Star Raider Journey Chapter 407


“Is this?”

Woman Beautiful Eyes is closely eyeing on the Projection Light, and the eyes are full of curiosity, with her exquisite face and the big red uterine dress, more charm, especially attractive eyeball.

See this, Su Yan is a variety of color, plus the fragrance from the woman’s body, so that the hot color in Su Yan is more concentrated.

When a woman is not paying attention, the overbearing is in the woman’s water snake waist, and it will hold it into the arms.

beautiful people, grab the soft lovable body, the smell of the woman, the woman is good, Su Yan is hot, the hot color is full of eyes, almost can’t hold it, it will be delicious in front of him. Little sheep eat a bite.

But the last Su Yan still has no hand, there is no reason.

Woman originally stiff Lovable Body slowed soft, the cheeks also born two regiments, sitting on Su Yan’s legs, she naturally understands the changes in Su Yan’s body, but she is not struggle.

Since the day of Shero and Su Yan signed a lifelong followed contract, perhaps, Su Yan has not thinking more, but she is already a woman who is Su Yan.

“master …”

The sound of the woman sounds, and only in front of Su Yan, she will reveal this gesture, who can think of the business queen of the longitudinal Heavenly Origin, will it also show the posture of the little girl?

looks at the woman, the mage model, and the strength of the past, the Difference Between Heaven and Earth, Su Yan’s face, a smile.

Gently pinched the woman’s soft side, “What do you think? Give me a matter of this instrument, if it is listed, the event should pay attention to.”

This is a ridicule with a silk, and the woman’s face is more rich, it is somewhat embarrassed, extremely shy.

This little girl’s posture has not lasts too long. After all, it is also a hundred years of president, and a woman’s professional spirit is still nice.

She quickly analyzed the “World Source Stealing Instrument 1.0” product taken out with a passers-by.

and, the direct a needle will see the biggest problem.

“The owner, if this product is really going to be available, we are absolutely can’t eat with our SEA RHYME HOUSE, this is inevitable!”

Of course, this is a woman toned as an euphemistic tone, Su Yan nature knows the meaning of women.

In fact, the meaning of she has expressed, with su yan’s strength, essentially unfolding this wealth, if it dares to use, it will lead to countless peep, threats and pressing.

In this, Su Yan has not given a wave of waves, and the left hand is still struggling in the waist of women, but his mind is already flying to beyond the Topmost Clouds.

The woman said, he understood that the other party thought of he couldn’t you think? It is not too late to drag it until there is no longer than dozens of years ago.

This is lacking, he holds such a good thing, I don’t know if it is used to generate the revenue. Is it stupid?

All everything, the reason is not that he has long known that if you can’t keep this world source stealing instrument, if he dares to be available, he will definitely, let SEA RHYME HOUSE organizes for sale, Without 2nd day, the door of Sea Rhyme House on the same day, the door of the entire Black Sun City will inevitably be blocked by Great Influnce throughout the eastern region.

is not even more than the east field, even those who have some other domains in the federality will also come together.

Since there is a number in your heart, why is Su Yan who will know what to ask Xie Yun today?

This is nothing to do if he is full, but there is a huge difference from 50 years ago.

That is to go to the Four Elephants Star Palace, the Leather Lineage publicly admits the identity of his less prince.

This is different from the sky.

Before he has been called the eastward rank Lineage, the people in the eastern region have always been self-reliabar, and he is a young king.

But the young Lineage has never publicly visited, and did not listed Su Yan’s name in the list of small Wang Zu Temple. Wang Lineage kills a FIFTH Level Elder, and the Leather Lineage still has not made it clearly.

and this gap is that the Leather Lineage has not included the Su Yan name in the ancestors of the Lineage, the Su Yan is always a candidate, not the real Leather Lineage. successor.

Under such circumstances, if other forces are dealing with him, they can’t say that they are on the front of the panel, even if the young king lineage walks, the other party also occupies one, and how Will Not is too passive, so dare to dare The forces of the shot will definitely be a lot.

but now, the young king lineage official SUMMON, acknowledging Su Yan identity, Su Yan’s name is also listed in the Linger Lineage, which represents Su Yan officially became a young king lineage.

