Star Raider Journey Chapter 459



With a wave of the huge dark giant arm, the spirit of the war demon surged, and the attack of Six Paths, which had dissipated most of its power, was easily dissipated by the war evil.

Above the sky, the six members of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance were not surprised. They never thought that this round of attacks alone could severely damage this Fifth Level Star Sea war demon.

Now that Scarlet Scepter’s power is greatly damaged, equivalent to breaking off one of the opponent’s powerful arms, the six are already very satisfied with this.


Suddenly, the complexion turned cold, the lord of Ryukyu gold, only heard his abrupt light shouted:

“It wants to escape, Zixiao!!!”

Listening to this, Su Yan, who had been prepared in advance, moved quickly.

As soon as the Lord of Ryukjin spoke, the Five Elements ghost above the sky flickered directly. Under the leadership of the Dark Night Ghost, he strode the void to the surface in one step.

And this is not over yet, at the moment of its landing, Ghost Qi prospered on the ghost body of Five Elements, and the next moment its body is illusory, changing from one to five.

After being transformed from Five Elements into the form of five ghosts moving the mountain, the five ghosts directly surrounded the Fifth Level Star Sea war demon that was about to flee in the middle, and at the same time, the five ghosts standing in the shape of a Pentagram began to emerge at the feet of the five ghosts moving the mountain. The light of the formation mark.

The five ghosts of the mountain moved to the left, Su Yan, who was attached to the golden ghost, said Cannian whole heart, knowing that the five ghosts of the mountain were trapped in the center is a genuine Fifth Level Star Sea war demon.

Before the five ghosts move to the Great Mountain Formation, the opponent can easily kill him with a random blow. Even if the five ghosts move the Great Mountain Formation to complete the arrangement, they will not be trapped for long. Level 1 One Heaven and Earth, this is the eternal truth, so he can’t tolerate him not worrying.

However, he didn’t struggle for too long. After all, the five people in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance were watching, and he believed that a few people would not stand idly by.

The five ghosts are in the middle, and the face of Zhanxie is cold. Regarding the five silhouettes standing on their sides in a strange position, although their instinct does not remind it of danger, it always feels that these five silhouettes are not at ease.

Thinking of this, the blood-colored War Demon’s aura suddenly surged, and he wanted to directly use his full strength to break through this not so terrible enclosure.

In this situation, he didn’t want to take a risk, he just wanted to escape from here as soon as possible.


On the Golden Ghost, Su Yan’s heart trembled, and the Fifth Level Star Sea in the middle of the five ghosts began to show a strong bloody spirit of the war demon around the war demon. The powerful energy pressure almost made him breathless, even though It was just a remnant thought, and he still felt an obvious suppression at this moment.

I watched the Lord of Ryukyu and this Fifth Level Star Sea battle demon from afar. I didn’t think there was anything at that time, but when he faced it personally, he understood the horror.

With my heart trembling, the attack in the hands of the Fifth Level Star Sea war demon was about to be condensed. Under the influence of his emotions, the five ghosts who moved the mountain were all swaying at this moment. The five ghosts on the soles of the feet moved the Great Mountain Formation formation mark. All began to be illusory.

But at this moment, Su Yan heard a sound transmission abruptly in his ears.

“Stabilize your mind, leave the opponent’s attack to us, Zixiao, you only need to arrange the five ghosts to move the Great Mountain Formation!”

This is the voice of the Lord of Lucky Gold. Upon hearing this, Su Yan quickly calmed down and moved the Five Ghosts at the foot of the Five Ghosts to the Great Mountain Formation formation mark to reconsolidate.

At the same time, a gray scroll fell above the sky. This gray scroll has been torn apart. After the Fifth Level Star Sea near the center of the five ghosts, it instantly turned into two gray brilliance, moved towards Fifth The Level Star Sea war demon shot at a rapid speed.

Seeing this, Zhan Xie’s eyes were full of jealousy, and he saw the energy of the war demon gushing out of his legs, and then quickly retreats up, and suddenly one demon and two lights began to chase at speed.

However, no matter how fast the evil spirits were, they were finally trapped in the Great Mountain Formation of the Five Ghosts moving, and soon they were caught up by two gray brilliance and shot into his body.


After a long time, Zhan Xie ran wildly in horror. After the gray Guanghua shot into the body, it suddenly discovered that the world in its body was directly blocked, and it could no longer mobilize any ray of war demon in the world. .

After perceiving this situation, it instantly collapsed. Under such a situation, it is very clear that it cannot use the energy of the war monster in its body.

It is precisely because of this that it loses self-control at this moment.

Seeing this, the five Star Raider Lords above the sky swept down quickly, and what they wanted was this opportunity.

In fact, although the scroll does have the effect of banning the world in creatures, it only has a few breaths of time. As long as the opponent does not panic, it will quickly return to normal.

But obviously, the unknowing war evil spirits were already terrified to the extreme at this time, a far cry from the three words not to panic.

And seeing this, the people of Heavenly Origin will naturally not let go of this good opportunity.

The Lord of Ryukyu took out the golden light mirror in his body, moved towards the evil spirits to hit a sharp golden light.

