Star Raider Journey Chapter 410


See this, Xie Yun is naturally a good thing, but she doesn’t touch it, standing on the high platform, let go of the following negotiations.

After ten minutes, all transaction places have been owned, but there are still many faces representing the faces of the face.

Although there are many quotas, it is still an an Utterly INADEQUATE Measure, but many forces have no wish to grab the quota.

So, their mood naturally won’t go.

and the tail of the Dongyue Island is also a member of these forces.

Suddenly the snake BLOODLINE family came over the representative face of the colored Terrifying, and he wanted to cross, but it was forcibly to stand.

is not he doesn’t want, but not dare, now the purchase is not completely over, and the eastward area of ​​the purchase qualification Great Influence is also waiting for the trading at the eyes at the moment. If he is the snake family Patient, then you will definitely anger.

Think of the henous snake Bloodline, although the bottom is deep, but never dare to get so many Great Influnce, otherwise it is these Great Influnce to spit a spit, which is enough to give them the end of the snake Bloodline family.

This is not in a glamorous, but the facts, the momentum of the purchase quota is present, the energy is weaker than the snake family?

Among them, there is Beiming Aristratic Family, ancient Mennaran, a gold giant Bloodline family, etc., there is also a strong Great Influence of the snake home. If these forces really start hostile, the snake Bloodline family, That tail snake family is only selected by the road.


“Let you have a while, wait until the end of the transaction, I want to see what Core technology for this world source stealing instrument.”

The snake Bloodline family of this representative of the heart is gloomy, and the face also reveals a disabled smile, and the eyes of the Looked Towards High Taiwan Xie Yun, full of hot and silk obscene.

Soon, after a sufficient STAR STONE was taken out in a power of purchase qualifications, Xie Yun took out a desktt Source stealing instrument to the other party from the Hand Crystal Blue Space Ring.

Over time, the five hundred version of the 1.0 version of the 1.0 version of World Source, which was taken, this conference, is sold all over, which also means that each of the two millions of Middle Grade Star Stone, which means this sea. RHYME HOUSE gains the purchase of 1 Billion Middle Grade Star Stone, remove manufacturing costs, and pure profit also has Jiubi Middle Grade Star Stone.

Such a big profit, the number of so horrible Star Stone is now in the Space Ring in his hands, even with Xie Yun’s knowledge, it is not accelerated at this time.

The experience of many years of president makes her soon turn over, I saw her face is still flat, and continuing the soft way.

“Well, the product release will come here to pay a paragraph, thank you for your distinguished guests to recognize Sea Rhyme House.

After a hundred years, I will take 500 1.0 version of World Source stealing instrument to sell, and after I will go to the sale of the Pure Blood Demon Race, I hope Bits continue to support Sea Rhyme House. “

After that, Xie Yun is ready to start announcement this product release meeting, and it can be opened again in this last moment.

“Slow, why should I be so embarrassed, and we have a lot of power to talk to a big business.”

This sounds sounded with the voice of the silk, so soon there were many powerful attachments, most of whom did not grab the power to buy quota, and some of them have purchased the WORLD SOURCE stolen Of course, the forces that come and have only small parts, more, or silent and watched.

But only one is a heart, that is, it is for someone who picks up this, there is no person or forces in the field, but it feels as it sold be by Rights.

is really World Source Stealing Instrument, which contains the value, is really Too Terrifying, there is no power to not be blended and come in a piece.

Lai Lan Aritocratic Family, Gold Giant Bloodline family, ancient famous door North Route Huang Family, etc., they are also watching, no idea they want to solve.


and hearing this, Xie Yun, who is waiting to turn around, and sees the words of the words on the line, and her face is calm, it seems that I don’t think about it, then I only listen to her. Cold sound track:

“Oh? Then, what is the trading? The little woman is listening.”

Yes, people who take the lead are not someone else, is the name of the end of the snakes Bloodline family, Level 3 pure tail snake Bloodline Master, the snake Bloodline family as Substitute patriarch second Son, the snake, the Snake Bloodline, the second phase of the second phase of the successor “Qing Li”.

I heard Xie Yun’s question, Qing Yun’s eyes smashed in the woman’s sensitive part of Impudent, and then Jié Jié Said with a sneer:

“I don’t know if you have the WORLD SOURCE stealing instrument foundation to sell, our Great Influnce is sincere sincere, willing to buy this casting method to expensive Chamber of Commerce, see so much forces Under the sincerity request, I want to thank the President IT SHOULDN’T BE to refuse? “

Search for the other party seems to be discounted, in fact, the words of the potential people, thank you, revealing a cold smile, and then indifferent replied:

“That is really embarrassed, we have no such thing as the foundation of the casting, I am afraid you have to let the snake family and the scenes present.”

After the words, the woman turned directly, and no longer looked at this Qing Ran, and did not take the other party to Taking Seriously.

However, you will not give up so easy. He sneered, then a Level 3 breath unscrupulously released, and the Moved Toward is oppressed to his Xie Yun.

See this, all of the Great Influence people in the square are exposed, and what is going to see the next reaction of Sea Rhyme House next.

can be said to be coming soon, when the Xie Yun reaction is not in time, after all, it is just a Level 2 Master Star Raider, although the attitude is strong, but a Cultivation Base is in that, it is natural to escape the attack of Level 3. .

At this time, it has been quiet to stand on the high platform on one side of the Mikitian body, and the Streamth of Primal chaos spills, and wrapped in the gorne body before the breath of Qing Dynasty. Qingli’s pressure lost its role.

This time, Xie Yun is completely turned into cold. She turned over again, and the cold eyes stared at the Qing Dynasty, and she only listened to her Coldly Shouted:

“Impudent, in the land of my Sea Rhyme House, really do this is your Dongyue Island is not enough? What is the guard? Give me!”

The cold voice echoed throughout the square, listening to all waiting and seeing people’s ear, but it is surprised to give birth.

Sea rhyme House looks like a strong, unlike a backhand, so these wait and see people Heart Shiered with Cold, more happily in the heart of life.

and in the moment of Xie Yunqing, the Heavenly Origin San Tower Alliance in the entire square is guarded, and the cruise leadership of the number Level 3 Star Raider Grandmaster Level will rise, straight To go, Level 3 at the body does not converge, and completely exterior.

The guest’s VIP seats, the young face is sinking. He didn’t think of the attitude of Sea Rhyme House so strong, but it was a breath, but he would take him on the spot.

suddenly he no longer converges.

What is the member of the Snake Bloodline family? “

roaring, suddenly the ordinary seats behind, suddenly standing up dozens of figures, these figures are members of the Snake Bloodline family, this time, in order to pick, it is deliberately mixed into the square. At this moment, it is all rushing out from the seat, gathered to the heavenly Origin Santa League patrol.

Toned MANNER, Imposing Manner, WITH SWORDS DRAWN AND BOWS BENT, and the war is on the verge.

See the situation gradually lost control, high Taiwan rear, SU Yan, who has been steady, and finally can’t sit again, a leap has taken a high platform, and the indifferent sound is in the entire square.

“This is the first product launch of my Black Sun City, what are you doing, it’s not going back.”

This time, very fast, the patrol of the Heavenly Origin Santa League, and then look at the bottom, the tail, the snake Bloodline family represents Yue Yi, I laughed, waving and retreating behind him. manpower.

“SU YAN, long-term long!”

I heard the other party’s greeting, Su Yan also Gently Nodded.

“Snake Snake Snake SECOND YOUNG MASTER, Su Mou has been as long as it is.”

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