Star Odyssey Chapter 2864


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With a sharp roar, the prisoner appeared instantly.

Shaoyin Shenzun’s pupils shrank sharply, gritted his teeth and shouted in a low voice: “Lu-Yin.”

Juji, black robed man are all stare far away, when the prisoner appears, Lu Yin and the others naturally appear in their eyes.

They didn’t expect Yixing to ask Heavenly Sect for help. What is their relationship with Heavenly Sect?

On the back of the prison flood, Lu Yin also saw the Shaoyin god and the others, and raised his head: “Sister, you can’t let go of any of them, kill them.”

haven’t nonsense, the prison fire violently rushes toward the Shaoyin god and the others, making a fierce roar.

Chief Elder Sister waved his hand and the Nether Flower bloomed. At the same time, the Power of Netherworld formed a shock hammer fiercely and fell, including sequence particles. This is the battlefield, the life and death battle.

Leng Qing raised his long knife and chopped it away.

Chen Le shot an arrow.

Old Chen transforms into Three Suns Ancestor’s aura, snow ruthless and frozen starry sky.

Lu Yin releases the infinite Inner World, the lines continue to merge, Motionless Heavenly Emperor Image roars out, the power of terror erupts, and raises his right fist: “Shaoyin God, you and my grievances, it’s time to end.” [19459002 ]

In the distance, Shaoyin Shenzun was extremely angry: “Lu Family son, you are courting death.” His power of the Moon is boiling, but far away, he hasn’t lost the terrifying sequence rules at the tea party. Deprived of the power of Great Heavenly Venerate.

Beside, two Ancestral Realm Corpse King simultaneously cast Corpse King Transformation.

The black robed man couldn’t see the look, but he took a step back.

Tachibana stepped forward: “You can’t fight it hard.”

As the voice fell, the Divine Force surged out inside the body, turning into a red sun and pushing it across to the prisoner.

The sun transformed by Divine Force collided with Lu Yin and the others, directly blocking the sequence rules of Chief Elder Sister, making Chief Elder Sister extremely afraid: “Be careful, don’t bump into Divine Force, this force is extremely strong. “

Without Chief Elder Sister’s reminder, the prisoner was the first to shrink his body. It was keenly aware of the horror of Divine Force, which was not a force it was willing to touch.

Leng Qing, Chen Le and Old Chen are all avoid.

Lu Yin can avoid avoiding, and even absorb Divine Force, but at the moment it has to avoid, otherwise it will be unclear.

The Divine Force sun scattered the people, and the orange counted a finger pointed, and the Divine Force sun suddenly turned into a plane, moving towards all directions, spreading, covering the sky in a flash, and falling red rays of light.

The method she uses in Divine Force is different from the one in a thousand faces, and it is even more bizarre.

“Can’t beat it, retreat.” Orange Ji drank low.

Shaoyin God is unwilling: “I want to kill Lu Family son.”

Tachibana stared at him: “It’s not an opponent, there is a super expert on the opposite side.”

black robed man without the slightest hesitation tearing void to escape.

They only cared about Lu Yin and the others in the distance, but forgot to do it easily.

The black robed man wanted to escape. The space that had originally enveloped the easy-going branch was rotted and forcibly filled with the torn void. As a result, the black robed man could not find a direction to leave.

At this moment, Chief Elder Sister descended: “A group of rats.”

The shaking hammer fell fiercely.

Few people had no choice but to retreat.

Only many Corpse Kings were crushed in the same place.

The two Ancestral Realm Corpse Kings all displayed the red pupil change, roaring towards Leng Qing and Old Chen.

Chief Elder Sister focused on Juji. At this moment, only Juji is the most threatening. Shaoyin God is deprived of his power. His strength has fallen too many. He is Lu Yin’s opponent.

Lu Yin wants to solve him by himself.

Chenle’s arrow aimed at the black robed man.

God of Rotten Time and Space has never experienced so many Ancestral Realm powerhouse melees.

