Star Raider Journey Chapter 405


shrugged, I was also intended to thank you, but I saw the other party than him. In this way, Su Yan could only give up the words of the gink to the export, and turned the Black on the hand.

This Black wall is worthy of Fifth Level’s biological leather, the effect is very significant, and the Su Yan who returns to normal form will be put on, the oppression of the body is really a disgrace, and the eyes are shocked. I don’t know what kind of leather is made.

is just a slight shocked That’s all, and he did not last too long. He quickly went straight.

As the body is constantly moving towards the bloodthirsty space center, the bark is close to the blood, Su Yan feels that the Black wall covered with the body is not a trace of interest.

The front is okay, but as his body is close to the two drops of the source blood, this wall is also starking, and su yan once again felt the power of oppression, although the intensity is small, before Almost negligible, but it is a cutting oppression.

Su Yan has some emotion, two drops I have been separated from the source of the body, after passing the endless years of erosion, the two-headed Demon Wolf is swallowed, but it is still able to have the power of Breakthrough Fifth Level Biological Leather Defense. Can, this is a full verification of Level 1.

did not stop, this silk oppression did not let Su Yan have any helves, still a step in step, until he went to two six-level source blood, there was no accident, although the oppression of the body The power is already like a mountain, but it is still arrived at the destination.

takes out the overall bottle directly, sucks the tweet source blood on the right, and Su Yan fetches.

See Su Yan seems to be smooth, there is something like it, opposite the door of Star Realm, and the Duus of the Dugla in Su Yan in SU Yan. After the perceived Su Yan successfully charged the six-level source blood, he breathe suddenly urged.

Star Realm door opposite, in the dark ancient castle, Dugla Duke is full of red, and the body is tremble.

as Everyone Knows, this is an exciting manifestation of sucking ghosts.

Wait until Su Yan retrays back to the door of Star Realm, the soft sound sounded.

“Very good, Little Brat!”

Although the other party strongly controls his emotions and tones, Su Yan still can clearly understand the trembling in the sound.

No twisted, directly cover the slide bottle in the hand into the door of Star Realm, then remove the black yarn cloak on your body, thrown into the door of Star Realm, done all of this Su Yan Prepare the Duke Duke of Degula in the door of the STAR Realm ends this transaction.

Who knows that the other party is more urgent, it is not equal to him, and the color of Star Realm instantly, then directly turned into a virtual, and it is the Duke of Dugla, the gate of Star Realm. Reopeically leave only a glory Sound Transmission.

“is a fair trade, but this great Degula Duke is very satisfied, look forward to the next transaction.”

su yan twitched his lips, the heart is full of spit, and he has risen on the side of the number Star Raider Lord. As a result, the other party is more urgent than him, which makes him somewhat speechless.

Of course, it is just a speechless, and there is no TAKING SERIOUSLY. He can also understand the mood of the other party. One drop in the six-level source of 80%, which is absolutely Temptation of Tianda.

Not saying that the Duke of Degula is still a senior Duke that has long been on the late Fifth Level. It is just a step away from the big Duke of Fifth Level Peak.

a drop of six-level source blood, not only guarantees that he will step down Fifth Level Peak in a short time, but even the king of the prince can spall it, so, ask which vampire can hold this within Temptation?

Remove the mind, Su Yan reached out, but Next Moment’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes suddenly turned to the bloodthirsty space outlet behind.

is just that the explorer that he arranged in the old neck of the Blood Demon Wolf sent a warning. This is what he has arranged in advance, and the warning is representative, it is over the world. Some people have come to Moved Towards.

“Hey, you will really pick it!”

The heart is dark, and immediately, his face flashes a painful color, which originally extended the Right Hand re-recovered from the disassembly of the blood monthly.

Although it is very unfortunate, there is no way, the outside Star Raider Lord War has ended, no time to let him recover these materials, must be left immediately, otherwise it will be blocked by several Star Raider Lord.

I think of the Level 4 creature skeleton and blood on the mate. Su Yan is in my heart.


forcibly depression, the Su Yan has suddenly changed, and then the Incarnation Bat Wing Thunder Dragon Semi-Myth Life Form has suddenly waved.

The big hand of the town of the town, Fiercely shot above the bloody festival, and instantly, the whole jealousy is on the KA-CHA, although it is not directly destroyed, the surface is already cracking.

