Star Odyssey Chapter 2775


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On this day, Lu Yin walked through the passage and descended on the time and space of the Three Monarchs.

With his appearance and passages all around, the three-lords time and space cultivator is simultaneously vigilant.

“Who is the newcomer? Three Sovereign Space-time, do not welcome visitors from the beginning space.” Someone shouted.

Lu Yin’s expression was calm, as if he hadn’t heard the same words, he slowly looked towards the south, where was the Rainbow Wall, he noticed Chenle, Star Monarch and Bai Sheng, the breath of Xia Qin, Four Way Balance It is said that it is a defense of the six parties, but in fact, most of them are in the time and space of the three monarchs.

“The comer retreats immediately.” Someone shouted, stare Lu Yin, full of guard, and years of fighting experience made him feel an extraordinary threat, otherwise he would have taken action long ago.

all around, a group of three monarchs time-space cultivator slowly approached, ready to take action at any time.

Lu Yin silhouette suddenly disappeared, without the omen of disappearance, leaving everyone around sluggish.

Immediately afterwards, they immediately contacted Chenle and Star Monarch, the top expert of the beginning space arrived, and sent them the image of Lu Yin.

Chenle complexion changed, Lu Yin? What is he here for?

Star Monarch stands on the rainbow wall, looking at the battlefield fighting Eternal Clan ahead, I always feel that the time and space of the three monarchs is getting more and more fragile.

The three monarchs once joined forces to block Eternal Clan, but at this moment, although the number of extremely powerhouses has increased, they are becoming more and more vulnerable.

Lu Yin? What is he doing here?

“Chen Le, go and see.”

Chen Le would go to see it without Star Monarch’s order. He didn’t know what Lu Yin did when he suddenly came to Three Sovereigns.

is it possible that Want to take action on the three-sovereign time and space while Luo Jun is away? It’s too unwise. Luo Jun went to the endless battlefield because of Great Heavenly Venerate. If you take action on the three monarchs at this moment, doesn’t it mean that you have slapped Great Heavenly Venerate in the face?

He looked ugly and hurried to the north.

Lu Yin moved the space lines and quickly came to the next king Star Domain, followed by the upper king Star Domain. The trace was not hidden, and the terrifying imposing manner swept the starry sky, causing ripples in the space.

Old lady Mu looked up in amazement and saw Lu Yin. This power made her want to kneel down.

Haven’t been maintained by the three monarchs, Lu Yin is like no one in this time and space.

He stepped out and came to the imperial realm. Moheyuan’s half-jun level experts walked out one by one, looking at Lu Yin, the precise old green skin headed by him.

Chenle breakthrough is extremely powerhouse, and Lao Qingpi is the master of Moheyuan.

But at this moment, the master of Moheyuan is sweaty in his palms.

The oppression brought by Lu Yin was too great. At a glance, he knew that he could not stop it at all, and without the need to stop it.

Trifling Moheyuan is not regarded by Lu Yin at all. How is Half-Ancestor different from ants?

Looking around, the emperor domain is still very large.

Lu Yin unscrupulously vented his own strength, treading the Stars empty, shattering void, forming a storm of oppression sweeping the emperor domain, the upper king Star Domain and the lower king Star Domain.

Everyone trembled, even if they couldn’t see it, they felt the imposing manner as powerful as a god.

“Luoshan hasn’t come back yet?” Lu Yin said, and the eye light swept towards the people in the Moheyuan in front. He did not speak, and these people also hadn’t spoken.

Old Qingpi said solemnly: “haven’t.”

“The action is too slow.” Lu Yin disdain.

No one dared to refute, all listened to him quietly.

Lu Yin put his hands behind his back, once again looked around: “This is the time and space of the Three Monarchs? Even the Outer Universe is not comparable to me. It’s too small. No wonder Luoshan wants to take away my space. Unfortunately, he didn’t. That ability.”

“Apart from you, don’t these three monarchs have a decent expert in the time and space? You, life-long hopeless breakthrough Ancestral Realm, are not qualified to talk to me.”

Lao Qingpi and the others clenched a fist: “Dare to ask Path Lord Lu, what is it for you to come here?”

Lu Yin proudly: “I come, do you need a reason?”

Every sentence choked everyone in the Moheyuan, if it weren’t for the strength of Lu Yin, they would have slapped it.

Lu Yin was a demonstration here, declaring his suppression of the time and space of the three monarchs. Luoshan did not come back like this. In the future, when Luoshan comes back, he will still do the same.

At this time, Chen Le came: “Lu Path Lord, what do you want to do in the time and space of my three monarchs?”

The arrival of Chen Le made everyone in Moheyuan simultaneously relieved, and finally came, without them having to deal with it.

Lu Yin turned around and looked towards Chen Le: “Who are you? I heard that the three monarchs are one man and two women.”

Chen Le was full of fierce aura, swept out, dispelling Lu Yin’s power, and let everyone breathe: “My three monarchs have nothing to do with you. I immediately retreat. You are not welcome here.”

Lu Yin sneered: “Luoshan didn’t greet me when he went to my space.”

“That is the matter between you and Luo Jun, retreat immediately, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.” Chen Le took out the bow and arrow, pointed directly at Lu Yin, ready to take action at any time.

He is not weak. Although he has just broken through Ancestral Realm, he is good at killing and has great destructive power. He is also a killing move to Eternal Clan on the battlefield.

The people in the Moheyuan stare Lu Yin coldly, wishing Chen Le take action and destroy this child.

Although this child is extremely powerful, it is not at the extreme powerhouse level after all, and should not be the opponent of Master Chenle.

