Star Raider Journey Chapter 408


Annual year year, the arrival of Su Yan from the northern creative arm Superdimensional World has been returned from the northern border.

During the decade, the whole Heavenly Origin calm, but Black Sun City, located in the southeast of Heavenly Origin, is over the world’s heat.

Compared to the previous year, the SEA RHYME HOUSE has expanded, this decade is extraordinary, Black Sun City is clearly hot, but the Sea Rhyme House is rare calm, not only has no expansion, but instead It is a momentum that is contraction toward Heavenly Origin.

This way, not only the Heavenly Origin has been detected by the exception of Sea Rhyme House, but even the entire Five Elements province, there is also the Dongyue Islands on the other side of the strait. Many people feel a different ordinary.

Numerous eyes have gathered with the hostess of the bustling city in the southeast of Heavenly Origin. Why is this aim?

but has never been out of a message.

When everyone thinks that Sea Rhyme House will continue to be silent, it is abrupt, and a message from the entire east field in just a few days, but it is born in the air.

“You have heard that the president of SEA RHYME HOUSE has already speared ten years later, the Sea Rhyme House headquarters is the Black Sun City, which will launch a product, which is said to be alarm the entire East Region. “

“Of course, I heard that you are not nonsense? Nowadays all the eastern fields are all spread, who doesn’t know this?”

“It is said to be able to enhance the Success Probability when Master Star Raider Breakthrough Star Raider Lord, and it is said that 500 units will be taken at one time, which can be able to improve the stroke of Star Raider Lord Success Probability, once It’s really a big hand. “

“TSK TSK TSK, this is also believed? A small forces that do not enter the first class in the province of the province, they don’t have this Thing?”

“is also!”

“Um …”


This time, it will soon attract a much agreed, and there are a lot of people.

But soon, someone will open it.

“This is wrong, SEA RHYME HOUSE is temporarily not allowed to have a countertop, but you don’t know, the Sea Rhyme House is created in just a hundred years, and the momentum has been developed in recent years. There is no two, but don’t look at it is indeed true, but as long as you give it, you can become a giant level forces sooner or later. “

This time, very quickly, many people doubt people again, they didn’t know the specific details of Sea Rhyme House before, only to know that there is no famous forces.

But now I listen to people, many people still have to be suspended, if this is truth, then this Sea Rhyme House may still be Simple, and it is not necessarily a man.

When a large group of people he still explained:

“and the most critical is not this, do you know who the owner behind Sea Rhyme House?”

listening to this, someone responded quickly.

“This is simple, it seems to be a very strong woman.”

“To the right, I also heard, it is said that it was rated as the business queen in the HEAVENLY ORIGIN in recent years.”


“No no no, all wrong, the woman you said is just the Surface of the Surface, in fact, she is only a follower of the person behind the scene.”

“According to reliable news, the real BOSS behind Sea Rhyme House is that the East Dow of the East, Four Elephants Star Palace, Heaven’s Chosen.”

“So you also think that the news from Sea Rhyme House is a hob, the people of the East Divine, the people who have never been One Word Worth Nine Sacred Tripods, since the young king is dare to let go, represent His hand does have anything that enhances Star Raider Lord Breakthrough’s chance. “


This is an episode that occurs in a certain bank in the eastern region.

and Su Yan himself and SEA RHYME HOUSE have been pushed into the tips.

Various forces of the East Domain Large and Small, they also caught crazy. They not only gathered from Heavenly Origin, but also sent a representative of their own forces. Whether it is a representative of Southern Sea North, countless forces Both Heavenly Origin, or BLACK SUN City in Southeast Heavenly Origin aggregation.

Compared to the masses who have eaten the show in the East Domain, these forces are more believed to have Su Yan as a sea rhyme house in the background, they have done all preparations and arrangements.

East, Dongyuequan Island Lord Island, Dongyue Island.

Dongyue Island’s local Three Great Influences, the riser of the snake Bloodline family ancestral place, a dark Great Hall, TWo Figures in communication.

This Two figure is not a single breath. It is like two ordonary Person without CultiVation Base, but the things conversation in the two are not like two Ordinary Person.

“If the Black Sun City is really saying, it must make it hand, do not hesitate to do everything.”

“Jié Jié, special envoy, I am doing the snake home, you don’t deal with the kid, this is known, this requirement is a bit difficult.”

