Star Odyssey Chapter 2863


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“It seems that we are going to be the deceased in the Great Heavenly Venerate tea party.” Hugh smiled bitterly.

Ahead, Corpse King suddenly rushed.

Mu Tao gritted his teeth: “No matter what, let’s deal with it first, even if you die, you have to hold them for a while, I hope there will be a breakthrough in the battle over there.”

tone barely fell, the two simultaneously looked towards one direction.

And the Corpse King who had rushed towards them also looked.

I saw in the distance, an incomparable gigantic flat bottle gourd rushed over and slammed into the Corpse King.

If it’s just a flat bottle gourd, it’s that’s all. Bottle gourd is full of time and space, and Giant Beast appears in the starry sky. Basically, it’s a flat bottle gourd.

What caught their attention was that there were several bottle gourds on the flat bottle gourd, and one of the bottle gourd saw their eyelids jump.

It was a dark purple bottle gourd, brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

Mu Tao, who has been fighting for many years in the time and space of the bottle gourd, can see at a glance the power of the bottle gourd, the kind of bottle gourd, which he has only seen in the absolute top powerhouses of the three statues and parallel time and space, such as their wood time and space Woodcut, Mr. Da Heng, the five flavors of virtual time and space.

Which powerhouse is this?

The bottle gourd ran into the Corpse King, and the prison guru opened his mouth and roared.

Hugh and Mu Tao saw the person who came: “Lord Land?”

Fiercely ran into Corpse King, but Corpse King did not flinch, and ran into it as well.

There was a bang.

Void bursts, the collision of bottle gourd and bottle gourd produces huge force and tears void.

The prisoner’s physical body is so powerful that even Forgotten Ruins God has boasted. At the tea party, even though the prisoner was quite awkward, Lu Yin threw it at Corpse God, and it did collide with the Corpse King. It’s all right, don’t mention the Corpse King in front of you.

Although the prisoner is stupid, he is sensitive to crisis.

Corpse God, it never dared to approach, but as long as it dared to approach, it would not be ashamed.

The baring fangs and brandishing claws of the prison scorpion, and ran into the Corpse King once again.

Corpse King eye light is fierce, but also ran into it.




After several collisions, the prisoner shook his head and continued.

Lu Yin frowned: “There is no time to delay.” Said, jumped down, the Inner World was released, and the lines merged directly into the bottle gourd. Lu Yin raised his hand and pressed it on the bottle gourd, palm. War Spirit of Immortal Realm , Imprisoned-fifty punches, hit.

With a loud bang, the Corpse King bottle gourd cracked.

Lu Yin used all his strength sufficient to fight against the True God Guard Captain in mid-game. Now he does not need to use all his strength to overcome the Corpse King in front of him.

Although this Corpse King has red pupils to transform into physical body power, it is too far behind the continuous plate and can’t stop Lu Yin at all.

The prisoner once again knocked out.

Bottle gourd shattered, Corpse King tore void and wanted to escape, Lu Yin just about to take action, was stopped by Chief Elder Sister: “No need.”

Corpse King half of his body rushed into the torn void, and he was about to leave. The body suddenly cracked, cracked, and the same as the crack of the bottle gourd, and finally half of the body turned into blood, only half of the body Flush into the void crack.

That half of the body is dead.

Lu Yin eyes shrank, this is the rule set by the gourd in this space and time. Once the bottle gourd is broken, the creature inside, the same, is broken.

Rules, can you still play like this?

The prisoner stared at the female Corpse King, and the female Corpse King hurriedly escaped.

Lu Yin boarded the prison fire, and directed the prison fire to rush out in front of Hugh and the peach nods.

The speed of the prisoner is faster than the female Corpse King. With a whistle and impact, the bottle gourd of the female Corpse King is far away haven’t just recently. The Corpse King is strong and smashed directly. The prisoner rushes with unmatched momentum. Next time and space.

In place, Hugh and Mutao have not yet spirit slowly recovered from the shock.

“Is this over?”

“It’s over, we don’t have to die.”

“The power of Shikong, I saw it above the tea party, and now, I saw it again.”

“The six parties are going to change the sky.”

Without distance, the Bodhisattva received information soon, and the time and space crisis of bottle gourd was lifted.

She exhales, it will not take long for Shiji Space to join the Six Sides, and happened that many things before, so that they did not get in touch with the Hexagon. Otherwise, once Shiji Space’s many powerhouses join the battlefield, the battle will not like this.

After the Great Heavenly Venerate decisive battle, must let the beginning space send enough powerhouses to participate in the endless battlefield to reduce the pressure.

The bottle gourd time and space where her stare Lu Yin is located, from the time and space of Sunland to the time and space of Sebring and then to the time and space of bottle gourd, the landlord’s entire group definitely advances purposefully. If the next time and space is Le time and space, then the next one. Very it’s possible is the time and space of God of Corruption.

Where is his destination?

The information of Shaoyin God in the Time and Space of Rotten God was not received by Wujia. Eternal Clan impossible told Wujia that Yixing did not want the six parties to intervene. They regarded the Time and Space of Rotten God as their private domain, which was also theirs. One of the reasons for not seeking help from the Six-Party.

Yixing belongs to Bijong, it is a powerhouse outside of the six parties. Like the thunder master, they do not need to obey the arrangements of the six parties. To a certain extent, they have their own ideas.

The prisoner passes through the bottle gourd time and space to reach Le time and space.

Immediately after that, the next one is-Rotten God Time and Space.

There is a bizarre parallel time and space in the endless battlefield, called the God of Corruption.

