power against Eternal Clan, but Desolate God.

Lu Yin looked into the distance, his eye light was profound.

The universe has never been simple, and intelligent creatures are not simpler.

In the Heavenly Sect era, the ignorance of Eternal Clan led to the disgust of the six parties and eventually led to the exile of the Lu Family.

The Heavenly Sect era has enslaved the Giant Beast of the starry sky, and Fourth Continent has become a paradise for mankind, which also led to the starry Giant Beast hostile to mankind.

Desolate God’s rebirth in this way is actually very risky. Even so, it must do so, which represents its determination. Then, once it appears, it is beyond the control of others.

“Seven brothers, those guys in Giant Beast Star Domain are too vicious. I want to resurrect Desolate God without telling you. I can’t bear it, I can’t bear it.” Gui Hou clenched his fist and said angrily.

Lu Yin looked towards it: “Why is Supreme Ancestor willing to help Ancestor Hui?”

Gui Hou said: “Humans also have good and bad people, sect fights, family fights, etc. The same is true for Giant Beast in the starry sky.”

“I don’t know the specific reason. Haven’t got all the memories of Supreme Ancestor, only a small part of the deepest memories, but I think the Old Guy of Supreme Ancestor is also unhappy with Desolate God, and I don’t want to be controlled by Desolate God.”

Lu Yin takes back the eye light, are you unhappy? Supreme Ancestor must have seen the Desolate God statue.

that’s all, these are the affairs of Supreme Ancestor and Ancestor Hui. He already knows what Ancestor Hui sealed, so he can’t open it.

Lu Yin looked towards one direction, I saw Bu Tian who was teaching Xiao Shi Destiny from a long distance, this guy, too many hidden.

“Monkey, are you okay?” Lu Yin asked.

Gui Hou immediately assured: “Seven brothers, haven’t problem, absolutely haven’t problem.”

Lu Yin looked at Gui Hou with a faint smile: “Actually, if you become a Supreme Ancestor, it will help me even more.”

Gui Hou opened his mouth wide and wailed: “Brother Seven, how can you like this and become the Supreme Ancestor? Your Little Monkey is gone, never gone.”

Lu Yin took back the eye light: “Okay, give you a task. From now on, you are responsible for collecting the humanoid Origin Treasure, the entire fifth Continent, including Science and Technology Star Domain and Giant Beast Star Domain, as long as the humanoid Origin Treasure has been collected for me, and the external reason is that I want to use the inverse source array to unblock them.”

Gui Hou blinked: “Unblock?”

Lu Yin looked at Bu Tian’s direction: “Give me stare points and see who is still collecting the humanoid Origin Treasure. Whoever collects it will have problems.”

Gui Hou raised his chest: “Understood, Brother Seven, don’t worry, Little Monkey will definitely not let you down. I want to see which one ate the dog and dare to follow Ben Marquis. No, you dare to grab the humanoid Origin Treasure with Brother Seven. Even Desolate God rebirth has to kneel down as a mount for the seventh brother, when the time comes, the prisoner can retreat to the second line, hahahaha.”

Lu Yin speechless, this guy dared to think more than himself, let Desolate God be a mount? First Ancestor has never done this before.

Suddenly he remembered that he had dreamed back to ancient times and saw a person who was similar to him cheering excitedly jumping on the back of a huge monster. That huge monster should be Motionless Heavenly Emperor Image, and that Motionless Heavenly Emperor Image. It is huge, as if it can support the universe, and it is not comparable to the prisoner.

I don’t know what the strength of the Motionless Heavenly Emperor Image is, or it is simply the size.

If the strength is directly proportional to the size, with that mount, it can scare a bunch of people to death, and it will be no problem to push the Four Way Balance horizontally.

In fact, Lu Yin can leave the customs as Xuan Qi at this time, but there is another thing Wang Wen reminded him to use his identity to walk in the time and space of the three monarchs.

Lu Yin always wanted the Fifth Continent to replace the Three-Sovereign Time and Space and become one of the six parties. He did the same, catching Mr. Mu, confronting Mr. Luo, and walking step by step, but he overlooked one point, that It is his original identity, Lu Yin, who has never done anything in the time and space of the Three Sovereigns. Even if he stirs the wind and the rain with the identity of Xuan Qi, Lu Yin’s identity is too abrupt.

So Lu Yin decided to take a trip to the time and space of the Three Sovereigns.

From the Fifth Continent to the time and space of the Three Monarchs is very simple, just go through the Divine Martial Continent channel.

As the passage opens, apart from makes the three-lords space-time and the Fifth Continent form a confrontation, there is another point, that is to help the three-lords space-time, detox the apart from time.

This is something that Lu Yin didn’t even notice.

The time and space of the Three Monarchs has always been poisoned by time, so that the cultivation of the original time and space cannot be maintained. Everyone can only cultivate the monarchy, but as the passage opens and borders the Fifth Continent, the sword of First Ancestor replaces the three monarchs Time and space wiped out the poison of time.

But even if the poison of time disappears, it doesn’t matter, because no one has cultivated the power of the three-sovereign time and space already.

Kingship is not weak.

Outside the passage, three and a half experts are surrounded by stare, they are ordered by Luoshan to guard the passage, and no cultivator of the beginning space is allowed to come.

On the other side of the passage, there is also the powerhouse of Heavenly Sect guarding, not allowing people from the Three Sovereign Time and Space to come.

The two sides have a tacit understanding of the haven’t anyone coming and going, even if Four Way Balance beats them to help defend the Six-Party Conference, it is through the people of the Three Sovereign Time and Space to tear the void to arrive, instead of passing through this passage.