Inside the tower, Bitten’s eyes are fanatical, this Lu Yin has what skills and abilities, please move him, so please move so many powerhouses, this is only part, not the two monsters of Lu Family, if the whole When Space Power moved here, even Seven Heavenly Gods can retreat safely.

How did this child do it?

The time and space of the god of corruption is full of various gods of corruption.

A strange-shaped rotten god was swept away by the aftermath of a powerful battle. Two sights passed through the rotten god, one is full of spite, and the other is full of killing intent.

“Lu Family, I will kill you.” Shaoyin God Venerable gritted his teeth and growled.

Lu Yin sneered: “Let me see you who were deprived of power by Great Heavenly Venerate, why kill me?”

One step out, Lu Yin raised his palm and shot out, the simple and pure Empty Bright Palm, which has both strength and speed.

Shaoyin Shenzun was hit by a palm, spit blood flying upside down.

Lu Yin flipped the space line and appeared directly not far from Shaoyin God: “Show me why you kill me.”

Another palm came, Shaoyin deity was beaten up and coughed up blood, Power of the Moon hadn’t room for resistance at all, he lost the sequence rules to face Lu Yin and ordinary Ancestral Realm is no different, even haven’ t The power of ordinary Ancestral Realm, his Ancestral Realm power is taken away by Great Heavenly Venerate.

At this moment, he is not even the first opponent.

Just when Lu Yin once again fell a palm, Shaoyin God Venerable suddenly appeared in hot and dazzling power, shining in the time and space of the Corrupt God, bringing a powerful Ancestral Realm power.

Lu Yin complexion changed, is this?

Shaoyin Shenzun waved his hand, and the hot power whistled past swept towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin puzzled: “This is supreme strength of yang. You raise supreme strength of yang with Power of the Moon. Why is the power of the Moon deprived and supreme strength of yang becomes Ancestral Realm?”

The corner of Shaoyin’s mouth was bloody, and he sneered: “It’s so easy to be deprived of strength, why should I become a spy?”

“In Eternal Clan, my status is not inferior to True God Guard Captain. They have some, I have them, and they have haven’t, I also have, Lu Family, let you see what it means to raise the opposite. “

The hot power incineration the starry sky.

Lu Yin Heavenly Eye opened, and I saw sequence particles. It was completely different from the corrupt Heavenly Law before Shaoyin God, impossible. He actually cultivated two sequence rules? Even Chief Elder Sister is haven’t, impossible.

The purpose of his coming to the God of Corruption is to rebuild the Corrupt Heavenly Law, so what’s the matter with this force?

In the distance, Chief Elder Sister saw: “Not good.”

She was going to help Lu Yin immediately.

Tachibana’s single palm is pressed down, and the red glow coming from the Divine Force continues to turn into a plane to block Chief Elder Sister, but it is not easy to stop Chief Elder Sister.

With the blooming of Minghua, paving the way for moving towards Lu Yin.

At the same time, another road appeared, it was Old Chen’s quiet path. He also saw Lu Yin facing the changed Shaoyin god, and wanted to take Lu Yin away.

Lu Yin shouted: “I will continue to deal with him.”

Old Chen hesitated.

Chief Elder Sister frowned: “That person is not right.”

Lu Yin saw that although Shaoyin Shenzun did implement the supreme strength of yang sequence rule, this sequence rule gave him a sense of semifinished product, which is far from the threat of rot Heavenly Law to him. , Seems to be hovering between sequential rules and non-sequential rules.

What is going on?

The hot supreme strength of yang swept past.

Facing this semifinished product sequence rule, Lu Yin didn’t need to resist with the Symboless Heavenly Book at all, and directly resisted.

At the beginning of the Half-Ancestor Origin Tribulation, the Fleshy body was used to resist thunder sequence particles, not to mention the semifinished product sequence particles.

He wanted to see the Shaoyin god, clearly deprived of power, but displayed the completely opposite power.

