Star Odyssey Chapter 2776


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Soon after, Lu Yin successfully found Gu Yue’s information and walked out with a gloomy expression. Domain swept the emperor domain and found the old man.

The old man was arrested by his Xuan Qi as a spy suspect, but there has been no time to deal with it. Now, it’s time to solve it.

Since Xuan Qi left the three-sovereign time and space, the old man has relaxed. He knows that as long as Xuan Qi haven’t determined that he is a spy, he will eventually be released. Once he is familiar with Gu Yue, it will be useful to Lord Luo Jun. , Secondly, there are people behind him.

As long as it’s not spy, I’m fine.

So the old man had a good time during this period, until he was picked out by Lu Yin as a Domain and hit the ground severely.

Star Monarch haven’t stop it. As long as Lu Yin is not too much, she will not stop it to prevent it from causing a fight, which makes Great Heavenly Venerate unhappy.

Luoshan has already been punished to the boundless battlefield. She, or Chenle, can’t go anymore, otherwise the time and space of the Three Sovereigns will be over.

Lu Yin didn’t care, he could get out of the boundless battlefield so quickly, he made everyone jealous.

The old man crawled out from the ground, his whole skeleton was broken, and he looked up with difficulty, looking towards all around at a loss, who would take action to him?

It’s not far from Moheyuan, Lao Qingpi and the others hurried over when they heard the movement, and saw Lu Yin as soon as he came, secretly thought unlucky.

The old man saw Star Monarch and knelt down to the ground with the pain: “pays respects to Star Monarch.”

Star Monarch is calm.

Lu Yin walked in front of the old man, he looked at the person who suddenly appeared in front of him, and was very disturbed: “This adult is?”

Lu Yin looked down at the old man: “Gu Yue, no stranger.”

The old man was at a loss. It stands to reason that in these three monarchs’ time and space, it should be no problem to mention Gu Yue, but he was just recently dragged out and smashed to the ground. It was obvious that something went wrong.

“No, no stranger.” The old man replied subconsciously.

Lu Yin looked at him: “I come from the time and space of Gu Yue.”

Uncle’s expression changed drastically, looking towards Star Monarch: “My lord, this, this.”

He didn’t understand, since it was in the time and space of Gu Yue, why didn’t he be arrested, the people in that time and space should be demihumans when they appeared in the time and space of the three monarchs, just like the ancestors of Gu Yue were enslaved by him.

Behind Lao Qingpi, a man looks pale. His name is Banbian Hong. He is the Guardian of the exploration world and the person behind the old man.

At the time, he was also involved in the Gu Yue incident. It was he who indulged his uncle to do it so that he could take credit for Luo Jun. He also supported the exploration of the world for so many years.

At this moment, he feels that disaster is imminent.

“Gu Yue, is my respected senior. You killed him and enslaved his descendants. What do you think I should do to you?” Lu Yin slowly spoke, and his voice came into his ears, making him almost stop breathing.

This is the reason why this person took action against him.

Why like this? Obviously the time and space should be enslaved, and the people in that time and space should be sub-humans, right, why?

Uncle suddenly looked towards Half Red: “My lord, save me my lord, Gu Yue.”

“Shut up.” Half of the red trembled, and hurriedly interrupted the uncle’s words.

Lu Yin looked towards Banbian Hong, he knew at the beginning that there was a Banjun cultivator behind the exploration world, but at that time he didn’t have time to deal with it because the time and space of the three monarchs had to open the channel, and it was not very good to be Xuanqi Treatment, now, happens to be solved together.

Banbian Hong stared at Lu Yin, as if seeing a sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain, his face changed drastically, and he rushed to Star Monarch subconsciously. This was the reaction of his half-jun cultivator, fighting for many years, only Star Monarch Can protect him, this person, we must take action on him.

It’s a pity it’s still too late.

Void shook, half of the red stepped out, but the space was disordered, appeared in front of Lu Yin’s eyes, the body collapsed because of the disordered space, the whole person knelt on the ground, spit out blood, impossible to move even a little bit.

Star Monarch raised his eyes: “It’s too much.”

Lu Yin put his hand on half of the red shoulder: “Guyue’s revenge must be reported.”

“Explore, it is the time and space of the Three Monarchs who specialize in discovering other parallel time and space that are close and enslaved. I think Star Monarch senior is not that kind of person. Why do you tolerate the existence of such a disgusting place?”

Star Monarch eye light flashed, of course she hated the realm of exploration. For Yingxing Time and Space, she was willing to be Luoshan’s wife on the surface and staying in the Three Monarchs for countless years. All this was for Yingxing Time and Space, she To protect one’s hometown, the more such a person, the more disgusted the exploration.

However, Luoshan is allowed to exist in the exploration world, she can’t help it, and doesn’t want to intervene.

“Star Monarch senior, whether you allow it or not, I will take these two people away, as well as the descendants of Gu Yue senior. If you don’t agree, you can do the three monarchs Time and Space Strength to stop me, agree. I, Lu Yin, accept your favor.”

Everyone in Moheyuan looked at the horror of the red half, and they were silent.

At this time, if Star Monarch agrees, it will lose heart, but does Star Monarch need people’s heart? What she asked was to protect Yingxing Time and Space. As for the time and space of Three Monarchs, that was the responsibility of Luoshan and Mu Jun.

She looked at Lu Yin with her back to her, so confident that even though this person is not a very powerhouse, she can’t fathom.

A favor is of infinite value.

Star Monarch haven’t speak, Lu Yin understood, and took the old man, half red and the descendants of the ancient moon, moved towards the passage.

