Star Raider Journey Chapter 530



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Strange and weird characters came from the mouths of these world-eaters. Although they didn’t understand them, everyone in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance could guess one or two from the expressions on their faces.

From the joking look on their faces, it is not difficult to guess that the other party is mocking Su Yan and the others at this moment, seeming to mock the overreaches oneself of the entire Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance.

In response, the twelve silhouettes swept out of the Titan Grade Star Raider flying warship, swelling rapidly, and transformed into twelve great giants in a blink of an eye.

The two sides confronted each other. In the case of 12 Pairs and Thirty-three, the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance and the three sisters of the Silver-tailed Blue Fox family and the others did not have the slightest sense of fear on their faces.

In the previous battle in Xingyuan World, facing nearly forty Level 4 Beasts, including two Level 6s, wouldn’t it still be their side who won?

At this moment, there are only thirty-three Level 4 and above World Devourers. More importantly, there is only one Level 6. Such a lineup is far worse than the original Xingyuan world.


“en? “

A group of World Devouring Beasts are a little puzzled, do not understand where the confidence of the people in the Heavenly Origin Holy Tower Alliance is.

In this regard, everyone in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance is naturally also impossible to explain something.

Under their order, eleven Titan Grade Star Raider flying warships bypassed the level 4 confrontation area of ​​the two sides, moved towards the micro world below and swept away.

Do your best to rescue the native creatures in this world, and kill all the Devourers army wherever you go. This is the common order received by all the Heavenly Origin Star Raider army on the eleven Titan Grade Star Raider flying warships.

In this regard, excluding those enslaving creatures, nearly 10,000 of the Master Star Raider (Bloodline Master) in the eleven Titan Grade Star Raider flying warships are all excited, and they are eager to have a try.

The reason is simple. This civilized war is not only a huge opportunity for those aloof and remote Star Raider Lords, but also for ordinary Master Star Raider.

In the past civilized wars, there are many lucky people who have made great contributions in civilized wars, and finally gained unimaginable benefits in the settlement of the will of the world in Eastern World.

Such as innate talent promotion, rules and perception of sudden enlightenment, etc., these are just the most basic, like those Master Star Raiders who have contributed a lot and are Level 3 Peak, these people have broken through Level 4 in one fell swoop. Yes, there are a lot of people, and there are even more of them like those with Level 1 breaking through Level 2, and Level 2 breaking through Level 3.

Therefore, there is a saying that civilized war is not only a terrifying meat grinder, but also a huge chance library.

Although everyone knows that this is just a one-sided idea in their own minds, in fact, those Master Star Raider who get the chance only occupy a small group, and more people are directly affected by the huge civilization war. The meat grinder is crushed into blood foam and reduced to a stepping stone for others.

However, they are still fearless, and they will be successful. They have already remembered this principle before they set out. But since they are here, who doesn’t want to fight for it?

Who doesn’t have the dream of Star Raider Lord yet?


shua~ shua~ shua~!

Under the confrontation between the two sides, the doors of Six Paths Star Realm flew out from the crowds of Heavenly Origin Holy Tower Alliance, and rose into the air step by step. At the same time, they started to expand rapidly from the mini state, but in Heavenly after a while The sky above the heads of the Origin Sacred Tower Alliance turned into a Six Paths star gate.

Seeing the movement of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance, the World Devourers on the opposite side seemed to feel something. They no longer hesitate, and terrifying energy condenses around them, and the battle between the two sides is about to start.

As before, the Level 6 World Eater was stopped by the Heavenly Origin Provincial Avatar, and the fifth level World Eater was the main body of the Ryukyu Lord one against two shot through the Star Realm gate, and the Ryukyu at the scene The Lord Avatar also stopped one end, and the remaining end was blocked by the Lord of North River and the Lord of Roses.

As for the last Level 4 Beasts, it is very simple. These pseudo Level 4 creatures are not the opponents of normal Level 4 creatures at all. Generally, three or four heads are combined to compete with a Heavenly Origin Holy Tower Alliance. The Level 4 Star Raider Lord ontology.

In this way, the opponent’s quantitative advantage has no effect at all.

Of course, the situation in a short period of time will not fluctuate too much. Although the single battle strength of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance is strong, the number of Beast Devourers is not covered after all, and the situation on the court is still very high. Stalemate.

But just when everyone thought that this situation would continue for some time, the upper Level 6 biological battlefield was unexpectedly changed.

I saw the Heavenly Origin Avatar under the myth of the blue cracked bird, like the Sovereign of the wind, surrounded by horrible wind blades at all times, and these wind blades are by no means ornaments. , Every path contains the Source Law of wind.

Under the blessing of this Law Power, every wind blade air current passes by, leaving tiny void cracks in this void starry sky.