Swordmaster Kurong took off the sandalwood sword he was carrying on his back, and directly used Great Withering Sword Sutra’s 5th Style.


Five fierce attacks fell on the body of the Fifth Level Star Sea war demon at the same time, and suddenly roars, energy explosions, and blood splashed sounds one after another.

When the Five Ghosts moved to the Great Mountain Formation, the Fifth Level Star Sea War Demon was blood-spattered all over the body, but for a moment he had already turned into a blood man.

However, the five members of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance were still uneasy, and several fierce attacks once again fell on their demons.

Zhan Xie was full of unwillingness. It had once again sensed the aura of the war demon in the body, and also understood that the light of the scroll just now sealed the world within the body but only a few breaths, but because of its own eagerness, it led to Heavenly Origin has opportunities for several people.

But even if it is not reconciled, it is too late. Right now, it has no power to fight again.


The silver light flashed by, and a scarlet flashed across Zhan Xie’s neck. It was the five ghosts who moved into the Five Elements ghost state to complete the final blow.

Seeing Zhan Xie swallowed his last breath, a look of disappointment flashed in the eyes of the six Su Yan. Until the end, the four-level Star Sea war demon was never released by him, and it collapsed. In the world, annihilated in the void crack.

The lack of a fourth-level Star Sea war demon means that everyone has at least one drop of the fourth-level war demon blood essence, as well as a part of the fourth-level creature skeleton.

Regarding this, everyone is naturally a bit pity, after all, the blood essence and skeleton of the fourth-level creatures have always been hard currencies traded in the endless Star Sea.

Resources such as Star Stone, Spirit Stone, and the spirit of war, most of the Star Sea world will not accept the existence of such resources, and only the fourth-level creatures blood essence and skeleton are all Star Sea world The hard currency in China is the existence that every world will not refuse.


After a sigh, the six quickly carve up everything on the Fifth Level Star Sea war demon.

Naturally, it is the Heavenly Origin Province and the Lord of Lucky Origin that account for the majority. Without the former, everyone cannot enter the world at all. Naturally, there is no way to talk about spoils of war. As for the latter, this invasion is indeed costly. A lot of power.

The second is to use the Five Ghosts to move the Great Mountain Formation, and Su Yan also played a significant role.

Su Yan took a leg bone. As for why he didn’t take blood essence, it was purely because the other people wanted blood essence, and he didn’t ask for too much, so this was a leg. bone.

Regarding this, everyone looked towards him more kindly.

In this regard, Su Yan was spitting out in his heart.

“A group of old fox!”


Solve the only two World Lords in this sharp world. The next thing for the Heavenly Origin army is to leave. Beyond the barriers of the world, the Heavenly Origin provinces are still waiting, and there is no World Lord. The world’s leading world, you only need to leave a part of the expedition army to garrison. With some remnants of the realm within the realm at this time, it is no longer a climate.

The idea of ​​the Heavenly Origin Star Raider Lord is to quickly solve the Star Sea War Demon world, and completely control the strategic resource of War Demon Egg Embryo in their hands. Naturally, it does not last long.

Just before leaving, a few people first used their own ideas to search this tip world in turn. After confirming that this tip world did not have a space channel or Transmission Great Array open to the outside world, everyone was thorough. Don’t worry.

You must know that they will not leave the Star Raider Lord here to guard, only a group of ordinary Star Raider troops will be garrisoned here, and if they leave the space channel, it is a great hidden danger, after all, who Maybe, where is the opposite of the space channel connected? When they expedition to the Star Sea War Demon world, will the opposite send troops to support it.

Therefore, for the sake of insurance, everyone will behave like this.

After everything was done, and the remaining 200,000 enslaved Legion was removed, the Heavenly Origin expeditionary army was preparing to reappear, but at this moment, there was a sudden noise from below.

Su Yan and several people looked to the side, and soon two third-level Master Star Raider walked over from the group of prisoners with a silhouette.

“Master cultivation base, this person insists on seeing you, saying that there is an important matter, and I can’t stop him!”

Listening to this, everyone waved their hands gently and summoned the two third-level Master Star Raiders back. At the same time, several people looked directly at the silhouette of the pointed and big ears who were kneeling on the ground.

“What’s the matter to report? Not to come up quickly.”

Listening to this, the silhouette of this pointed head and big ears hurriedly explained:

“Master Star Raider, I am the first one…”

After some explanation, the eyes of Heavenly Origin all showed surprise.

“Do you mean that it was you who provided us with the weak point of the formation mark?”

Listen to this. The silhouette of the pointed head and big ears is crazy nodded.

“My lords, I am the descendant of the aboriginal people of this sharp world. I have an absolutely irreconcilable vengeance with this Star Sea war demon world that destroyed and enslaved my sharp world.”

Listening to this, Su Yan’s eyes were clear, and they soon replied:

“We already know what you said before, and you are also telling us, what are you going to report to stop us this time?”

Therefore, these three-level sharp heads kowtow frantically, and next moment they spoke again, explaining the cause and effect of this matter.

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