Star Ring Mission Chapter 10


Chapter 10 is not interesting

At this moment, the ventilation window on the second floor was pushed out. Su Mo was leaning against the window , looked at Qiang Hua and the others with great interest.

“Continue to scold, I don’t care, I hope you can be so stubborn later.”


Strong and flamboyant His body was shaking. If he could, he would definitely go up and fight with Su Mo.

“You wait for us, don’t let us find a chance, we’ll kill you.”

“That’s right, if you knew this would happen, you should have killed him first.”

“Yes, but you have to survive first, and show your ability to show me.”

Su Mo casually responded, in fact, he did not come to the show. He just wanted to use them to test the battle strength of the monsters outside.

At this time, groups of zombies began to gather around, their movements were not slow at all, and their eyes glowed green.

“No, Brother Qiang and those monsters rushed over.”

Lan Xi shouted eagerly.

“Damn, brothers are ready to fight, Lan Xi, you stand behind!”

Qiang Hua took a group of brothers and directly protected Lan Xi behind him, holding the hammer in his hand, moved Zombie, who rushed towards him, smashed his forehead.

The first zombie was knocked over on the spot and fell directly to the ground.

But unfortunately, the number of opposites is beyond imagination.

At this time, a zombie jumped up from the side and bit it directly on Qianghua’s left arm. Qianghua felt a pain, and killed it with a hammer.

Before he had time to look at the wound, a teammate was knocked down.

“Help, ah!!!”

Qiang Hua turned his head and glanced, his eyes immediately turned red. Unfortunately, nothing can be done. As long as it falls down, five or six zombies will jump up immediately, bite whatever they catch, and they will be bitten to death in an instant.


He rushed towards the zombie in front of him somewhat irrationally.

Lan Xi’s body trembled slightly, and her delicate face was very nervous.

Su Mo looked at the battle below, and said to Lanxi with great interest: “That’s right, you teammates are trying so hard to protect you.”

“Open the door, Let us in, I beg you.”

Lanxi lifts the head, biting her lip nervously and shouting at Su Mo.

“If I open the door now, wouldn’t that kill me? And I don’t need to open the door. Your teammates will definitely not survive, and it should be that none of you will survive.”

Su Mo analyzed Lan Xi rationally.

Lan Xi turned her head to look back, except for her, of the eleven team members, eight had already fallen, leaving only three of them left.

There were even the bodies of the fallen players, who began to stagger about to stand up.

The surrounded Qianghua shouted to Lan Xi: “Flee!”

Immediately flooded, as tragic as it is solemn.

At this time, some zombies started to stare at Lanxi and came over one after another.

Su Mo now had a general understanding of the battle strengths of these monsters, so he said to Lanxi: “Goodbye.”

But Lanxi didn’t want to die, She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth to stop the tears that were about to flow. With a strong desire to survive, he shouted to Su Mo who was about to leave: “You have to save me, do you think it’s safe to hide in the mall? You don’t know this game at all.”

Su Mo stopped She took her steps, her icy eyes looked towards Lan Xi downstairs.

“Why should I trust you?”

Lan Xi looked at Zombie who rushed up, gritted her teeth and shouted: “I have heavyweight information.”

“Oh, is it?”


“Okay, I’ll believe you once.”

Hearing Lan Xi’s words, Su Mo took out the rope from the backpack and threw it down.

Lan Xi eagerly reached out to grab it, but Su Mo pulled back, and Lan Xi directly grabbed the air.


Lan Xi was about to cry.

Su Mo was also a little surprised that he was able to force Lan Xi to the point of crying. So he stopped teasing her and put the rope down.

Lan Xi hurriedly grabbed the rope.

Su Mo pulled the rope up, just as the zombies rushed over.

One of the zombies extend the hand and grab Lanxi’s feet and drag it down.


Lan Xi vigorously raised her other foot and kept kicking the zombie’s face, but unfortunately it didn’t work, the zombie didn’t let go.

Su Mo saw this scene, took out a pocket knife and threw it out.


The knife hit the zombie’s head with incredible precision.

Lan Xi hurriedly kicked the zombie away, and Su Mo also took the opportunity to pull Lan Xi up a little bit.

The zombie below frantically stretched out her hand, her hideous face was the most primordial desire, and her scalp was numb.

Lan Xi was pulled up by Su Mo shortly after, and he was finally saved temporarily. She sat on the ground, panting, not physically tired, but frightened. She had never experienced such a terrifying thing in her life.

Su Mo rearranged the rope and put it in the backpack, and asked Lan Xi calmly.

β€œIt’s a good desire to survive.”

β€œYou’re too embarrassed to say, if you hadn’t closed the door, my teammates wouldn’t have died.”

β€œ Didn’t you close my door first?

“You are so dangerous, can I leave you alone? “

“How am I in danger?” I did it to save people. “

Lan Xi suddenly felt like a bolt from the blue when she heard it, this joke is getting bigger.

“Besides, if you die, you will die. It’s just a game, and you will be resurrected when you turn around.” . “

Su Mo didn’t care about replied.

“Who told you that you could be resurrected?” “

Lan Xi looked at Su Mo’s casually appearance, and immediately gnash the teeth with anger.

“Can’t it be resurrected?” “

Su Mo is also slightly surprised.

“If you die, you have to quit the game. There is only one chance, do you know how precious it is? The fire that represents life in our body will go out, and no one else will take the fire to save you, and you will never be able to log in to this game again. “

Lan Xi answered angrily, and was about to roar out of grievance.

“Oh, so that’s how it is, go ahead and tell me other information you know.” “

Su Mo looked at Lanxi with great interest.

Hearing Lanxi startled slightly, then lowered his head in despair and replied: “I don’t know much, only Knowing that it is important to live and never die. “

“Just that little information? So you were lying to me just now? “

Su Mo looked Lanxi up and down.

Lanxi stood up and replied: “Yes, but I was also compelled by circumstances.” Would you be able to save me if I didn’t say that? Besides, it’s not a loss for you to save me. “

“Why not? “

“We can form a team together. I’m in training camp and have received professional training.” This is a team game, and one person cannot survive here. “

“Oh, yes?” Professional training at this level? I am not interested. “

Su Mo turned her head and was about to leave.

Instead, Lan Xi went straight to catch up, she highly recommended herself.

“Take me, I strong. “

“I’m not interested, why should I bring a burden.” ”

Su Mo walked into the stairs and climbed to the third floor. He wanted to climb higher, first to see what the city is like now.

Lanxi still didn’t give up , she said after chasing Su Mo.

“I’m a life player, you can use me. I can do first aid, I can dissection, and my hand-to-hand combat is okay. “

“I don’t feel it.” “

Su Mo is still indifferent.

Lanxi is about to be pissed off, no one has ever regarded her as worthless.

“I It can be proved.”

Just as Lanxi defended Su Mo and came to the corner, Su Mo suddenly extended the hand and pulled Lanxi to the side.

I saw a The ragged, skinny zombie opened his mouth and rushed over without warning, but unfortunately he just missed it.

(end of this chapter)

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