This requires Level 4 Star Raider Lord’s full effort to cause the starry sky to crack. At this moment, Heavenly Origin’s side is densely packed, and the scalp of the person watching it is numb.

From this, we can see Heavenly Origin’s horrible source law of the wind, and everyone can imagine the tremendous pressure faced by the Level 6 Beast.

But even if everyone knew it, this Level 6 World Eater Impossible is the opponent of the Heavenly Origin Provincial Avatar. If there is no second Level 6 World Eater to join the battlefield, this Level 6 World Eater will be killed. It’s just a matter of time.

next moment Heavenly Origin Everyone in the Holy Tower Alliance discovered that they and the others still seem to underestimate the horror of their own respect.

Thousand-meter giant arm is lifted falsely, next moment Heavenly Origin The infinite wind blade around the province’s body rises, azure light shines, eight giant wind blades, which are gathered from countless small azure wind blades, emerge behind him.

The terrifying World Strength and Law Power spilled from these eight giant wind blades, completely locking the Level 6 World Eater in front.

“Wind Di Shisan Cuts the Eighth Style • Fengdi Cuts the Eighth Style”

Accompanied by the indifferent voice of Heavenly Origin Avatar.

“xiū xiū xiū “!

Only when eight whistling sounds flashed by, the eight giant wind blades turned into eight azure light afterimages.

Opposite the Heavenly Origin Avatar, the Level 6 World Devouring Beast had wide pupils, and the depths of the eyes were completely filled with deep fear, and then there was no more.

shua~ shua~ shua~!

Eight azure light remnants passed by, and the Level 6 battlefield above was silent for an instant. Then the hearts of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance trembled. At the same time they were full of surprises, the color of awe also flashed in their hearts.

Above the sky, the body of the still Level 6 World Devouring Beast suddenly weakened and flew backwards, engulfed by the turbulence of the starry sky, and at the same time, the body that was intact the moment before suddenly split into dozens of pieces, impressively It was directly completely cut by those eight azure giant wind blades.

Watching a Level 6 World Devouring Beast was killed by its own province in this way, everyone in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance could not calm down.

As for why I was surprised and delighted.

The joy is naturally based on the battlefield situation. The Level 6 World Devourer was killed. This means that the overall situation of the war is basically set. The rest only needs to be yourself and the others. Be careful to take care of these four and five level Devourers. The beast can solve it, and with the six-level existence of Heavenly Origin, everyone basically doesn’t have to worry about their own safety issues.

As for the astonishment and awe, it is naturally because of the terrifying strength of Heavenly Origin that once again refreshed everyone’s cognition.


After killing the Level 6 World Eater, the Heavenly Origin Avatar only took a dozen corpses into the world, and then stood quietly in the sky, faintly scanning the four or five below. Level battlefield, there is no meaning to intervene at all.

Everyone also understands the reason for this.

First, for the Level 6 creatures of Heavenly Origin Province, the fourth and fifth level Devourers are basically useless for his contribution to the battlefield. It is better to leave them to other people under the jurisdiction of the alliance.

Second, there are a total of nine principals in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance, but four of them were promoted in the past five thousand years. The combat experience and consciousness are still too weak, and a lot of actual combat is to solve this problem. The fundamental way.

Third, if he makes a move, the distribution of benefits afterwards is not easy, because once he makes a move, it is just a matter of random palms, and the corpses of the fourth and fifth level World Devouring beasts in the battlefield afterwards may have to be Assigned to him.

Based on the above three points, the Heavenly Origin Provincial Lord did not do anything, and everyone in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance did not want their own Provincial Lord to intervene.


1 month later, this battle is completely over. Of course, this refers to the entire battle, including the battle between the two armies in the miniature world below. As for the battlefield above Level 4, it was already 20 days ago. the end.

The result of the battle was not unexpected. The Heavenly Origin Sacred Tower Alliance did not lose anyone, but the World Devourer was completely destroyed.

After the war, Su Yan and other Level 4 Master Star Raiders each got at least three to four Level 4 World Eater corpses, and the three five-level World Eater corpses were taken by the Lord of Lucky Gold and Lord of Roses. And the Lord of North River divided among the three.

The Lord of Lucky Gold got two pieces, and the Lord of Rose and Lord of North River got one piece together. This was obtained after the two took out 800 high grade Star Stones. Originally this piece was grade 5 The corpses of the World Eater beasts should be divided equally among the ten people (except for the Heavenly Origin Province and the Lord of Ryukin).

Because the Lord of Roses and the Lord of North River were only responsible for dragging this fifth-level world-chewing beast, and in the end, everyone joined together to kill it, and everyone participated.

But after everyone’s discussion, the Lord of Roses and Lord of North River each took out 400 high grade Star Stones, and Su Yan and the other eight each got 100 high grade Star Stones.

Although not many, when the high grade Star Stone was in short supply, everyone finally agreed.

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