Star Ring Mission Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Unwilling (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (ten more)

Qianchengxuebrows Slightly wrinkle, in this world, nothing happens for no reason, there must be something wrong. At this time, she suddenly remembered the routine reconnaissance she conducted when she attacked the Gulf base. At that time, they found a special sarcoid egg perched on the dock in the belly area of the base.

Couldn’t the sarcoid egg be the cub of this Type III Kazami? And the direction of the attack just now?

Thinking of this, Qianchengxue’s expression changed slightly, not good!

She immediately said to her subordinates.

“Immediately use a small reconnaissance drone to investigate and see what happened.”


Lin Xiaojia immediately took the order road.

Soon a small reconnaissance drone took off and moved towards the belly of the bay base at high speed. The high-definition camera it carries, starts to shoot and transmits the image back.

“Oh my God, the bay port has been leveled, wait, what is that!”

Lin Xiaojia’s shocked voice sounded in the communication channel.

“What happened?”

Everyone asked nervously.

“There is a huge ship at sea that is rapidly leaving, wait, shouldn’t that ship be the Helan in the information?”

Lin Xiaojia herself did not believe it. own words.

Sun Li and the others were petrified and the ship was driven away?

Their final spills of war were just driven away!

Rao is a well-trained Sun Li, and he couldn’t help scolding at this moment.

“Bastard, which bastard stole it!!!”

“It’s too much, let me know who it is, I have to chop him up!”

“That’s right, it’s too shameless!”

Everyone in the entire communication channel was on the verge of going wild.

Even Qianchengxue’s indifferent face showed a hint of anger, she manipulated mecha’s hand and involuntarily clenched it into a fist. However, she still tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart and said in a deep voice.

“Temporarily retreat and rest!”

Although she was very unwilling, the most important things were taken away by people. Although there are other good things in it, it is very expensive to capture this base, and it is meaningless to continue to attack.

All the members of the Dawnbreak Guild were stunned when they heard Qianchengxue’s order, their faces were pale, and their whole bodies were shaking with anger.

They have been attacking this base for so long, and it is really unwilling to give up like this.


“Too hateful!”

Of course, complaining is complaining, no matter how unwilling they are, they are eventually replied.



At this time, Su Mo was cheering, and Zhou Qian and the other girls hugged excitedly, and just followed General jackpot.

“We made it!”


Su Mo opened the cockpit and jumped off, he just landed and stood up.

Zhou Qian and others rushed forward excitedly and gave Su Mo a hug to celebrate this hard-won victory!

Su Mo’s body was slightly stiff, and he was a little uncomfortable, but he could feel the joy and happiness of Zhou Qian and the others from the bottom of his heart.

Inexplicably, he also felt a touch of touch, and he was also a little joyful. Although it was not very strong, he quite liked this feeling. Maybe it was friendship.


Su Mo opened the mouth and said awkwardly.

At this time, Zhou Qian realized that Su Mo’s forehead was injured, she came back to his senses and said eagerly.

“You’re injured, grab the bandage.”

“Okay, okay, we’ll go get it.”

After a while, all the girls All gathered around.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“It’s okay, there’s so much blood.”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s okay.”


After a long time, everyone gathered in the operating room.

Lin Zinuo held a simple ad hoc meeting. She resisted her excitement and said, “This time everyone has worked hard. It is because of your unity and hard work that we can achieve success. In particular, we must focus on praise. Su Mo, it can be said that without him, we would have been wiped out long ago, let alone talk about other things. He used his powerful strength to overcome all obstacles for us, and everyone gave him the warmest applause.”


Zhou Qian and the others applauded and praised excitedly.

“Su Mo is so handsome!”

“Yes, especially with mecha.”

Su Mo sounds a little unnatural, he coughs He said at once: “It’s okay, everyone has contributed, otherwise I will be useless no matter how strong I am.”

This is also one of the reasons why Su Mo chose to join this guild in the first place.

“Don’t be so modest, your credit is unquestionable, and of course other people’s contributions, I also look at it in my heart. When we return to Auroville, we will immediately give you credit one after another Report, everyone will be rewarded according to your merits, including sacrificed comrades.”

Lin Zinuo announced to everyone in a very good mood.

“Oye!!! Sister Zino is so powerful.”

The girls cheered excitedly.

“Then you have to work hard, follow me, how could you suffer a loss.”

Lin Zinuo looked at the excited expressions of everyone and was very satisfied.

However, Su Mo reminded a little worriedly: “We are still in the fog now, and it is estimated that it is not so easy to return to the voyage, and maybe we don’t know where to go. In case we get lost at sea again , Although we have some food on us, we might run out of ammunition and food.”

After hearing Su Mo’s words, the excitement on everyone’s faces gradually faded, and there was also a trace of worry.

But this time, Lin Zinuo seemed very calm, she said to everyone solemnly: “Everyone, don’t worry, I brought you out, no matter how hard the future is, I will definitely take everyone out. It is my responsibility as a leader to bring it back safely.”

Zhou Qian and the others were also very moved after hearing Lin Zinuo’s remark.

But Su Mo’s expression is a little weird, is Lin Zino floating, so confident?

Lin Zino murmured in his heart, joking that the fog could not cover the Helan’s radar system. Moreover, there is a regional map stored inside the craneshou, and the city of dawn is on the map. The only pity is that there is no world map. The ship is now on its way back to Dawn City. And it was a straight line return. At the speed of this ship, it took a day or two to return to the voyage.

“Sister Zinuo, we believe in you.”

“We also believe in you.”

Sun Hong and the others are very trusted replied.

“Well, I’m very relieved, now let’s talk about the real thing.”

Lin Zinuo’s words changed, said in deadly earnest.

Everyone listened with open ears and looked very serious, happy to be happy, and business to business.

“You don’t have to be so nervous and restrained, I’m just discussing something with you. That’s what I think, although we’re heading back now, the big guy should know how dangerous this vast sea is. .We have had a loss before, if it wasn’t for Su Mo’s timely response, we would have been feeding the fish in the sea. And I also know that everyone is very tired now, after all, we are overloaded online, but I still want to share with you Let’s discuss it. During this period of time, everyone will stick to it, work overtime and work hard to drive the boat back, and don’t cause problems on the last part of the journey, then it will really be a waste, it’s a pity.”

Lin Zinuo is very serious. Talk to everyone.

(end of this chapter)

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