Star Raider Journey Chapter 406


BLOOD DEMON WOLF WORLD, in the ridiculous Mountain Range, the face is excited, and there is also a SU Yan returned to the cave.

Excited is that in several Star Raider Lord’s In Front of One’s Eyes, a piece of success is divided, and finally I got my own Thuender Element Spiritual Object, there is still a fiffh after future The opportunity of Level Vampire is helpful, it is to be harvested.

is worried, it is, it is leaking by himself, and the main person of the Black Ako will fly into a rage ut of humiliation, all worldworld to search for his trail.

So under, Su Yan can only hide in the cave, waiting for the time to pass, explore the outside style, but the fact that it is what he thinks.

It is more than 20 years, and everything in the outside world is Calm and Tranquil. I have not yet passed a raft about several Star Raider Lord’s anger. In this, Su Yan finally put down the heart, then this is to go out. The cave, all the way, with the support of the army, returning to the Astral Palace.


When you have this BLOOD DEMON WOLF World, the North Cantilever Superdimensional World, Astral Palace is on Divine Kingdom, and the changes in Su Yan Event are also growing.

In the 20th year of Divine Kingdom, in the Law Temple TWELFTH region, more than ten years, Su Yan, who used three rules to plant the top chance, successfully pulled its Thunder Source Law to the tentry SECOND Stage Peak, just a step away from THIRD Stage.

is the top step, but a huge flap, the Source Law of As Everyone Knows, Tenth SECOND Stage and the tenth THIRD Stage, is always a big Dividing Line.

generally speaking, the tenth third stage Source Law, is the advancement of World Lord before you can comprehend, very few very little Level 3 creatures can be broken, even if there is, it is also like Thunder Giants, in some This source has a case of Blessed by Heaven Innate Talent.

and su yan, the challenge is this layer Dividing Line.

Enter the fourth year of Divine Kingdom in the ground, after 20 years of consolidation and comprehend, Su Yan finally standing on Thunder Source Law Tenth SECOND Stage and the tenth THIRD Stage, feeling that it has already Adjust to the ultimate, decisively chose to start impacting the tenth third stage.

The rule of the Temple, Su Yan has come to this place, and he has joined it in it.

Only three laws were left, and he was ready to borrow these three chances, and he was tenthrough thunder source law tenth thund stage.

The first rule is piloted, Su Yan’s body flashes, the movement is not small, but the accomplishment of Thunder Source Law is unsuitable.

The second time, the result is the same failed.

In this case, Su Yan did not discharge, but resolutely selected the use of the third impairment opportunity.

The third law is started, which may be because of his own definiteness, or he knows that Avatar has successfully obtained the reason for the perfect opening Spiritual Object.

In short this time, Su Yan is unimpeded, in the blessing of Thunder Attribute, PHYSIQUE, finally is a Breakthrough Tao, successful advancement Thunder Source Law, tenth THIRD Stage.

In successful Breakthrough’s moment, Su Yan’s full body purple thunder beats. If the Incarnation, I’ve also looked at Di Leizhen, at the same time, my own strongest SECRET Technique, the Purple Heaven Divine Thunder’s accomplishment seems to have a variety of variations in this moment.

Purple Heaven Divine Thunder’s 2nd Style and 3rd Style naturally embossed in the heart, and he was originally barely to master 1st Style “Ziyi Tianzhi” him. At this moment, it is a Clear Comprehension, 2nd style “purple thunder. Divine Armor “and 3RD Style” Zi thunder Divine Light “instantly.

is like the legendary Sudden Enlightenment, of course, even Su Yan itself does not understand, some are fascinating.

At this time, the surrounding sound suddenly came to wake up from his thoughts.

“The rule is already over, not to wake up?”


Divine Kingdom, Divine Kingdom Inner City, a personal room, Su YAN disk is sitting above the bedroom, the correct eyes are blind, the body is flashing, the eye is deep, the thirteen The Purple Thunder Sword is in the sea of ​​Tales, and the power is awkward.

He is not in Comprehend Purple Heaven Divine Thunder, but is studying the Thunder Source Law of the THIRD Stage of Breakthrough Ten Third Stage.

But the color of excitement is not staying on Su Yan for too long, soon, he discovered that after entering Thunder Source Law, his own Thunder Source Law has been temporarily gone.

How to comprehens, thunder source law will no longer have a further progress. After dozens of minutes of research, Su Yan also understands the specific reason.