The reason why he can fight against Lord Luo Jun is because of Heavenly Sect powerhouse, not himself.

Lu Yin disdain: “Do you dare to take action?”

Chen Le was taken aback: “What did you say?”

Lu Yin raised his head: “Do you want to initiate a war between Shikong and the Three Sovereigns? You also want to go to the endless battlefield?”

Chen Le frowned: “It was you who came first to challenge the time and space of my three monarchs.”

Lu Yin sneered: “I just came to see, but you want to do it to me.”

Chen Le narrowed his eyes, wondering what Lu Yin was going to do.

Lu Yin stepped forward to meet Chenle, and the distance from Chenle was directly reduced to 100 meters: “Hold tight, don’t loosen the arrow easily, otherwise, you may not be able to reach Great Heavenly Venerate. Punishment.”

Chen Le’s pupils shrank sharply: “You threaten me.”

At this moment, Lu Yin feels very strange to him. Is the person working with him this person? Why this person doesn’t seem to know him at all? I really want to do the same.

“Try it? As soon as you let go of your hand, I will let that arm completely abolish.” Lu Yin’s tone was cold, with arrogance, arrogance, and domineering.

Chen Le gritted his teeth, this person threatened him in front of so many people and prevented him from coming to Taiwan. Why on earth? He obviously cooperated with him.

The starry sky is silent, everyone is watching.

Lu Yin is too mad, completely ignoring the powerhouse.

Where does his confidence come from? He was directly exposed under Chen Le’s arrow.

Lao Qingpi and the others raised their hearts, Ming Chenle was right in front of them, it was a powerhouse, and Lu Yin was obviously not a powerhouse, but it gave them a feeling of facing giants, even the Chenle at this moment Can’t reassure them.

Lu Yin didn’t do anything, and the imposing manner was completely restrained, but that was it, and the three monarchs couldn’t breathe in time and space.

Chenle didn’t say a word, and stare Lu Yin died, with confusion and coldness deep in his pupils, as well as a murderous intention that is not easy to detect.

At this time, a silhouette walked out of void and came to Lu Yin not far away. Lu Yin saw that it was Star Monarch.

Everyone in Moheyuan was overjoyed: “pays respects to Star Monarch.”

“pays respects to Star Monarch…”

Chen Le breathed a sigh of relief: “Star Monarch senior.”

Star Monarch walked out of void calmly, facing Lu Yin: “Come here, what do you do?”

Lu Yin saw Star Monarch again. It was not the first time he saw this woman, the first time he was in the identity of Xuan Qi, and now he is in his own identity.

Star Monarch still feels the same for him.

Star River is like a mirror, and makeup is better than red makeup!

This woman gave him the feeling of quenching his thirst, calm, too calm, like haven’t mood swings.

“Wander around.” Lu Yin is welcome.

Star Monarch looked towards Chen Le: “Guard the rainbow wall.”

Chen Le clicked on nods, stared at Lu Yin, and left.

Star Monarch looked towards everyone in the Moheyuan: “Retreat.”

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief, and they didn’t want to be here either. This Lu Yin is too weird. It is obviously not a powerhouse, but he is more overbearing than a powerhouse. Where is his confidence? The more such a person is, the more unprovoked it is.

Everyone retired, only Lu Yin and Star Monarch were left in the starry sky.

Star Monarch is still so calm, Lu Yin’s domineering, arrogant, without use in front of her, like a punch on cotton.

“Why are you here?”

Lu Yin carried his hands on his back: “Say it, go shopping.”

“I will show you around.” Star Monarch said indifferently.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “Okay.”

Speaking of visiting, it’s really visiting.

Star Monarch haven’t hostility, Lu Yin can’t show hostility in the time and space of the three monarchs. Haven’t enemy, where is the hostility?

Even if Lu Yin tries to provoke Star Monarch, speaks ill of Luo Jun, or even speaks wildly that he wants to kill Luo Jun, Star Monarch doesn’t care at all, leaving Lu Yin powerless.

This woman is really as Chenle said, only caring about her time and space.

However, in this Yingxing time and space, he still can’t say, saying that will reveal his identity.

Led by Star Monarch, Lu Yin forcibly visited many places in the time and space of the Three Monarchs, even some places that were not open to the public.

“I heard that you are Luoshan’s wife. He has two wives. As Ancestral Realm powerhouse, how can you share Luoshan with others?” Lu Yin asked.

Star Monarch is plain: “Get used to it.”

“You don’t have a child?”

“No need.”

“What if you die? No descendants.”

“dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth .”

“There is nothing to worry about? Luoshan is in the endless battlefield, it is too dangerous, I almost died there.”

“It’s all fate.”

Lu Yin pursed her lips, this woman really hasn’t emotions?

“Where is that place?” Lu Yin asked, pointing to Qianmian.

“Stone Tower.”


“You can say so.”


The stone building is very important in the imperial realm. There is an old woman guarded by a half-jun level, and the list of entering the stone building must also be determined by the three monarchs.

It was troublesome for Lu Yin to enter the stone building as Xuan Qi, but Chen Le came forward. Now, he needs to enter the stone building, and the information he got from the stone building helps Gu Yue get revenge, even though he already knew Gu Yue His enmity comes from Scouting Realm, from the old man, but Lu Yin’s identity should not be known, and a way is needed.

The old woman stood outside the stone building, saw Star Monarch bringing Lu Yin, and hurriedly bowed down and saluted: “pays respects to Star Monarch.”

Lu Yin doesn’t even look at the old woman, enters directly.

The old woman dare not move.

Star Monarch accompanies Lu Yin into the stone building. There is really no place to stop Lu Yin in the time and space of these three monarchs.