Star Ring Mission Chapter 100


Chapter 100 Doubts (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

Tip: Congratulations on killing the Type II mutation Breed the gray octopus (common) and gain 5 achievement points.

Hint: Congratulations, you successfully infiltrated the Tier III base by yourself, unlocking the achievement, Alone (Title).

Just as Su Mo was flipping through the pages, he suddenly saw a separate category column for Tinder, and there was a small red number on the word Tinder.

Su Mo clicked.

Immediately, the entire interface changed to Heaven and Earth turning upside down, a tinder image appeared, and there was a progress bar below.

Stage 0 Tinder evolution progress: 35%

At the same time, there are records under Tinder:

Congratulations on killing Type I mutant (common) white Ze gains 5 evolution points.

Congratulations for killing the Type I mutant (common) Bai Ze alone to gain 5 evolution points.

Congratulations for killing the Type I mutant (elite) Bai Ze by yourself to get 10 evolution points.

Congratulations for killing the II-star mutant (common species) Greyhound octopus and gaining 15 evolution points.

Su Mo was a little surprised when he saw this information. Tinder was able to evolve. And it seems that you have to kill monsters with forms in order to get evolution points. In addition, Su Mo also found a problem. It seems that there are relatively more evolution points obtained by killing alone, and there seems to be less group killings. It should be divided by teammates.

Su Mo tried searching for information on Tinder in the guild channel.

Don’t say it, just search it out.

A complete collection of Tinder materials, which is marked at the beginning of the information.

This document was researched and written by Qianchengxue, the tenth Legion Corps Head of the Dawnbreaker Guild.

Su Mo was also a little surprised. It was written by Corps Head of this Legion. He curiously opened it and took a look.

Tinder is the source power that supports the player’s activities in this world, and each birth carries a tinder. At this time, the power of fire is the weakest and belongs to the 0 type. At the same time, the monsters who have reached the form in this world also have fire.

Both of us can kill each other and absorb each other’s power of fire, but when humans absorb it, it is not as obvious as monsters. All of them are automatically absorbed by fire and cannot be observed by naked eyes. In addition, the absorption factor of fire is very complicated, and the absorption efficiency of killing alone is the highest. But this is not recommended, because you can succeed countless times, but if you miss once, you will face death. At the same time, it should be noted that crushing and killing monsters that are weaker than yourself cannot obtain too much fire power by itself.

When the evolution value of the fire reaches the full value, it needs to be detonated with the corresponding form of genetic medicine. At that time, the best complementary effect will be obtained. Of course, you can not do this, you can also use the evolution potion in advance, or even automatically upgrade after the subsequent fire evolution value is full, but then you will take two risks, that is, the failure rate will increase. The strength of evolution is weakened

And as the level of fire increases, the life form and level of people will also increase.

As for the specific details and content, they are set as core secrets and require a higher level of authority to view.

After Su Mo saw this, he let out a long sigh and had no choice but to give up.

It’s so difficult to evolve tinder for love, no wonder no one mentions it, the monsters themselves are very perverted, and as a result, they have to find morphed mutants to kill. Moreover, he couldn’t kill him with large weapons, so he didn’t have much experience, and the most pitiful thing was that his evolution value was full, and he still had to find a genetic potion.

Just when Su Mo was lost in thought, Lin Zinuo came over and said to Su Mo.

“What are you doing in a daze? Are you worried about failure?”

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo came back to his senses and replied.

“It doesn’t really matter, we just try our best, and it’s not ashamed if we fail.”


“I thought about it, The risk of this operation is so high, do Qin Wang and the others want them to stay and wait for the ship outside? Also, they don’t have much battle strength, so they are easy to sacrifice, and they are prone to problems.”

“Bring them, no one knows the state of the ship. Maybe they will be needed when the time comes, and then it will be too late to regret it.”

“Okay, I understand, It seems that the time is almost up, shall we set off?”

Lin Zinuo asked very seriously.

β€œLet’s go!”

Su Mo isn’t the kind of sloppy guy either.

So Su Mo and the others gathered on the side deck, Qin Wang and the others dragged two deflated kayaks from the cabin, and they were taking turns blowing with their mouths.

I have to say that this is a very test of lung capacity. Rao is that they have more than a dozen people, and their faces are flushed.

Fortunately, it took some time in the end, but it still blew.

“Tie the rope.”

Zhou Qian took a few bundles of rope and threw it over.

Sun Hong quickly tied the rope to the well-filled kayak, and then worked together to put the kayak into the sea little by little.

When all this was done, they tied the rope to the deck railing.

Lin Zino took the lead in turning over, turned over the deck railing, and climbed down holding the rope.

In less than five minutes, everyone got on the inflatable kayak, then they picked up the paddle and looked down at Su Mo, waiting for his command.

Su Mo observed it for a while, then after careful consideration, he raised his hand slightly to point out the direction of progress.

The crowd cautiously rowed their kayaks forward.

The closer you get to the base, the louder you hear the battle explosions.

“Sister Zino, who are you, who is attacking this base city with so much firepower?”

“I don’t know either.”

“Sister Zinuo, do you think it’s someone from our Legion?”

“It shouldn’t be be, how can there be such a coincidence. Moreover, where is the land reclamation by Mr. Qianchengxue, and what is the land reclamation is a secret matter, and I don’t know. Step back 10,000 steps, even if it is really our Legion people, we will I can’t help you, and I can’t meet them! So don’t want so many meaningless things, just concentrate one’s mind and do your own thing.”


Lin Zinuo and the others looked more dignified, involuntarily speeding up.

The kayak began to accelerate, speechless.

Su Mo’s nerves are also becoming more and more tense. Although there is a fog, but there are so many of them, the target is still quite large, and there is a danger of exposure at any time. Once discovered, it is basically not far from the group’s destruction. Those defensive weapons on the coast are not decorations.

Time passed a little bit, and finally kayaking, paddling to the area near the base, Su Mo raised his hand to signal everyone to stop.

He took the lead and jumped into the sea. The rest of the people looked at each other, took off their unnecessary outer clothes, and jumped into the water.

The sea water is not so cold, Lin Zinuo and the others who jumped down took a breath of cold air fiercely. Fortunately, they have all been trained before, and slowly began to move their hands and feet to adapt.

Su Mo didn’t urge them either, and waited quietly for them to get used to the temperature of the sea water. When it was almost time, he lowered his voice and said to Lin Zinuo and the others, “Follow me.”

Lin Zinuo and the others have nodded.

(end of this chapter)

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