Star Ring Mission Chapter 104


Chapter 104 Pioneer (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (seven more)

red sticky blood Splashed all over, Kazami was blown up one by one.

Lin Zinuo and the others moved towards Ship Kill!

However, just when they felt that everything was stable, a loud bang suddenly sounded above their heads, and at the same time, countless pieces of glass fell.

Unfortunately, the sound of flashbangs and gunshots disturbed the egg on the roof.

Lin Zino was startled to lift the head, only to see tentacles extending through the skylight above the dock.

“Be careful! Scatter!”

Zhou Qian and the others scattered in panic, but unfortunately it was too late. Li Miaocui didn’t have time to dodge, and was instantly stunned. .

“Li Miaocui!”

Sun Hong angrily raised the gun in his hand and shot at the tentacles.

Unfortunately, the effect is very bad. The dense bullets hit it, just making holes.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo recreated a round of ammunition for the rocket launcher in his hand, and shot it at the tentacle above his head.


Two tentacles were blown off in an instant, but unfortunately the effect was not good, one tentacle penetrated again, moved towards Lin Zino swept over.

Lin Zinuo decisively threw away the rocket barrel in his hand and ran away!

The whole dock was in chaos.

And outside the dock, Su Mo was controlling the blue mecha to kill, suddenly he heard a violent explosion inside the dock, and he was heartbroken. Rin lifted the head and looked over, and found that the Type II Kazami had many tentacles penetrating into the dock.

His eyes narrowed, his body exuded a more dangerous aura, and he shoved the power lever all the way.

Immediately controlled mecha and slashed the Alloy sharp blade to slash Kazami who was blocking him, moved towards the dock and rushed over.

At the same time, Su Mo lowered the small beam cannon on mecha’s shoulder and fired at the sarcoid-shaped Kazami on the dock!


Shoot the beam to hit the target accurately.

Then a harsh roar sounded, the surface of the huge sarcoid was completely cracked, and a Kazami with a height of more than ten meters, densely covered with red lines, a bloated body, and an unusually large head emerged.

At this time, Su Mo’s bracelet vibrated, and he turned his head to take a look.

I saw that the bracelet automatically recognizes the monster information.

Type IIยทGeneralยทKazami!

At the same time, there are remarks below. The templates of monsters are divided into: ordinary, elite, general, lord, hero, emperor, star master.

Depending on the template, its strength is also different. The higher the template, the stronger the battle strength, the higher the evolution potential, and even skipping grades to challenge.

Su Mo really understood the monster’s system at this moment.

But even if Su Mo knew the template of this monster, he didn’t have any fear.

I saw Su Mo control mecha to put away the alloy blade, copy out a short-range rifle, and shoot at the tentacles on Kazami!

peng peng ~

Suddenly the tentacles running through the dock were interrupted one by one.

Type II general-level Kazami was instantly furious, it split its huge mouth, and an ultra-thick thermal radiation beam moved towards Su Mo and blasted it.

Su Mo controlled mecha to dodge to the limit, and the thermal radiation beam fell on the side and exploded.

The aftermath of the explosion shook the whole mecha, Su Mo controlled the mecha very calmly and stabilized his body.

Immediately, he continued to shoot violently, and the dense bullets hit Type II Kazami, causing wounds that were horrible to see.

Although it is not fatal, it is painful enough to irritate the other party.

Sure enough, the Type II Kazami was furious, it made a special roar, all directions countless puppet soldiers and Kazami, moved towards Su Mo, swarmed, and a pair of them was about to drown it stance.

Su Mo took a deep breath, controlled mecha to draw the alloy blade again, and did everything he could. Now he can’t protect himself, and the rest is up to Lin Zinuo and the others.

In the dock, Lin Zinuo and the others, who were being chased by tentacles all over the place.

Suddenly found that tentacles fell from the top of the head, the Kazami was attacked, and he didn’t have time to take care of them for a while.

Lin Zinuo was overjoyed, relieved, loudly shouted: “Quick, get on the boat!”

Zhou Qian and the others immediately moved towards the boat and rushed over after hearing this .

At this time, Qin Wang loudly shouted to Lin Zinuo: “Sister Zinuo, the gate is not open!”

Lin Zinuo was slightly startled when she heard this, she calmed down. Just wait and see, the switch of the gate is on the top right of the exit, so she shouted to Gaomei.

“Go Mei, go open!”


Without the slightest hesitation, Gao Mei changed direction, moved towards the gate switch and ran over.

Then Lin Zinuo and the others successfully killed the ship, and Lin Zinuo immediately gave an order and said, “Qin Wang, take Wang Dailong to the power room to check, and I’ll start the ship. I can’t start the boat, so you should check and repair it immediately, be quick!”


Go to the power room with Wang Dalong moved towards the power room.

“Zhou Qian, take someone to guard the ship, don’t let the Kazami below have a chance to get on the ship. Sun Hong, take some people to various areas of the ship to check to see if there are any Hide from the monster, so as not to be attacked by sneak, everyone will perform their duties!”

Lin Zinuo quickly gave the order.



Zhou Qian and the others responded in succession.

After the explanation, Lin Zinuo took Wang Lan and Zhao Ying moved towards the operation room and ran to the operation room. At this time, her heartbeat was moving very fast and she was very nervous.

Soon Lin Zino rushed to the operating room, and she took a quick look around the operating room.

After confirming that there is no hidden monster, she ran to the console, took out the key given by Su Mo, inserted it into the keyhole and turned it.

She prayed silently in her heart.

“Bless it works, start it quickly! Start it quickly!”

However, there was no response from the operation interface, and Lin Zinuo felt like he had fallen into an ice cave for a while.

He hammered the console in disgust.

At this moment, a virtual image suddenly appeared on the control interface, and a line of neat text appeared.

Helanยท is being launched.

Lin Zinuo was also stunned for a moment, then ecstatic.

“very good!”

Then the ship’s power system started to turn on automatically, all the lights in the operating room turned on, and the Helan holographic image structural diagram appeared on the operating table. .

A full-scale status analysis form appears.


Model: Vanguard-class standard battleship.

system: Dragon system 2.3 semi-intelligent version.

Radar: VEX multi-element phased array.

Fuselage: 180 meters long and 21 meters wide.

Power system: MDC-03 nuclear power plant.

Standard displacement: 2.1W tons

Speed: 45 knots

Equipped with weapons: 130MM beam cannon, 112 shipborne vertical launch systems, 24 torpedo launch ports , 4 16-tube 30MM close-in cannons, 2*18WEC flank-mounted multi-functional rocket launch system.

Equipped with ammunition: Heshou-12 sub-super combined anti-ship missile *24, VDE-03 Lie Bird long-range air defense missile*12, Swordfish-12 anti-submarine missile*18, Swordfish-08 torpedo*36, Deep Blue Messenger 07 strategic nuclear torpedo (10w ton equivalent)*1

(End of this chapter )

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