Star Ring Mission Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Accidents (Added to Silver Alliance Leader Water Sugar) (Nine Updates)

Lin Zino decisively controlled the ship’s power to push again To maximize, suddenly the entire huge ship rushed out.

Type II General Kazami was unwilling to let the prey run away like this, and angrily extended more tentacles, and the ship moved towards charge ahead swept over, trying to grab the ship.

It’s a pity that it was a step too late, and the huge tentacle attack failed.

The unstoppable Type II general Kazami’s infinite rage turned his head and stared at Su Mo, the culprit of everything.

At this time, Kazami, like the tide, violently moved towards Su Mo, and at the same time, Kazami, the Type II general, stretched out shrouding the heavens and hiding the earth. .

Su Mo had long expected this outcome, gasping for control mecha to raise the alloy blade, ready to meet the final death.

all around The dark Kazami also frantically surrounded him.

In their eyes, the prey is dead and ready to give him the final blow.


Suddenly, countless banging sounds came.

Su Mo was also stunned for a moment, only to see the missiles all over the sky, falling down indiscriminately.

A terrifying purple light immediately pierced the dock and shot into the sky.


A huge chain explosion swept the entire seaport in an instant, Su Mo decisively controlled mecha and crouched down.

In the cab, Su Mo received a strong impact, and the whole mecha kept vibrating.

After more than ten seconds, the shaking stopped and everything was calm.

At this moment, the huge dock collapsed in half, and the Type II general-level Kazami and half of the dock disappeared without a trace, leaving not even a trace of slag.

The dense monster tide along the coastline was emptied directly, and the entire ground was dyed red with flesh and blood.

At this moment, Lin Zino’s anxious shouting sounded in Su Mo’s communication channel.

β€œSu Mo, how are you? Answer me.”

β€œSu Mo!!”

β€œI’m here.”

Su Mo lifts the head hard, replied husky.

“Very good, you’re not dead yet!”

“I knew you weren’t going to die so easily, hurry up! The monsters in the periphery were all disturbed, and now I’ve packed it towards you, and we’ll pick you up right now.”

Lin Zinuo shouted excitedly.

At this time, all the alien species in the entire harbor area woke up, exposing scarlet bloodthirsty eyes, rushing in like a tide.


Su Mo heard Lin Zinuo’s reminder and couldn’t help but glanced at the display screen and took a deep breath. Immediately controlled mecha to get up, moved towards the coastline and rushed over. The moment it was approaching, Mecha jumped up, instantly activated the auxiliary jet device behind Mecha, and moved towards the ship at a low altitude.

In five or six seconds, Su Mo drove the mecha and landed on the airborne platform of the Helan. The whole ship was stable and did not shake much.

Zhou Qian and the others also gathered around immediately.

The Helan also sailed out of the harbour decisively, daring not to stop.


Hongshan Bay Base, Sun Li and other team leaders are leading their subordinates and are violently attacking this base city.

At this time, they were completely desperate. They had been attacking this base intermittently for more than ten days.

I don’t know where these kazami came from. The number is so desperate that after killing one batch, another batch comes.

It really answers that sentence, the reproductive ability is extremely strong!

The worst thing is that the Type III Kazami at this base hatched ahead of time, and now Lord Corps Head is being held back by the strength of oneself.

The situation is getting worse.

“Sun Li’s deputy Corps Head, this can’t work, it’s a bit hard to attack.”

The sister beside her said anxiously.

“We have to attack if we can’t get in. This action plan is related to our Legion’s later battle. We must get the spills of war. Are we going to retreat when we encounter a setback? I didn’t see it. Is Lord Corps Head blocking that monster alone? What else do we have to complain about?”

As Qianchengxue’s right-hand man, Sun Li is very clear about the purpose of this operation.


When the audience heard Sun Li say this, Citrus was a little ashamed.

At this time, Qianchengxue controlled the mecha to raise the giant shield in his hand, blocking a ferocious tentacle, and the whole mecha slid back a few meters.

In front of him is a bloated body with a height of more than 30 meters, densely covered with strange red lines, with sticky tentacles all over the body, and a type III elite with one after another penetrating eyeball on its head. Grade Kazami.

The Type III elite Kazami was extremely furious. Its evolution was interrupted by the ants in front of it, and compelled by circumstances broke out of its shell ahead of time.

The next second, the Type III Elite Kazami’s eyeballs all turned into eerie deep reds, and then one after another heat radiation beam moved towards Qianchengxue indiscriminately.

I saw Qianchengxue didn’t have any fear, she pushed the power control lever to the end, the whole mecha burst into a terrifying speed, and she began to quickly evade the attack.

One after another The beam of light brushed past him and exploded on the ground.

Qianchengxue approached at high speed, waving the alloy blade in her hand.


In its bloated body, it was slashed by the fiercely, cutting a horrible to see gap.

However, from the opening that was cut at this time, countless juvenile Kazami came out and scattered.

Seeing this scene, Qianchengxue frowned more and more tightly. But she didn’t have time to pay attention to these. The Type III Kazami in front of her roared furiously, with hundreds of tentacles running through it like a lance moved towards Qianchengxue.

Qianchengxue controlled mecha to jump dexterously, dodging tentacles, but she couldn’t dodge it. She swung the alloy blade in her hand to cut off the tentacles that hit her.

The huge mecha is in her hands like a part of her body.

Qianchengxue’s eyes became colder, and she felt more and more troublesome.

At this moment, a huge explosion sounded in the distance, and a purple light cut through the sky. The Type III Elite Kazami who was attacking Qianchengxue suddenly turned his head and roared angrily at the rear. It felt the death of the Type II Kazami. Immediately gave up attacking Qianchengxue, turned and rushed towards the base bay.

Even with the other Kazami who were fighting, they gave up the fight like crazy, all turned around and followed the Type III elite Kazami to the inside of the base.

Qianchengxue’s icy eyes also showed a very confused look. She didn’t know what was going on, but she was sure something had changed.

Thinking of Qianchengxue involuntarily raised a bad premonition.

At this moment, the shocked voices of Lin Xiaojia and the others sounded in the communication channel.

“What’s the matter, why did the monsters withdraw all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, are these monsters crazy? We attacked hard from behind, and they didn’t respond.”

“Isn’t this some kind of conspiracy?”

“It’s all quiet.”

Sun Li said, and gradually the communication channel became quiet. . However, it can still be vaguely heard, many people’s small voices of discussion.

(end of this chapter)

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