Wait, Lu Yin divine light flashed in his mind, recalling the scenes he saw in the realm of Lunar.

Lunar, sun, underground, ground, yin eclipse, he resisted supreme strength of yang while taking action on Shaoyin deity.

The Shaoyin Divine Venerable was slapped several times by him, not to mention that Lu Yin could hold the supreme strength of yang sequence particles, even if it could not hold it, the Shaoyin Divine Venerable would only collapse earlier than him.

Both of them are resisting each other’s strength, but Shaoyin God Venerable obviously can’t hold it anymore.

“I understand.” Lu Yin stare Shaoyin: “Your Power of the Moon on the surface is fake. In fact, what you cultivate is the two powers of Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang, but externally you use Power of the Moon. Of the Moon, Great Heavenly Venerate grants you three powers, and it is also based on Power of the Moon. You don’t care about being deprived of Power of the Moon. With supreme strength of yang, you can rebuild Power of the Moon, Yin and Yang. Melt together and complete the real sequence rules.”

In the distance, Chief Elder Sister heard it and was surprised: “Yin and yang blend together? This is also the same way.”

Juji’s face was solemn. I don’t know when she was injured. The woman in front of her was terrifying. She used Divine Force at first. If haven’t Divine Force, she is already dead at this moment.

Shaoyin Shenzun praised: “As expected of the Lu Family son, I re-cultivated in a short time and reached the height that everyone looks up to. Since I guessed it, I might as well tell you.”

“My innate talent is positive and negative, the positive is the lunar, the negative is the sun. In the six parties, I use the negative to nourish the positive and the sun to nourish the lunar. Everyone thinks this is a cultivating method, and it is also me. I temper the method of dísciple, but I don’t know what I really cultivate is to raise the negative, use the lunar yin, and raise the sun.”

“What if Power of the Moon is deprived? I can rebuild Power of the Moon in the shortest possible time, step into the road of yin and yang, and realize the rule of pros and cons. When the time comes, even if I win Heavenly Venerate Not my opponent.”

“Lu Family, what do you know? Can you keep me?”

After that, the surging Divine Force surging from the same as Tachibana, merged with Tachibana’s Divine Force, forming a terrifying force covering the entire time and space of the Corrupt God.

Bitten and the others looked up at the red glow, with horrified in their eyes. This is the power of the only True God. Facing this power, everyone is an ant.

Chief Elder Sister complexion pale, the only True God, that is an existence she can’t see clearly, the threat posed by his power is beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

“If you want this rot god time and space, I will give it to you, Lu Family, remember, see you next time, it will be when you and I will fight for life and death.” Shaoyin Shenzun shouted.

The starry sky, red glow descended suddenly, covering Chief Elder Sister, Lu Yin and them.

No one can ignore Divine Force, even the powerhouse of sequence rules is the same, Divine Force is the strongest.

The Shaoyin gods wanted to escape under the cover of Divine Force, even Chief Elder Sister could not stop them.

Chief Elder Sister was the strongest, she couldn’t stop it, and the others couldn’t stop it.

There is one exception, precisely Lu Yin.

What about the arrival of Divine Force? As long as he doesn’t absorb Divine Force, he doesn’t need to explain to anyone. Even Mr. Mu can’t see through his cultivated power.

Seeing that the god Shaoyin tears void and is about to leave, a streamer appears beside Lu Yin: “Go.”

Streamer is not only space, but also chasing time.

At the tea party, Lu Yin transformed the streamer. Inner World uses the four points of dice to let everyone see the power of streamer that can reverse one second of time.

Shaoyin Shenzun naturally also knows.

It is not easy to escape in front of Lu Yin, but now he is not relying on his own escape, but on Divine Force. Why is this Lu Yin taking action under Divine Force suppression? Even the sequence rule woman is impossible.

No matter what Shaoyin Shenzun thought, he couldn’t figure it out.