The bloody feet of the core (Level 3 neckstyle BLOOD DEMON WOLF), although it is still a large WORLD to transfer a sacrifice, but there is no energy protection, so it is easy to produce Fragmentation.

Subsequent Su Yan rapidly removed two disposable attack reels from Space Ring, directly torn to the sacrifice, done these, Su Yan this is the fastest speed to fly towards the outside world .

BLOOD DEMON WOLF World, above the sky.

in two Star Raider Lord’s synergy, there are two Titan Grade Star Raider Flying Warship’s remote fire support.

Two-headed BLOOD DEMON WOLF Emperor is already a living, two huge wolf corpse fall, and smashed two thick pits.

At the same time, the entire Nikou Blood Demon Wolf World also starts Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds, Cold Wind Whistling, Tianzhi Blood Rain, which is crying, this is crying.

The only two level 4 World Lord is falling in World, which represents the entire neck of the BLOOD DEMON WOLF World in the future, and there is a small Star Sea World of World Lord, it is better than holding huge wealth. The child, there is no ability to guard your own wealth, and only the peep will be seen.

even even the world itself, there is a possibility of retreating back to the micro World, which is the reason why the World willnome will be cry.

However, the main two of the Heavenly Demon Cattle Star Raider Lord and Yingo did not pay attention to this. After killing two Blood Demon Wolf, the two directly moveds below the nest of BLOOD DEMON WOLF.

Before listening to the old friends of the Black Board, there is a weird, plus the BLOOD DEMON WOLF, which can escape the Internal Intelligence Section in advance, this two Down, the curiosity of the two world Lord is more important.

Soon, the two flooded to the Blood Demon Wolf emperor, then entered the Blood Demon Wolf Emperor, and from the beginning to the end, the nest of the nesting Demon Wolf army I don’t dare to block a point.

Although they are bloodthirsty, they do not represent their stupid. Under this situation, the two wolf have already lived, they can also understand the vast breath of the two Star Raider Lord, know that these two are not They can provoke, so there is no BLOOD DEMON WOLF to dare to block.

Two Curious and vigilant Star Raider Lord walks into the interior of the BLOOD Demon Wolf, when two people see the giant portal in the internal area, the two faces showed a slice .

The light is this singular portal, plus the goddist of the portal, clearly understands a problem, this nest ** sure enough NOT SIMPLE.

The two places it, and then go directly into the giant portal.

The first thing to walk into the portal, the two are not rushing to explore the portal, but waving a virtual light curtain Projection.

On Projection, the exactly the exterior of World, is supporting the owner of the WORLD barrier crack.

As the main person who launches this World Expedition, his avatar is stronted, and the body needs to wait outside the World barrier, so at this moment can only participate in this explore, or all.

However, the joy of the three faces did not last long, and the NEXT MOMENT three-person face showed the color of yin.

Optimus Heavenly Demon Cattle Star Raider Lord and the Lord of Yingo stepping forward, the face is gloomy looks at the impairment of the impairment on the ground.

“This is someone the Early Bird Catches the Worm, hate!”

The three-person face is very unheatched, there is a sign of outbreak, but when their eyes turn to the remaining six-level blood, their eyes are only shocked and surprised.

“source blood, is a drop of blood, but also a drop of six-level source blood, Jié Jié, it seems that the two-headed Demon Wolf is therefore promoted.”

“jié jié, the value of this drop of blood is beyond imagination, black, it seems that your losses can be repaired.”

Listen this, the virtual Projection light screen, the main face of the black 猿 reveals a relaxed, as long as this drop is blood, then the loss can be offset, this is a great tone, at the same time It also offset the big angry in his heart.

“Unfortunately, I can feel that there are two drops of blood in this space, but there is a drop, it is taken away, if you can find the person, then …”

This is the main hole of the Yingo, listening to this, next to the Optimus Heavenly Demon Cow Star Raider Lord Loudly Said:

“Black Macah, do you want to use people to find people?”

Listening to this, the Lord of the Black is sinking for a moment, but in the end, he also shook his head and demonstrated this action.

“No need, no matter who, since he left a drop, he did not want to tear his face and could take a drop of blood under such a big pressure, and see the man’s means, after him Very large, there is a small energy, there is no need to get it. “

listening to this, the other two people nodded, since the Lord of the Black, they naturally say more.

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