This is the reason why his own body, BRSERK Thunder Knight Body Refinement ART and the puriomae’s Cultivation progress, if you want to continue Comprehend Thunder Source Law, then he must return two Secret Techniques The CultiVation progress enhances to the next stage.

Although the problem is found, Su Yan does not mean for the disease, there is two points.

First, even if you want to increase the comprehend progress of the two Body Refinement Rayt, it is not a one-powered thing, at least in this last ten years, after all, two Rayfu are extremely proprofound The presence.

, if it is waited for the ground Divine Kingdom, even if it improves, there is no Law Temple’s blessing, there is no chance to fill the top, and you want to break through the 14th stage before leveel 4 Thunder Source again. LAW? That’s probably a dream of idiots.

second point, the tenth third stage of Thunder Source Law Comprehend is very amazing, even if you give him a Level 3 ultimate Thunder Giant Heart Core, give him a hundred years of Divine Kingdom staying time and Multi-order rules will be an opportunity to plant the top, and it can be very embarrassing in the 14th stage of Breakthrough.

Su yan does not want to waste huge time and energy to gamble this ulique opportunity.


Level 3 is the golden period of the law, with its white and white, it is better to hit the Space Source Law by this last ten years.

After this decision, Su Yan immediately launched a practical action, straight to the third area of ​​Law Temple, sitting in a certain position in the thirteenth region of Law Temple, staring at the Space in front of the SPACE Law’s interest is caught.

The Space Source Law of the first 7th Grade segment is accomplished, but the Space Source Law of the thirteenth region will be sentimental. At this moment, the entry of Su Yan Space Source Law is naturally gratifying.

Even if Rapid Progress is not too much.

After three years, Su Yan Space Source Law increased from the first 7th Grade section to the eighth stage.

Ten years later, his Space Source Law once again breakththrough, from the eighth stage to the ninth stage.

, Su Yan is very satisfied. To know, this decade he has no rules that have a chance of pilling, all rely on itself in hard sense, plus its own Innate Talent Perception upgrade, ten years to improve two This grade is very good.

Soon, he turned over in your happiness, and sighed.

This land on Divine Kingdom’s Comprehend France Environment in Ten-Thousand Does Not Have ONE, but you can’t have long Take Along to withdraw, you have arrived time, he has been in Divine Kingdom for 50 years. Just now, his virtual pictures of personal communication received a message.

is informing him that the left is reminded, there will be a Titan Grade Star Raider Flying Warship arrived, reminding him to pay attention to ride, if you miss, then Divine Kingdom law enforcement personnel will force he left.

In this, Su Yan is very helpless. He has confidence. If he gives him Several Decades time, he has the improvement of the accomplice of Space Source Law to the tenth stage, but there is no chance.

I think of Breakthrough, I think of Breakthrough Source Law again, I am afraid that I will start a day or two.

“I heard that after the STAR RAIDER LORD, the time to stay in life at the time of life can increase to two hundred years, and even the right to get the last Divine Kingdom permanently live, I hope it will be better!”


After two months, in the past, Su Yan returned to his own base camp. Heavenly Origin Black Sun City.

Today’s Black Sun City, after the regulation of this woman, hundreds of years, it is already a change in the chaotic order, not only have it only, but has already faded the name of Heavenly Origin Chaos. number.

Three SECTS 90s, or have moved from Black Sun City, go to other places, or change the strong style of the year, change to Black Sun City, obey the law, the law, the people in the law, live It is very moisturizing.

After all, after all the efforts of Xie Yun, hundreds of years, today’s Black Sun City has long been an economical or population, has already been incomparable, and the resident population has been broken, even the economy has already entered the whole. Heavenly Origin All the city’s forefront.


Just ahead, the president of Sea Rhyme House once again made a major decision, which is a cost-to-day, the entire Black Sun City is arranged in Level 4 Peak Level. This is a big array, from then, Black Sun City Officially completely became a big camp for Sea Rhyme House (Su Yan).

At the same time, this also allows the entire Heavenly Origin to move to Black Sun City, and again, after all, the whole Heavenly Origin has a single-protecting large-scale city, but the number, each is a person Holy city yearning.


Sea rhyme house, top, president office.

Nowadays, there is no Little Fame, and even a woman who does not Little Fame in the entire Five Elements province. At this time, it is sitting in the soft office desk in front of her. man.

“Very good, this decision is very correct, the city is big, this time is indeed arranged, and I will show you something.”

said, the man on the seat is free to recruit a woman, indicating that the woman is approaching.

Waiting to the woman, Su Yan does open a virtual light screen on the desk. At this moment, the virtual light curtain is put in a set of images.

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