In this space-time haven’t humans, haven’t starry sky Giant Beast, there is only one kind of creature, that is, the god of rotten. With eyes as the carrier, various kinds of gods of rotten have been produced, which is very strange.

These rotten gods have spirituality, their own habits of life, and various innate talents.

One of the most noteworthy is the god of space corruption, even the ordinary Ancestral Realm powerhouse is hard to touch.

And the God of Corruption is not discovered by the six parties, but it is brought about by Yixing. Because of the need to trade with the six parties, Yixing takes the God of Corruption as its sincerity and drags the God of Corruption into the boundless battlefield, gaining a relationship with the six parties. Eligibility to trade.

Because of the existence of the easy branch, the time and space of the god of corruption is not the most fierce time and space of the endless battlefield, but it also attracts Eternal Clan from time to time because the role of the gods of corruption is too great.

Even the most basic tentacled god of corruption can give birth to Ancestral Realm for use by Eternal Clan.

However, Eternal Clan did not take too much action on the God of Corruption because of his fear of Pyong.

However, in recent years, Bijung has been in retreat. There are rumors outside that Bijung is already dead, and Eternal Clan took more and more frequent actions against the god of corruption, until the god Shaoyin betrayed and exposed the identity of spy. , Under his leadership, Eternal Clan completely let go, and directly drove away Yixing, occupying the time and space of the god of corruption.

Because the Time and Space of the God of Corruption is easily brought, the Six Parties have not established an intelligence gathering place here, so the Six Parties are not clear about what happens here.

In a certain corner of the time and space of the god of corruption, there is an easy branch. It is a tower-shaped building surrounded by many spaces of the god of corruption, making this tower-like building appear and disappear from time to time.

Inside the tower, Bitten, Bilan, Nalan fairy, etc., a group of easy people looked outside. They have been here for a while. Outside, the god Shaoyin already controlled most of the time and space of the corrupt gods. They want to walk easily, Nalan fairies can come and go freely, they have left traces in this time and space, but as long as they are driven away, the God of Rotten Time and Space will be reduced to the Eternal Clan area.

And these space rotten gods have nothing to do with them.

“When will the people of Heavenly Sect arrive?” Bitten stood by the window looking towards the distance, browsing tightly frowns.

side of the body, Bilan looked towards Nalan Fairy.

The fairy Nalan replied: “Already on the road.”

Bitten narrowed his eyes: “Eternal Clan is not easy to deal with, but we can only ask for help from Heavenly Sect. There is no time for the avatar on the side of the thunder master. The masters of the parallel time and space of the six parties are in a decisive battle. This opportunity takes action for us, which is hateful.”

Bilan said: “If Master Birong leaves the customs, you can slap them to death.”

“Master Bi Teng, how about contacting Master Bi Jong again?” someone suggested.

Others are also looking forward to watching Bitten.

The foundation for Yixing to really walk in the Six Directions is Birong, which is an absolute powerhouse. Even in the face of Great Heavenly Venerate, everyone talks and laughs, Eternal Clan is also precisely afraid of Birong, and only then hasn’t taken the time and space of the god of corruption. action, only occasionally.

As long as Bi Rong appeared, no Shaoyin god would dare to appear at all.

Bitten reluctantly: “The master is closed, difficult to contact, and”

He looked towards everyone, the eye light was hot: “The master has already walked to the top of human beings. Once the retreat is successful, perhaps he can take a step in the legend and surpass everyone. At that time, Eternal Clan was not afraid. Now the master There is his reason for not going out.

Others haven’t been as fanatical as Bitten. After hearing this kind of words, they will certainly imagine the future, at first, Yixing surpasses everyone, and even surpasses Liufang with Eternal Clan, but with Over time, they have lost their passion.

Eternal Clan’s unscrupulous take action on the God of Corruption. Doesn’t it explain the problem? Lord Bi Rong, maybe something really happened.

Not long after Nalan joined the fairy, she has no sense of belonging to Yixing. She only worries about Lu Yin. There are many powerful enemies outside Eternal Clan.

Outside the Yixing branch is a space rot god walking in a circle, and on the periphery is the Eternal Clan Corpse King.

Numerous Eternal Clan Corpse Kings surrounded the Yixing branch, and Shaoyin Shenzun was in the distance. There were four Ancestral Realm beside him, two ordinary Ancestral Realm Corpse Kings, one was the True God Guard Captain Tachibana, that is, the woman who played against Mu Xie in the beginning space, another black robe covered her body, her face was invisible.

“How long will it take?” Shaoyin Shenzun asked.

Tachibana was cold: “It’s not long. What really hides the Yixing branch is the rotten god on the top of the tower. I’m trying to compress it. It won’t last long.”

“Bi Rong is really dead?” The black robed man made a deep voice.

Shaoyin Shenzun carried his hands on his back: “It should be.”

black robed man said solemnly: “Although I have never seen Bijong, I have heard the legend of this man. If he does not die, you and I will both die. We can’t stop him.”

“Bi Jung can fight Seven Heavenly Gods. When it was easy to appear, Corpse God has fought Bi Jung many times, regardless of victory or defeat.” Tachibana said.

The black robed man’s tone was even lower: “That’s also a monster.”

Suddenly, several people looked towards one direction, and they felt an extraordinary breath, Ancestral Realm power.

Shaoyin God and the others changed their expressions. At this time, Ancestral Realm impossible appeared to help them. The only possibility was to ask for help easily. But at this time, who can I ask for help?

Inside the tower, Bitten also looked towards the distance, overjoyed: “It’s coming.”

Everyone looked in that direction.