Under this situation, his words, the representative is the face of the young king lineage, and this situation is under this situation, if you have a forces, you will make your SU Yan, that is, challenge the Leather Lineage Linerage, Southern Royal Line, will never stand by.

and the strength and heritage of the East Dome, it is the world’s as everyone know, now there are fourteen people in the world, five of them, six, six Fifth Level, one Level 4.

The strength is no longer able to describe terror, which is capable of pushing a group of Battle Stregth.

Under this pressure, Su Yan believes that as long as you pull some allies, then this World source steals the device 1.0, he can hold it in your hand.

“Ignore this? Do you have any other views?”

does not explain more, Su Yan turns to continue.

Listening to this, a woman flashed in the eyes, gainting more than years, she knows Su Yan, Su Yan, since this, the representative him has a solution to this problem.

Thinking of this, Xie Yun’s heart is very surprised, she feels that she seems to underestimate the energy from Master.

After a while, the woman quickly turned over and continued:

“If you can solve this problem, then it is the problem of production, and you will see the various materials needed for your eyes, and some of the materials you need are scarce, or the production is not Many.

These are the fundamental of restricting product production. If you can’t get a few stable scarce material supply lines, it is very easy to be caught! “

Listening this, Su Yan is bright, and the woman’s eyes are still very unique, this is indeed a big problem.

But he revealed that he thought of solving the law.

This is the hook of the allies, and each allies provide one or two stable scarcity material supply lines. This problem is easy to solve.

Turninafter, Su Yan also shows that the woman will continue, the woman is slightly mouth, and then the road:

“In fact, I feel that it should still limit the specific production, the object is rare, if the output is too large, it will now cause price reduction, this is not worth it.”


I heard a woman, Su Yan quickly relieved, and each woman said is almost a key issue. This means that she is fully capable of planning the world of World Source stealing instrument 1.0 version. Therefore, Su Yan also handed it directly to her.

“Ok, then the experience of this product is given to you, you need to sell peacefully, other solutions can’t be solved, even though the report gives me Avatar, I will solve it, if it is even Avatar can’t be solved, and then inform me. “

Listen, Xie Yun beautiful Eyes is trembled, and it is a little nervous. As a Level 2 Master Star Raider, the value of this Projection Light is very clear, if it is Su Yan, there is such an instrument, then The profits will be unprecedented.

and it will no longer be a small Heavenly Origin and Five Elements, but the entire eastern region, even the entire federal, such a large scale and snoring, even if it is a president already She has hundreds of years, and the heart is equally different.

“master, this …”

The woman seems to be a bit nervous, want to say anything, but turn the head and Su Yan’s dark eyes, one time, the sound is one, and then no longer shot.

left hand in a woman’s side waist, Su Yan soft channel:

“Okay, there is no AT WORST, isn’t it a precious product? This is just the beginning, there will be more in the future, how can my business queen be nervous and uneasy?”

“You only need in the Heart to remember a little, everything has me, don’t have anything, ok?”

When you hear Su Yan, Xie Yun beautiful Eyes is trembled, and then the touch of nervousness slowly in the eyes, and she returned to it in a short time.

Quietly in Su Yan’s arms, women light unn’ed.

Subsequent Su Yan will enter the privilege of the underground 1st floor to give the woman, and tell her that if you have doubts, you can check it yourself.


After the SU Yanme House, Su Yan also took out the mobile phone, allocated several calls, of course, this time he took it, it is already preparing to let Xie Yun listen to the mobile phone.

After ten minutes, put all the Su Yan ran out Sea Rhyme House and returned to his residence.

Now, spiritual object, space fragment, itself, etc., all are all ready, and he has fully equipped the conditions for impact Level 4 Star Raider Lord.

Therefore, what he has to do now is to do our best to adjust his own state, let him always keep the Pinnacle’s state, thus understanding the key opportunity of Breakthrough Level 4.

At the same time, during his official shutdown, avatar once again got his command, in his closed next moment, Avatar directly out of the house, all the way to the Moved Towards Black Sun City Airship Station.

Subsequently sitting on a small Flying Warship, Moved Towards Northwest goes to the speed, and I don’t know where to go.

After later, Heavenly Origin has been in a calm, of course, which does not include Black Sun City, at this time, the Black Sun City is already under the command of Xie Yun, which is already hot action.

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