Star Ring Mission Chapter 102


Chapter 102 Hands-on (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (Five more)

Su Mo’s expression is also a bit weird, but he Not much to say.

“Let’s go!”

“Be careful.”

Lin Zinuo was worried and repeatedly told Su Mo.

Su Mo nodded and left through the back door.

After exiting the living material storage warehouse, Su Mo followed the map prompt and moved towards the mecha library little by little.

There are creeping red sarcomas everywhere along the way, growing in density.

However, I don’t know if it was because the sound of the battle in the distance became more and more violent, these red sarcomas seemed to be a little restless and were on the verge of sobering up.

Seeing this, Su Mo eyes shrank, full speed burst. Not to mention that under the blessing of the II-generation mechanical armor, his agility has skyrocketed.

If you look down from a high altitude, the belly of the huge base, an afterimage quickly shuttles through the red sarcoma group.

Not very long, Su Mo appeared in front of a huge hangar, the whole hangar was rectangular, and there were four steel gates in the head area that closed the four exits. And the whole building is so well sealed that there are no windows at all.

The only luck is that all the nearby Kazami broke out and went to the frontline battlefield, leaving only an empty shell.

Su Mo touched a gate and checked the switch to open it.

The use is a standard identity and authority identification switch, which is a standard military system, which cannot be cracked without professional equipment. The internal emergency switch needs to specify a mechanical key.

Su Mo is about to twist into a mess, a little mistake, didn’t expect to get in here.

This kind of hangar design generally does not give too obvious loopholes. If you want to get in, it is estimated that there is no other way except violent means.

But it can be judged from the switch identification system is still on. There is no power outage in this hangar, and the internal security system must still be running. Violent entry may trigger some self-defense mechanism.

Just when Su Mo was in trouble, a virtual reminder popped up in front of him.

“Whether to use identity authorization.”

Su Mo slightly startled, he decisively chose yes, and the switch suddenly made a mechanical sound.

“The identity authorization is passed, and the identity is identified as Major Zhou Zhang.”


The closed gate began to slowly rise.

Su Mo looked at the mechanical armor on his body, and he became more and more silent. If you guessed correctly, Zhou Zhang’s major should have adjusted the authority of the mechanical armor to open before he died. In order to facilitate the follow-up, if a teammate comes over, you can use it.

Then Su Mo took slightly heavy steps and stepped into the hangar, where a brand new blue shield mecha was neatly arranged. Its appearance is exactly the same as the green shield, but the color is different.

At a glance, there are as many as 100 units, and the scene is extremely shocking.

Even Su Mo’s blood boiled when he saw it, it was the first time he saw so many mecha.

This is all about arming a standard Legion.

You can see how powerful this base was during the Peak period. It’s a pity that such a large base was finally easily attacked by monsters because of the virus, and they didn’t even fight back.

Su Mo took a few deep breaths and adjusted his mind. When he was about to go up and start a random mecha, he suddenly stopped.

But this time, it wasn’t because of enemies or any sudden situation.

Just a single thought popped into Su Mo’s mind, since there are so many mecha parked here, maybe there is a Captain-level mecha.

Su Mo thinks more and more that the probability is very high, so he walks forward through many mechas.

When Su Mo came to the end, they were all dumbfounded.

In the front of the hangar, there is a brand new light blue mecha, the whole mecha has a shiny surface armor and gives a very strong oppression at the same time. There is a small beam cannon on its shoulders, a heavy mechanical rifle in its hands, a sharp alloy blade embedded in its waist, and auxiliary flight jets on its back and legs.

Su Mo walked over and on the right side of the mecha there was a small raised platform with a key and a manual.

He bent down, picked up the key and the manual, opened it and looked at it.

Body type: TK-01 light mecha (II generation) Β· blue mecha.

Manufacturer: Heigang Heavy Industry.

Affiliation: Dragon Country

Initial equipment: M.E75 years.

Technical Parameters

Interior Environment: Standard Cockpit.

Dimensions Full height: 12 meters.

Weight: 50.09 tons.

Armor material and structure: composite reinforced synthetic metal.

Painting: Light blue

Waterproof grade: B-Rank (Grade S, A, B, C, D, E.)

Powerplant : Dual NC-71 high-energy-concentration engines.

Operation system: Dragon system version 2.0.

Fixed electronic equipment: MT-04 owl scanning device, circulating air system within 48 hours.

Backup: Double emergency escape.

Fixed armament: T-3 shoulder beam cannon, K7 type 38mm close defense rifle, abdomen L-09 type medium-range poisonous snake missile launcher, high-strength alloy blade.

Auxiliary device: Four groups of FU-03 rear rotary vector auxiliary injection device.

Use hand weapon: Universal

Su Mo resisted the boiling of blood, climbed up, found the emergency opening key hole, and inserted the key into it.


The cab is slowly opened, and the equipment inside is obviously very high level, and it is custom-made at first glance.

Su Mo sat up impatiently, he tried to start the whole mecha, the mecha lighted up in an instant, and the cab slowly closed.

Then Su Mo immediately checked the state of the machine, and by the way controlled the mecha to move. He found that this mecha is not only more powerful than the Green Shield, but also equipped with more advanced weapons, and its agility is far superior.

With this mecha, Su Mo suddenly felt more confident.

Without the slightest hesitation, he drove the mecha to put away the ranged defense rifle.

He then spent more than an hour in the hangar, quickly getting acquainted with the overall mecha performance and memorizing all the key functions.

The strong adaptability, familiarity and memory it shows can be said to be a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again, which no one can match.

Then Su Mo looked deeply at the exit, took a deep breath, controlled mecha to pull out the alloy blade and rushed out, moved towards the side of the dock.

The reason why I chose to use a gun without at first is because once the gun is fired, it is equivalent to sending a signal to Lin Zino and the others to act.

And some of the smaller sarcoid-shaped Kazami he encountered along the way, he stomped on it arrogantly.

Those juvenile Kazami were killed on the spot.

In an instant, the red sarcomas along the way shattered one by one. Kazami was disturbed and crawled out angrily.

The originally calm area was completely fried, just like pouring a bowl of water into a hot oil pan.

Su Mo’s previous depression burst out at this moment completely and unscrupulously.

However, just as it was approaching the dock, the tentacles hanging down from both sides of the dock suddenly moved without warning and shot down at it.

(end of this chapter)

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