Star Ring Mission Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Rejoice (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (sixth update)

Su Mo pulled the operating lever violently, Tai mecha swiftly turned sideways and avoided the attack directly.

Immediately after Su Mo pushes the power lever, the blue mecha bursts out faster and moves forward in a roundabout way!

From a high altitude, the mecha driven by Su Mo ran wildly in a semi-circular trajectory, and maximized the attraction of all monsters, and Kazami moved towards Su Mo crazily. Su Mo’s eyes are getting colder, his hands are getting faster and faster, and he is typing a lot of commands. I saw the blue mecha driving in a roundabout way at high speed. Without slowing down, he slashed the alloy blade in his hand and cut off the oncoming Kazami.

Su Mo’s behavior was very provocative at this time, and he didn’t know whether the provocation was successful or whether he angered the Type II Kazami, and the entire area of Kazami locked it.

If someone else saw this kind of scene, they would have been scared to pee and fled desperately.

However, Su Mo calmly controlled mecha moved towards the coastal line and ran over, and Kazami followed behind him. But instead of blindly chasing after them, they spread out into a net to outflank them.

Su Mo saw the outflanking Kazami through the rear video equipment, and became more and more sure that these Kazami were commanded or controlled by the monster on the dock.

“Too handsome!”

At this time, Lin Zinuo and the others hid on both sides of the gate of the reserve, watching the battle outside. Zhou Qian and the others were both worried about Su Bai at the moment, but also very excited. His actions were so handsome, pulling a group of monsters by himself was simply divine.

There are even several girls who have turned on the video recording function, but unfortunately they are a little far away and cannot take close-up images.

In comparison, Lin Zinuo seemed very calm. She silently estimated the situation and waited for the best opportunity to act. Just as Su Mo was pulling all the monsters moved towards the coastal line, the sound of gunshots rang out, and it was the gun that was moved towards the huge egg, which was full of provocation.

She gave the order with a decisive wave of her hand.

“Let’s go, now it’s our turn.”

Hearing Lin Zinuo’s order, Zhou Qian and the others immediately adjusted their emotions, and their expressions became very serious.


Lin Zinuo rushed out with everyone, her purpose was very clear, it was the back door of the dock, and they had to move fast. Because for every second of delay, Su Mo takes an extra second of risk. After all, it looks cool to be surrounded by so many Kazami, but that means he is in an extremely dangerous situation.

She was very touched at this time. Su Mo was taking maximum risks for them by the strength of oneself. Nothing is more reliable than this kind of player. For this reason, they can’t be ashamed, and her self-esteem does not allow her to fail like a weakling.

Although the 12th team is a standard logistics team, Lin Zinuo actually has a desire to fight in her heart. She is actually very envious of the wasteland team. And she can only guard her home, guard the material warehouse, and wait for the charity of others.

They charged ahead very fast, the monster along the way and the dome in front were basically attracted by Su Mo, and everything went very smoothly. In just a few breaths, Lin Zinuo and the others rushed to the back door of the dock, but the back door was tightly closed.

Zhou Qian rushed up immediately, holding the handle of the door, trying to see if she could open the door.


It’s a pity that not every luck is so good, the back door is locked.

“Can’t open!”

Zhou Qian turned her head eagerly and shouted.

“Get out of the way!”

Lin Zino shouted very simply.

Zhou Qian and the others quickly dispersed, Lin Zinuo quickly unloaded the rocket launcher on his back, and then directly hit the rocket launcher, raising the bazooka to prepare to shoot.


At this time, the taciturn Wang Dalong suddenly opened his mouth to stop Lin Zinuo.

“What’s the matter?”

“Let me come.”

Wang Dailong volunteered.

“You can do it?”

“Don’t look at me, I can still unlock the lock.”

Wang Dailong said from the backpack. Pull out some simple tools.

“Then you didn’t say it earlier.”

Zhou Qian and the others rolled the eyes.

“It’s hard to tell about this.”

Wang Dailong replied embarrassedly, these days you can open locks, and everyone looks at you like a thief.

“Okay, now is not the time to talk about this, hurry up and unlock the lock.”

Lin Zinuo directly interrupted everyone to complain.


Wang Dailong immediately stepped forward, only to see him pick up a simple tool and flip a few times on the door lock.


The door opened, and the technique was so sophisticated that Zhou Qian and the others looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Go in!”

Lin Zinuo took the lead in rushing in decisively.

At this time, Su Mo had fled to the coastline. He drove the mecha and turned around to face Kazami, who was surrounded by a net, without a trace of fear in his eyes.

He counted the time. If he didn’t encounter difficulties, those chicks should have gone in.

So I took a deep breath, controlled mecha to rush into the Kazami monster group head-on, swung the alloy sharp blade at a high speed, and beheaded the attacking Kazami with one knife after another. The knife hit the key point, Be quick!

The viscous red liquid splashed on the light blue body, at this moment he seemed like a hideous butcher.

In the dock, Lin Zinuo and the others rushed in.

In an instant, Lin Zinuo and the others all stiffened in place, with expressions of astonishment on their faces, and at this moment their spirits were a little dazed.

I saw a ship about 180 meters long and 21 meters wide, equipped with a large number of vertical launch units, 130MM beam naval guns, and high-speed close-air guns with no dead ends in all directions, large mecha docking stations, and various It is a battleship with very advanced weapons. On the left side of the ship, there is a giant working robotic arm that has not had time to dismantle.

Lin Zinuo couldn’t help swallowing. Compared with this ship, the ship they are driving now is rubbish and iron, and it is not of the same grade at all.

Lin Zinuo shook his head and tried his best to calm himself down. Now is not the time to be shocked and rejoiced. The top priority is to take down the ship.

She looked at the various areas inside the dock, and along the way to the ship, there were containers one by one.

But I didn’t see any monsters, the dock was very quiet, and everything seemed normal.

“Sister Zino, shall we get on the boat?”

Zhou Qian and the others asked impatiently.

“No hurry, everyone close your eyes!”

Lin Zino did something that surprised everyone, she took out a flash bomb and threw it far away.


Accompanied by a burst of light sound, the dazzling rays of light slammed into the entire dock.


In an instant, in the dense container, Kazami made a harsh sound, and came out like a headless fly.

Lin Zinuo opened her eyes, waved her hand to Zhou Qian and the others and said, “Kill it!”

Zhou Qian and the others looked at Kazami who got out , I also have lingering fears. If I rushed over like this just now, I would most likely be overcast. Thinking of this, they raised the QBZ-171 in their hands and shot it violently!

peng~ peng~!

(end of this chapter)

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