“You only deal with the boy, and I will help you solve it later.”


“Leather Lineage” is strong, but at the moment I am the rise in my ground, it is a dragon. It is now giving me a dish. It is a tiger. Now I have to give me a lie. “

This words are out, domineering, if there is a outcomer, the identity of the person will be curious, and it seems to be so big, it seems to have set a young king.

and the figure that is opposite to the people is facing.

“Special Envoy this words, I will finalize the Old Annestor, Jié Jié Jié.”


Under the dark flow of the east, time, time, the past, quickly turned away for ten years.

This day, the southeast coast of the eastern region, the original name of the original name, Heavenly Origin, the province of Heavenly Origin, directly became the most lively place in the east, countless force, for this initial development, the province Too much.

is not something else, only because today is the product issuance announced by Sea Rhyme House decade ago.

Heavenly Origin, Southeast, Southeast, SEA RHYME HOUSE headquarters, Black Sun City.

Although the Black Sun City is not a man in this decade, it is not a traffic, but today, this is more crazy.

Black Sun City Central Grand Plaza, this is already a crowd here, the people of Densely Packed converged in this, rough look, but it is not SEVERAL MILLIONS, but good is that this square is already SEA RHYME HOUSE Space folding is spent on cost.

So it seems that it seems not large from the appearance of this square, but the actual space inside is very large, and the Several Millions people are not crowded.

Of course, this Several Millions is just a general guest, and there is a lot of VIP seats in front of these ordinary seats.

and these VIP seats are naturally prepared for those who are unregistered in the eastern region.

In these forces, the light is not dozens of strong forces, such as Beiming, “Beiming Aristratic Family”, Huorong Province, Dongyue Province, Dongyue Island Dongyue Provincial Lineage, ancient famous door “Naran Aristocratic Family”, etc., it can be described as a wind cloud.

“You see the young king lineage? Less Wang Lineage did not come? Really fake?”

“I really didn’t see it, I have been looking for a long time, but this Heavenly Origin, the Heavenly Origin, the Holy Leaguan, is coming, and the Sea Rhyme House is, which is actively responsible for this inspection and Maintain order. “”

“Heavenly Origin San Tower League Although there are six level existence sitting, but just lighted his strength, I am afraid that it is not convinced.”

“Ghost knows what the east is thinking, anyway, he is not stupid, there must be his own arrangement, or wait for the development.”


The messy tutorred voice came out in the square corners, but there is a bit of the same, which is mostly not optimistic about Sea Rhyme House and Su Yan.

Because Su yan is in any way, it will inevitably trigger an event.

You say that there is no kind of to the sky in his hand, now it is already gathered so much forces, then you must meet the quality of many forces and anger.

If his Right Hand really has the product rumored, so the thing of the sky, I am afraid that all the forces present today, more than 80% will have a heart, while the SEA RHYME HOUSE needs to be affected. Pressure, I am afraid it will be more scary.

Therefore, at this time, it is already possible to say that it is a strategy of retreat, and everyone has already prepared for eating melon.

In a messy discussion and expectation, finally, above the high platform in the central government, SEA RHYME HOUSE people finally reveal their shape.

Zhiyun wearing a high professional suit wearing, with an elegant smile, officially kicking the curtain of this product conference.

At the same time, at the same time, at the moment of she boarding the high platform, the entire square suddenly quietly, the original messy discussion has already been dispersed, and the SEVERAL MILLIONS people have gathered to the high-tech women above the high platform.

and in seeing Xie Yun’s first eyes, many guests have a sigh of sigh at the same time.

“Good Sea Rhyme House president, in the eyes of many Great Character, actually did not expose, it is the SpoKesperson that the young king, is really extraordinary.”


Under the gathering of the line of sight, Xie Yun face is revealing a smile, and then it is a word of guests.

is nothing more than those welcome, after the words of these guests, women are under the Focal Point of Ten Thousands, which enters into the topic of this conference.

“I believe that everyone only has a purpose today, then I don’t continue to delay, let’s go directly into the topic.”

“Next, it is that our Sea Rhyme House has announced the ultimate product, and we will name it.”

“World source stealing instrument 1.0 version!”

After the words, she reached out, and immediately came to the front of it. In this hand, it is holding a Blue Space Ring.

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