This day is depressing for Moheyuan. Although half of the red is bad and others don’t like it, it is also a person from Moheyuan, a person from the Three-Sovereign Time and Space, who was taken away by Lu Yin in this way.

Obviously the time and space of the three monarchs invaded the beginning space, how did it become like this?

Lu Yin, alone, suppressed the entire time and space of the three monarchs. Is this still one of the six parties?

What is the significance of establishing Moheyuan?

The descendants of Gu Yue, the servant who waited on the expedition and hid his child didn’t expect that he would be rescued one day. At the beginning, Lu Yin only arrested the old man with the identity of Xuan Qi. The servant is not helpful.

Only now is it a relief for him.

“Hate Gu Yue?” Lu Yin asked suddenly.

Apart from that servant, and dozens of others were taken by Lu Yin, all descendants of Gu Yue, and all are servants.

“Don’t hate.” The servant replied.

Lu Yin glanced at him, how could this person not hate him? How can these people not hate?

Although Gu Yue is their ancestor, but this ancestor allowed them to serve as slave for a lifetime, and from generation to generation, how can they not hate it?

But leave these to Heavenly Master Gu Yan, including the old man and the half red.

Coming to the outside of the passage, the time and space cultivator of the three monarchs who guarded the passage saw Lu Yin, and they held their breath one by one, not daring to move, and let Lu Yin leave.

At the moment when Lu Yin was about to leave, he suddenly stopped, threw a group of people at Divine Martial Continent, gave an order, moved towards the rainbow wall by himself, and an acquaintance greeted him.

Outside the rainbow wall, Ancestral Realm Corpse King shook the sky, punched out, and smashed Chenle arrows head-on.

Bai Sheng held the Celestial Cudgel and smashed it out, Ancestral Realm Corpse King raised his head, sent a roar, punched once again, and slammed Bai Sheng back. He almost couldn’t hold the Celestial Cudgel. Bai Sheng raised his eyes and saw It was a red pupil change. This Corpse King gave him an unshakable feeling. It was a monster.

“Corpse King Transformation is really powerful.” Bai Sheng is solemn. A Corpse King Transformation Ancestral Realm Corpse King is not so easy to deal with. Chenle’s arrow technique and his Shengtian stick can not cause harm.

A sweet smile came from a distance: “little girl, you are not my opponent, go home.”

The voice comes from Forgotten Ruins God, and her opponents are Xia Qin and Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor.

The two teamed up on the verge of collapse under Nine Wolves Devour the Sky.

“Death.” Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor raised his arms, Aura of Death formed a guillotine, the sky was a guillotine, and Aura of Death was a knife, cut.

Forgotten Ruins God sneered, the wolf opened its mouth and swallowed it in one bite.

Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor is shocked, stepping back step by step, Seven Heavenly Gods, each of them is so powerful that they are abnormal.

“Wang Fan, your avatar is not my opponent.” Forgotten Ruins God said with a smile, eye light past Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor and Xia Qin, and saw Lu Yin who came to the rainbow wall, eye light one Liang: “Hehe, see who’s here, little Lu Yin, are you well these days?”

Lu Yin stood on the rainbow wall, looking at the Forgotten Ruins God in the distance, his eye light was unprecedented solemn.

Forgotten Ruins God greeted him.

Once, he knew that Seven Heavenly Gods was powerful and difficult, but the slippers almost slapped Undying God to death, let him breathe a sigh of relief at that moment, Seven Heavenly Gods was not impossible to fight against.

It wasn’t until the battle with Old Monster Mo in the endless battlefield that he didn’t understand how ruthless the powerhouse that touched the level of sequence particles was.

He also figured out why each of the Seven Heavenly Gods made the six parties, making Four Way Balance jealous.

As for Undying God, he was unable to take action because he was trapped by Ancestral Weed. His power to touch the sequence particles must be restrained by something. Otherwise, let alone shooting with slippers, even if he gave himself ten slippers. use.

This is Seven Heavenly Gods.

In the universe, how many people really understand the terrifying of Seven Heavenly Gods?

“Yo, what kind of look is this?” Forgotten Ruins God smiled and stared at Lu Yin, revealing a beautiful face. The ghostly flowers on his face looked at Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor, all of whom were short of breath, something unstoppable Charm, limpid autumn water, bright eyes, beautiful and alluring cannot Fang Wu: “Little Lu Yin, are you afraid of me?”

The Star Wars have all stalled, and with the words of Forgotten Ruins God, a strange and cold, unpredictable but terrifying breath spreads.

I don’t know where this kind of aura comes from or how it appears. It was the moment when the last two words appeared, I was suddenly surprised by everyone, whether it was an ordinary cultivator or Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor, Chen Le, Bai Sheng, etc. Ancestral Realm powerhouse, unconsciously looked towards Forgotten Ruins God.

They were talking with a smile, but the Forgotten Ruins God at the moment gave them a sense of strangeness.

Unfamiliar? Just kidding!

Bai Sheng looks more serious than ever. He hasn’t played against Forgotten Ruins God in Domination Boundary, Seven Heavenly Gods, apart from the most mysterious Without White God, which one hasn’t appeared in Domination Boundary? You should be no stranger to Forgotten Ruins God, but why? At this moment, Forgotten Ruins God seemed to appear for the first time, revealing an aura that Bai Sheng had never felt before.

Xia Qin, Ghost Deep Pool Old Ancestor also feel this way.

Suddenly they felt as if it was the first time they saw Forgotten Ruins God.

Lu Yin and Forgotten Ruins God looked at each other. Under her eye light, the pressure was so great that ordinary people could not imagine it, not just the eye light of Forgotten Ruins God.


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